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Overmars sacks Bergkamp from Ajax role

Ajax have confirmed that Dennis Bergkamp has been sacked from his position as assistant coach.

The decision, overseen by director of football and fellow ex-Gunner Marc Overmars and ex-Manchester United keeper Edwin van der Sar, sees the 48-year-old leave his boyhood club alongside fellow assistant Hennie Spijkerman and head coach Marcel Keizer.

Bergkamp has been coaching at Ajax since 2011. A ‘difference of opinion’ about the implementation of technical policy was cited as the reason for the sackings.

A statement from chief executive Van der Sar reads: “We had a bad summer and a messy start to the season. From a sporting point of view, European elimination (from the Champions League preliminaries) was the low point.

“Marc Overmars and I have frequently spoken in the months afterwards about the permanent volatility of the first team.

“We are not confident that we will achieve the level that we are striving for with Ajax in this way. We regret this.
“Together with the supervisory board, we as management have not made the decision overnight and are grateful to Marcel, Dennis and Hennie for their efforts for the club.”
Might there be room for Dennis Bergkamp at London Colney? There has already been a raft of changes to the backroom staff in recent months with Raul Sanllehi set to join as ‘not director of football’, Sven Mislintat taking over the scouting operations, Huss Fahmy taking on contract responsibilities and Per Mertesacker due to head up the Academy from the summer.
Come on Ivan, it’s Christmas…we dare you to make us happy.

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Oh Dennis, you are more than welcome back at the Arsenal anytime.

The Limp Bar

Whoever downvoted that – please delete your account.


Arsene Wenger downvoted that. He is an avid reader here at the Arseblog and values our comments.



Too Drunk To Be Offside

The new Manager!!


Whoawhoawhoawhoa…..hold the horsemeat, there…Involved in Arsenal: Yes. Manager? No thanks. He was only assistant at Ajax. Far from qualifying as head coaching material just yet. Plus…uh….planes.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

I see your planes and I raise you ships and uh boats and dinghys and the likes.


dennis is going to dinghy to those obscure europa league games?


Permanent volatility?

Messy start to the new season?

Elimination from champions league?

Welcome aboard!


This is a no brainer, assuming he’ll come. It will make those conversations with top transfer targets much easier. “Come to us and get to work with Dennis Bergkamp” is a lot more appealing than “come to us and play ahead of Coquelin and El Neny”.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Dennis can teach one or two things to Ozil. Boy Messut will realize there is still a level above.


Is there such a thing as home game manager? Can there be?


That’ll make the next legends match spicy!


I’d love for him to come back in any capacity.

Viera\'s left toe

Bring him back

Declan M

He can be the ex-pro on the stadium tour.

Bryan Clayden

That’s disrespectful to one of if not the greatest player to ever wear an Arsenal shirt

Declan M

Oh. It was just a throwaway remark in response to those clamouring for him to ‘come home’. The club needs to appoint the best people to their coaching staff etc, not just on sentiment, no matter how much of a legend they are. At the time I was gutted Adams never came back and made a go of it but in retrospect it was a wise move and his status remains largely intact. I would hate to see DB or TH etc come back and foul up.


Yeah, to a large extent, good player does not necessarily mean good coach or manager…


I am all for having great players coming back but what was the ” A ‘difference of opinion’ about the implementation of technical policy ” .. maybe we don’t want that that kind of implementation at Arsenal. Just a thought.


Reading Bergkamps biography I always thought it would likely end like this. Not because of any particular fault of his, just the culture of the club and power struggle at the top. Wouldn’t read too much in to it personally.

I’d fucking love him back home.


Some former players have come back. Still wonder what they’ve brought.


May the wrath of God descend upon the unholy pagans of Ajax Football Club! How dare they sack the God!

Jokes aside though. One’s loss is another’s gain so sign him up AW and give him a chance he deserves after giving so much to the Club.


Give him a job, any job. Either he’ll be a legend a second time over, or he’l be shit, but at least we’ll know. It’s the not knowing at times like this that kills you, makes fans say “For fuck’s sake why didn’t we get X back?” Make fans happy. Give him a job.


All I hear is the chorus to “baby come back”


Bring him home…by boat ofcourse

A Different George

You know, there’s a train now.


You know it’s immaterial. He can walk on water anyway.

Little Mozart

All I want for Christmas…


There should always be room at Arsenal for Beegkamp. I’d love to see him coaching kids on professionalism, technique and lifestyle.

Faisal Narrage

Would’ve been a great choice to head our academy at the very least, with Per his assistant.

Lord Bendnter

Ah Clash of the Titans over there at Ajax


No disrespect to Overmars, but he is not in the “Titan” conversation for me. Van der Sar may be for that little club he played for, but Overmars was a good player who I enjoyed watching. He is no god.


Ajax are definitely doomed without the God’s help!


….so you’re asking Ivan to bring the cheer, but someone has to take it away as it has to even out. There’s always a grinch.

Arsene the grinch.


Assign him as the personal coach for Eddie and maybe The Jeff.

That’ll do nicely. Thx!

Perry Stalsis

Get him back here. And get the fucker on a ‘cure your fear of flying through hypnosis’ course.


No disrespect but one of the reason Bergkamp was fired is that he had no input whatsoever. Like vd Sar says, results are bad, there’s is no identity, no progress after getting to Europa League final, the coach Keizer was put forward by Bergkamp too. I know he is a legend for Arsenal Fc make no mistake, but I really don’t know what he could at to the club unless it’s simply on the training pitch and nothing more. For board level Overmars is way more suitable.

Charles Charlie Charles

Ice cold.


Dennis is available? Sanchez replacement sorted then.


Just stick him in the number 10 – he doesn’t need to run about; just play those ice-cold through balls


Someone please bring our non-flying Dutchman back. I feel that DB10 could be part of the new backroom setup that’s undergoing transition at Arsenal.

Liam Bergkamp

The sentimentalism of football fans! So because he was an amazing player that therefore means he’ll be an amazing coach/manager! Just like Pele was and Maradona and Brady and TA and….
Yes there have been “some” great players who went onto be decent coaches/managers but they’re the exception not the rule.
I loved Dennis as a player but with his fear of flying having him as coach/manager of a club that competes in Europe every year is a massive negative before even taking into account what he can actually do as a coach.

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