Friday, February 23, 2024

Arsenal 2-2 Chelsea – player ratings

It was quite the second half, with four goals, a contentious penalty, and a glorious late equaliser from Hector Bellerin rescuing a point for us.

Read the report and watch the goals here.

It was an up and down performance though, thankfully Alvaro Morata played more like Alvaroh-no Morata (from a Chelsea point of view) and but for Petr Cech it could have been a lot worse.

Here’s how the players rated.

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Wenger\'s Medulla Oblongata

Yup, AM-N was my MOM tonight. Thought he had the game of his life. Looking forward to him in the middle in the near future.


We need his calmness on the ball in the middle of the pitch asap. Always playing with his head up, not panicking whilst under pressure. Hopefully a real gem in the making.


What speaks volumes is the fact he has performed really well wherever he’s been put. I think Bellerin is a very talented young player, but he did actually struggle when he was moved over to the left hand side, whereas in contrast AMN seems to be managing with any position Arsene puts him in, which is a real sign as to how much talent he possesses. The only thing he did wrong all game was allow that cross to come in, but still, for me our centre backs should of done more to stop Alonso scoring that goal. You can’t… Read more »


For real Maitland-Niles was our best player, I’m so happy for the player he’s become and would love it if he could compete more with bellerin on the right than playing on the left where we have Monreal and Kolasinac. The referee made another mess of himself but thank God we won a point than nothing.


We wont sell him to Madrid, he is for the Arsenal!


Young man is composed beyond his years and he isn’t afraid to take the fight into the enemy. I think if Kolasinac and Monreal are available, he may be also worth considering as a backup/alternate to Bellerin. But with AMN, our fullback requirement is more or less solved. Defensive balance is the problem right now. As a sum, the 3 at the back isn’t working. I feel its a mistake to play two young defenders. We were lucky today. Per may be ‘lacking pace’ but he is the sort of calm head and experience we need next to Mustafi and… Read more »

Gudang Bedil

AMN to that my friend


Can we maybe give AMN a go in midfield in the Carabao Cup? I really want to see him there and if he’s capable of pushing Xhaka for a place


Just needed a place to write this. Thierry Henry is so bad at punditry that he makes Jamie Carragher look good. Fed up with him talking bollocks about our team week-in week out, because the didn’t agree to let him coach & pundit at the same time.


I miss the days when he was so good at football he made Jamie Carragher look bad.


Henry is a waste of air.


This comment implies that Jamie Carragher is bad at punditry. I couldn’t disagree more, think he’s one of the best pundits out there.


Fuck Anthony Taylor. Penalty decision was absolute bullshit, Hazard went down holding his shin when he was barely touched. If the FA don’t ban him for ‘Successful Deception of a Match Official’ then the panel is corrupt.

Apart from his shit refereeing, defensive system was a bit of a mess. We were lucky Morata was dreadful in front of goal today. On a positive note, Maitland-Niles looks like an absolute gem, definitely has what it takes to succeed here.


Maitland Niles has already got arsene wenger written all over him, fantastic all night and then 1 big error allowing zappawhoosamawatsit to turn him and beat him by going in too quickly.. 8.5 out of 10 but 1 mistake leading to a goal.. Why o why do arsenal have so many individual errors in them.


Also, for me, if Gibbs was a pen tother day then mustafi volley against cahill arm is a pen.. Wenger has a very good point with the refereeing in this country becoming dog shite. or maybe its just michael me me dean

A Different George

Cahill turned into the path of the rocketed ball and it hit him on the arm. It would have been ridiculous to give a penalty for that. Exactly.


Even the best full backs get beaten down the line at least once a game, especially against a fresh sub with buckets load of pace, calm down. But I really hope Arsene is at least thinking about putting him in midfield next to Wilshere. He really has proven he has the composure to do it at this level so chuck him in and give Xhaka a break. He’s played a lot this season and obviously he could do with a break from the limelight/constant scrutiny as well.


Maybe I’m being a little dramatic but still.. .ALSO how many other teams score a last minute equaliser and then BEFORE the replay has even finished concede a 1 on 1 chance. You have to be able to laugh being an arsenal fan these days..


Only Arsenal. I told my friends that I expect arsenal to conceed during the replay of the first goal and it happened after we equalise we almost conceed. In fact I’m always afraid that the opposition we score during the replay of our goal regardless of who we are playing. can’t remember the year but I can still remember the match it started I think against Liverpool where Dirk Kurt scored a 100th min penalty


nah bournemouth actually conceded against chelsea in the cup the other week in a similar manner.


Aaron Rambo won the cup final last season with a goal 7.8sec after Chelsea scored.
Referee Anthony Taylor was brilliant in that game. He is better than Mike Dean/ C’mon Winston Reid and the Hammers v Spud*s at Wembley.


Kiwi, eh!? Yeah hammers to bash the spuds!


I remember that game. I think we scored in the 92nd min and then Eboue conceded in the 96th. I’ve never been so pissed and I’ve witnessed Stephanos play.


102 th minute! Sunday 17 April 2011 when we only not come to see Eboue.


We used to always switch off and crumble like that after scoring at highbury, especially in the champions league, even Vieira would crumble. But I guarantee it would be just as hard as a liverpool supporter, spuds supporter and lower team obviously, and with several different managers. We are too precious about our “unique” tragic meltdowns when really we’re all just buying into the way the media pigeon hole us, on the pitch though, that’s just football. Bet the blues fans were screaming typical when bellerin smashed a last min equalizer in. Get over it and acceept the ride that… Read more »


+1 to Mustafi for moaning at Chambers for switching off on Morata’s first 1v1
-1 to Mustafi for switching off on their 2nd…
Need to buy experience in the center of defense


Mustafi loves a good shout, doesn’t he? Recall last year he spent ages screaming at Bellerín, the midfield, the clouds…while Thiago tiptoed behind him to score for Bayern.

occams hatchet

Mustafi has his strengths and his weaknesses. If only he were as good as he thinks he is…


I watched the game on TV but the shouting by Cech at Wilshere for their free kick (the Alonso one) sounded crystal clear!


How much is Mustafi to be blamed for the second one though? I went through replays over and over and he’s covering space in front of Morata, not having any clue that Alonso’s coming.

It’s Bellerin who’s been tracking his whole run towards the box, only to switch off one he actually enters the box.

I’m not saying Mustafi is therefore not responsible, I would actually like someone who understands the game better to explain how should the players deal with such situation.


Agree with Yen.

If you listen to TV punditry…you automatically get dumbed down.

This issue has been inherent in our play for sometime and it isn’t necessarily the defenders ball watching.

More so our midfield has consistently failed to spot and track runners coming into the box.


Id say you would have to pin in on Mustafi.

Bellerin’s path is blocked by Chambers and Morata with the former having the latter fairly well marked. Holding has his man covered so its on Mustafi to be aware of who else is presenting a threat.

But I thought he had played fairly well throughout the game. Of course Better AMN stops the cross but he was otherwise outstanding.

Faisal Narrage

We keep seeing this “tracking then switching off” issue with so many of our players. They will intentionally track a player all the way to the box, do the hard work of tracking them, then let them go as soon as they get into the box.

I now wonder if it’s to do with some kind of zonal system that’s Wenger employs? Maybe they track into another zone then think “it’s x responsibility now” then let them go.

Who to, who to, Who to be

I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with the zonal system, that’s how i have perceived it over recent games. The issues with the zonal marking form corners were crystal clear again last night. i would like to see us man mark a little more often – the spaces and chances Morata had last night was a massive concern, fortunately his finishing was well off last night or it could have been quite a different result….

Crash Fistfight

I think you’ve got your name wrong but I’m not sure – what is it supposed to be?


Virtually every team plays zonally at the back in open play.

A Different George

I don’t think it’s “virtually every team.” I think it is every team.


Iike when Liverpool’s Gomez switched off for Sanchez’s header… All teams make these mistakes.

dr Strange

For me it’s mistakes all over the place. Bellering can’t track Alonso to the cd, there’s to many players and he has his own space to cover. But he needs to shout loud and clear that he’s coming. Chambers also needs to make Mustafi aware of the danger. Holding slows down and allows the space for the pass. He needs to attack that space and make sure it’s as hard as possible to get the ball to Alonso. There is another player coming behind him wich makes him think and hesitate but he shouldn’t have to if it wasn’t for… Read more »


Xhaka knows nothing or very little about protecting his back four. I’m not always sure what his role is. For me he gives the ball away at some of the most in opportune moments as well. I hate to bring up Kante but he knows his role, rarely gets caught out of position and without being a huge physical presence he can control the middle of the pitch. Not a bad passer either. Arsenal still need a Silva or Viera.

A Different George

I’m not sure it’s fair to condemn a player for not being as good as Kante, who many consider to have been the player of the year for two years running, for two entirely different types of teams.

A Different George

I’ve said this before–most goals are caused by a series of errors, none fatal alone. So Maitland-Niles was badly beaten and allowed a great cross to be madeb (as Lee Dixon said, all fullbacks get beaten sometimes); Bellerin stopped tracking his man to remain in a position in the centre, and apparently never shouted to Mustafi; Mustafi was unaware that the fullback was cutting in from the opposite side and was on the wrong side of him. And typically, in a goal of that kind, you can also give some blame to the keeper, who remains in the wrong starting… Read more »


You can imagine every single Arsenal defender doing that.
And not even every single one in the current team. Every single defender to have played for Arsenal in the last 5-6 years probably.
The sheer number of stupid mistakes Arsenal defenders make is proof that they are being coached poorly.


Because its the midfield that is the problem. There is a lack of awareness and a lack of effort in tracking runners coming into our box.

The same issue was inherent at right side of defense with Bellerin constantly double teamed against WBA.

In that instance, his lack of awareness was also an issue.

BUT realistically, we cannot depend on the Cbacks alone.

Mustafi just happen to be at the end point of Alonso’s run but Chambers and the midfield should have spotted and tracked the run bc there was no way Mustafi could see it.


Agree – simple comparison:
Would Viera or Gilberto or even Manu have let the run into the box happen? And would Tony and/or Martin not have been screaming blue bloody bollocks at them the moment the run began?


Xhaka lacks pace, the same issue we had with Arteta. No pace against pacy attackers isnt going to work. He is irrelevant in so many situations because of it, and he arrives late when we are defending a counter attack.


I refuse to believe that over a number of years every single midfielder that plays for Arsenal is by some coincidence deficient in the same way.
You tell your players what their main responsibilities are and you keep drilling it into them. The Arsenal defense and midfield dont get that defensive responsibility drilled into them. It is a coaching problem.


I agree it has to do with the coaching. Simple mistakes, track your runners, don’t let players in behind you. Our defenders always seem to turn off at the worst time.


Unlucky Laca
He is doing everything right except scoring.

Theo the Friendly Ghost

I feel bad for him also, his touch is incredible and he just needs some service.


Sometimes it’s a bit ropey to be fair but we’re using him the wrong way. He’s not giroud ffs and not going to be able to hold off 2 six foot three centrebacks all game. Needs to be slid down the side of cb’s e.g. like his goal vs man city away.


Funnily enough he’s been holding off six foot defenders with his back to goal all over the pitch and id say doing it better than Giroud.


Honestly I can’t remember the last time I saw Lacazette miss the frame- he just keeps getting shut out by good saves and doesn’t get fed the ball enough when he’s in great positions. Get the man the ball!

A Different George

I think he played very well. Sometimes people comment as if there were no opponents out there, and everything–good and bad–depends on us. Chelsea have very good defenders and a great keeper.


My New Year’s resolution is to stop worrying about the table and just enjoy watching Arsenal play.
We are a great attacking side, not great finishers … apart from Jack and now Bellerin apparently! But it’s chaos at the back. Every game a thriller. I am here for the ride

Faisal Narrage

We’ve had some great performances at home against some of the top 6 when they open up for us, but I think this is a bit of a knee-jerk. The truth is overall for the whole season, particularly without Ozil/away games, attacking wise we’ve been between tedious to damn near awful. Some really turgid displays. Coupled with our calamity defensive performances, and I can’t say I’ve particularly enjoyed a lot of games this season. Spurs at home, Everton at home, that purple patch against Liverpool and then the 2nd half of this game are about the best I can think… Read more »


Amen to that. Just here to see my favourites like Mesut enjoy their football and of course GET HYPED for Maitland Niles. Also, once we get Kos and Nacho back then hopefully our defence won’t be so chaotic and we can really go for those cup competitions. Could still be an interesting season yet. Or maybe still a crap one, but we’ll be here for the ride either way!


bonus rating:

people who wanted arsenal to buy morata/10


He is younger than Laca, has scored more than Laca in lesser game time, and his initial price tag is only 8 million pounds more than Laca.
Moreover, with a team like Arsenal that is on average smaller a taller striker like him would have been more suitable. He is faster too.


He had an off game tonight but he is better than Lacazette.

skinny ricky

Jack is back. And it’s wonderful to see. More points dropped, but a performance of guts and passion – and a few sublime moments.


Can only hope the Jack Attack can last the season.

Luke Brown

I agree that AMN cannot be held responsible for the second goal; in those situations, the full back can either win or lose the duel, which is why the back three should always expect a cross to come in.

Fireman Sam

Agree. Those crosses will come in.

Holding wasnt quite in the right position, he should’ve been a pace further towards the goal. Guess he wasn’t aware of the exact position of the man next to him. It was a well taken goal by Chelsea to be fair though.


Exactly – Zappa spent at least 15 secs running down that wing and stop/starting to beat AMN… why the hell weren’t our DM’s and CBs watching that and KNOWING he would be whizzing one in, probably nearpost for the ghost runner into the box?
It’s not like it ain’t std practice!!!
See my point above – would Pat or Gilberto or Manu have just jogged back like Xhaka?

Dan D

That was the best of this current Arsenal team, and worse condensed into 90 mins.

Could have won, could have lost, great attacking play, some shoddy defending, went one up and should be looking to see it out, 2-1 down and dead and buried, 2-2 with great goal, then by the grace of the crossbar we could have lost it.

We are missing something but have the ingredients to beat anyone. Although under the current manager the former will be the truest statement.

I bet we knock them out of the cup though…


Too generous for Mustafi (stupid defender, not Arsenal class), Petr Cech (Yeah I know he made several good saves but 0/14 PK record is pathetic) and Lacazette as well, a striker should be judged purely on his goalscoring and then his other attributes. Even though I really like his overall play, he’s missing the finish so he can’t get more than a 5


I truly do not understand how Xhaka can be viewed favorably given his performances this year. If god forbid, Coquelin or Elneny had distributed the ball as poorly as Xhaka did against Chelsea, they would have been excoriated by folks on this blog. Yet somehow Xhaka can spray the ball all over the place without forethought or intelligent execution and continue to play crappy, plodding defense but thanks to our manager, he is penciled in every frigging game as a starter. I get that he cost 35 million pounds but jeez, he is not good enough to marshal our midfield.… Read more »


Christ, this is getting tiresome now. It’s like you’d written this comment prior to the game and decided to just paste it on here. Besides trying a stupid nutmeg on Fabregas, and the moment at the end where he failed to play Welbeck through, I can’t remember a particular moment in the match where he really stood out in a bad way. In fact I thought he was quietly solid tonight (as he has been the past few games, but we won’t talk about that).


Single moments win/lose games: why was he trudging back and spectating when Alonso ghosted into the box? The entire stadium knew the cross was coming in… lazy and negligent


Xhaka wasn’t awful today but he always seems to get exposed and overrun in the midfield. Should have bought Kante.


Everybody should have bought Kante.

Crash Fistfight

Man City don’t seem to be doing too badly without him.

A Different George

Yeah, that hidden gem who was voted player of the year for Leicester. If only no one else had noticed.


Xhaka had the 2nd most touches of our squad, and we’re talking about a small handful of misplaced passes for a player who is given a role of making some incisive attempts from deeper positions. Coquelin and Elneny, especially on recent examples, would not have held up to his performance by a distance.

Faisal Narrage

Problem is we judge the value of Xhaka on his offensive influence. It’s good he got so many touches and passes, but I also wanna see what his total high-intensity distance he covered, how many interceptions, tackles, blocks, and he many times he was dribbled past by.


The problem is we judge Xhaka on his comparison to Coquelin and Elneny. Probably every midfielder in the top 6 squads is winning that competition.
Xhaka is in the extremely privileged position of having no real competition for his position in the entire squad. Its a bit of a joke how we got into this position.


I guess I just expect a bit more from xhaka, especially when the comparisons are elneny and coquelin. For me he is yet to justify his price tag. Is xhaka really that much of an upgrade from elneny?


AMN was not at complete fault for that goal…Alonso was the one who pinged it out there in the first place…So he ran past many players…No communication…Chambers could see everything but told Mustafi nothing, despite that he should instinctively be checking if any player is about to do what Alonso did. Holding also should have been in line with Niles at the front post. Small mistakes by several players leads to a goal. Happens far too often with us and is a coaching problem. Frustrating. That back 3’s lack of pace was exposed and they were in real trouble any… Read more »


There have been a few young players over the years that I have had high hopes for, but I really, really, really hope that Ainsley Maitland-Niles continues to grow. He was excellent tonight. He has such a deft touch and seems completely unfazed by being in the first team. I can’t wait to see him playing in his proper position.

Lord Bendnter

Carlos Vela

Faisal Narrage

I hope the calls for AMN to be played in midfield as a DM continues to grow.


I hear you and others but when someone as young is already performing brilliantly at insert position, why not just continue to play him there?

No one complained when Cazorla was pushed back deeper into midfield, or when Monreal shifted inwards, or when Alexis/Henry was converted from the wing to striker . I would mention a certain Dutch skunk too but I hate him

Faisal Narrage

Cazorla had almost 20 years of playing as a CAM. Monreal had almost the same in his primary position. In fact they all did. In fact, using your analogy, it would be like keeping Henry as a winger bexause he was decent there rather than play him in his best and natural position as striker (Henry wasn’t “converted” into a striker, he developed as a striker at Monaco….under Wenger. At some point as a pro, he played on the wing, was decent there, and someone decided to keep him there, much like you’re suggesting for AMN). Besides, I could understand… Read more »

A Different George

Lauren, Kolo Toure.


Gotta appreciate the hard work the whole team put in to come away with the draw. Cracking game with plenty to ponder on. With all the issues going on some how a little unbeaten run is growing and maybe with some good luck on the injury front and a few less mistakes the wins will much as I wanted us to win I’m so pleased we didn’t loose it at the end.


I’m more and more convinced with every passing week we’ll be able to replace Sanchez. Goals will come from elsewhere and there’s certainly talent available in his position.

But similarly, the more I watch him play, the more worried I’m getting for life after Ozil.

A Different George

I thought both of them were really fantastic yesterday, and clearly made the other better. Remember, they were playing against one of the best defending clubs in the country.

B Jack

Ozil was excellent although he faded a little bit in the second half. He was everywhere in the first half and really made things tick. I really hope he signs a new contract with us. When he’s playing like this (and he’s been very consistent these last 2 or so months) there are very few that can do what he does. Jacky boy! Puts a big smile on my face not only to see him back in the squad, but to be having such a big impact. And that first goal was a banger! Still class. AMN – wow that… Read more »

Man Manny

I know I’ll certainly be in the minority but I want Arsene to stay to the end of his current contract before leaving. The team is not a fraction as bad as the press and pundits are want to make it look. AMN especially is a breath of fresh air for me. That boy will be a world class midfielder in a few seasons. We need to keep Ozil and Wilshere, replace Sanchez and Walcott, get another striker to compliment Lacazette and sign a mature replacement for Mertesacker and we are good to go. All those are possible in two… Read more »


Just give Özil whatever he wants. Steal Atom & Humber from Alexis if that’s what he desires.

Also, sort out Jack’s situation asap so that we can check off at least one thing on that to-do list.


It really irks me that Mustafi continually has a go at other players, while he himself is guilty of lapses in concentration all the time. How many times did Morata run through on goal straight through the middle?

He needs to show some support for the young CBs around him, instead of just complaining and blaming others for situations you’re partially to responsible for.

He tried to force his way out in the summer to Inter, and the way he is complaining seems to strike parallels to the way Sanchez complains.


I don’t think so, it’s good to have some shouts from the back to keep people on their toes and alert. Every defender makes mistakes, that shouldn’t stop them from making noise on the pitch.

nimble foot

when our defenders go about the job quietly, they say no leadership, no one trying to shout or communicate, when one does he’s not supposed to coz he’s not that good?
Makes me wonder what y’all would say if Wenger started shouting on the touchline like Klopp and Conte… Many are asking for it now, but I wager they’d sooner say “do that on the training ground old man”
Little fuckers


Couple of points: – Between AMN and Wilshere for MotM, both we excellent throughout – Ozil was amazing first half but faded badly in the second, Sanchez was decent – He may be a cunt but Hazard is some player – Lacazette isn’t getting the service his great movement deserves. Feels like we use him as a decoy rather than as a proper focal point for our attack. Ozil and Sanchez in particular are guilty of trying to be too clever when the obvious pass would be best. – Whether we play 3 or 4 at the back doesn’t seem… Read more »


Wilshere and Ozil in the middle of the park have been quite majestic for me in the last few games.
Jack is well and truely back. Both of our goals were truly wonderful.


Another one who could be back is Ramsey. What the hell do we do now? Please don’t tell me it’s Jack being deployed on the right wing…


In the current 5-2-3 I would love to see Wilshere-Ramsey in the middle, at least against the weaker teams.
The new Jack seems much more willing to play deeper so it could work.

Olivije Zirou

The new Jack? Wilshere always played deeper. I really don’t know where came the idea that he is NO.10.


Arsene Wenger.


Yeah. That would be a good headache to have. Would like to see us deploy a three man midfield with Wilshere, Ramsey and Xhaka.. with Ozil as number 10. (The same exact formation we started with.. if I remember right against Man City this season.).
Have got to wait and watch.


At this point jack should play before Ramsey. He doesn’t get caught up the pitch and he has the ability to drive at players and push them back. At the same time he is able to find space and spread the ball around. Jack doesn’t shy from the scrappy stuff either.


This game made a few things very clear: 1. Mesut Ozil is absolutely crucial for this team to function. 2 (related to 1). Considering how much we rely on the Ozil-Sanchez combination to make absolutely anything, we are fucked in the summer if they both leave. 3. The fact that we can play like this (at least offensively) against Chelsea after a few pathetic performances against minnows shows that our real problems are twofold: One is a lack of quality in depth. Take away any of the front 3 and the team is remarkably weaker. Except for Ramsey there are… Read more »


Sorry, meant to say:
*The defensive issue is ABSOLUTELY a coaching issue


Positives tonight – Jack & AMN stepping up, Ozil 1st half, more big game experience for Chambers & Holding, kept going and got rewarded after Chekski sucker punch for 2nd goal.

Negatives tonight – Chambers struggled badly pretty much all game, comical defending overall, can’t hold a lead once again, surrendering a breakaway or 1 on 1 immediately after scoring 2nd goal.

Thanks for the heart attack Arsenal!


Maybe there’s a chance we can sign AS7 to finish his career at Arsenal?




AMN is the Man. MOTM. He had a very solid display. Jack looked good to marshalling our midfield. We were more than competitive against Chelsea. Ozil and Alexis were OK in patches. Lacazette I felt should have been more effective. He had a coupple of decent chances but on the whole, he doesn’t hold the ball up well enough for us. There was a reason Giroud started ahead of him for France. The back 3 had a lot of issues. Understandably not surprising as BOTH Holding and Chambers are young. I think for Alonso’s goal some of the TV twats… Read more »


Right before Xhaka gave away the free kick at the edge of the area did anyone else notice that Lacazette was fouled in precisely the same manner not 3 seconds before? We can argue about the rules all day long but it’s the inconsistencies that infuriate fans and players.


Also, taking Lacazette off again was a poor decision. Again. He looked extremely dangerous and it’s killed our momentum and we shipped another goal. Danny did nothing when he came on except miss a few headers. It’s not the first or second time he’s taken Lacazette off prematurelyonly for us to end up chasing a game with our number 9 on the bench. You can argue he didn’t not score but he tore them open on a few occasions and pulls defenders like Welbeck simply cannot. I am sick of him being taken off and it looks like so is… Read more »


He was bullied off the ball constantly. He had good opportunities but still didn’t score. He’s suppose to be a goal scorer. I like Laca but bringing on Welbeck was the right choice. He gave them a physical presence in the box. Drew defenders with him when the crosses came in through the air compared to Laca because of his size opening it up for others to make runs.

Yogi DS

AMN should play in the middle instead of Xhaka!


Will be interesting to see what Wenger’s decides to do with Wilshere, Ramsey and Xhaka once Ramsey returns. Jack certainly deserves to keep playing with how he’s played. I don’t think Wenger would ever consider a Ramsey – Wilshere partnership as neither is a stay home DM, but I’d like to see him give it a try and see if they can be more disciplined.


Just commit to a back 4 and move Ramsey to Winger. I know its not perfect for him but I would rather have Jack with his dribbling abilities and passing then Ramseys runs and energy.


Enjoyable game. Roll on next Wednesday. Let’s do ’em over like we should have yesterday.


A fully fit Jack Wilshere is a joy to behold. Sign da ting Jack! Also the club should do everything in their power to make Özil stay – even if it means selling Stan Kroenk to finance the deal! Ainsley Maitland Niles looks the real deal! Confident, strong, fast and technically very adept. I’d drop Xhaka and pair AM-N with Jack.

Also: Will Pétr Cech ever save a spotkick in this life?


Its not even if he hasn’t saved one but just hasn’t gotten close that I could remember. At least guess the right side. It seems like he is always going the other way

A Different George

I would be willing to sell Stan even without getting Ozil in return. I would be willing to sell Stan to get Sanogo back.


The Cesc hug and Alexis’ laughing reaction was brilliant. Fair play to the two of them for that.

Crash Fistfight

Yep. If that’s what the bonus rating refers to I’m confused, as it looked like Cesc saw Alexis was going to get himself a yellow card and gave him a hug to calm him down.


Should have sold Chambers to Leicester when they wanted him last summer.
Plainly not good enough.

Bai Blagoi

Chambers’ game was awful. I don’t remember weaker performance from a defender this season and I thought Wenger was going to replace him at half-time. 5* is too generous.
AMN: his number is not 55 anymore, he’s a first team player now
Theoo Walcot: Not on long enough to rate, but long enough for an offside


Is it just me or do we just look so much more balanced without Iwobi running about flapping his arms and doing almost nothing?
The relative lack of freedom that Hazard had (apart from a few moments of genius) is a mark of how much more effectively we shut down the flanks (and forward midfield areas) without Iwobi as a defensive ‘passenger’. Imagine how Hazard would have run riot last night with Alex in there?


Hand it to Fabregas: I think he hugged Alexis to save him (Alexis) from getting a yellow.
Maitland-Niles. Maaaan what a player he could become.

Danny B

Best game I have seen this season! The defence was lacking at times but that is our clubs future. AMN continues to get better and the future looks good at AFC. WE HAVE 2/3 years of this. Spuds had 20 so we must get through it. Must sign Ozil for another 4 years IMO.


I may be the minority here, but I think comments regarding our defense and Chambers specially are quite unfair. The way we set up our defense will make no defender ever look good. We played high risk high reward game yesterday. Even the absolute best defenders in the world would look bad if they have to keep running for over or through balls all game from halfway line contesting fast and strong strikers. We play really high line but we don’t have right pieces for it. Yesterday we had the slowest possible midfield from defensive point of view and goalkeeper… Read more »

Tasmanian Jesus

AMN is crazy good!
Not long ago i wanted to see Reiss Nelson play over him, but not anymore.
Lee Dixon was on comments on the channel i saw it, first time in forever it wasnt all about badmouthing Arsenal in the commentary. Felt fresh.

Mr Fandango

I’m excited about AMN but I think people are being are being too hard on Xhaka that they want him to displace him from the side. I think when we play well he is a big part of that and he’d probably benefit as much as anyone else from playing alongside someone like AMN with his athleticism, recovery pace, and ability off the ball.


Another match another crap decision by the ref. I guess we’re so good the refs give free goals to the other teams.

City got 2 free goala, chelsea one and west brom one.

The refs are as bad as the NBA used to be in the USA. At least now the NBA admits mistakes made by the refs.

So bored of mike dean and anthony taylor.

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