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Wenger: Kill the January transfer window

Arsene Wenger has told beIN Sports that football has a responsibility to protect the game from the insidious influence of business and firmly believes the transfer window should close before the season starts and stay shut until the following summer.

After the culmination of a roller coaster couple of months that saw him break Arsenal’s transfer record on Alexandre Lacazette but still make a profit thanks to selling, loaning and releasing a host of players, the boss was in bullish mood, particularly on the subject of his players being unsettled by the prospect of moving club.

On returning decency to football…

“What’s happening is that the players now [with] the transfer window closed…September will be okay. The players who do not play or the players who are tapped up in October they already start again to think where do I go in January. That’s not a way to be on board with a football club. I believe we have to realise that.

“We are here to entertain people and you can do that with people who are really on board together, to achieve something together and not every minute that it doesn’t go well to think ‘where can I go next?’

“I believe that we have to bring some decency [to the game]. We all complain today that it [football] has become too much [a] business, but we can do something about it. We have that responsibility in the game.”

On the pressures faced by players…

“You cannot have a player preparing for a football game, that is today vital because nobody accepts anymore to lost a football game, still at 4 o’clock on the phone [saying] ‘Do I go or not? How much is it? When do I have to go?’ It’s impossible.

“These boys are all under high pressure, well paid, you want them at least to have a normal preparation for a football game.”

His solution to the current state of affairs…

“The ideal situation would be to have a transfer period that is closed 48 hours before the first game of the championship and to close it completely until after the season.”

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Stop those pesky fans being annoyed when I don’t sign players1

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Yeah I am sure he wants transfers and winning leagues also done away with while he is at it. Lets not forget being tactically sound, and good defending. All these evils need to go.


We need the transfer window in January this time, given the number of players due to leave over the next year or two.


To be fair, Wenger has signed literally hundreds of players

Easy as JVC

All this coming from a man who often signs players in January, and makes a habit of waiting until deadline day to do his business.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Isn’t he defeating his own argument that Sanchez is a professional and in the right state of mind to perform this season ?


Respectfully, that’s classic false logic. Yes, he (1) regularly signs players in January, and yes he (2) regularly signs players on deadline day. But (1) doesn’t make him a hypocrite for wanting the window gone and doesn’t make his arguments any less valid. He has no control over when the window is open, so it’s ridiculous to blame him for using it when it is. As for (2), the fact that he regularly signs on deadline day is reason itself for why he would want the window shut before the season starts – he says often that lots of options… Read more »

Heavenly Chapecoense

The catastrophic deadline day failure last week that saw Lemar humiliate Arsenal and our best player not in the mood for any heroic performance doesn’t mean anything to you?


Respectfully you are confused. That he signs on deadline day does not reflect upon whether he feels the window should be shut earlier before the start of season. These are two seperate issues. Most clubs do deals till end of window simply because they have to wait till things move before pulling the trigger late on for some deals. not everything is in their control (unless they want to throw money) Whether its better to end the window before start of window is another thing. It may still entail late dash for MOST clubs but the window will effectively shut… Read more »

Easy as JVC

False logic is complaining about something that you regularly participate in. Its like going to McDonalds at 2am and then complaining that it’s open 24hrs.

Easy as JVC

Apart from Mesut Ozil when was the last time we signed someone on deadline day that was the result of other deals getting done?? It’s just panic buying because we lack the vision, plans and competence to get the deals done earlier.


Exactly . This is coming from a man who relies on January transfer window every year . Wenger has a habit of using January window for all the fuck ups he did during the summer transfer window .


When a player is paid what he deserves, when he plays for a manager that inspires him, and with teammates he can see himself winning with – then he won’t want to go anywhere. Enough talking shit Mr. Wenger.

I don’t know who Arsenal’s media and PR team are, I think it’s more criminal that they’re on payroll than it is that theo is. At this point we need a crisis management team because every single one of these bullshit interviews just make the boss look even more stupid than he already does.

Bon Jello

“The ideal situation would be to have a transfer period that is closed 48 hours before the first game of the championship and to close it completely until after the season.”

Or to, you know, maybe not completely lose your shit while the windows open…?


I agree with him.
The probably I have is we can’t get the required business done with two transfer windows, if you remove one? And shorten the other? We’ll just become even more inefficient.
Transfers ins and outs aren’t really our strong point.


Yep and also, when at christmas one or more of our players breaks down, we may need to shore up with a transfer in!

Tyler Briscoe

Nor is winning, backbone or other success related matters to be frank.

maxin in the shade

It would force us to act quick.
Everything he said made sense.


Is it transfer that him to misplace players and refuse to start players he had bought and who have featured well? He has gotten to d limit of his rhetorics for me!


I think the point Wenger makes is that there’s not enough finality to transfers, it’s omnipresent and feeds business (Sky and agents) needs rather than footballing ones.

Despite his management decline, Wenger is still a knowledgable man who ought to be listened to rather than derided when it’s fashionable to do so. Since blogs has stuck his flag in the Wenger out camp this place has become completely unreasonable towards the man, such a shame as the comments section are just blinkered into a single mindset bar a few rare exceptions.

The arsenaut

Knowledgable? maybe, but as it seems for his job, in all the wrong areas!


That’s a fair point. I do think we will be active this January. Ozil and Sanchez aren’t cup tied for the Champions League, so we could still cash in on them rather then letting them leave for free. Whether we would actually get a replacement…who knows.

Tanned arse?

Completely agreed


Fair and valid point Jim2wheels. All sense of perspective is being lost and it is a shame.

A different George

I agree with you, but I am not sure that Blogs deserves much blame for the often silly attacks on Wenger here. (Yes, he really does know more about football than anyone who has not spent their entire (long) working day for the past three or four decades thinking about it and studying it. No, he is neither senile nor corrupt.) I have been a defender of Wenger and, in many ways, still am. But, like Blogs, I think the situation is now untenable. One example of that is the status of Mustafi: our highest-ever fee for a defender, a… Read more »

Heavenly Chapecoense

Yes he is a great football philosopher of course but we need a motivator and matchday tactician ?


Thank, I guess blogs have more readers from Wenger put

John C

There’s plenty of finality to transfers and the windows are not there for the benefit of the clubs but the players, otherwise the footballing authorities are open to legal action with regards to restriction of trade.

Wenger should stick to his job which is managing the football club, which includes actually managing his players and keeping them happy.

DB10\'s Air Miles

I think we’re in a rapidly declining minority,Jim2wheels. Well said though.


On that point, what exactly is our strong point?


Or simply do your business before the last day and stop procrastinating. You said Sanchez wasn’t for sale then he was, that’s not the transfer windows problem, it’s yours and the clubs. But I do agree it should be shut before the season starts.


Such certainty that it was Wengers choice to accept the Sanchez offer so late and go back in for Lemar. Seeing as he’s not known for being a serial liar, perhaps his hands were tied in this instance with the proviso he had to find a replacement. Same with Ox, I suspect this was not his choice neither. One day we’ll get to read about all that we don’t know, perhaps then we’ll see how he’s probably been propping up the club despite the owners best efforts. Yeah, he’s lost his management marbles now. We can all accept that. But… Read more »


Thank you. He said it himself around the extension of his contract. There was much he couldn’t comment on at that time, but that it would come out in time. Not those exact words, but he’s obviously not disloyal, and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if several of those “WTF” decisions were not his. Sure, he might have just woken up one morning and lost the plot, but there is also the slight chance (especially considering our current ownership) that he’s simply following orders, and taking the flak for those “above” him. I don’t claim to know which, and… Read more »


These are all great points. The unfortunate thing is our takeaway from this situation is that we can’t take Wenger at his word. He knew full well that the board were always going to have their say and he made definitive statements anyway.

We now have an incredibly unhealthy situation because we know we can’t trust what Wenger says, and the Board rarely says anything at all.


This one i’ve been trying to get my head around from AW’s perspective. Why take on another 2 years if you know this is the situation you’ll be in? Surely another 8-10 million at his age isn’t the same compared to if he was a decade or 2 younger. It’s quite common for those people at the very end of their career to be more concerned/focus on legacy and what they will leave behind no? Really want to know wtf is up with our club… I don’t want to hate Wenger at all yet Arsenal is really trying to get… Read more »


I agree completely with the both of you. The situation is terrible. I’m not saying “keep Wenger”, or “it’s all Kroenke”. I don’t know. I’ve just been around sneaky boardrooms and meetings and backstabbery (and, also, loyalty to your superiors in a company). I simply think some of these comments are … I mean.. honestly? It feels like a lot of this vitriol is coming from people who’ve never left their mums basement. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, it just seems like parts of the fanbase jump on whatever bandwagon the tabloids wave in their face. Wenger has an… Read more »


“can’t come”. FFS. Sorry. Damn.. ehm.. autocorrect 🙂


Regardless, I’m holding him accountable for Team selection, match tactics, subs and poor performances on the field….I dont think there would be a lot of this ‘vitriol’ if Wenger was winning trophies, or making team selections that actually make sense…


And you’re more than welcome to. In my job, I’ve often had to speak to customers and “defend” a company policy I didn’t agree with. I didn’t tell the customer “I think my boss is a fucking moron and the rules are stupid” – I happily played along, politely informing the customer that we’re profoundly sorry that their product hasn’t arrived on time. Even though I know perfectly well that the reason this customer didn’t get their delivery, was because another customer was given priority. He *is* accountable for a weird squad selection, and I don’t get it either. It… Read more »


The only team this suits is Arsenal, because we don’t change managers at all. For clubs fighting relegation and sacking managers id season, the January transfer window is a real bonus.

Take Allardyce and Palace kept em up from his signings in January.

And if you don’t want players heads to be on leaving in January, don’t let them run their contract to 1 year


Players aren’t looking to leave if you compete for the league. Maybe that is where Wenger is go wrong.

Igbo Amadi-Obi

Perhaps we should avoid creating a situation where the players are looking to leave by January. You do not solve the problem by scrapping the January window. It doesnt address the state of mind of the disgruntled man. It in fact makes him more frustrated that he is unable to leave until summer.


I would agree with him but the problem is that I feel like the January transfer window is the only time a club like Arsenal FC has to fix the naive mistakes they make in the Summer window.


I think he works with the circumstances that he has but he is talking about of a better or ideal circumstance.


The January transfer window is also important because it allows players some freedom of movement. Wenger’s concerns may be valid but his solution is completely unrealistic. Prior to the Bosman-era players had very little control over their careers and clubs could effectively hold them hostage. In many professional jobs you can give notice and leave your job – the governing bodies were careful to give some employment flexibility back to football players after the Bosman ruling. Have you guys noticed how the squad lists for UEFA competitions are announced a few days after the transfer shuts? That’s because the system… Read more »


I’d love to see all the European top flights start on the same weekend, but really, the other leagues would have to move back to match the Premier League rather than the other way around. The PL already has severe fixture congestion. This is due in large part to the fact that there are two domestic cup competitions, whereas most other leagues have only one. In addition, not all of the other European top flights have 20 teams in them. The more teams there are, the more games need to be played. Look at how congested this Christmas season is,… Read more »


You’ve identified the problems – more Premier League games, no winter break leading to fixture congestion – but your solution makes no sense.

Why should 4 leagues with more or less synchronised timetables make changes to suit the 1 league which is an outlier? They’re not the ones complaining that the transfer window closes too late!


So you’re saying the PL should introduce a winter break and start two weeks later? And that will AVOID congestion???

You might want to think about that some more.


I have thought about it – I don’t have a problem with the system as it is.

It’s just… the idea that even though it’s English clubs who have a problem with the dates, European leagues should be the ones to make changes is pretty funny… as if England has some divine right to keep all it’s footballing traditions intact. I don’t get it.

Do European footballing traditions somehow matter less?


Didn’t he publicly state at the weekend that he’s going back in for Lemar in January?

Be that as it may I do agree it should be closed before the season starts. Being an Arsenal fan in any transfer window is a tortuous experience.


I don’t recall it being specified as January. It was more of a nebulous ‘we’ll be back’ with no definite timeframe. As ever.

Laughing Stock

Who cares what this fraud thinks about anything? Just get out of our club and take the rest of your cartel with you #wengerout #kroenkeout #gazidisout

Don Cazorleone

His timing may be poor, but he’s not wrong. Not on this one.


He talks about stopping football turning in to a business yet arsenal are one of the most business focussed run clubs in the world, can he not see the hypocrisy.


Maybe that’s *exactly* why he keeps saying it.

John C

He is wrong, if he doesn’t like how football has evolved at the top end of the game he should work at a level he feels comfortable and not make Arsenal suffer for his principals and because he’s out of his depth.


At what level does the transfer windows not apply? At lower levels even the rules around loans are more relaxed. Wenger is the reason we have great players, I don’t think our transfer staff have pulled their weight. In fact throughout the club negotiators are failing their job. Look at our sponsors and commercial deals. You bet the other 3 teams that went to the us this preseason earned alot more than we did a year before. Now I’m not saying Wenger in but I would like people just bad mouthing a man who has done wonders for our club… Read more »

John C

I don’t know, and don’t care but if he has a problem with the one we’re involved in he has 3 options, shut his mouth and accept it, hand over the responsibility to someone else, or go somewhere where he feels comfortable.

He does so many things he can control badly, i would rather he used his energy fixing those.

And right now Wenger is the reason why many of our players want to leave.


Wenger in ‘answering questions during interview’ shocker.

Come back tomorrow for more shocking revelations where Wenger shamefully admits to having an opinion on football stuff.

Eric Blair

I see the point you’re making, and I usually love listening to the erudite Arsene talking about anything, in or out of football.

However, Wenger has a trusted relationship with Qatari bein sports and often uses the channel as a way of getting a message across, and is not simply answering a question put to him at a press conference before or after a match.


Arsene’s right here. It doesn’t absolve him of responsibility for fucking up almost every transfer window, but he is right. Also think there may be a dig at the Ox hidden in those words.


Yep, seems like it. Sounds like Ox’s inability to perform amid interest from Liverpool forced Wenger into actually signing off on the deal.


The same weekend Wenger started Ox against Liverpool, Kylian Mbappe was on bench for Monaco and Jean Michael Seri was on the bench for Nice. Both players transfer situations were up in the air and their managers decided to drop them for players who are 100% committed.

Starting Ox was just one of a number of errors that Wenger made at Anfield. We have to stop blaming players when experienced coaches make basic mistakes.


And unfortunately I think it’s still more than that. We’re being prepared for a nightmare of a January I think. This is speaking to what will surely be yet another saga over Sanchez, and maybe Ozil, and who the hell knows who else ahead of the January window still further destabilizing the club. If we have any incoming players in January we will also see at least one big name go out the door. This season is on course to be an absolute train wreck. Get ready for it everyone, we’re being re-positioned as a mid-table club that just tries… Read more »


Let’s be really fair here, all too often people here will criticize Wenger for his piss poor preparation but how many here are prepared to stand up and defend him for this?…

“…a transfer period that is closed 48 hours before the first game of the championship…”

He is clearly preparing us all for life in the Championship and probably has been for several seasons now. Now that is forward thinking!


Just a classic Wenger trait, to complain about things other teams use/take advantage of rather than getting involved himself.


He says this as if we do our business early in the summer.


I agree with him.

But this completely undermines qhat he about Sanchez being “100% committed” this season.

And also suggests he realises that playing Ox against a team he might sign for might, just maybe, mean his head was not in the right place.

Michael Bolton Wanderers

Amazing that hindsight was needed for him to see this.

Tyler Briscoe

Why should anyone listen to your opinion? You’ve lost all credibility at this point.

And before anyone gets angry, seriously think about it, just from the aspect of purchasing and selling players, he constantly under utilises the market and starts the season unprepared and without a fully established squad.


And I should listen to your opinion instead? Who the fark is Tyler?

Tyler Briscoe

Strictly speaking Apu I haven’t stated an opinion, it’s a fact that his handling or lack thereof regarding the transfer market leaves a lot to be desired.


I agree with his point here and he has been saying it for a number of years now.
However, he says that players are distracted before matches about possibly transfers while also saying that Sanchez will give 100% this season.

He can’t really say both can he?


Somebody make them damn windmills stop turning! This is getting pathetic. Arsene is trying to blame the failures of himself and the club on that pesky “market”. The January window makes good sense, because it 1. allows teams to adapt to issues they might not have forseen (injuries, position in the table, etc.) 2. enables some football leagues to function in a “summer” mode of operation. And by the way, Mr. Wenger, if it’s so hard for modern footballers to focus on games, maybe you shouldn’t have spent the entirety of last season playing coy about whether YOU were staying… Read more »

Don Cazorleone

What are you on about?

Rolo Toure

EDITED, Reason: Being a stupid cunt.

arseblog – 19.15


Really surprised Blogs has let this comment in, seeing how PC he claims to be.

Don Cazorleone

Not really about being PC is it mate, more about just not being a cunt.


Just seen it. I can’t see every comment the second it’s made.

I also don’t claim to be PC, I just try and maintain some standards. As such the original comment is deleted and the commenter placed in moderation.

Da Boss

This really has been a sh*t storm of a media week for us. Decided to go to the Bournemouth game this weekend. Oh what japes will await. Booing? Rotten tomatoes? A plastic stool being thrown…..?

Crash Fistfight

Plastic stool as in something you sit on or imitation excrement?


As long as it isn’t actual stool being thrown…


Wenger does have some fine thoughts about how football world should run. Only if he would invest the same effort to devise some strategies and tactics for his team’s benefit.


So says a bloke that signs players in the last hour of deadline day and always brings someone in on the January transfer window. If he really believes what he says shouldn’t he live it?

Force Of Five

Whatever happened to: “Not at all. I think it’s an ideal situation. Because everybody has to perform,” Wenger said after Arsenal lost 2-1 to Sevilla at the Emirates Cup on Sunday. “When you’re a football player you perform until the last day of your contract. What does it change if you have two years on one year to go? “If you go out on the football pitch you want to play and to do well. I don’t understand, do you really think that you sit in the dressing room before the game and think, ‘Oh I have only one year… Read more »

The arsenaut

Maybe not deliberately, but subconsciously youre mind will drift further from where it should be, the closer you get to become a free agent. A bit like playing a strong team away from home, with no plan what so ever just going through the motions.


But…but..but that’s when all our transfers happen…


Maybe he’s saying “it would be better this way” – you can do that, and still play by the current set of rules. Infact, he’d be mad not to.
The ability to operate with conflicting viewpoints (I don’t like this, but I’ll do it for the common good/it’s my only option/whatever) is referred to as cognitive dissonance, and is thought to be one of the key traits that differentiate human beings from animals.


It might be bad, but it’s the same for every other team though. He forgot to mention is was us who sold, tried to sell and loaned several players in the last minute.


Any old excuse will do. Wenger has seemingly forgotten that his responsibility, first and foremost, is to the supporters of Arsenal football club. The responsibility is to do what is necessary to win, to compete for the title, and to compete for. cups, NOT, for what’s best for the game. If he’s so consumed by that, leave the club and run for FIFA presidency, or accept the rules and get in with it.


It would have been a more powerful argument if he hadn’t tried to sign a player in the last few hours of the window who was actually preparing for a match!

Stuck on repeat...

…& not just any player at that, but someone who was likely to be key to the squad & season ahead.

Bai Blagoi

I am surprised to see so many negative comments. It seems this is only because these are Wenger’s words. If somebody else has said them, some might have even agreed, but now because of the lost game at Liverpool do we really need to reject everything he says?

John C

It’s because he’s a hypocrite


Yes, I suspect that if Wenger had gone out on a high after an FA Cup trophy parade then this kind of interview would have lots of positive comments.

Stuck on repeat...

You mean if AW hadn’t been equally guilty of all the things he is complaining about, then we might all be more willing to listen to him?


I think we should also just close the league between summer transfer windows and give the title to the team that had the better window in terms of profits. Too much pressure, this thing called football.

John C

We’d still come second

Charles Charlie Charles

Has he forgotten about all the January signings he has made over the years? Some of which had a big impact on the rest of the season, like Arshavin

Fuhgedaboudit l

Totally, totally agree.


Looking forward to his next interview where he blames the sky for being blue.. Fucking ridiculous the continued complaints about things he can’t nor won’t change.

Dan Davies

I think people need to read stuff like this before formulating their opinion and therefore response. Arsene is actually talking utter sense here. That doesn’t disguise the fact that he seems unable to function in these conditions any longer and made a total mess of this summer, along with the board, CEO and owner but in this, for me, he’s absolutely spot on. The transfer window closing 3 games after the season has started has turned it into a circus and great for broadcasters etc. And the Jan window can also be farcical for the same reasons. As a footnote,… Read more »

Stuck on repeat...

Windows are only as farcical as the clubs make them. It might be a surprise to some, but NOT every club has a farcical transfer window. This is somewhat strange, as all these clubs are working under the exact same rules & deadlines as us.


Exactly. Monaco knew they’d have to manage a lot of transfer business this summer, so they allowed Bernardo Silva to leave for Man City early and brought in 4 players and a goalkeeper almost before the end of July. This gave them much more flexibility over when and for how much to sell the other players huge bids were coming in for. Every problem has a solution. Arsenal are just getting really bad at finding them.

A different George

Oh ffs–if we had done what Monaco did–sold player after player for a huge profit–not one Arsenal supporter would have been happy.


I think people might have been ok with selling some players if we had replacements already brought in. I don’t think many looked at this squad and thought it could genuinely could compete as is. If we had to sacrifice Sanchez for instance to buy a cm and lemar earlier in the window when his price was lower, people would have been more understanding imo.

Stuck on repeat...

Completely agree Atom.


Ironic really, as it’s the only thing likely to salvage a season of utter disaster.


It’s got to the point where I’m barely interested in anything he has to say….Other than, “I’ve just tendered my resignation along with Stanley”

Al Gilmore

He is right. It should be one window and it should be closed the day before the league starts. He is also right about the problems we are faced now with effectively countries owning football clubs. It is very difficult to compete with their resources and their seeming ability to flout rules that we are unable to flout. None of this takes away from the fact that this last transfer window was a clumsy, unfocused window where we tried to act like white knights saving football by making players abide by their contacts. When really we DID have a price… Read more »


One of the best comments I’ve read about this.

People often overlook Mourinho’s qualities as a manager and focus on the fact that his teams play boring football and the fact that he’s a cunt. He is a massive cunt, but he can assemble a winning team.

The two aren’t connected. You don’t have to be an utter bellend to identify the weaknesses in our squad, in fact you’d have to be one not to.


Spot on Al.


Great post Al. Just to underline what he said about Wenger’s transfer policy being strictly ideological instead of dependent on what we need for a complete team, let’s remember that Wenger had no problem with selling a defensive midfield player like Song for 25m. He just doesn’t think WE should buy a defensive midfield player for 25m. That’s fine if Wenger’s still coaching at such a high level that the 10m signings he makes are worth double or triple that in a year or two. But he’s not. And since the RVP debacle our transfer policy has been to hold… Read more »


Sure Arsene but imagine being hammered 8-2 but unable to sign till the end of the season…


We’d be better off if he just did his job better with regards to transfers and tactics instead of spending time philosophising how things should be and how they will be in future


Search for your darlings online. Poch, Klopp, Conte, Jose all pontificate when asked by journos to do so.

Learn to separate personal opinion from team performance.

Also, while you are at it, learn how to deal with disappointment in football as I’m sure you deal with in real life.


They are all doing much better at their job than he is. If we had won the league last year or the made the club go on an upwards trend and had done well in the transfer market then I would be more willing to listen to him philosophising.

Our team performance in the last few years and Wenger’s stubborness and unwillingness to leave has definitely tainted my personal opinion of him. He is spends too much time theorising, he is needs to be more pragmatic.

Dan Hunter

You must be lonely. Just admit you were wrong and move on. Wenger is finished. He has been finished for many years.

Dan Hunter

Poch, Klopp and Conte smashed us and our league position last year. Mourinho has just completed a title challenging team. If they are philosophising they have a right to. Wenger has been shit for years. It has only taken people this long to actually realize. The cunt needs to go. He has ruined the club for his own personal agenda


No need to call Wenger that


You do know football is supposed to be a distraction?

Get laid, drink a beer, read a book.

Arsenal fans = Shittiest Whiniest Bunch. Second worst in England. (Worst are Stoke fans FYI.)

The arsenaut

Yeah Mr. Wenger, I can see why you would say that!! Nothing to do with letting the Ship sink close to shore, nope… just your usual idealistic view’s.


Yea kill it. We don’t have too much activity during the window anyway. Kill the summer transfer window as well while you are at it.






All good and well Mr Wenger but in the here and now the club has struggled to get players in and out and thats a regular thing. On another important issue, Can you please go back to basics and play a balanced team with the best players in their best positions, just might make a few fans happy this weekend.


Better kill the January window quick then, before it kills us first

Gooner Sam

Stop me having to spend money and I can focus on ‘internal solutions of which I have none


I’ve always wondered what things would be like if instead of transfers for cash there were trades (players for players) like the Amercian sports leagues do along with some kind of allocation system for young players looking to move to a new country to play.


This is just another smokescreen to divert attention away from the real issues – the shambolic way we have been managed and have gone about our business this summer. It is a bit feeble on his part if he believes that moaning about something he has absolutely no control over is going to change peoples perception of him. As soon as we start struggling again (because there is no spine at Arsenal to withstand pressure) the real issues will once again be pushed to the front of everyone’s attention. Stop whining about it and start working on those little things… Read more »

O. B da Lilly-Tariah

Kill it! Spot on Wenger. Let’s play football not money. The rich Arabs and oligarchs are killing the game.


He’s pretty much acting like that’s the case so go the full tilt at the end of the season and say to the world that’s our business terms and stick to it. Onus is on the club. Those players then have to do as Sead did or get out after the last game in May. But, how much do we need this January window to have a sort out eh?

Jeremy O Dwyer

I agree with him.

You can complain about his transfer record and still acknowledge that this is a good idea.

Stuck on repeat...

…Of course if your players are all happy, dedicated, ambitious & excited to be at the club, you would have nothing really to worry about in any transfer window. His comments only really seem applicable for clubs that both have players wanting out, & clubs that show no ambition to compete for anything, & that also faff about & leave everything to the very last moment. Sick & tired of the excuses being made to wallpaper over how badly managed & incompetent the last window was for the club. It was all of your own making AW, Gazidis & Kronke.… Read more »

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