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Giroud’s ‘Scorpion’ kick wins FIFA Puskas award

Olivier Giroud’s amazing ‘Scorpion’ kick strike against Crystal Palace on New Year’s Day has been awarded the FIFA Puskas award for the best goal of 2017, as voted for by the public.

The France international received the gong in London this evening after beating off competition from Venezuela’s Deyna Castellanos and South African Oscarine Masuluke.

Castellanos scored a winner from the halfway line for Venezuela’s under-17 side at the Women’s World Cup just seconds after her side had conceded an equaliser in stoppage time. Masuluke, a goalkeeper, also won plaudits for a stoppage-time effort, this time for an overhead kick for Baroka against Orlando Pirates.

You can relive the beauty of Giroud’s fantastic strike with this video, featuring all the angles, from @arsenalist. 

A handsome trophy for a handsome goal by a handsome man who scored another handsome goal the other day (against Red Star Belgrade). And to think he came close to leaving this summer. Madness.

Well done Ollie.

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And EPL couldn’t even give it proper recognition, smh. congrats HFB


This shows the bias the FA has against arsenal. Congratulations you HFB! ?

Niall Shannon

Voted for by fans on MOTD and that is stupid. Emre Can’s goal was hardly as special as this!


It was the best goal, though I’m sure we all played our part on the polling, so well done to the lot of us too.

Kampala gooner

Oh hail Giroud The Scorpion King.


Like I had said before, Giroud winning the award is a good slap in the face for our so called league ‘experts’ who always tend to hype up overrated homegrown talent. The same panel of experts who chose Ryan fucking Giggs over Henry as the greatest premier league player and Shrek’s overhead volley kick over Bergkamp’s once in a lifetime goal against Newcastle as the greatest premier league goal in 2012. Bunch of deluded chaps who should never ever be taken seriously.

Igbo Amadi-Obi

Exactly. It did not make goal of the month. Goes to show.

Teryima Adi

They are Arsenal haters.


I was expecting a *cough* *wink* after ‘as voted for by the public’.


Deserved. Although a close goal with the goalie overhead kick


I’ve seen hundreds of overhead kick but I’ve only seen one scorpion kick. Legend says it Will happen again in a thousand years. When scorpions start playing football.


Well said man I saw a bearded fella scoring a beautiful overhead kick just the other day.


Beautiful man, beautiful goal, beautiful speech. Pure class. Love our HFB.

Kung Fu Grip

You beautiful bastard.

Man Manny

That means he’ll win twice in a row with that beauty in Belgrade.


What a goal it was! Great feet and skills for a big man, it’s not surprise that Giroud has been involved in most of our best goals since his arrival!!


Congrats, Ollie! More wonderful goals from ‘all over your body!’


Hehe, I don’t know why this made me chuckle

Heavy Gunner

I bet he’ll score a goal by flexing his gluteus maximus at exactly the right split second- right into the top left-hand corner. Giroud IS a class act..


Does this (along with the other 100+ goals that he’s scored for us) convince people that our HFB is truly world class? 😉


I love Giroud. One of those players that people will only truly appreciate once he’s left. He only lacks pace over 10/20 yards (witness his longer run to score the scorpion goal). His little flicks and deft touches in and around the penalty area have led to loads of other chances.

Dial square

Does it count as a trophy??


Olivier Giroud. Classy dude, always proud of him. Well deserved


Yes !! Na Na Na Na Na Giroud !


Ollie Olile Ollie


I’m truly happy for Olivier, but Mesut’s goal in Ludogoretz though…

sixteen swans

It should be obvious to everyone by now that we consistently score the very best goals in all of football.

Hell, the ‘scorpion’ goal isn’t even Giroud’s best, for fuck’s sake.

Lord Bendnter

Beautiful indeed!! And don’t forget to pat yourself on the back before going to sleep tonight, because it was our votes that made this happen. Especially, the fellow Gooner who recommended using Incognito mode to vote everytime.

(Also, wth was Harry Kane doing at the awards ceremony?)


What would my wife say when I tell her I want Giroud to impregnate her, not me with my trash genes???

Wenger\'s Smirk

If you are particularly unlucky, she may not mind.

Teryima Adi

That is really way over board Bro.

Big Mad Andy

Look at his little face when he realises what he’s done. Such a good goal and a player that is easy to like.

lovely arse

You beauty.

Brendan from NY

Amazing individual effort on the finish, but given the whole move on the counter (9 total touches between Perez, Bellerin, Giroud, Xhaka, Iwobi, Sanchez to go from one end to the other) I will remember this goal as a unbelievable team goal at a time when they were under serious pressure in the season and late in this game. Plus, no shout for Wenger?

Clock-End Mike

This. Absolutely beautiful goal from a great build-up.


I bet Deyna and Oscarine were happy to be beaten off by Giroud


Leave it in the other thread


I could say something about happy endings but I’m trying my best not to


I remember watching this in the Vancouver Arsenal pub at 7:19 am on New Year’s Day, and turning to my friend and saying “We don’t need the other 364 days this year. That’s the goal of 2017.”


Another trophy!

Indian Gooner

You can’t help but love the man and the player he is! Well done Giroud.


Huge congrats to our HFB! Well deserved. Lost count of the times I voted teehee!

Igbo Amadi-Obi



That goal lost last season’s premier league goal to Wijnaldum against Palace and then a header by Andy Carroll. I thought it was the best then and I thought it was the best out of the Puskas candidates. Congrats to him.


So this is what heaven looks like.

Naija Gunner

Cnogratulations Giroud

Teryima Adi

Congrats Olivier Giroud. Generations unborn would celebrate that wonder goal.


A wonderful goal to be sure. The overlooked part in that build up was the defensive tracking and tackle made by Lucas to win the ball back. Watch the replay…it all starts with his effort. Struck me as a sign Lucas was a guy we’d want to keep. And, the kind of effort needed from all players to make a title challenge. Happy for Giroud, but a good reminder that its the little, unglamorous efforts that make the glamourous goal possible.

Brendan from NY

100% agree.


I’d would like to thank all the arsebloggers.. etc etc.. In the end it was too easy. .


Why do we sell players so fuckin cheap good luck mate except against us.

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