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Wenger: Giroud going nowhere without replacement

Arsene Wenger says Olivier Giroud will not leave Arsenal this January unless the club signs a replacement up front.

While the boss refused to rule out his compatriot’s departure and stayed coy on potential interest from Chelsea, he did make clear that the 31-year-old had not been offered to Borussia Dortmund as a makeweight in a deal to sign Pierre Emerick Aubameyang.

Giroud turned down the chance to leave the Emirates in the summer – Everton made a bid in excess of £30 million – but has since been left frustrated by his lack of game time in the Premier League. The striker, who is set to return from a hamstring injury this week, is understood to be concerned about his chances of making the France squad for next summer’s World Cup.

“No [he was not offered as part of the deal],” Wenger said on Friday.

“I want Olivier to stay, I just told you that if nobody comes in, nobody goes out at the moment. Maybe one or two young players out on loan somewhere. The experienced side of the squad will stay the same unless somebody comes in.

“I have a consistent exchange with Olivier Giroud and we talk about the situation a lot. He played many games, he played all the games in the Europa League, came on a lot in the Premier League and scored important goals for us.

“He’s an important player here that everybody wants to stay. There’s a high respect for Olivier Giroud in this club. He will certainly get more games. He’ll only leave if somebody else comes in.

“We lost Theo [Walcott]. To lose Theo and Olivier, without getting anybody, for us would be too many players, too many top class players to leave the club.”

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I had stopped reading tweets from these so called ITKs coz we barely ended up signing those players but felt optimistic and so I checked again. Quite a few of them are reporting that Aubameyang deal is done and that Giroud will join BvB on loan for the rest of the season. And according to them we are also likely to get Evans. As for the contracts. Hasn’t been much news on these but a couple of them say that Wilshere and Ozil have signed new contracts and the deals will be announced after Aubameyang’s announced. Hope all of it… Read more »


I don’t know who you are, but I like the way you talk.
That would be immense, seeing them all pass a pen along the line signing contracts, Arsene grinning like a boss.
Would really lift the club!


Thank you.

Auba’s deal is delayed because of Giroud’s loan and the court hearing from the bombing last year.

And adding to the Evans part.
The condition as it stands is that West Brom are desperate to sell because the player wants to leave and if they get relegated his release clause drops to £3M from the current 15.

I am no ITK. I am just telling you guys what I read. After a dreadful few months I am finally feeling optimistic again so I want to believe in these rumors. 🙂

Lack of Perspective

I for one doubt that, but would be extremely happy and optimistic about the future if its true.


For me Aubameyang is done because it’s just naive to go all the way to Germany to come back empty handed.
Mad Jens went there before Gazidis, Sven and Huss. We probably had it wrapped up long ago.
Feels like the two clubs are waiting for the right time to announce it.


We’re not signing anymore players this window


Also IMO Theo and Coq sales were made to raise funds for this. Aubameyang is fantastic but it’s not surprising because it is in line with our financial practices. I’ll be very surprised if they go and sign players after Aubameyang because that’ll really mean the club has changed it’s transfer strategy.
We are still reactive in the market. Maybe we have gotten pro active with small value signings like Mavropanos but there is no evidence of us investing significantly on top talent. That’s why I was surprised with Malcom than with Aubameyang.


Dortmund have listed him in their squad to play Freiburg on Saturday. Rather unusual for a “done” deal.

Daan van Lith

i actually dont think we will sign anyone else, besides really want Giroud to stay.


“Aubameyang named for Dortmund squad”. How good does that sound?

Mein Bergkampf

Can we not just lead Chelsea on until the 31st and then with a few hours to go until deadline, send a message that simply reads “Demba Ba”. And never speak to the cunts again.

granit(e) hard!

Lol…Good idea mate, but I would enjoy the ‘revenge’ ploy more if it was directed at ManU (mourinho), seeing it was that so and so that stitched us up!

Bai Blagoi

“We lost Theo [Walcott]. To lose Theo and Olivier, without getting anybody, for us would be too many players, too many top class players to leave the club.”

Boss, seems you forgot about Coquelin..


He’s talking about strikers/forward players. Our bench looked very short on Wednesday with Nketiah the only actual striker that could be called upon.


Mate, that’s why we have Maitland Niles. He was destined to be the LANS of this season. 4 years later Maitland Niles will be sold for a profit. This is just business as usual.

Andy Mack

He was talking about the attacking players rather than defensive players.

Man Manny

I’d very much like to see Auba arrive at the Emirates this January. If that means the end of our ‘love affair’ with Giroud, I can live with that. I feel Auba will influence games much more than Giroud is doing at the moment.


Giroud is far too good at what he does, and his skills are in short supply at the moment. Chelsea have been after someone of his profile, and have been reduced to the likes of Dzeko, Crouch and 40 year-old Carroll. We have the best in the business – why should we seek a replacement for him? If Borussia are reluctant to let Pierre go without a replacement, I suggest we try and trick them into believing a straight swap between Pierre and Lacazette is a good idea for them. Then use that 60 million to purchase a proper winger,… Read more »


What a strategic brain. Is that you Dick Law?


“Is that you Dick Law?”

After the manager, seems poor Dick Law is also in your black list. Is there anyone at the club you don’t slag off?

“What a strategic brain.”

Pleasure to hear your constructive feedback.

Pepe le Pugh

Yeah because selling our most expensive signing barely 6 months into his 1st season warrants a non sarcastic answer. This isn’t Fifa mate.


This is hilarious. Thank you. I needed this.


well sell or loan him to Dortmund so we can get aubameyang , what the hell is wrong with you , aubameyang is a far better player than giroud , but not you oh no , this will be another great player to slip through our hands , because of your pig headedness , give me strenth

granit(e) hard!

and so it should be, end of!, it would be suicidal otherwise….why?..As it stands, our squad is weakened. We lost Coquelin, Walcott and Sanchez and only added Mikhi, ….this to a squad when at full strength before the transfer window was not considered strong enough by most, (including arsenal fans) to challenge for the title.


I seriously don’t understand the thinking that Giroud should be the one that moves on. He’s great for a stylistic change in a game, he holds the ball well, great with his head, and scores! If any other forward goes, it should be Welbeck. Half the time he looks like he has no control, His goals all seem like accidents for Christ’s sake! It’s like Eboue as a forward…

non flying dutchman

more to the point Aubameyang is better at the same role as Wellbeck, whereas Giroud fills a different spot and function in the team. Suspect BVB know that Wellbeck will not be a 20 goals a season striker for them though.


I think Arsenal also prefer to give Welbs instead of Giroud, the problem is Welb didn’t have value as great as Giroud and of course another team prefer Giroud rather than Welbeck.


It is so obvious.
Fabricate a story linking us with a top player.
Sign no one
Spin out the usual bullshit “we tried to sign a top player.
Its the same shit every time – what shocks me the most is that people actually buy into it…


Agree, if Arsenal put as much effort into building a proper team as they did making cringey PR statements, fabricated transfer stories and panic buying to stop fan revolt/sell season tickets…well we would be european champions by now.


If Arsenal fail to sign Aubameyang it will be very embarrassing. At this point would not be surprised to see Liverpool come in and pay the asking price, which would would be an absolute catastrophe. Was just reading that Arsenal low-balled Borussia Monchengladbach for Xhaka, before eventually paying the asking price.


This is arsenal…… news are gonna be true I guess……Firstly learn to keep the players and then sign new ones…….I am afraid that we will lose ozil and wilshere like sanchez at the end of season…Aubameyang deal is still miles away????


I hope HFB can become a legend and retire with us. He’s a good lad and always gives his all imo. If Oli is being forced out, I’d want him to join a club who can start him.


Just pay the F&cking money for Auba and stop thx penny pinching, a policy that has not worked for us in a decade.

The transfer surplus last season was somewhat understandable considering we were likely lose Sanchez for free this summer and coin needed for replacement. The swap covers that loss so where is the money gone?? Influx of tv money has meant everyone has extra cash yet we seem to have reverted to the austerity days. Baring in mind we’ve drummed up cash this month already.

Media Hates Arsenal

Arsenal club is full of liars and thieves , Aubameyang story is a lie so they make us buy the tickets again , we should not be fooled.

#Wengerout #Kronekeout

Jean Ralphio

Would be interested to see how Giroud does in this Sanchez less team. Still a solid plan b option. I hope he makes the France squad

SB Still

Wenger sneaked a good one in – can’t afford to loose top quality player and named Walcott 🙂

On Giroud – PEA, Giroud is the best Plan B we got but PEA improves Plan A. So, Wenger’s stance makes sense. However, hope they move on with getting that deal over the line, as we don’t want someone else sneaking in on obviously a troubled but effective striker.


As I have mentioned before, I think it will be a mistake to lose the sort of capability Giroud provides us. There is no real rush to replace the sharp end of the sword. Lacazette needs as much time on the pitch as possible and another player coming in similar in profile to him (unlike Giroud) will only limit this progression. Playing him (or the other player) out of position doesn’t make much sense either. Giroud gives us a different weapon to break a door down if need be. Its like having two sharp swords or a sword and a… Read more »


Mahrez anyone?!


Boom! Take that Dortmund, u aint having him. Unless…

German Diesel

The pressure to spend should be on the board. If the Dortmund negotiations fall apart it is on them.

Ian Wright -

Thanks Wenger, but why have we still not signed Aubameyang


Blogs – not often you make a mistake but in your blog today you suggested that Gazidis’ reputation would be damaged by not getting Auba across the line? Surely that’s logically impossible as his only reputation is as the worst CEO in the Club’s history whose culture of self-serving mediocrity has transformed us from potential global dominance when he arrived to PL also-rans? Maybe I’m missing the point.


The scene when we failed to sign Aubameyang because of penny pinching. I can see a riot from our fanbase, esp after PR bullshit with 90M€ Lemar and this Auba’s hype.


While we are unlikely to finish higher than 5th/4th this season even if we do sign Aubameyang not having a striker with consistent PL experience would be a worry.

Lacazette has been great, but this is still his first season with us, and it will take some time for Aubameyang to settle if he does arrive.

Keep all three, rotate well and we will do well.

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