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Monreal: Alexis return is good news everyone

Nacho Monreal says that Alexis Sanchez staying at the club is good news for everyone, calling the Chilean the team’s most important player.

The deadline day madness is behind us now and we have to get on with the football, and the Spanish international is keen to see last season’s top scorer back in the fold.

“It is good news for us, the fans, and the club in general,” he said.

“He is the most important player for us and all we can offer to the fans is that in the next game, from the first minute, we start with intensity and play a good game and everything will come back as before.

“Alexis is always trying to win, he always helps us and gives his maximum, 100 per cent effort in every single training session and he is going to be very important to us for the rest of the season.”

Monreal was also up front about the team’s defensive issues, and called on everyone to play their part, not just the men at the back.

“I have to say that in the last three games we have conceded eight goals and this is a lot,” he continued.

“Obviously it is not only the fault of the defenders. Every single player has to defend, but conceding eight goals in three games is a lot and we have to improve.

“We can’t concede three or four goals because it is then impossible to get something.”

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Top man.

Was glad Alexis seems happy to be ‘home’.

We have lots of quality players, let’s hope they prove it.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Something about our so called most important player not wanting to be here is thoroughly depressing.


could just be that his new missus doesn’t enjoy living in London/england…


I can see why London isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but by all means let’s see how Manchester does it for Madame.


Nacho Nacho man! Let’s just hope he’s either in a back 3 with 2 ACTUAL center backs or evne on the bench to let Kola rampage down the left. Not holding my breath

Big Dave

Except Pep Guardiola


Which makes it even better news.


Nacho……….Arsenes favourite CB!

Wenger\'s Smirk

Never has there been a picture more apt for the story. Excellent!

Heavenly Chapecoense

About defending, Wenger explained many times he always wants his players to go forward even though it leaves them exposed and called it positive games. Can’t blame the players if that’s what they are asked to do.
I am not a fan of Pep but on internet there is a video of a coaching session he was giving to other lower league coaches. He explained his system and players are always positioned to get the ball back as soon as it is lost.


This. But sadly, you’d get thumbed down by the “positive” fans who can see no wrong in Wenger. The same ones who believed we could win the league with Cech and cohesion, positive attitude and automation when we needed a DM and a St. They never learn.


Don’t you ever get bored of being such a drain?


Alexis: I’m back, baby.
Nacho: Back from injury?
Alexis: I’m back from lots of stuff ……


don’t think ozil will like him calling alex our best player


the article said “most important”, not “best”.

He\'s got no hair but we don\'t care...

Yep, especially when he starts getting even more fed up on the pitch and pudding off the rest of the team. Yep, great news.


If we can sort put midfield, we will be far tighter at the back.

We keep losing the balance and space relation between defense and midfield.

It will also help to play the strongest defense which if 3-4-3 is :


New guy

Eight goals is indeed a lot, although I feel bad for the defenders. It is hard for them when we play a 3 – 0 – 7 formation.


Means that someone else has to stand up and be the top man this season before he leaves next year. Lacazette, show us what you’ve got. Wenger,start the man please.


Will be an interesting battle for left back if we revert to a back four again.


Always love our nacho man

Teryima Adi

Tighten the back, Wenger. A return to a back four would be ideal with the Coq screening the defenders. Defence is the best form of attack. Tighten the back and unleash the dragon.Sorry,I meant the cannon.

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