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Report: City happy to wait on Sanchez

According to Sky Sports, Manchester City will resist the temptation to splash the cash on Alexis Sanchez in January and instead will try and snap up the Chilean in the summer on a free transfer.

Given the Blues are scoring goals for fun and flying high at the top of the league, perhaps it’s not surprising that they are happy to risk losing out on a player that they tried to sign at the tail-end of the last transfer window.

Sanchez is understood to be eager to link up again with Pep Guardiola who signed him for Barcelona from Udinese in 2011. Whether he decides it’s worth waiting to move remains to be seen, the 29-year-old, who is out of contract at the Emirates in the summer, is allowed to sign a pre-contract agreement with foreign clubs in January.

In the short term, it sounds as though City will focus their efforts on signing Virgil van Dyck, a target who has been linked with Arsenal in recent years.

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Personally I think Guardiola should shut his fat mouth and stop talking about our players.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Guardiola didn’t say anything did he?


Yes in the last conference.

Kwame Ampadu Down

What did he say? I haven’t seen anything to suggest he said anything about Alexis.


He was responding to a direct question about Alexis and to be fair didn’t really say much to confirm or deny interest in buying Alexis in January.


Needs to go in jan I think. Best all round

Feng Sports

Absolutely. I just hope he is sold to some foreign club. Teams £20m for him and run

Faisal Narrage

“a target who has been linked with Arsenal in recent years.”

But we never got him, for whatever reason (probably because we seem to primarily judge purchasing of CBs based mainly on how they are on the ball, rather than defensively).

Not even sure City need Sanchez, or that he even fits, but the greater concern is getting Van Dyck. Last thing we need is their defence getting stronger.

A Different George

I think we never got him because Southampton would not let him go–as Liverpool learned in a pretty humiliating way.


Should have went in for him while he was still at Celtic, 15mil would have done it


I get your point, but I would be more worried about City signing Sanchez and/or another world-class midfielder to implement the pressing game Pep’s Barcelona did so well, and it’s pretty good already.

Barca’s back four was not “that” good, it was more to do with the collective pressing and good technical ability under the pressure when having the ball. And Sanchez ticks both of the boxes imo.

Faisal Narrage

Puyol and Pique not that good?


Have made peace with him leaving long time ago. Based on his form this season then I don’t really care if he leaves in January or in the summer. I don’t really blame him for leaving. It just didn’t work out for whatever reasons. I know people are quick to blame Wenger on this and fair enough, he is part of the reason, but I imagine he is not the easiest guy to work with and once his form starts to suffer then he can be a liability on the pitch (as proven this season). It may be my imagination,… Read more »

Heavenly Chapecoense

Sanchez will be no Arsenal legend unfortunately. He’s been an honest mercenary.


Of course he won’t be, he is 1000 miles off from being one, but that doesn’t regard the fact that he scored some lovely and important goals for us.

And I still think that we are better off. If we sign a replacement, obviously.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Why should he be the easiest guy to work with ? I think one of the biggest reasons this team hasn’t pushed is that they’re all ‘easy to work with’. I.e. not demanding enough of each other. He’s been poor this season fair enough but I think people are trying too hard to absolve Arsene of blame. For three seasons Alexis was out best player & instead of dropping him v Liverpool for do finally losing it with his teammates Arsene should have demanded more from his teammates & not let it get to that point. I’ll put it this… Read more »


As often as he loses possession in dangerous positions, I think he would be getting the earful every 5 minutes from the invincibles. I don’t think the players find his demanding them perform better the problem, but rather that he complains if they choose another option than passing to him, and then when they do pass to him, they are more likely he will dribble randomly and disrupt the flow or lose the ball than he is to make something special happen. However he has the ability to have 1 moment of brilliance even during an otherwise poor game. That’s… Read more »

Kwame Ampadu Down

I don’t think that’s fair comment Awwesomesauce cos the whole losing possession all the time thing is Alexis as of now….rather than Alexis pre-Liverpool game & then being told he could go & then couldn’t on deadline day. No one would deny he has reacted terribly & is playing poorly but that wasn’t how he played up to then. This is what Ryan Giggs said after Liverpool game: ‘There is inevitably a lot of focus on Alexis Sanchez, and his effect on the other players. I have to say that I would like to have played alongside him. He gets… Read more »


Maybe PSG will take advantage of that and go for him in January we can agree swap deal with draxler both parties happy arsenal happier that he will not go to city and in return we will get a player.

If only was simple as that and if alexis was not a cunt wanting to go to a rival to arsenal and go like and go to PSG.

SB Still

Maybe Sanchez + cash

How we got ourselves into this position is quite unbelievable.


Well better for a straight swap with PSG, alexis for draxler. Than alexis going for free in the summer. And give ozilz a contract he wants and he will sign and reconstruct the team around him he can play 3-4 years at his best.


PSG doesnt really need him with Neymar, Mbappe and Cavani. Also seems that theyre using Draxler in a cm role, so its not he is completely out of the team. And Sanchez leaving to a rival club doesnt make him a cunt. What makes you think he was/is an Arsenal fan? He seemed to care in previous seasons, as was seen in his relentless running. The fact that Arsenal ‘abused’ his talent by never really buying similar quality, really tells you how he was treated by the club, he was seen as an asset to get top 4 and nothing… Read more »

Andy Mack

I thought there was some issue between Neymar and Cavani, or has that all blown over now?

Original Paul

I heard it was the Mirror but anyway if it’s true (which I doubt) Arsene should bench Alexis for the remainder of the season. How would Pep feel about that?
I very much doubt this to be true…

David C

City don’t even need him. Sterling is red-hot plus Jesus, Aguero, KDB, etc. Sanchez’ terrible possession and giveaways would prob make Citeh worse….


As much as he has improved, Sterling still needs 3 good chances to score. Sanchez definitely needs some discipline drummed into him. Our play these days is so slow and Sanchez even manages to slow it down further sometimes, so I do wonder how quick he would integrate with the city team


Who would have thought that between him and Ozil he would be the one to down tools first


If you listen to how outspoken ozil is about supporting Arsenal, instead of the pundits, its not a surprise at all.


Pep will go back for Alexis this january ! He doesn’t care City can splash the cash almost endlessly and he will need Alexis in the Champions league crunch games. Pep knows he can win the league with Sterling and Sane but not the CL .He is going to need experienced world class strikers and Alexis will fit perfectly for the Cl games and he can play them. I suspect that’s a good motivation for Alexis . He is not getting younger.


Agree that they need him. But he can’t play for them in this years’s CL, even if he sings for them in January.


Fuck you the Bald One

Andy Mack

I believe $iteh would have to sell (or loan out) a player to fit Sanchez into their squad. I think they’re full on their quota of 17 ‘non-homegrown/over 21’ registered players.
They only have 4 of the 8 ‘over 21 homegrown’ spaces full so they really need to get some home grown players to boost their registered squad up from 21 to the full 25 (plus u21s which don’t need to be registered).

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