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BBC report Usmanov’s links to Everton shareholding probe

A BBC investigation has raised questions about Alisher Usmanov’s connection to the 49.9% of the Merseyside club purchased by his former partner in Arsenal, Farhad Moshiri.

Usmanov and Moshiri founded Red and White Holdings and purchased David Dein’s shares in Arsenal, before building to the 30.04% the company currently holds.

However, last year Moshiri surprisingly purchased a significant stake in Everton and following the release of leaked papers, the issue of who funded the transaction could lead to a Premier League probe.

Under current rules it is illegal for one individual, who owns a stake of 10% or more in one club, to own any shares in another club to avoid conflicts of interest.

The papers suggest that Usmanov funded Moshiri’s purchase in Arsenal by way of a gift, and thus his subsequent sale could mean that it’s the Russian’s money being used to buy a stake in both clubs.

Usmanov is at loggerheads with Arsenal majority shareholder Stan Kroenke, with the two billionaires trading unsuccessful offers to buy each other out.

The full details of the investigation are available via the BBC’s website which carries the full story, while this Twitter thread links Usmanov to the ongoing investigation into Russian influence into the US election of 2016, in particular the use of Facebook and the spread of disinformation by bots and troll farms.

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what a mess. hopefully he doesnt jump ship leaving us with at the mercy of Silent Stan

Mein Bergkampf

Fraud, corruption and election racketeering. And he’s still considered more ethical than our current owner. I’m not saying we should stick with Stan but we all should think twice before declaring this guy our saviour. I think I’d rather be run by a selfish, money grabbing leech than a man who has probably had business rivals killed. Kinda reminds me of that South Park election where they had to chose between a douche and a turd sandwich…


Couldn’t care less what usmanov ay or may not have done to get his money. I’ll let the proper authorities decide whether he’s a criminal or not. All I’m bothered about is arsenal being the club they can be with top quality players that want to be here because we are challenging for titles on a regular basis. If that means usmanov is in charge then so be it. He’s richer than abramhovic fo r god sake, ill have a bit of that

Crash Fistfight

I think there might have been a subtle metaphor in that episode, but I’m not sure.


I think ultimately this is a much greater social issue involving football as a whole not just whats going on behind the scenes at Arsenal regarding the power struggle at board level. So what is deemed as an acceptable level of evil to run a football club these days? The Chelsea owner is a carbon copy of Usmanov, in fact Usmanov is superior in wealth. And since Abramovich took over at Chelsea they have won 4 Premier League titles and the Champions League, whilst we have been sat here on the ‘moral high ground’ as Arsenal fans for the last… Read more »


Sorry. But no. Been an arsenal fan for 18 years. If we become Chelsea or citeh. I quit. Keep ur trophies man. See where they get you.


You’ve completely misinterpreted my point.

If Usmanov started actually investing money into the team… like every other owner does in world football, then we are hardly going to be comparable to City or Chelsea.

We’ve been at the summit of English football for generations. Chelsea and City haven’t.

Chelsea were seven days away from being liquidated when they were bought out.

We are genuinely sitting on the cusp of super club status. All we need is the correct investment in the correct areas.

Girouds Lovely Locks

It’s Nicklas, not Nicholas. If you are using TGSTEL for your point, please spell his name correctly.


Sure mate.

Corona X

Shouldn’t the correct spelling of his name involve ‘Lord’? 🙂

Shire Gooner

How many FA cup wins? At least get the facts right otherwise you may look something of tool.


Slightly ironic comment calling someone a ‘tool’ online, but sure, sorry you’re right – 4 times.

Regardless – I’d much rather they were 4 Premier League titles.

Reality check

If you are going to do business holding a moral compass in your hand, you’re going to get nowhere..


@Reality check People trying to peddle that Stan Kroenke is a good idea are just suckers. What – he puts out one fluffy little interview in the papers and everyone thinks everything is okay, because he says ‘he DOES love Arsenal.’ The article in the Guardian or whatever paper it was for, and I forget whichever soft journos Stan chose to give the interview, but regardless it was an absolute joke. They didn’t once mention any of the stuff that needed to be asked such as; ‘Oh Stan, so you know you’re saying all this really nice stuff about Arsenal..… Read more »

Arse City Blues

Arsenal’s famed ‘philosophies’, ‘moral codes’ and ‘values’ aren’t making me very proud to be a lifelong Gooner at the moment. Things need to change.


Looking for “moral codes” or “values” in professional football – or professional anything for that matter-, is the surest way of finding disappointment

Arse City Blues

At least we used to be able to say that we gave youth a chance and really developed some world class players, tried not to have huge disparity between players’ wages (unfortunately destined not to work), did our business more classily than most, didn’t play long ball or try to cheat our way to win games, we played some of the best attacking and free-flowing football in the world (even with Denilson & co..!!).. Our on-field values, and many of the more forward thinking methods Wenger brought to England, have been something to really be proud of for me for… Read more »

Andy Mack

We’re still along way ahead of MOST of them when it comes to giving youth a chance…


Yeah i’d Probably reluctantly take Stan over someone who might be involved in the election hacking scandal. Jesus Christ at least on the pitch we’re not a total mess and can still occasionally win a game or two to put a smile on our faces.


Nonsense. I’ll take Usmanov over Kroenke any day. We would not be where we are at d moment if Usmanov was in Kroenke’s place.

Mein Bergkampf

Just think about the man you are backing here. Basically putting the club into the hands of a Russian cartel. Let’s remember this clubs values before we get into bed with a corrupt criminal.


Jaywon is the perfect Millennial. Give me what I want, because I want it and think I deserve it. Forget everything else.


As an arsenal fan I care more about results and how we perform. Not about how someone has made their money. I am in no doubt if we had usmanov instead of kroenke we would perform a whole lot better. I also feel he would care more about our results and arsenal as a whole than silent Stan does…


Really? If these allegations are true, it means he invested his monies on a club that was trying to break into the top four thereby threatening our possibility of getting there ourselves. Everton is a mess now; had their significant investments over the summer clicked, I am sure your opinion would be quite different.


I’m not sure I’d sell my soul for a trophy.


Why do some fans talk like it’s an either/or option? Surely there must be 45 other billionaires out there richer than Droenkey and Usemyknob who can afford a world class football team?


the election itself was and always is a scandal…why does everyone assume ppl are guilty before even hearing everything…this is why the world is fucked among many other things!


Why don’t we just shoot Usmanov and Kroekne–oh, wait a minute. We’d probably end up with Putin v Trump. Anyway you look at it, we’re fucked.


all I’ll say is…you guys should not believe everything you read, including you blogs…just like you said, disinfo and the bbc like to fund perverted wankers using your money.

Jimbo Jones

Yep. Lots of mudslinging going on for a variety of reasons… I’m sure Stan the Sham is just as corrupt, just like Chips, as are the BBC. Lots of disinformation, so quite right don’t believe everything you read.


Did your in-house lawyers review this post? It seems very carefully phrased….


I am really not a big fan of Stan but if this guy will someday be the majority shareholder of Arsenal FC, i will no longer support this club. I got Arsenal tattooed on my arm but fuck it, I won’t support a club that is owned by a thug like him. I rather play 3rd decision football in front of a 200 people crowd than win anything because this guy has paid for it. And the fact that so many Arsenal fans see this differently is more embarrassing than any football result could ever be.

Bergkamp\'s Toe

Exactly. There is a complete false equivalence between a lecherous businessman and a lackey for a brutal dictatorship.

NaiBoi Gunner.

Would not be the first Wealthy owner Arsenal has had in our history. Part of why we are Arsenal right now is coz of a wealthy owner who made moves with the club that not everyone was happy with at the time. Which is to say, I understand your position. I respect it, but there is nothing embarrasing about some fans wanting us to be on the same level as bigger clubs using the same techniques they are using. Nothing wrong with wanting us to be competitive in the way the market/eco-system defines “competitiveness.” Success is the ability to navigate… Read more »


I don’t have a problem with the fact that he’s wealthy. Stan is wealthy, too. But I do have a problem with how he has gained his wealth and how he acts towards journalists who try to bring a bit of light into that matter.
If you want to have a sugar daddy in your club that is buying you success, so be it. I see this differently but it’s absolutely ok to wish for such a guy. But it at least doesn’t have to be one of the biggest assholes around, do you agree on that?


Yes, same here, although I’m not just ‘anti-thug’. If someone said, “Hey Ben, I’ll give you a million pounds, so I make a billion off your back”, the reply would be “fuck off pimp”. Because at that point it would be fairly obvious that they don’t want a mutually beneficial relationship. However, if they were offering 50/50, and clearly weren’t trying to wring the milk from my tits, things would be a lot more open to discussion. In other words… I have quite a big ssue with what seems to be happening at Arsenal at the moment. If there’s even… Read more »


That’s one of the paradoxes of being human.
If you offer someone the chance to get an easy £10, but the other person gets £1000, most people will say no.


I guess it depends on the morals behind such an affair, and would question that before deciding whether that tenner was worth it.

Crash Fistfight

So what happens if Greenback is found guilty? It’s not the fault of either of the clubs if he is, but he’s done nothing illegal (in relation to this allegation, at least, fnarr) either.

NaiBoi Gunner.

I am unbothered by this. We tried the “sensible” billionaire approach. Stan Kroenke, he is a terrible owner. I would not mind the “spend money like it is running out of style” billionaire approach.

Damn it, we have earned the right to have a sugar daddy who spoils us with summer signings of players previously “out of our reach.”

We have tried patience and self reliance, it is not cutting it!


Don’t want to get Blogs in trouble with a certain Uzbekistani who’s notoriously libel happy, so I’ll refrain from providing details. But all I’ll say is people should Google what the British ambassador had to say about the aforementioned Uzbekistani in 2007. It’s all there online.


All of you falling head over feet for Usmanov need to keep in mind there’s absolutely no guarantee that he will invest in the team. Even if he does, it’d be to launder his dirty money (the same as Abra @ chelski) and not because he loves the Arsenal. Talking about Chelski, they can probably afford players now by just selling their loan contingent and not dip into Abra’s ill-gotten fortune. All we need is some ruthlessness with contracts, a bit of investment in the squad, and holding players and board members equally accountable. Wenger’s been taking flak on their… Read more »

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