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Cech: I thought we were going to get something

Petr Cech says Manchester City’s superior attacking talent made the difference on Sunday although he allowed himself to think Arsenal might snatch a point after Alexandre Lacazette came off the bench to reduce the deficit.

The Gunners were outplayed for much of the match but briefly flirted with a daring comeback at 2-1 before Gabriel Jesus, with a helping hand from the officials, killed the game with City’s third.

“I thought that at 2-1, when we just got back into the game, that we were in it,” Cech told

“We had time to search for the equaliser but the third goal obviously made a huge difference. At 2-1 the game was going on and we had some good passages of play where we could have put them more under pressure and searched for the equaliser.

“At 3-1, it gave the advantage back to them. They are an experienced team with a lot of quality and they took advantage of that.”

After the match, Arsene Wenger lamented poor officiating, particularly for the failure to flag David Silva offside in the build-up to the home side’s third goal, at a time when his players were starting to look dangerous.

Cech also noted that the incident proved a turning point, whether the decision was right or wrong.

“I can’t really comment on the penalty incident because I had the players running from a completely different angle to the referee,” he added.

“Suddenly I saw Sterling falling and the referee’s decision. At the moment, without seeing anything on the TV, I can’t really comment on that.

“The third goal, I was surprised when it went in because I thought Silva was far [in front] of everybody. But again, the referee has a better view than I did and you have to accept the decision.

“I think the referees have a difficult enough job. They need to make their decisions. If he got it right or wrong, I don’t know, but obviously, the third goal made a difference because it took away the opportunity for us to find the equaliser.”

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City are by far the best in the league and they beat us via a rubbish and potentially biased ref michael-olivers-arsenal-record-and-other-referee-oddities

So we are stronger than many feel.


Could it be that he officiates mostly “big matches” for us? Would explain why we lose with him as the referee.


Thats exactly why. He’s the golden shild of the refs’ association and so gets the big games the same way whats-his-face used to before he quit the premier league.


michael oliver is actually pretty decent by leagues standards. I would say that they would have beaten us even without decisions going their way. They also had a champions league game on Wednesday, and they looked fresh and pumped up unlike us.
So no we are just as stronger than many feel. Right now we are a top 5 team at best


So no we are not stronger than many feel*


“I would say that they would have beaten us even without decisions going their way.”

That’s just something you can’t predict. The facts are that they were awarded a soft penalty and an offside goal. Yes, they had way more chances to score, but another fact is that they didn’t convert them.


That’s why I said I would. You can’t predict that we would have scored even if they hadn’t been given the penalty. We looked nowhere near scoring apart from that chance Ramsey had at the end of the first half.


Didn’t you read By the Numbers – they didn’t have way more chances to score.


Dodgy decisions aside, did they have more opportunities to score ? By the numbers article, is quite revealing in that regard


It was a nailed on pen and they should have had another when Sterling was pushed in the back in the box. The offside was a terrible decision, but Arsenal’s response was utterly laughable. Even when I captained a 6-a side team I would go mental at players who did not play to the whistle. You don’t wait for an official to give a decision, you deal with the problem first. This is another example of Wenger’s complete failure to instill leadership into his team. It’s so basic, it’s fuckng kindergarten. Arsenal deserved what they got, absolutely nothing.


Disagree as it was a clear dive by Sterling.


Going by your logic, almost every corner has to be a penalty as people go shoulder to shoulder, push each other, stop each other from reaching the ball and pull shirts during every corner! If you notice keenly, both times Sterling slows down looking for contact, in case of Sead he got thrown off, had already lost the ball and didn’t even appeal for a penalty, in case of Monreal, he managed to fool him and get his legs clipped and ball was still in play. Analysts term penalties for shirt pulling as ‘soft’ and you think this was a… Read more »


Sterling was soft but it was a penalty If that was at home against City, and it was Sanchez who went down in the exact same manner, I would be screaming for it. So no complaints that they got it. Once he got goal side of Monreal it was always going to happen, or he scores, so I dont think we can have too many complaints on that occasion. The only thing we can say is that we aren’t getting anything in our favour at the moment. In comparable circumstances there was the nailed on penalty on Bellerin away at… Read more »

jack jack jack

Michael Oliver is the best ref in the league by a country mile. Doesn’t mean the decisions weren’t terrible yesterday and changed the game at a crucial point. Such a bugger.


Prior to the kick off I had a browse over some odds, and Sky Bet had us priced at pretty much 6/1 to win on Sunday. Which is fairly mental considering that we are talking about Arsenal Football Club here, playing in a big game which ‘potentially’ could swing a title race (in theory). To put that in perspective Burnley or Southampton coming to the Emirates probably get about the same price. So that speaks volumes to me. In a season or two down the line, we will probably be at 10/1, that’s genuinely how far we’ve fallen. As much… Read more »


So did I. For all the talk of City being far better than us, we were well in this game if only our so-called world class players had shown some quality in the final third. Their best player buried his chance. Ours didn’t turn up for the big away game (surprise surprise) – apart from the new boy.
Wenger shoudl never again pick Alexis or Ozil ahead of Lacazette, but it will come as no surprise to me if he does. He has proven time and again he doesn’t have the cojones to drop either of them.


Did he not drop them for the Chelsea game?


Well he sort of did and he didn’t – they were both returning from injuries so he had that as a convenient reason not to play them.

Jean Ralphio

Can everyone please stop using the word cojones?


well that was deliberate. but i take your point.

Obadan Iziokhai

Wrong, my friend. Alexis is the only one in the entire squad that has the mentality of a winner, a true champion. He should always be the first name on the team list. Next should be Lacazette who is a natural goal scorer. And then the rest, most of whom are mentally settled into just being able to qualify for the Champions League. One more thing, it’s funny how Wenger makes his decisions though. I think Wilshire is better than Xhaka in the holding position because he is more skillful, creative, resilient and difficult to dispossess.

Fuhgedaboudit l

Also the mentality of a quitter, and hedonist.


I have never seen Alexis do anything but give 100%. He was the only player putting any effort in on Sunday but was not supported up front.

A Person

He was our worst player by far.


Na, Sanchez gives the ball away far to much ,he does it game after game, anyone one think he was playing for city yesterday mount of times he gave ball to them,, its quite clear he don’t wanna play for us,, so him and that other fucker we keep carrying ozil can fuck off in January with wenger


Does it in every game, usually just shadowed by 1 brilliant assist/goal against weaker teams but costly against bigger teams.

Fuhgedaboudit l

Yes on Alexis, no on Ozil.


it’s hard to play when nobody else helps you at the top. Lacazette scored when he had help up front. Most of the first half was sanchez against city. But the blame should fall on Wenger as he IS the one that picks the team.

A Person

Are you kidding me !!!!!! Sanchez was our worst player BY FAR !!!!!! just look at the statistics for god’s sake , i’m sick of him getting the praise he doesn’t deserve , we should bench him and play Danny Welbeck or Jack Wilshere.


Constantly throws his arms up in the air and citicises his teammates = winner mentality? He was piss poor yesterday and seems to place himself above the team since last season. Should have been sold in the summer. We need a team, not a sum of individuals. Can’t understand how Wenger makes the same mistakes over and over again: plays players who want to leave in improtant roles in important tough matches. One would think he would have learned something from the Chelsea match.


Chelsea though, tbh, arent much better then Arsenal this season. ManCity are on a different level to everyone else.


He was trying and understandably got frustrated.

Fuhgedaboudit l

I say get rid of Alexis in January. His attitude hurts the team. He has looked terrible all year. What a surprise? Sic. I’d still like to keep Ozil. I think he could be beneficial to Lacazette. I also think it’s time for Cech to be replaced. What a shame Wenger got rid of Szczesny. Despite my support of AW in the past, I think it is time for him to go also. Sitting Lacazette yesterday just made no sense.


you’re right sanchez should’ve joint Liverpool instead of assneal. How quick you forget that sanchez kept you in the top 6. Sell him on January and you be crying at the end of next season.

A Person

Arsenal has been in the top 4 long before Sanchez joined the club idiot ! and no one wants to join a pathetic club like Loserpool !


Wenger’s Sterling comments are a bit strange. Especially considering he was meant to be part of Sanchez deal in the summer?

Maul Person

It’s strange to criticise a player for diving? And considering that the transfer never happened, I’m not sure what bringing that up has to do with anything.


It is not a coincidence that meddling with the back five ( like he did at the start of the season), has generally speaking been a disaster.
Look at the points tally when meddling.
Now look at the points tally when not. Exactly.
And don’t quote me injuries……..Elneny was available and has played a good bit in there, so pick him.


I know errant refs have been suspended or relegated to lower leagues.What about linesmen who cock up in a big game?
The punishment shd be severe enough so that there wont be a repeat blunder.


Need a replacement for Cech. He could’ve done better for the first goals. Don’t know when he’ll ever save a pk in his life again.


That Polish lad they have at Juventus looks alright.


Yea he wanted to leave Arsenal

Fuhgedaboudit l

Not true!


You’re joking aren’t you? He saved us from a thrashing. Still a great keeper


There is no good reason to leave decisions like offside to referees; every other sport at this scale has implemented technology to positive effect. It is patently absurd that football continues to cling to the era that people like the Arsenal Chairman regards as the good old days.


Absolutely. It’s ludicrous that millions of people watching on TV around the world can see it’s offside in a matter of seconds, but the ref and his assistants “miss” it.

David C

I saw it was offside in real time…


Me too, although the replay made it look a lot closer than it looked in real time.

That he is the nearest player to the linesman, the ball hasn’t travelled very far and the cut of the grass showing a perfect offside line it is a hugely frustrating decision. Let’s not blame the ref though, it’s a mistake by the linesman.


I thought at 2-1 we could have pushed on but they seemed to turn it up just after they conceded. The momentum was suddenly there’s again and it felt as if they got the 3rd not so long after our goal although not to sure if i’m right there. There were plenty of chances yesterday for us on the counter but either the final ball was bad or the decision making was. They scored a decent goal, (although simple 1 2 and clear shot is poor from our POV) and 2 dodgy decisions. I don’t think we were as bad… Read more »


City players capables of dribbling through defenders= >5
Arsenals players capables of dribbling through defenders= <1.5
That explains a lot


That makes one of us Petr…and I think it’s now time to just stand in the middle like a statue on spot kicks bud.


“They are an experienced team with a lot of quality and they took advantage of that.” It’s unfortunate we do not have enough self belief. We’re not Norwich, Petr. We have experience, we do have quality – we’re missing the heart and harmony when it matters most …. especially when doubt and frustration set in.

Diego someone

Cech is absolute class. He speaks like someone who has been around long enough and who knows how the game is played. It also helps that he has won stuff albiet not with us!

A Person

Media is destroying Arsenal , they are insulting not just the manager but everything about the club which includes us fans too ! it’s pathetic and disgusting.
They are saying that even Man City fans have outclassed Arsenal’s fans !

I’m gonna go to some of the home matches with a “F**k Media” banner.
Or i may hire some hackers from deep web to destroy these disgusting journalists careers.

Another person

Here here

A Person

Yeah downvote ! OR just go and support another club , what i’m saying might be harsh but at least i’m saying the truth not lying and pretending to be an Arsenal fan like you !


Media! I think its Kronke, Sir Bloody ill mannered Chips & his cronies that are destroying the club along with Mr entitlement Wenger.

Yankee Gooner

A Fuck Media banner will go a long way in proving that Arsenal fans are class.

A Person

Yes it will.


Take your meds, please.

A Person

OR what ?


Or you will continue behaving like a petulant child incapable of making a well-thought point, adding to the discussion.


Am I the only person who didn’t give a toss about yesterday’s result? Let’s get real: Sunday’s game was pretty much irrelevant to Arsenal Football Club. Even if we had somehow pulled off a miracle and actually won, there’s no way we would have gone on to win the title. We are not good enough. We are about the fifth or sixth best side in the Premier League right now – and that’s where we’ll finish. Only the really stupid Arsenal fans believed that we were ever in the title race. I’m not too bothered whether or not we get… Read more »

Another Sam

watch us draw Napoli or Dortmund in the EL! Actually the last time we played Napoli at home was the last time I saw Arsenal playing beautiful football. I agree with you about zero expectations.

A Person

You are not an Arsenal fan , don’t pretend to be one.


Grow up.

A Person

To become someone like you ! i refuse.


1 stat 1 big stat, 20years at trying to win the champions league and how many times have we won it??? WENGER is not the man to Gide us

Original Paul

Fats when did you start talking sense!!!??? 🙂

The Peter Simpsons


Whilst as a fan of AFC for some 50 years I couldn’t ever be moved to say that I didn’t give a toss about the result of any game that we played in – the remainder of your post, for me at least, sums up the present position perfectly.

Man City are a very good, if financially doped team, but I would like to celebrate ‘Invincibles Day’ again this season so of course would like to see them defeated in the EPL at least once.


Can the real Fatgooner please stand up?

First off your picture ain’t an obese Asian kid anymore and second, you used words like “happy”, “try to win”, “great”

What has become of this world?! ?


I’ve changed my Gravatar. And who says he’s not Asian?

Bould\'s Eyeliner

You can’t be serious–is there any benefit to creating a hierarchy of superiority? So you’re smart for being jaded and pessimistic about something you claim you love? Anybody who’s been a fan in this game long enough has already well reconciled that it is not a rational thing to support your club. No one is in this for fuckin cool points, so stop pretending like you care about this club if you simply can’t.

Original Paul

I thought we were pretty good but when you have everything going through Alexis who gives the ball away 80% of the time what hope do you have against teams like Citeh?


Felt a bit like he was already playing for City


Cech thought we might get something from the game, but many fans thought we wouldn’t and just didn’t want to see us take a heavy spanking. For the first time ever after seeing the team selection, I decided it was better for my fan soul not to see this game and avoid the frustration, heartache and ‘anger’ although this has recently been replaced with a sort of sadness ( like not hearing back from a job interview) It’s really shit feeling like that cos as a fan I always want to have hope and desire that my team can win… Read more »


A lost at city was predictable. why is everybody thinking that we lost to a shit club. We played better than most teams that visit the ethiad.

Teryima Adi

Call a spade a spade, Cech. What’s all this nonsense about it being the referee’s decision. Both calls were wrong. It was definitely not a penalty nor was Silva on side. End of story.

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