Thursday, July 18, 2024

Arsenal draw Chelsea in Carabao Cup semis

Arsenal will play Chelsea in the Carabao Cup semi-finals.

The two-legs will be played in January.

Man City will play Bristol Rovers…who beat Man Utd. Lol.

More to follow…when we’re not in the pub. Maybe.

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Pretty decent I’d say. Didn’t we play a cup game against them recently? Seem to remember that went quite well.


Been a while since we beat them at Stamford bridge, time to put that record strait. Holding to smash in a 90th minute winner, you know..he’s better than cannavaro!! COYG!!!

Sheffield Gooner

Mourinho. Heh.

Damo Dinkum

Personally, I think HAHAHAHAHA would be more appropriate.


The other “Ha”s are for the future. We will surely need then


This is what he does at every club. Turns things around in the first season, wins a trophy or two in the second, bottles it and moans in the third before he’s given the arse.
He’s just boring now


Man City in the Final. Woooh!!!, bring it. Our Second string against yours if you’ve got the bottle !!!

TR7 > CR7

They’ve spent many many more millions on their second string is the only problem.


How about Bristol Rovers in the final


Would be some feat since they are out. Bristol City in the final maybe

Eric Blair

FFS Bristol City!


are second string has coquelin and elneny playing at the same time….


FFS our!


our you sure that is right?


Lol united


It’s a real shame that we didn’t get Bristol City, but this is the second best draw. Our reccent record against Chelsea is actually quite good. And we’ve got the Chavs at home in the second leg. This is a fantastic opportunity for Wenger to fuck things up by playing a weakened side. Personally, I don’t give a flying fuck about the Premier League any more: we’re out of the title race and fourth is meaningless because we have zero chance of winning the Champions’ League any time soon. We should play our strongest sides in both games and try… Read more »


I still argue with any chelsea fan who brings up the 3-1, their first goal should never have stood, Still waaay salty


Fourth place isn’t meaningless.

If we have an extended period outside of the top four, we will be less attractive for potential signings. Plus we will lose sponsors/revenue, and we won’t have the money to buy ourselves top players to bring ourselves back into contention like Man U did.


We just can’t get enough of beating Chelsea


Can never have too much of that

Andy Mack

Obviously I was hoping they’d get knocked out in the QFs but I guess we’ll just have to beat them in the final… Clearly I mean Bristol City…

David C

Glad we avoided Bristol City in the draw!

Oh Maureenho, i can’t wait to see what you blame this result on, haha.


Blame it on a luck, said Bristol was very lucky hahahah

TR7 > CR7

He said that he didn’t want to say that they were lucky, then proceeded to say that they were lucky about 20 times.


What a cunt.


A lot of parallels with that podgy fuck in the American pulpit – he’ll just say he doesn’t care about it anyway or blame his pee-ons.


My guess is he avoided gobbing off in Bristol’s dressing room following his experience when doing so with Citeh. No point crying over spilled milk, eh?


As kind a draw as we could hope for. As opposed to the other coaches left in the competition Arsene actually gives Conte the fear for some inexplicable reason, so it could happen.

“It” being a final where we get our asses handed to us by City.

Bristol City.


the only trouble is, we are playing Chelsea and not conte, so it don’t matter


We face Chelsea three times in January then, in three weeks…


Three quick wins, then.

Lord Bendnter

Was hoping to face City (*Bristol) so we could further rest our first team players and give a good run to a few young players, as we did against the hammers


I say blend some first team players in but keep with the young/fringe players that have played well so far


I say play the first team.
They will.
Fuck them in the arse.
Arsene will win the league cup he never has this year and the Champions league next year.
Then will retire after winning every trophy possible in England ?


The Champions League doesn’t have to be that hard to win. Chelsea themselves are proof of that.



If anything, Chelsea, and Citeh, are proof that the Champions League is fucking difficult to win. They have had super teams recently and won it a grand total of once (and didn’t deserve it).


For sure Chelski will play there 1st team. Plus they won’t have the ‘We’ve just won the Prem ‘ hangover about them. Tough draw, can’t see (sorry) Wenger outwitting Conte again.


Let’s deck em

Runcorn Gooner

Moaninho must have loved that Bristol City over celebrating. Who is the bigger hypocrite,him or Fatso Deeney?

Naija Gunner



It’s an exciting semi to look forward to.

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