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Report: BATE Borisov 2-4 Arsenal (inc goals)

Arsenal: Ospina, Mustafi, Mertesacker, Holding, Nelson, Willock, Elneny, Maitland-Niles, Wilshere, Walcott, Giroud

Subs: Macey, McGuane, Dragomir, Gilmour, Akpom, Nketiah, Dasilva

Arsenal notched up their second Europa League win in succession with a 4-2 win over BATE Borisov tonight.

Arsene Wenger handed a full debut to Joe Willock in the centre of midfield, choosing to use Jack Wilshere in the front three, while Ainsley Maitland-Niles and Reiss Nelson were deployed as wing-backs.

The 17 year old was involved in the Gunners first good move of the game some intricate passing which saw Theo Walcott hit the post, and then skew the rebound over the bar.

The England international’s frustration didn’t last too long as he made the most of his next chance, heading a great Wilshere run and cross on target and although the keeper got a hand to it he poked it home home to make sure as it was crossing the line. 1-0.

The combination almost worked in reverse a few minutes later when Walcott squared for Wilshere but what would have been a beautifully worked goal was incorrectly ruled out for offside.

At the other end Ivanic fired a shot wide from just outside the box, but the home side shot themselves in the foot after a terrible mistake from the BATE keeper, passing the ball straight to Walcott. The 28 year old took a touch and drilled the ball into the bottom corner to make it 2-0.

It was almost three when Wilshere played in Maitland-Niles and his cross for Giroud was hacked away as the Frenchman wound up for his shot on goal. Once again, they didn’t have long to wait to make up for the near miss, as Rob Holding poked home his first Arsenal goal from the resulting corner. 3-0.

There was a warning that the game was far from over though, as BATE got one back just two minutes later. Ivanic’s header was powerful, but Ospina was found wanting as the ball flew past him to make the score 3-1.

The Colombian made a superb save from a close range header, but the flag had gone up for an offside, and once again Ivanic proved the home side’s danger man as he forced the Arsenal stopper into another save just after the half hour mark.

Giroud got a header on target as he sought his 100th Arsenal goal but couldn’t get enough power to trouble the keeper, and Walcott was inches away from a hat-trick as his goalbound effort was deflected just wide by the fingertips of the keeper. Holding almost had a second from the corner when a shot on the turn rebounded back off the post.

BATE were lucky not to be down to 10 men when one of their chaps clearly whacked Willock in the face with his forearm, but instead of a sending off the referee gave them a free kick and allowed them to kick Arsenal players without any real punishment. Nevertheless, Arsenal took the two goal lead into the break after what was a solid first half performance.

There were no changes for the second half, and four minutes in Arsenal were awarded a somewhat generous penalty for a foul on Mustafi. It gave Giroud a chance to score get to the 100 goal mark, and the Frenchman made no mistake, slotting home and sending the keeper the wrong way at the same time. 4-1.

It should have been five less than 60 seconds later but when Walcott had the opportunity to provide Wilshere with a one on one chance, he hesitated and ended up robbed by the defender.

The referee, we assume some work experience guy, continued to ignore blatant fouls on Arsenal players, and a BATE free kick caused problems, the ball skidding through and Ospina got good hands to a very close range flick before Mertesacker cleared the ball out for a goal kick via an opponent’s face.

A long range effort from Rios curled not that far wide in the 63rd minute, and the hosts got another one back after a fortuitous bounce in the box saw the ball rebound off Ospina and straight to Gordeichuk who smashed the ball into the net from close range. Again you’d want your keeper to do better. 4-2.

The Arsenal keeper was off his line to punch away as they looked to cause more danger, and Volodko should have made it 4-3 when the ball fell to him on the penalty spot after Mustafi over-committed but he side-footed high and wide when he ought to have scored.

There were further chances, Ospina had to make a near post save, and some dude had a long-range effort, before Arsene Wenger made his first change of the night handing a debut to Marcus McGuane who came on in place of Reiss Nelson with 12 minutes to go.

Giroud tried an audacious chip from 30 yards but his attempt was just too high, before Walcott wasted a great chance to get a shot on target or set-up Willock for a tap in to seal the game.

Mustafi had to defend a low cross in the final five minutes, some twat got booked for a foul on Giroud as we looked to break, and then some other bloke clumped a cross over the Arsenal bar when he really should have put the ball into a dangerous area.

Eddie Nketiah came on for the impressive Willock in the 88th minute, and could have marked his appearance with a goal but his mistimed his run and was given offside as the game went into injury time.

In the end a fun game, some promising performances, and a good result for what was a very makeshift Arsenal side.

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Good result and well deserved. Bate haven’t lost at home in a while. Good run out for Wilshere and the younger lads.

V happy for Giroud. Has some faults but I’d be happy scoring 100 goals for Arsenal. And looking that good too.


Any apology for your Rock it Club post new Paul?


I have decided to be Paul as well


If you think that having a laugh at people with learning disabilities is funny then support the bloke called Paul who rocked up on this site recently. I for one who supports people with learning disabilities in my spare time thinks he is a name taking “@&/


I will continue to do good deeds for people that need help.
The thumb downers will continue to be sad internet pricks…


If you don’t like sad internet pricks you’ve come to the wrong place


Yes goodbye after four years


New Paul I am surprised you are still on here after what you said!

Mein Bergkampf

Fight, fight, fight…

Public Elneny


Mein Bergkampf

My money’s on Paul.


Seems like a safe bet


Can we talk about the match please?


Don’t be daft


“There can be only one!”

Mein Bergkampf

…said Dennis Bergkamp’s father as he repeated hit his testicles with a brick.


I’m Paul and so is my wife


Reminds me of spartacus


How did this end up down here

No Safety

Im sorry but anyone who thinks that was a good performance is sorely mistaken.

At no point did our midfield exert sustained control of the match. Theo and Giroud did nothing to help our midfield relieve pressure. Our organization to press and win the ball was terrible.

We should have had 70% possession and a clean sheet, even with youngsters in our side.


We aren’t playing some Sunday league team you know. A 4-2 win and the 1st half performance should be satisfying enough for anyone

No Safety

I would rather win 2-0 with a well organized performance. 17 and 18 year olds should have the legs to close down everything for 90 mins, but Wenger doesnt demand that because he is soft


You sound like a petulant child

No Safety

No I sound like someone who sees that our midfeild is a priblem even when we win and its not for lack of talent, its lack of organization


Nah, you still reek of petulance.

Ulysses 32

You are officially a grumpy sausage ‘No Safety’. If you cant enjoy Arsenal reserves scoring 4 goals in a European competition, you need to find something else to do with your time.

No Safety

I understand this may not be the best time to point out our reoccurring issues because we won and 17 year olds played.

I will wait until the same issues pop up in a huge, embarassing away defeat. Or it might be at home who knows.


Shut up mate. We won the game.


You really are quite the idiot.


Yes because we are Arsenal and our 17-18yo should dominate any club east of Italy.


I see saftey’s point, however this wasnt the first team so it is a moot point. be excited for our prospects, be excited for jacks illustrious form, be excited that we will breeze through the groups with a semi erect team. constructive criticism is hard to show after a win like that but you can still pull it off with enough tact. My critiques would be that we were in fact too soft in challenges, and let bate back into the game second half. However any team that is winning by 3 goals in 30 minutes will struggle to see… Read more »


It’s a shame you haven’t intervened about the Paul bloke who disrespects people with learning disabilities.


Blogs, When will the Arses be back again?

Kartik Iyer

I agree that we should be happy with the result but still the defensive problems persist! Both goals were avoidable and we could have conceded a few more against a better side. I believe Ospina could have saved both goals and the defense didn’t help him. The more I see mustafi the more I’m unconvinced by him…keeps on going to the ground needlessly and even holding’s confidence is a bit low at the moment..he’s not at the same level as last season..both aren’t! We gotta get somebody on the coaching side who can help improve their defending. Happy with the… Read more »

Mein Bergkampf

Mate, as everyone knows I’m pessimistic but even I can applaud an away win half way across the continent with a squad that Wenger probably had to collect permission slips off their parents so they could come on the trip. Dragomir wasn’t allowed to play because he stayed up all night on the bus chatting to Da Silva. True story.

Mein Bergkampf

Gilmour fell in the sea.


We pulverised them for the first 30 minutes, could have had 5

Purr Mertesacker

Kill any kittens today?


I agree 2000%

There were soooo many mistakes. Disgusting performance.

Who is this club we played. They are no one I’ve ever heard of. We should have had 99.999% possession with at least minimum 50 shots on goal. This shows how low we have come. Barely beat a no name club. I’m so embarrassed being a fan right now.

I had to come here just to rant and show how negative I can be.


Good effort #wengerout


Was it me, or we didn’t look very solid? The defensive vulnerability never seems to evade us. Could have gotten a whole lot trickier if their keeper hadn’t gifted us with that goal.

Wilshere was really good though! And way to go with Giroud’s 100th!


We were ok when we started to defend towards the end

Mein Bergkampf

Off topic but does anyone miss Carlos Vela?


um not sure that i do




Never seems to evade us? You should look at our performance against Chelsea.


I agree with you. I perceived the Chelsea defensive performance as an outlier rather than a norm, something that we aspire to do rather than we end up doing game after game.


Midfield was not protecting the defenders. Not falling back as a unit when we don’t have the ball especially the right side. Walcott was not pressing hard enough and Nelson was being left isolated with a two on one situation.This led to the CM moving further right leaving the top of the box free.

75 points

correction:the offside goal at 1-0 was correctly ruled out, it was walcott offside the pass before

Ox in the Box

That was briliant, interesting game, youngsters playing and learning, 1st team rested, 2nd team building on fitness. And did I say winning? I already like Europa League!


Surely you need to change that name


It should be “Ox…. on the bench he rocks”

Or Ox…. another one of them cocks

Or Ox… soon to be working on the docks


Why? Agent Alex is doing a great job haha

Unlimited Paawah

Wilshere was brilliant. Top class performance


Giroud is such a class act. Ozil may be our chance creator but Giroud is as skilled with through balls and one two’s. Willoçk was obviously tired, don’t know why Wenger did not bring in Da silva to play lwb and have AMN in the center.
Good win. COYG!!!


Wilshere was very good, especially in the first half. All the youngsters did well.

Not impressed with our defending though, shocking at times.


Very good game for the kids, Willock looks a promising talent.


Made hard work of it towards the end but a good result given the circumstances.

Nice to see Jack back to his best. Good performances from the youngsters too.

Mein Bergkampf

Wow, it’s like a league cup we have to get on a plane for. What fun!


To be fair I think the teams are a bit stronger, plus there is something worth winning at the end (the cup and the champions league spot)

Mein Bergkampf

That’s what worries me. We go deep in the tourney because the opposition doesn’t get interesting until the last 8, start taking it seriously, spunk our chances of Top 4 ala Spuds and then get knocked out in the semi’s on away goals by Sporting Lisbon.


That does concern me too

On the other hand if we were in the champions league we would probably be playing everybody twice a week now


Please don’t use the term ‘a la spuds’ with regards Arsenal again. That’s gross. Otherwise I agree, it’s difficult to balance how seriously to take the Europa League.

Mein Bergkampf

Sorry. I forget my audience sometimes… It translates as ‘in the style of’. It’s not gross, it’s just French. People from France speak it.


Nothing against the French, I think a bit of foreign language can add a certain joie de vivre. Just don’t like arsenal being compared to the spuds. Unless you meant actual spuds, they’re good.


People keep doing this, it’s really not acceptable

Mein Bergkampf

I like that you used French to make your point. Touché.


Jesus, lighten up. What a nightmare scenario, getting knocked of a European competition in the semis on pens….

What are you going to be like when Bayern drop into this….


Not just a bit. They are way stronger. Manchester united won it by parking the bus.

Mein Bergkampf

Has Mourinho ever won anything any other way?


He likes cheating as well


Stronger towards the end, not sure at this stage. They are all good teams in their respective leagues to be fair.


Some of those League 1 and Championship sides can put up quite a fight against a weakened top 4 side

Public Elneny

This was like watching a live action recreation of a Sensible World Of Soccer match, or the kind of goal flurries and inexplicable chances churned out by the early versions of Championship Manager before the AI became too realistic.

Other mid – nineties touches that I appreciated were the Eastern European away venue, and John Hartson excitedly rocking the co – commentary mic, both of which added to the feel of one of the early round ties from those thoroughly enjoyable Cup Winner’s Cup campaigns from the same era.

Rwandan Gunner

Like him or not, Walcott will always give you goals. Quality


I think he is unfairly criticised, although he does have a tendency to go missing when things are not going our way


I think that describes half the squad to be fair


Can’t argue with that


Ref had a shocker tonight. We had a goal disallowed for offside that wasn’t, they had a player left on the pitch that should have been off for violent conduct, and we got a penalty that wasn’t- and I’m not even going into the nonsensical free kick awards they got as the game went on. That said, we didn’t do ourselves any favors- Mustafi looks shaky, Holding looked a bit nervy, and we really should be playing the kids in their best positions. If we’re that short of left backs that we’re going to play someone who’s a youth prospect… Read more »


I’m sure the same reason because someone like you would complain why is Gibbs still on the team at that salary. Arsenal can never win


surely we should of kept cohen brahmall then?
though I thought josh dasilva was a left back/lcb similar to the tank and nacho?

Go Goa Gooner

Can we, just for a moment, talk about how pathetic the referring was tonight? They fucked up everything thry could. Have no idea how that dude managed to stay on the field after literally throwing his elbow in Willock’s face.


Wilshere. LANS


He could be displacing some of the others if he keeps this up

spanish gooner

Enjoyed that! Loved Wilshere in the Ozil position and I was really impressed with Willock too. Not worried about their two goals because we were playing a 17 y/o winger at right back and a 19 y/o CM at left back. COYG

I\'ve seen us win 10 FA Cups

We came, we saw, and we took the Bate.

Nice blend of depth and youth. It was all over in the first half. The second half felt like a pre-season exhibition match


Frustrating at times but i think all things considered it was a great performance. For an hour especially we were very good and then there was a 20 minute spell were we just got very very sloppy…The middle 3 noticeable got a little tired Elneny in particular and the team as a whole let off the gas a bit. Nelson and Niles are not Wing backs but i thought they were ok with Niles clearly being more comfortable. Wilshere was superb in the first and showed nice touches and vision throughout, hes link up play with Giroud is always good.… Read more »


Get ready to face Bayern lads.They just sacked Ancellotti.

bob davis

Just wished we could kill teams off by taking our chances! Could have destroyed them in the first half hour!



Why do we defend like a league 2 side


Having a League 2 keeper doesn’t help


All attack little defense. Welcome to Europa league.

Not a bad result considering the team put out.

Willock did decent.

Jack was great first half, gave us the vertical penetration we have lacked for 3 seasons now without Santi (and before that Diaby, Viera)

Naturally, he lost steam second half.

On to the weekend.


Get in the boys! Loving this 6pm KO I’m off to bed a little bit pissed! ? fuck work at 3:30am


Good lad – I concur. Love a 6pm k/o = serious piss up = fell asleep on the train home


Thoroughly enjoyable game.

Nice to see some young players. I was worried about the midfield but the thing is, I think Wenger has made a nice decision here because Brighton this weekend will be tough with the team excited about playing us and defensively solid under Hughton. I’m not big on Arsene anymore but these last few weeks he’s made some very good decisions, the starting lineup here being one of them.

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