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Debuchy: Arsenal would have let me go for free

Mathieu Debuchy says Arsenal would have let him go for free this summer, but prospective moves to Nice and Brighton broke down.

The French international has admitted his wages might be a problem for some clubs but showed a willingness to compromise in that regard.

In an interview with L’Equipe, he was asked about his future but seemed unclear as to what his prospects were.

“I don’t know what will happen because this summer the coach would have let me leave without a transfer fee,” he said.

“I wanted to find an exit door, but sadly, it was not possible. Brighton enquired in the last few days of the transfer window. But that came to nothing. I cannot predict the future.

“Some clubs are maybe scared that I haven’t played for a while. Maybe my salary is also a problem although I am ready to make an effort on that.

“I am going to give my best and we will see. I am taking the initiative.

“I am training with the professionals during the week and I am playing with the youngsters at the weekend. I am not the future.”

Sport Witness have details of how his potential move back to Ligue 1 broke down, but there may well be a chance for him to play in the Europa League and EFL Cup this season, and that may be enough to attract some interest in the January window.

He also suggested he could play in the back three as one of the centre-halves, but it remains to be seen how much faith Arsene Wenger is willing to place in him.

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Cornelius P. Snuffington III

OK, for the first time in a long time, I’m starting to feel a bit of sympathy for the guy again. I’d still rather not see him in an Arsenal shirt again, but it does seem he’s now stuck in a pretty bad position, not having played for so long that teams are afraid to sign him. I don’t wish his career ruined because he had a sulk after some tough luck. Can’t blame him if he’s feeling a bit bitter about the way everything’s gone down, but if his quotes here are sincere then it sounds he’s trying to… Read more »


Gets paid every week doing nothing and earns what I earn in more than 6 months without proper sleep and food. Lives in one of the best cities in the world, recognized by people everywhere, probably has a couple of sports cars and a supermodel girlfriend/wife. Come on! Stuck in a bad position? Balls


Wish I earnt his weekly wage every 6 months!


Pretty sad that you can’t separate your life from his. Can’t understand he is a professional footballer.


‘Footballers only care about money,’people sneer.

‘But you’re rich,’ people sneer if they say they might also have other ambitions.


If he really cared about his career he would have taken a paycut and left. It’s not like he didnt have offers, just that he didnt have any to match his salary.


Think about his living expenses. You can’t just expect him to take a paycut when you don’t even understand the whole picture.
It’s all relative.

David C

huh? this guy has already made enough money at Arsenal to last 5 lifetimes…


You live in a world where millionaires live with the rest of us? lol Or how about taxes being paid? Or professional footballers aren’t allowed to indulge in luxuries because they make so much money.


WHy – The ordinary guy does not pay taxes. Debuchy has shown remarkably bad attitude which is also a factor in keeping other clubs away. He was pissed that Bellerin took his place? Then prove to AW that he should be ahead of him by training hard and being better than Bellerin at least on the defensive side of things. Not by Sulking like an idiot. Sagna and Eboue in his peak is the best example of a healthy competition between RB’s. HB and Debuchy is a joke and HBis probably very happy that Debuchy basically gave up even before… Read more »


I meant the ordinary guy does not pay taxes’?’ To summarize Debuchy deserves to play with the youngsters. Even if he is unhappy about it. Cant let quitters like him around our already fragile squad.


Lest we forget how he was viewed prior to the arnautovic fuckery.
I wanted mathieu gone as soon as he started bitching publicly…but now I feel bad for the man’s career. Money is a byproduct in life people. Ambitions and your own self satisfaction in your personal goals are the souls real currency.
At least we now know he’s going to put his head down and refocus, put in some solid shifts for us and for all goodness sake he’ll be elsewhere in no time.

Michael Bolton Wanderers

Kind of feeling sorry for him. Also kind of not. He’s right about one thing though, he’s not the future

Decent squad player. Give him a game on Thursday and maybe he can start rebuilding his Arsenal career. If we’re not into signing talent, we may as well try to get the best out of what we’ve got.


Only he’s not really a squad player at all. When Arsenal were in with a chance in the title race, he was busy agitating for a move, making waves in the dressing room in the process.

I’m not saying he derailed our title challenge, but he did nothing to help.

When the time came, he thought of himself and not the club.

Mein Bergkampf

If you don’t like players who put their personal needs before the clubs needs, you must be hating our squad right now.


Not at all. You can still pursue your personal needs whilst being part of a team. Alexis Sanchez being a clear example of that.

If, instead of bitching about his situation, he’d put his head down and worked through it, I can almost guarantee you he would either be part of the starting Xl or had a host of teams after him, or both.

Godfrey Twatsloch

One major difference between Debuchy and Sanchez being that for Sanchez game time and money seems to be growing from the trees at Colney whereas Debuchy got none and expressed his frustration at not being able to play.

I have sympathy for Debuchy which I can’t find for Sanchez.


Could it be down to the players difference in attitude?. We have heard absolutely nothing from Sanchez but there was plenty being said by Debuchy at the time.

Granted Debuchy has had rotten luck with injuries but his attitude at times simply stunk and wasn’t what you’d expect from an experienced and talented professional like himself.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Bench Sanchez for half a season and see how he reacts.


He was benched and substituted fairly often whilst at Barcelona and he never publicly protested.

I think we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Considering how he reacts for just being subbed I find that hard to believe.

Tony Andreas

I have sympathy for Sanchez. He is far too good for a second rate club like Arsenal. And he has been earning the win bonuses of Wenger’s mediocrities for three years!
He needs to be at a top club like Spurs.

A different George

I think he recognizes his situation has changed. Remember, one of the main reasons he wanted to leave and play was so he could be chosen for France in the Euros. If you look at the France squad’s choices today, it’s clear he is not the future there either. So now, I think he just wants a run of games to prove he can still play for a decent Ligue1 club, or a mid-table Prem squad.


I guess after all the money what really matters is to people is to be able to do the thing they love. In Debuchy’s case all he wants is to play and who can argue with him against that?

The current French team are so impressive I predict them to be as dominant over the next ten years as they were 20 years ago. They are just awesome!

J Dizzle

You’re having a ball with those Photoshop tools!


What kind of miserable sod thumbs this down?


What kind of miserable sod thumbs this down?


What kind of miserable… Ok I admit it, it was me.


I guarantee he would have got a gig if he dropped his wage demands so I’m not that sympathetic


yeah anyone can get a gig that they didn’t if they drop there wage demands. If clubs don’t want Jenks or Gibbs because of their wages in the Prem how much do you think they were offering in France? He’s at the end of his career.


Wasn’t this guy a regular in the French national team? I say give him a go in the Europa games, I feel his experience could be useful for us and that he is reliable. But at the end of the day, no player is bigger than the club, I am glad he has recognized that


One things forsure is that if he can gain sharpness again., his better than ox and chambers


Good player, timing of his injuries have been unfortunate to say the least.
But his story also shows how circumstances can change very quickly.
Hopefully he keeps his chin up ready to take any opportunitys that may present themselves.


“I am not the future.” Kinda says it all, no? But isn’t it a bit weird to actually say it?


I think what he meant is that he isn’t a kid to be consigned to playing with the youth team, who are the future of Arsenal.


He did well the last time he came back after bellerin replaced him only to get injured again. I think he might fare well than most of us think.


This. Fans seem to forget easily. He is a good player, his talents are wasted in a team like Brighton. However, if he wanted the game time then he should have halved his wage demands and gone there. He’s then free as a bird to prove the entire premier league, Wenger and the fans wrong.


Can’t all his problems be solved by just .. trying?


Fuck it, I’d give him a cance in Europa league, he’s not a bad player. Not at all.


We don’t even have a back up right back except chambers. Not a bad thing he stuck around. Has never played bad for us, just never hardly played.


I don’t know why Wenger won’t at least give him a try as the right side of the back three. His first season with us he had to play come central defender with the run of injuries we had and I thought did OK. I don’t see him as a wing back, but I do think (like Monreal) could move in the back three and provide an option and cover. He was a strong enough player three years ago to be the starting right defender for France in the WC, can’t believe he would have dropped off that quickly.


Always liked him as a player and he seemed a perfect replacement after Sagna moved on. His injury was ‘unfortunate’ (choosing my word carefully here but I’m looking at you Arnoutovic). After recovering he didn’t help himself by agitating for a move away after failing to displace Bellerin from the starting team. He’s going to be here until at least January. If I were him I’d take every chance thrown my way and see what happens. If I were Wenger I’d give him some game time – it’s not as if we’re well covered at RB. Things can change quickly… Read more »


It’s all Arnautoprick’s fault. A prick move by a bonafide prick who felt it was cool to push a guy in mid air. But he was playing for Stoke and he wanted to look cool roughing up anyone in an Arsenal shirt. PRICK!


Well, thanks to Holding, he won’t be doing such to any gunner henceforth.

Godfrey Twatsloch

I remember seeing that and thinking, “Did Holding, the little squirt, just send fuck nuts flying into the ground with an awkward thud? Surely not? Too good to be true. Oh look, he’s off and he’s in pain. Yes he’s OFF!YAY!!!”.

Man Manny

What really happened? This guy seems to be at a crossroads without any signs. Terrible! I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. Feeling sorry for him. “There are millions who would give an arm and a leg to have his problem,” I know.


His frustration seems to stem more out of his place been taken by a kid than anything else..

Godfrey Twatsloch

When on form he was a fine player and I’ve said before that I would love for him to have a late good season with us before moving on. Or was that TGSTEL? Either way, he deserved better than having his career on hold with injury after injury as a result of that cunt Orchnautovic.

Take a pay cut and move to Brighton. I can think of worse places to be.




World’s whiniest millionaire. Just go already.

Nura Mohammed

Opotunity came at once give him a chance and he will achieve something

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