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Alexis Sanchez missed doping control but Wenger insists Arsenal have nothing to hide

Last Monday Alexis Sanchez was selected to have a random drug test, something the Premier League routinely do for all clubs.

However, because he was in Manchester completing his deal to United, there was confusion as to his whereabouts the test did not happen.

Arsene Wenger says that it’s ultimately Arsenal’s responsibility, but insisted the club have nothing to hide and that it was just special circumstances that saw the Chilean miss the control.

“I think it’s a special event for him to miss a drugs test because he was certainly busy somewhere else with his agent,” he said.

“Overall, he has been tested so many times here that it’s no worry for me that he has any doping problem. It’s just a bad day for him to be tested.

“Honestly, on the administration side, it would certainly still be our responsibility because on the day, he had not moved. Maybe it will be down to us, to our responsibility.

“I don’t know what really happened, but usually we always try our best to get our players available and always coordinate well.”

Wenger has been one of the most outspoken coaches when it comes to doping in football, often a lone voice, and you might recall a couple of seasons ago the reaction of UEFA to his criticism of their drug policies saw the governing body send a surprise team of testers to London Colney [the Arsenal training ground].

You don’t need to be a genius to see what kind of message was being sent there, but the Arsenal manager insisted once again the club have nothing to worry about.

“I’m quite relaxed because we have nothing to hide here,” he continued. “We always try our best to cooperate with doping control.

“I pushed always for football to do more against doping, so I don’t see why we should not cooperate. We try our best, but this was a special day.

“The intention of Alexis was certainly not to hide, nor was our intention to hide anything. We have nothing to hide.”

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Storm in a teacup.

sixteen swans

With no actual storm and a teacup off in Manchester with its agent.


Slow news day…?

Peter K

A lengthy ban for the player seems appropriate


And his current manager, who was obviously complicit. Twenty-five years each would seem about right.


It would be a shame if Arsenal got a fine for this.

It would be an incredible shame if Man U were to lose their shiny new player for a few months for this… *side-eye chuckle*


The true shame would be if The Arsenal had a sophisticated performance enhancing drug program and this was the best they could perform.


You are hiding that war chest arent you Arsene.

Cliff Bastin

Hopefully he missed it because Jose was introducing him to this incredibly illegal performance enhancement drug.

Petits Handbag

Can’t be missing these kind of things and expect to get away with it. 12 month ban for him is the only resolution here. With no access to any dogs.


Wouldn’t it be great if he just answered ‘Not my problem…’ 🙂

granit(e) hard!

naah, no probs. 1000% certain as an Arsenal player, he wouldn’t (dare!) be on dope…..refuse to vouch for Mourinho though, not that i am implying anything.


So reading between the lines we can see, we moved Alexis because he was a major drug user, not just the normal athlete performance enhancer stuff, like Elephant semen, and Gorilla platletes, and whale sweat, but the recreational stuff too. Paragraphs 5-9 basically allude, without ever saying it, to the fact that Alexis was on recreational stuff too, the kind that made him the third unseen man in the car on the way to Vegas in Fear and Loathing, I mean someone had to hold the camera and it wasn’t Depp or Del Toro. Main question, were his dogs also… Read more »

Ashburton Grove



???Jat307….you win at life! ?


If he gets a ban I will eat my left ball (it’s the good one) on Insta live


BREAKING NEWS – Sanchez given twelve month ban for missing drug test.

Make Arsenal Great Again

Can’t the FA suspend Alexis until the end of the season? I will enjoy that so much

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