Southgate: Jack is not a number 10


Gareth Southgate has suggested that the reason he’s not selecting Jack Wilshere for England is down to the position he’s been playing at domestic level.

Wilshere played in an advanced midfield position, predominantly a number 10 role, while on loan at Bournemouth last year and has been deployed in a similar role, and on the wings, by Arsene Wenger this season.

This is a problem for Southgate who feels the 25-year-old should be playing deeper where he won’t compete with Liverpool’s Adam Lallana and Sp*rs Dele Alli.

“Jack played as a number 10 all of last season,” Southgate explained to journalists yesterday.

“That is not the way we are playing. When we have played with a 10, we have had Dele and Lallana.

“I don’t think Jack is a 10. I think he is a deeper player, but he is not playing deeper.

“But I want to be clear: I really like Jack Wilshere as a player. I think he is a talent and I really respect him as an individual. And I‘m hoping that we are in a position in March where we can pick him.”

Southgate had previously cited Wilshere’s lack of game time at the Emirates as another stumbling block. The player’s cause hasn’t been helped by Arsene Wenger who so far this term has predominantly limited Wilshere’s playing time to the Europa League and Carabao Cup. That’s despite claiming that England can’t afford to not pick the playmaker.

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I agree to an extent on his position though it sounds more like Southgate is trying to think of as many excuses not to play him as possible.

Anyway, hope it works out for Jack (and us) in the end.

Dan Hunter

To be honest, I couldn’t give a flying fuck about the England team. I only care about Arsenal. Don’t pick him Southgate. It will be better for us.


Spain – Busquets, Iniesta, Thiago, Isco.
Germany – Kroos, Khedira, Gundogan, Ozil
France – Pogba, Kante, Matuidi, Payer
Belgium – Nainggolan, Witsel, De bruyne

England – Livermore, Cork, Henderson




WTF does Southgate know? Seriously? A fully fit jack should be the first name on the team sheet, he’s the only English player that can link play and pick passes between the lines. We have to go through the same cycle as the other stupid English managers, put all the faith in Kane and Dele, they fail miserably in the World Cup, public goes crazy and tears them to shreds, new youngster breaks through and is deemed the saviour of English football and metaphorically shits gold. We then out all our faith in those overrated youngsters in the next major… Read more »


I don’t think Jack is 1st in the teamsheet yet. It has been too long since we have seen him perform. You are right about Southgate and the cycle of building up and then shitting on the players. Stop buying the Sun that will help


True, that’s why I said a fully fit Jack ?


And I’m insulted you think I buy the Sun. What did I ever do to you??


Genuinely I don’t see what all the fuss is about regarding Ali. I thought he was one of England’s worst performing players in the last tournament.

The reason why he excels at Spurs is down to Eriksen, without him their putting it on a plate for Ali, he is fairly poor. But obviously he plays for Spurs and not Arsenal, so therefor he is quite literally the best midfielder in the world.


Exactly this, the thing with Alli is that he’s not a true playmaker when he’s at 10. He’s more of a second striker really. The team needs way more creativity, that’s where Wilshere would come in if we had a decent manager…


Yeah – that’s literally it. Ali isn’t anywhere near good enough on the ball to be a number 10. What the little rat is good at; goal poaching. He has a serious knack at arriving at the right time in the box hence he gets a fair volume of goals for Spurs from midfield. Simply because opposing defenders get so caught up in worrying about Kane and Eriksen, they tend to forget about Ali. Hence most of his goals are tap ins, or second balls that have weaseled their way to his feet. The little rat.




So Southgate knows more about Wilshire’s best position than Wenger ! And the FA picked this genius as the most likely to bring England success at the world cup next year. Enough said about both.


Are you really defending Wenger?? Wenger who doesn’t play Lacazette, Wenger who keeps Xhaka in the starting 11(How many goals have Xhaka gave away?)


Lacazette has only not started 2 league matches and Xhaka is still our most creative midfielder. You can’t totally blame him for all the deficiencies we have in defence.


England are doomed with this guy in charge smh


Germany would thrash them tonight, if the Germans cared about friendlies!


Hope Ozil put on the motm performance and make all those English cundits eat their shit opinions


“cundits”, has that been trademarked yet?


If Ozil performs tonight will it count as showing up in a big game??

Tasmanian Jesus

Spurs least important players vs Germany Allstars.
Cundits will spin that however they want. If they win they are the best in the world, if they lose and Özil has a big game, it was just an injury ridden England vs the best team kn the world.

England will bomb out of the world cup as usual. They dont have the cajones thats needed, and they dont run arraand enough.


He did

Le Jim

Jim: Gareth Southgate is not qualified to be England manager.

A different George

Unfortunately, he is eminently qualified, to judge by who has come before.


Jack won’t play no 10 cause we have dele Alli and llalana…both injured ATM…

Boom Xhaka Laca

“So instead I’m going to cut my own nose off to spite my face and play Jack Cork.”


What a clown you are, Southgate. Still England are already without Henderson so we need to bring in another cross country runner rather than a footballer. Can’t have enough blokes who run around a lot and occasionally find teammates with forward passes.

peanut butter

Do you remember how good Southgate was at football though?

Donald\'s Trump

Jack Cork is quite a good footballer to be fair. He’s no donkey.


He’s in the England squad. England.
Think about it.


He’s not been picked for a couple friendlies, who cares? I don’t get the uproar from some fans. If he got selected, got injured, then the same lot that are moaning would be mouthing off again!

Everyone knows he’s a quality player, one of England’s most talented midfielders, so if Southgate doesn’t take him to Russia if he’s fit, he’s just making his own life harder and digging a hole for himself. Personally I’m glad Jack didn’t get called up, need him to continue his form and cement his place in our starting XI.


I don’t expect Jack to be selected in this moment in time if all the other players in his position are fit. He’s not there physically, I’d like to see him break into the first team at Arsenal (not just in an arsenal fans perspective), then he can consider international football. However, having seen all the midfielders that aren’t available (Henderson, Alli, Lallana, Winks (lol), Drinkwater, Cleverly), it’s a joke that he picked Jack Cork ahead of wilshere. That’s just what England need to solve their midfield issue, Jack Cork alongside Fat Dier. I’m sure you’ll be hearing the jokers… Read more »


With Southgate in charge you never know…I wouldn’t bet my life if I were you.

That clown knows fuckall about football.

Donald\'s Trump

Don’t forget they know all the lyrics to god save the fucking queen, cos that will deffo help win the world cul


b-b-b-but they’re proper football men!


Well it’s easy to see why england is going to struggle to reach finals or semi’s under south gate..


Try England is going to struggle to get out of their group….


Definitely. If they get to the round of 16 I’ll be shocked. They’re bottlers when the pressure is on them.

Declan M

Arse – Southgate, that is.


And you’re not an England manager either mate, but it doesn’t seem to be holding you back.


Gareth is not a football manager.


Bit of a flimsy excuse, if he thinks he belongs in a deeper role then bloody pick him there.


boll#$ks he’s the best no 10 England have

Olivje Ziru

Well he is right. He never was No.10 nor ever will be. He must dictate the play from behind and run the midfield. He can’t fulfill his full potential higher up the pitch. His biggest strengh is running with the ball at defense and bring it forward.


He can do both equally well as long as he’s in the center of the pitch.

Faisal Narrage

“Jack is not a number 10”
And you’re not a good manager.

Also, isn’t this the same Southgate who said Messi isn’t in his top 3 players of last season?

Faisal Narrage

“When we have played with a 10, we have had Dele and Lallana.”

How’s that been working out for you? Has England been playing great?


This current England squad is a real slap in the face to Jack (and Theo). Southgate clearly has no intention of selection them regardless

Faisal Narrage

You can just about make an argument for Jack (the position thing is flimsy, but the fitness isn’t) but deffo not Theo?
He’s not in the arsenal starting squad, hasn’t played well since this time last year, hasn’t played well for England in like forever, and doesn’t provide anything that England hasn’t got already.


Theo scored hat tricks for England, scored vital goal for England to get out of the group against Sweden, off the bench , and other tournament was left on bench or left out altogether . Not theo fault England under perform. I think theo could be a great impact sub, same as I do for current arsenal first team, against City for example yo expose Delphi and otmendi lack of. Speed in second half , but he brought on giroud. Jack could get in squad come May if injury free. Last night england used and needed essential physical running machines… Read more »

Tom Gun

“I‘m hoping that we are in a position in March where we can pick him.” Why exactly might be be in a position to pick Jack in March but not now when 6 players have pulled out and he has called up Jack Cork and Jake Livermore after Danny Drinkwater rejected the call up?!

Also, Southgate said that he won’t pick Wilshere as hes being played out of the position that Southgate thinks he is, yet he will have Loftus-Cheek start who, as Southgate said himself, is being played out of position?!!

Lord Bendnter

Even against man city, even though he only came on for a while, I loved watching him play. He was pulling the man city midfielders towards him, and then suddenly he would release the ball to a teammate up front. That’s what Wilshere brings to the team. Not to mention, in the past when he used to be fit, he was involved in a lot of beautiful one two touch buildup play. He’s sort of a mix between a number 10 and a deep lying playmaker. He’s able to kinda do both roles. I don’t know which I prefer more,… Read more »


Great point totally agree, move Xhaka to the bench and give jack a try….

Faisal Narrage

I get why he’s played as a no.10 and much prefer it tbh. For all his passing endeavour, one must remember there is different types of no.10. Jack is less as an Ozil-type, and similar but not quite to Alli who seemingly operates more like a second striker. Jack is more like the Rosicky type; a dribbler, who likes to cause chaos by running at defences to then make the last minute pass. And I love those type of players. In most cases these days, they’re used as wingers, but Jack is that, and feel he’s best in the 10.… Read more »


You are right. We lose the sight of the fact that there are different types of N10. In recent years we are so use to Ozil style of play that we can’t imagine another player on the squad in that position that would excel and make Arsenal click. Of course biggest reason would be having inconsistent play in the DM roles. Wanting Jack there would potentially help. Even a fully fit Jack I would still take Ozil ahead of him. I just hope that we can see Jack and Ozil together for a full game. Talent is talent and I… Read more »


Nonsense. Jack is playing in his right position. Southgate has no right to criticise another manager as he is totally incompetent


Is Tottenham really the team to give Jack his first start against? I know he hates the Spuds and is Arsenal through and through, but let’s not set him up to fail. Start him when we play Burnley and then play him against United. Jack still has to build up his fitness a little bit more in my opinion.


Yes I think it is. Even in the 343 pairing him up with Xhaka or Ramsey can’t be any worse then its been going? How much worse defensively could we get with any combination of the 2? At least Jack will give us a different dimension that we haven’t seen in the first team.

Personally I hope that AW has 2 weeks to prep that he will change it up and go back to the 4231.


Never in a million years would Wilshire get in an England team playing at 10 ahead of Deli Ali, you could make exactly the same comment about Ross Barkley. Maybe the bigger problem for those type of players though is the emergence of Harry Winks. His great strength is he is equally comfortable attacking and defending, passing and tackling, something rare in the modern game. Its why he’s racking up game time in big games for club and country despite his inexperience. For England particularly the combination of Henderson and Dier in midfield is too defensive. But if you drop… Read more »


This was a party political broadcast from the Spud party!

A different George

I think you may have wandered into the wrong part of North London, maybe got lost trying to find Wembley this year. Your exaggerated opinion of Winks is only one step (okay, two steps) removed from us wanting Eddie in the England squad


Hey! Atleast Eddie will receive more cheer than a fucking paper aeroplane during the matches


England and international football in general, I literally couldn’t give less fucks.


Jack is one of my favorite players, he gives 110% every time he plays even if he has an off day… as for Southgate, he is barely a manager hasn’t won fuck all…. and will always be remembered for missing that penalty and being a failure… England may get results in friendlies but when the proper games come around they crumble every time. They have no flair players and rely on hype… Personally I’d rather jack didn’t play for England…. and just picks up his fittness and form for us…. As England will never win any major compition with Southgate… Read more »


Jack’s frequent Man of the Match performances for England were in the deeper holding midfield role. Jack’s versatility should work in his favour but I just hope AW using him in an advanced role (which I think in all honesty he prefers) doesn’t make him want to move on in January to play for a club who will use him where Gareth S wants to see him play! Jack will get more EPL game time from next month when we’re playing twice a week over Xmas etc. Personally , a fully fit Jack would be in my first choice Arsenal… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

You lot are all wrong. I consulted the messages on the BBC Sport article on the England squad for the last Euros and all the experts on there confirmed that Danny Drinkwater should’ve been picked instead of Jack.

We don’t need any of that fancy-Dan dribbling and passing from our passing from our creative players, thank you. All we need is someone that shoots any time they’re within 25 yards of the opposition’s goal. That, and some pashun in midfield, and our name’s on the World Cup.

David Hillier\'s luggage

I’ll admit that I’ve not been Jack’s biggest fan over the past few years, but these feel like excuses from Southgate. “Needs to play regular fist team football” – picks someone like Lingard with one league start this season. “Not playing in the position for his club that we feel he should be for England” – plays Ox in central midfield for England despite playing wingback for Arsenal. There’s not a massive difference between playing a player as a ‘no 10′ or deeper midfielder. Doesn’t Lallana, who he cites, actually play a deeper role for Liverpool not as a ’10’?… Read more »


Is there more to a player’s position than the position in which they are played? Southgate’s getting stuck in some kind of conceptual confusion. He’s a football coach, not a philosopher.


Who told you Southgate was a football coach? I think he’s a better philosopher to be honest.


Philosopher? LOL.He isn’t even half decent as a philosopher either.
Look ths guy up called Arsene Wenger. I can keep listening to the man talking for hours(non-Arsenal related stuff only)

Isaiah Rankin

He wants to play Jack and Alli in the same XI.


Um…….ok. perhaps Jack isn’t a better no.10 than Alli (pains me to say) but is that dinosaur who’s won nothing as a manager, really saying Jack isn’t even good enough to make the squad. He can play 10, or deeper. Either way I don’t understand how he hasn’t made the squad with the amount of injuries/players pulling out. Arsenal are in slow decline and England are as boring and uninspiring as ever. I may start following tiddlewinks.


I thought friendlies were used for testing. If Southgate is so confident that Jack should be playing deeper, why not try it in a friendly…?


Fast forward to March, Wilshire has been played consistently in a deep lying role for twenty games running.

Southgate: well that’s not the system we play, he’s more of a centre back.

In all seriousness though, he’s getting fitter by the game. I for one am glad he’s avoiding pointless internationals.


Just gonna leave this here…make of it what you will.

Appearances 148
Goals 7
Assists 15

Andy Mack

That includes quite a few ‘last 20 minutes’ as a sub.


Ever watch Jack assist Rooney a dozen times and watch Rooney totally bottle easy chances Jack created? Or a lot of other England players bottling excellent chances Jack created out of nowhere? Jack single-handedly scores two great goals to help England beat Slovenia from behind and he’s still a shit player in some people’s minds, insane.


And one more reason why Southgate is the WRONG man to bring success to England’s national side ! I’m sorry Gareth but having watched Jacks progress through Arsenals academy side and youth teams to the reserves and finally the first team I have to say that Jacks best position is as a no 10 ! Wenger has often to my mind played him out of position either wide or deep which is again in my opinion the reason he has attracted so many injuries from bad tackles or one of the reasons, his close control ,eye for a pass and… Read more »

Andy Mack

It’s a sad day wen we’re listening to an England manager who’s CV highlight as a manager is ‘Not getting sacked as manager of Middlesborough for over 3 years, despite seeing them relegated’…


In my opinion Wilshere is better than the rest of England’s centre mids when they are all available. Sounds like a majority are unavailable yet Jack still misses out. How is Jack Cork seen as a better choice than Wilshere??


According to Southgate, both Eddie Howe and Arsene Wenger have played Jack out of position!

Eddie Howe got a tiny South Coast club promoted to the top division for the first time in their entire history and Wenge4 has won a shed full of trophies.

Southgates managerial achievements are what?
Did he not have a rip roaring spell as Middlesboro manager before scuttling off to a safe job at the FA.

Southgate, what a tool…


Southgate is a twat, plain and simple. He said he didn’t pick Jack because of game time, then offered Danny freaking Drinkwater a call-u[p even though Danny was coming off of an injury and hadn’t played any meaningful minutes in the premiership. Now he’s talking Jack down while complementing him? England should fire this guy ASAP and get someone in who can make them play with some intensity and speed.

Monkey nuts

I’d play him in goal though ahead of head and shoulders.


Jackwilshere is one of the best… hes worldclass and no bias the way he turns play and dribbles and passes is sublime southgate sounds like a nutjob to me


So much noise for a player who has spent his football life either injured or doing not much really…..


Who gives a fuck what Southgate thinks? Does not affect AFC one bit.


I don’t think Southgate is entirely clued up but I don’t think he is entirely wrong about Jack either. I don’t think he is a straight number 10. To me, he has merit gathering the ball in deeper midfield and travelling with it. He isn’t a DM either as experimented with in the England squad but he is in many ways the link man that Ramsey plays for us even if the Welsh man is better suited further forward. I think whether Jack is England material will depend on his availability overall. Undoubtedly a talent and one potentially better than… Read more »


He’s know jake livermore that’s for sure!!!
What a load of bolox from the worst England manager since the last one


This coming from the guy that picked Gary O’Neil and Fabio Rochemback over Gaizka Mendieta.

I’m willing to give Southgate time as a manager because we’ve tried everything else and he is a decent bloke, but if I was Wilshere, I wouldn’t pay too much attention.

Wilshere thinks he can do both. If he plays well and keeps fit he will get selected and will have to play wherever Southgate thinks is right.


I personally don’t see how Arsene can be to blame for him not being picked for England. It’s not Arsene’s job to pick him for England, it’s to manage him back into the squad/first team after coming back from injury after injury. Arsene is managing his return to the premier league well, games in the Europa will only serve to give him regular, competition while rebuilding a player who many – myself included – considered a luxury player with a shaky future at the club. I expect we will see jack starting matches in December, and then Southgate willhave a… Read more »

Alex Partridge

Wenger > Southgate


Southgate has no clue what he’s doing. Just look at the team selection.