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Arsenal target startup businesses with new Innovation Lab

Are you more ‘disruptive’ than playing a right-back at left-back, a left-back at centre-back and a soon-to-be sold attacking midfielder at right wing-back? Then you should apply today for Arsenal’s new Innovation Lab…

That’s a cheap joke (blame the current vibe around the club) at what looks to be a very interesting project from the club. 

In essence, the club is looking to mentor technologists, startup businesses and entrepreneurs with a view to finding innovative solutions to off-pitch issues that have long been the subject of debate at the Emirates.

They include improving the matchday experience, connecting better with the global fanbase, transforming the opportunities for commercial partners and building a better in-store and online retail operation.

In association with corporate innovation specialist L Marks, the Innovation Lab will offer successful candidates ten weeks of access to senior business leaders at Arsenal, as well as the chance to test and demonstrate products/services in live environments. There’s even the carrot of investment from the club if they like the results. Not bad.

Deadline for applications is 12 October with the programme kicking-off in January. More information here.

Yes, we know working that working with Ivan might not appeal to all. Yes, we know some of you want the manager’s head on a pike outside Arsenal tube station. Yes, perhaps the ‘innovative’ idea should be defending from corners…we get it! But let’s leave those views from the comment section on this occasion.

Instead, let’s give a tip of the cap to a worthy project that could actually be the springboard for you or someone you know to do something to improve the club.

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Lord Bendnter

Good stuff


A drug that helps cope with the extreme ups and downs that Arsenal fans get with each win or loss.

And something to mop up the bile spewed out in all directions.


Really good to see the club be this progressive, I only wish they’d think about the team, manager and squad with such foresight.

Romford Pelé

Well that didn’t take long

Third Plebeian

In my Innovation Lab I plan to clone Gilberto and put him in the first team.


where he will inevitably be played at left wing


I would invest. You already have the tech to read minds…


Laugh Out Loud


Transfer window activity planner


Blame it on the transfer window, but I read that headline as one of our transfer targets has started up some new business.
I know, let me go and buy my head somewhere. ?

Rob Pyres

They could install those little audience voting buttons on all the seats to determine MOTM or player ratings.
A stadium jukebox would be cool; could go with a bit more variation in the music department.


You don’t prefer to always hear Jump Around?

Heavenly Chapecoense

My innovative lab project will be to install a bluetooth device under players skin and miniature earphones in their ears so that the manager doesn’t have to stand up and shout instructions.

Third Plebeian

Why stop there? Let’s open them up and put in some adamantium bones as well.

Lord Bendnter

I would fund these ideas


Could be the right time to install a state-of-the-art dojo at the training ground. I fully believe Shaolin Soccer can take us back to the title.


Games against Stoke and Pulis will become to easy.



Lord Bendnter

My business idea would be:
A Director of Football that directs football
A Manager that manages
A Board of Directors that directs the board (upwards…)

Third Plebeian

Slow down, tiger! There’s innovation, and then there’s insanity. Arsenal would never go for it.

William Nilliam

Surely we need to get Flamini and his brain involved here.


Whoa,calm down there with your new fangled flavour of the month wacky ideas. Let’s have some realistic goals please. This innovations lab is a serious proposal. Let’s not ruin it with your obvious trolling. What are you going to suggest next. Playing the right back at right back. Or playing central defenders in the centre of defense. If you’re not going to take it seriously, then i suggest that you keep it shut. A manager that manages the team. What do you think this is. A professional football club

David Hillier\'s luggage

Is this pillaging ideas for free or the club actually working as an incubator to help start ups? I can’t help but feel like there isn’t enough expertise at the club for it to truly be the latter.

Faisal Narrage

I’m gonna be honest guys….
I was aware of this program almost 2 years ago, when the initial plan was meant to happen but the board shut it down at the last minute. I know because our company, a start up, where meant to be the first in it. I was under the impression it was dead as it was meant to be a cool idea and innovative plan from Ivan and his people.

Surprised it started again. It’s a great idea.


Could they at least let someone loose on Arsenal Player. Serious need of a rethink there.

Laughing Stock

Like it a lot


I get that they are thinking outside the box but we all know what the problems are: 1. Arsene is stuck in a socialist wage scale which doesn’t allow us to recruit or keep true stars. 2. We think keeping 200 mil in the bank is more important than winning. 3. Our commercial team is really terrible. Our social media following is probably 4th in the world behind Real, Barca and ManU. Yet we are 6th or 7th in commercial revenue. 4. Split up the game jerseys from practice jerseys. Also sell advertising on the sleeves as separate deal. This… Read more »


Congrats! You just showed more drive & vision in 21 lines than the entire Arsenal board did in 6 odd years

The arsenaut

Do these lucky technologists get to meet the club’s real máster of Lab experitmetation?
Monsier Arsenkenstein?

Cazorla\'s Both Feet

Sorry but what are the realistic positives from this? Somebody gets to have business mentorship? I don’t really give a toss, to be frank. I only care about Arsenal being competitive, and I don’t see how schemes like this are going to help that.


We’ve seemed more progressive off the pitch than on it since the stadium move.


Improving the match day experience could be done by winning games.


Sorry but isn’t the greatest fan engagement just results and trophies? And I believe the invincibles run was the most watertight marketing the club ever had globally…
But I get it. It’s not like this concept is not noteworthy


Whatever. Hopefully it works. Don’t begrudge this move at all, seems to make sense and might solve one or two small issues.

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