Thursday, May 30, 2024

Pictures: Arsenal train ahead of Bournemouth clash

Arsenal face Bournemouth at the Emirates tomorrow, looking to get three points under their belt and to restore a bid of pride after the dismal display at Anfield.

Here are the chaps going through their calisthenics and footy skills at the training ground earlier today.

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Don’t want sound nasty but does Iwobi look a bit ‘portly’ in the second picture?

My Wig smells cheesy

I thought the same. I think my belly is smaller than that and I eat 2-3 bowls of crunchy nut cornflakes between 10-11pm every night



Third Plebeian

Anyone standing next to Giroud doing Greco-Roman poses would look portly. If I stood next to Giroud I’d look like a bag of dung maggots.

Dave M

He’s definitely got the pregs

Dave M

Note to self, scroll down before commenting

Tony grayson

was going to say the exact same thing.


Yep. Also where the hell has he been? I thought he was electric at the start of the season.

Cliff Bastin

Iwobi’s beer belly.

Xhaka\'s RedCard

you call that a beer belly! *Stonecold’s voice*


Iwobi must’ve had a delicious breakfast.

Carlos _ Santana

Did iwobs eat too much toast at lunch?


Alexis smiles. We’ll be alright lads.


These kind of remind me of that video “Owen Hargreaves tries real hard”.

Hard not to be a cynic at the minute, but I do hope we can pick up a few wins.


Can’t hope for a better draw. Bournemouth are not in the races just yet themselves. I sincerely hope we don’t fuck this up.

Dave M

Better not be complacent. I watched their game against Man City and they were impressive. Frightfully unlucky. Had a brilliant attack thwarted by the post and the filthy mancs were only save by a late late late winner after some lucky rebounds to sterling. They at least deserved a draw.

The one thing we have going for us in this one is that they go out to play football. Which actually suits Wengers one tactic of attempting to do the same

Lord Bendnter

Stuart MacFarlane, the man of a million faces

Vincent Da Leonardoni

Alexis does not look like he want to kill himself, that is a step forward.

Tony F

There’s a seriousness in their faces and too right. If we lose against Bournemouth tomorrow…Oh boy….


This is why I won’t go to the emirates, only away matches. The fear and negativity paralyses the players. You can feel the tension and it is just not helpful, nor pleasant to be part of. I know they earn a fortune but the are only human and the crowd at the emirates are rubbish when things aren’t going perfectly.


Didn’t they just lose their last two away games?

Romford Pelé

Yes “WE” did but the point is perfectly valid and still stands

Third Plebeian

If I see Kolasinac on the bench or at CB I will absolutely lose my shit. Further shit will be lost if I see Lacazette on the bench. Please, Wenger, I’ve lost enough shit already.

Dave M

If Bellerin plays at LB or LWB and one of the kids starts at RB or RWD I will literally not watch the game, go outside and do something else. I value my sanity.


Kolasinac just looks like he owns the ball.

Original Crackfox

Joseph Oluwu looks like a real unit. Imagine him and Kolasinac on the same wing.

Dave M

Source close to the player say it was actually his ball they used at training today


They look happy …

Third Plebeian

Except for Iwobi and Mustafi, both of whom got too close to Giroud’s handsomeness. Like looking at the sun.

David C

How ’bout this for tomorrow:
Bellerin BFG Kos Kola
Rambo Xhaka
Sanchez Ozil Iwobi

Subs: Giroud, Elneny, Welbz, Nelson, Coq, Holding, Ospina

Is it too attacking?

Crash Fistfight

I predict Monreal at CB again and Kolasinac at LWB. Just so it’s impossible to rotate the LWB position in the EL game. It’s Arsene’s way – he can’t make the tough decision to drop Monreal because he’s been so good for us over the last few seasons, so both get shoehorned in.


Giroud doing the okey-cokey in the 2nd picture. If that doesn’t bamboozle opponents, what will?!


That picture of Mustafi is so Mustafi…

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