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Wilshere: I love this club and I want to stay

Jack Wilshere says he wants to stay at Arsenal, and hopes that an agreement can be found for him to extend his contract which runs out next June.

The midfielder completed his second 90 minutes of the season in the 4-2 win over BATA Borisov in the Europa League, and in the first half in particular he shone – his quality and craft showing on numerous occasions, not least when he created the first goal for Theo Walcott.

The 25 year old knows his future depends on his fitness, something Arsene Wenger was forthright about just last week, but he’s clear that his preference is stay at the club he’s grown up at.

“Do I see myself staying? Of course I do,” he said. “I have always been at Arsenal, I love this club. They have been good to me over the years, I have a great relationship with the boss.

“He has played me since I was 17. He has put his trust in me since then. We have a great understanding and of course I want to stay.”

Wilshere’s recent return to first team action comes after breaking his leg in a challenge with Harry Kane while playing for Bournemouth last season, but he says it hasn’t been the most trying time as he’s experienced worse in the past.

“People say it’s a long road but it was four months and I have had longer than that before,” he said.

“I felt good coming back to Arsenal and into training and the boss has been good. He has been speaking to me, been patient and I feel good and enjoy working with these top players again.

“Am I 100 per cent back? Maybe not. I felt good in the first half and start of the second and then fitness wise it started to go a bit towards the end. But that is natural and normal. I have only played two full 90s.

“It will come and I am patient at the moment and we will see where I am in three or four weeks.”

Read the full interview with Jack here

Listen to Wilshere chat and Europa League discussion on today’s Arsecast

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Would love him to be 100% back and have 5 good years. Is a great player and loves the club.


5 good years? He’s only 25. Let’s hope it’s more than that.

Jacko\'s broken ankle

Just be good this season and we’ll go from there


If he proves his fitness and come back into the first team we need to offer him new deal before January, as teams will start courting him on a free especially if he stays injury free and plays like yesterday.

It will be more painfull to see him back to his best and stays injury free and at the end of season laves on a free to strengthen other team. Pep would go for him for sure.

Kostas Greek Gooner

Can you imagine him playing in the mid with Ramsey Xhaka & Nelsson?
However Arsenal tough me not to dream a lot because …it hurts

Laughing Stock

I fucking LOVE Our Jack. Plain and simple.


Yeah I had my doubts but I’m smitten again wish him the best full recovery and return to form =Stay.


Love Jack, sign him up!


I’ve been wanting to hear that for a while, and after last night I think he’s back. Gotta love some Jack, even just for the love he has for our club..but the natural talent he has as well is immense.
Usually a player is careful what they say when potentially negotiating a new contract to get best terms possible. He knows he’s a risk, Arsenal know he’s a risk but I think it’s one worth taking.
Love him, sign him up!!


Isn’t this an opportunity to extend his contract but with no pay rise. Once again we could be in a situation where we have to offer a ridiculous pay rise to get his signature should he have a stonking end to the season.

Donald\'s Trump

Who cares? It’s not my money (Or yours)

Crash Fistfight

I understand what you’re saying, but the more money the club spends on one player, the less they can spend on others (FFP and all that).

It’s not really the expense that you should be bothered about as a fan – if the club can afford it, it’s their money – but the use of resources is directly related to how successful the football side of things can be.

Marvin Langhammer

I hope he stays injury free. He’s one of the last of the tiki tak Arsenal, when we were a lot more fun to watch. He’s pretty tonk now. Looks a nut case with his skin head and tats!

simon lucas

on his day, he is Englands best central midfielder

J Dizzle

True. Not saying a lot though!

He’s got more talent in that left foot than Dier, Henderson and Livermore put together

Crash Fistfight

True. Not saying a lot though!

A different George

For what it’s worth, I don’t think those are the players to compare him to–it’s Ross Barkely, Lallana, and Drinkwater. And he’s still better than any of them.


I wish him the best but people here have some seriously rose tinted glasses
At Arsenal jack has 10 goals and 17 assists in 168 appearances.
It’s very Arsenal that all the hype still rests on Jack’s potential.

Tad Random

At last, a voice of reason !

No. 8

completely agree Simon

I just hope he gets over looked this international break. Want him to stay fresh for Arsenal

Abdul-Karim Barrie

God we beseech u to keep healthy and injury free for the rest of his career at Arsenal. He is a one club player as far as i am concern


the HYS on the beeb relating to this article is funny as, fully of spuds crying cause his goal ratio isnt that of alli’s
Wilshere is a gooner through and through and im glad he is finally fit and knuckling down to show the world how great he can be!


It’s great to finally hear him say something like this. The first half performance and particularly the first 20 minutes, really showed what a player he can be in attacking phases. This season with Europa football is ideal for a recuperating Wilshere, personally hope he has a good season and remains fit enough to get a new contract. He’s never going to be fit every season all season, we know that now. But when you look at how we’ve kept even more injury afflicted players around in the past, and considering his connection to the club, we should just set… Read more »


it is a shame we don’t have a few more players saying this …


When I conjure of what Black Jack Wilshere might be?
I envision parallels to Rosický.



In the current world of self important prima donna footballers sticking two fingers up to clubs and fans as soon as a few extra £££’s are waived under their noses, how can you not fucking love a statement like this.

Same for Giroud earlier in the year too.

NickyB52 - the bomber

Jackie-boy! Ozil’s off in May. The number 10 is just waiting for you my son. Welcome home!


Give that guy a contract. It is touching when players love the club back. I wish him good health and more playing time. COYG


wenger gave diaby a new contract when he seems that he came back injury free and destroying liverpool that game wishere cant be worse he is at arsenal from 9 years he deserves to get new contract just for that, and im sure he will not be asking pay rise give him 3 years or 2 and then we will see he is on 80k I think.

Donald\'s Trump

Fucking hell, just get bionic legs made of carbon fibre and then got in with it.


Oh, yes, the boss has been good to you, Jack… oh, yes and he’ll still be. You tried Bournemouth (because you didn’t want to fight for your place), but there the boss was less good to you and realised his team was better without you. Now you’re home and safe. Even the fans after years of disappointment (and don’t tell me about injuries: he’s had long fit periods…) still love you and prefer you to better players. Stay, Jack, you’re English and you won’t find this luck elsewhere.


He played in almost every game for Bournemouth and according to Howe is now amsafly missed so your comment is totally untrue


Sorely missed


That’s one hell of a typo!

Tad Random

He did not sparkle for Bournemouth, which is a bit worrying as they play an open style like us. He may have been under instructions not to go mad as his fitness built up, but I would not pin our future hopes on an injury-prone player. As an Ozil understudy, sure, but once the German sloth has gone, we need to get a top number 10, not Jack.

Jack Action

The attitude is to be applauded. But where does he fit though? I don’t see any position he could absolutely make his own.


If he plays like he did yesterday he could, quite easily

sixteen swans

” … fitness wise it started to go a bit towards the end.”

Yes, it did. But until then all you wanted was that he got the ball. It was 60-odd minutes of proper hope, expectation, and excitement. (Joe Willock did really well too which must have helped.)

If Jack can get back to full match fitness and play anything like he did last night, he could be the ‘find’ of our season.


and we ALL want you to stay


l a n s, ha ha ha


Kos Mus Mon
Bellerin Sead
Rambo Carzola
Wilshere Ozil

Mouth watering


Time for Jack Wilshere to step up,keep his fitness and repay Arsenal’s faith in him. He has the potential but now has to find consistency. I hope he makes it happen…




get rid of ozil, put ramsey in his place, and put wilshere in ramseys place, team almost sorted


Excellent from Jack. Petered out second half but as I’ve mentioned before, he is a player that can give us a different dimension up the vertical dribbling or passing through traffic. And we’ve missed this the last 3 seasons without Santi. Previously we also had (sporadically) Diaby and before that Viera. The issue in midfield though is depth. With Coquelin injured, Elneny has stepped up somewhat. His passing from range looks like its improved but he can still be very lightweight and easily pushed off the ball. Jack’s issue is not ability but availability. This is the big risk for… Read more »


Arsenal through and through.


Jack is Arsenal through and through.

We have 20% of the team British core – Jack, Calum, Holding, Ramsey, Nelson, AMN.

But also 20% ex- Academy – Coquelin, Iwobi, Jack, Nelson, AMN, Bellerin

That’s not half bad. This of course isn’t something the pundits would deem to mention.

Teryima Adi

Shere Willpower. You’ve got sublime skills.


theres never been any doubt in his talent the skills he has looking back to the barcelona game at home he was world class, them dam injuries deffo held him back lets do hope he stays fit now and stays with us would be a real shame to loose him but its nice to hear him say he loves the club and wants to stay


Who doesn’t love this guy? I am just so dreaming that he can stay fit. I absolutely loved him in that #10 spot. Imagine giving Ramsey the freedom to make those runs with Jack tracking back to cover them, where Ozil just doesn’t. I really believe that would be the setup of only be can stay fit. Plus, Jack has a much better chance not breaking bones playing further forward. Please please please I beg of the football gods. Make this be so!


Feel pity for Chambo, he will definitely miss the flight to Russia on the other hand Wilshere will definitely make the flight.


Wilshere WANTS to play… Ozil just treads water and cant be bothered on the pitch… play Wilshere over Ozil everytime!


Hopefully his time away has straightened his head. Looking forward to 100 jack%


While his contract situation is unclear, I just hope that he stays healthy and plays till he’s in his late 30s. I’d hate for him to turn into Diaby 2.0

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