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Wenger: Jack can still win over Southgate

Arsene Wenger still believes Jack Wilshere can work his way into England’s World Cup squad despite Gareth Southgate shunning the chance to select the Arsenal midfielder for his injury-hit Three Lions squad last week.

Wilshere has not played for England since their defeat to Iceland in EURO 2016 and has to overcome a lack of Premier League game time and a debate over his best position if he’s to have a chance of travelling to Russia next summer.

“To keep fit and work hard,” replied Wenger when asked what his player needs to do to win over Southgate in the coming months.

“It is what he does at the moment. It’s going well for him. At the moment he is on plan and slowly I think he will get into the [plans] of Southgate again and his creative aspects of his game, if he keeps fit, will be a big asset for him.”

For his part, Wilshere, who is already doing his coaching badges as he looks to a life after playing, is adamant that he’s matured in the last couple of years.

Speaking to the Arsenal Magazine, the 25-year-old noted: “I think [I have changed]. I’m married now and I’ve got two kids, I’m 25.

“Since I was 18, 19 you do a lot of growing up. People say to you when you’re 21, 22 that you’ll grow up a lot in the next few years and you’re just like ‘Nah, no chance’. But then, when you look back, you were doing things at 21 that you wouldn’t think about doing now.

“So I think I’ve changed, I’ve grown up. I’ve got a wife, two kids and I’m getting older now.

“As you get older, you appreciate what you’ve got and your game time, your minutes and that you’re fit. Not just fit and playing, because I’m fit at the minute, and I’m not necessarily playing but I’m happy and I’m available for selection and that’s all you can ask for.

“There are going to be times in your career when you’re injured, you’re going to miss out on things and you have to use those moments and those hours in the gym as motivation for when you’re back to want to stay there.”

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Well he can’t do anything if he’s not given the opportunity in the league. I think Wenger was right to micro manage his return from injury and not rush him back, but after resting these last two weeks and getting game time in the Europa league and league cup, I think he’s ready to be thrown in the deep end and I think he’d be perfect for the Tottenham game.

Agreed. We need some grit and determination out there Saturday and Jack has that in spades. I’d love to see him and Rambo in deepish roles, taking it in turns to foray forward at sporadically. Xhaka needs dropping if only to show the lad we need a lot more from him than he’s currently giving us.


For some reason Xhaka seems untouchable despite his poor performances. It’s really starting to bug me.

Owl faced Deeney\'s cojones

Wenger picks his starting XI at beginning of seasn and sticks to it.

Come on we know that’s not true. If it’s a big game, he often reconfigures his starting XI by dropping his best players.

Maul Person

Wenger usually lets players play themselves back into form rather than (presumably) demoralise them by benching them. That’s why it’s been no surprise for me to see Xhaka week after week. But having said that, who would take his place? AMN? Elneny? Le Coq? Not saying Xhaka’s the answer by any stretch but the alternatives are hardly inspiring (I’m thinking of the City game here… would happily reshuffle for something like the Everton game).


For all his faults , Granit transitions us quickly from back to front with his long range ability. The trick is to have the right player next to him to know when to time his runs and overload with the two forward mids. Ramsey has done it for spells but consistency is the issue and the ability to not get carried away. That’s where Jack may come in playing the link role and carrying the ball at feet up the middle. He’s experience and his main downside is availability. But he has the temerity in him to fight for the… Read more »

jack jack jack

Think it’s just because Ramsey-Xhaka has been the only axis that has looked half decent this season. Wouldn’t mind seeing Jack in there but I really doubt Arsene will experiment in the derby.


Flamini scored a double at away to those cunts. I’d play Jack because he’d be up for it and knows what a big deal this game is.


Hope he makes it. Tough to get back to where he was but he can go beyond that if he works hard and stays fit.


What is tough for him? No matter how he plays, and he is at best an average player, he’ll always have fans imagining he’s got grip because he’s showing his tongue and a coach praising him like a God.

Kwame Ampadu Down

I’m sure there’s a lot of people who read your regular posts Alex & think ‘no matter how he plays Ozil will always have fans imagining he’s been brilliant’…..


he is BETTER than he was


I wonder if this is payback for back when that cunt used to insist Jack play for his under-21’s, and we were understandably not keen on it.

At any rate, keeping Jack out is idiocy at its purest. He’s the best English trequartista I’ve seen in the last 15 years!


Heard that Jack was a bit of a prick – particularly to waiters – when he was younger. Made me slightly dislike the person behind the player.

However, he really seems to have matured. Fingers crossed he can get himself back in the squad for the WC, and the Arsenal first XI.

Andy Mack

Pretty much every youngster with money and ego is a complete prick (particularly footballers to waiters and bartenders). Most of them grow out of it or they get told what the waiters do to their food when they’re being a dick…


Frankly I couldn’t give a flying fuck what he does for England. He’s paid to tear it up for The Arsenal. That’s where Oxlade Chamberlain and Walcott bith went wrong too. Put England before club and it’s ALWAYS a recipe for disaster for your career. Do the business for club first and the rest will follow Jack.


Southgate is like the girl that says she’s not interesting in seeing anyone atm but then turns around and starts snogging another guy. He said Jack can’t play for England until he gets games for Arsenal but then he picks players like Lingard and Solanke who haven’t started in the league! He even tried to call up Drinkwater who’s barely played for Chelsea this season! Nor did he play Jack when he was starting for Bournemouth. He should just admit he doesn’t fancy the player instead of giving stupid excuses. Can’t wait to be rid of him


Never wanted southgate as the England manager but if I’m honest I couldn’t give two fucks about international football because the England players are all over paid divas that are only after money and don’t seem to be bothered about playing for the country

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