Friday, January 27, 2023

Bellerin’s reaction to the penalty and his cracking late equaliser

Hector Bellerin and Eden Hazard spoke to Sky Sports after the 2-2 draw with Chelsea at the Emirates tonight.

Read the report and see the goals here.

We’ll bring you what the Arsenal man said because we don’t give a fish’s tit what Hazard says.

What was it like to play in such a magnificent game?

It was non-stop football, running up and down. We know when we play them it’s a hard game, lots of entertainment. We worked hard all week and it’s a bit disappointing, we should have held the score at the beginning, but it was a great reaction towards the end.

On the penalty …

Well, he’s always very quick in the box, I saw the ball in the air, I tried to challenge for it, we both got the ball at the same time and the referee thought it was a penalty so I’ll have to see the replay because it was really quick in the game.

How did it feel to score?

It was overdue for me, I haven’t scored all year, so you know it was great to do it for a comeback in a very tough game. So, I’m happy with the goal and happy with the reaction towards the end from the whole team.

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Like him a lot. Quick, young, v skilful. Hope he stays and grows with us for many years.

And a great finish.


Harsh penalty call. Overall, I think that’s the best game he’s had all season. Hopefully this form continues.


And Hector,what about the whole team switching off at the death…. again?


They switched off a few times, thankfully Morata is one of the worst buys of season. And the crossbar saved the team, but that was just and fair.. the 2 posts and a finger saved Cheslea in first half.


Referees in The top flight of English football are a joke! That said, I hope bellerin has actually turned a corner with this performance. Great redemption game from him with his comeback goal the icing on the cake!


He hasn’t scored all year? It’s only been three days.


It was a pen


Yeah right! Bellerin goes for the ball and Hazard goes to the ground and holds his shin like a sissy. But boy it wasn’t a penalty.


Not for me it wasn’t !!


Good for Hector to get a goal – and an important equalizer against the reigning champions at that! Many fans (the online brigade at least) have really been on his back for a few weeks now. Tonight (maybe) he won’t have to read loads of nasty comments about his hairstyle.

Devil\'s Advocate

Scoring a goal doesn’t stop his haircut being terrible to be fair?


I don’t get the hate for his hairstyle? So what, the kid has longer hair? That’s his business. It’s subjective anyway.

Devil\\\'s Advocate

you really think saying the man’s haircut is terrible is ‘hate’ ? Come on man……what you & XhakaLaca seem to miss is that nobody really cares about his haircut. People just think it looks ridiculous but so what, are people not allowed to laugh at things they deem ridiculous any more ? Lighten up a bit.


I find it boring to be honest. Look at Hector’s social media and you will see what I mean. It’s mostly over the top comments about his hair. I meant “hate” in the modern sense of the word ie. throwing shade, making fun of etc. His hair has nothing to do with his football ability. What’s ridiculous, as a matter of fact, is people who feel the need to laugh or poke fun at other people. It’s not a leftist oh everything needs to be pc stance, it’s just a humane and socially normal thing. If you have nothing nice… Read more »


Don’t care about the hair anymore, but that mustache has got to go.


Couldn’t put it on Hazard’s face.. could he? That it wasn’t a penalty?
That little wanker was right next to him during that interview. Should have been like piss off you little twat.
And fuck Shearer (Mr. Schmuck face) and Lampard. If Wilshere dived..then so did Hazard.

Devil\'s Advocate

I’m probably going to get slaughtered for this but what the hell…the Hazard pen was a shocker but the problem with our inherent bias as fans is we only concentrate on the ref decisions that go against us. Take tonight : Lacazette won a free on edge of their box early on with a blatant dive, Jack could have got a 2nd yellow (before he scored) for another blatant dive, Cesc got booked for a perfectly good tackle on Jack, Holding slipped & got a free late on for a non existent foul when Chelsea should have had multiple players… Read more »


None of those decisions was impactful as giving away pen.. and the wilshere ‘dive’ was as bad as hazards so if your saying wilshere should of got a yellow then so should hazard .. atleast be consistent within your own argument ffs

Devil\'s Advocate

‘Truthteller’….I said the hazard pen was a shocker. Of course he dived & deserved a yellow. My post has obviously annoyed you but at least argue with points I did make…which to be fair your first sentence did….atleast be consistent within your own argument ffs eh??)




But we have got every right to resent the fact that we have lost some very valuable points in two consecutive games due to two very wrong penalty calls by the ref. So what are you talking about?

Stop trying to be all too nice. Nice guys finish last for a fact.


dont forget the stoke ‘offside’ and a myriad of other shitty HIGH impact decisions… just poor refs, poor poor refereeing


Its worth a bit of context though… none of Arsenals ‘dives’ resulted in a penalty or clear goal scoring opportunity. And thats the difference. Whether its right or wrong, what happens inside the box has a far bigger impact then incidents outside the box.


Wtf man?


That’s our divine right as supporters.

Arsenal are likely the only club in the premier league whose fan base has so many who are more willing to criticize and point out the faults of their own than those of the opposition or referees.

Ref makes a dodgy call: ‘well you know our man’s not quality and our manager is blah blah blah’.


Pleased for him, it’s been a bit of a mixed season so far, but he’s still a top footballer, with maybe a future in the diplomatic service…


I tend to think the rules of the game allow for those kinds of things to be called penalties. My opinon is that its too much of a punishment for that kind of infringement. I have played hockey for 33 years and I think they have it right regards to penalties, it has to be a delibrate infringement or denying accidently a clear goal scoring opportunity. To award a spot kick for that, in the area of the box it happened, and for what happened, is complete bollocks. BUT I would be happy to have it awarded down the other… Read more »

Devil\'s Advocate

If you watch the replays AMN’s trailing leg tripped himself up. I thought at first glance it was the Chelsea player but it definitely wasn’t.

Andy Mack

Sorry, but the chavski player knocked AMNs trailing leg which caused AMN to trip over his own leg (In rugby it would be called an ankle tap tackle). There was definately contact from the chavski player, but was it really a penalty… According to the rules of the game, Yes.


Its a 50-50 challenge and the ball was going away from goal. It wasn’t entirely a goal scoring opportunity. I think the FA/Ref needs to consider several things before awarding a penalty. 1) Did it happen inside the box. Check yes. 2) Was it a deliberate foul. Check no. 3) was it impeding a direct goal scoring opportunity. Check no. Some of the foul calls were also dubious. One involving Fabregas who got to the ball first with a one foot slide which I felt was legit. but Taylor called a foul and awarded Fab a yellow which is ridiculous.… Read more »


Yup, Moses’ knee/shin clipped his heel. Didn’t look very intentional, but then neither was Bellerin’s.


Very fair assessment.
The contact by Bellerin (and I had to watch the replay like 3 times to see any and how slight it was) was quite minimal. Hazard dove, clear as vodka he dove.

But, if we’re being fair, if that minor, almost non-existent, incidental contact by a defender clearly going for the ball was a pen on Bellerin then the same when Moses clipped AMN. It has to be both, not one or the other depending on what kinda mood the fuckhead referee is in.


Response to my own post:

But, if Arsenal could defend – I mean, like at all – then a different result. What the f#$& do they do in training? What is the purpose of Steve Bould??? Jaysus, its like we get worse every year in that department.

Well, at least Arsenal is scouting a 20 year old Greek center back – that won’t join the squad until the summer. What. On. EARTH???


Not to deflect the blame, but that was the first time that back three played together, and sometimes you have to ride your luck while they become accustomed to each other. Had we ground out a 1-0 win, you’d be saying they did okay considering who they were against and the fact that we have a CDM at left wing back.


True, but there’s a difference between a 1 0 win and a 2 2 draw. “If my aunt had balls” etc.


Good lad


Not to make excuses for us going behind, but big decisions change games. You felt our goal gave us the freedom we like to really turn it on and go for it, then for it to be taken away like it was is hard to swallow. I can’t blame the players/fans having anxiety when it becomes 1-1, the way decisions are going lately I kinda foresaw a red card just for the sake of it because why not?

Performances from some were good, but another draw…


What is wrong with refs? How’s that a penalty and Ainsley didn’t even get a look at his trip in the box. That little twat (Hazard) has made a career of it, diving whenever he plays against us. Disappointed with Hector when asked about the penalty. Hector said he hasn’t seen it and needs to see it on telly, whilst Hazard interrupted Hector, by saying it was definitely penalty!!! I am all for being classy and all that, but Hector should have told Hazard there and then that he’s in the wrong sport. He should be a professional diver!!! And… Read more »


How beautiful would it have been to hear Hector ‘Ay, you dropt like ya bin sniped troo da caff, mate! Wha for?


Anybody with two eyes could see that it wasn’t a penalty. But the real problem is that we are rubbish defensively. Klopp at Liverpool gets a load of stick for his team’s defensive weaknesses but here’s a fact: WE HAVE CONCEDED MORE GOALS THAN ANY OTHER TOP-SIX SIDE! We are worse than Liverpool!

Until we can bring in a manager who can sort out the back four and also make us defend as a team we will win continue to struggle in the Premier League.


Actually we need leaders on the field.
Since TA4 and PV4 departed Arsenal, we didn’t have one real leader on field at all


It will only let me down vote this once!!!


You know what? Arsenal not winning the league this year or probably next year but when they play like they love arsenal I mean love arsenal like I do well that’s alright with me!
I could still see us winning a trophy! What trophy I don’t know but winning any trophy will be ok with me!!
Arsenal til I die !!!


The team did well for sure offensively. Same against Manutd. Same against Liverpool. The team has come to play in those games and looked awesome with ball, just terrible without it. End result, is 2 points from 9 against those 3 at home. And some of the goals the opposition has scored has been laughable.

Goonerest Gooner

“I haven’t scored all year”…… Don’t be so hard on yourself Hector, it’s only the 3rd of January


I’m glad you are happy bellerin…cause I’m not


Just by the way, who’s most to be blamed for the second goal? Holding is marking Bakayoko, Mustafi is covering Morata. Chambers doesn’t even have to mark anyone as there aren’t even that many Chelsea players making runs in the box.

Then there’s Bellerin marking Alonso, but switches off at the very last second. Mustafi probably has no idea that he’s coming as last time he checked over his shoulder he seemed to be checking where Morata is at.

Any help? Here’s the situation:


BOTH our goals were well deserved.

Jack’s finish was excellent and kudos to Hector for attempting to rectify damage done by the dubious call against him.

We are good going forward clearly but we are brittle defending.

Our concentration is at times a joke.

Does Steve Bould add anything to Wenger’s set up?


Soft penalty. I’d have been embarrassed given my own footballing tastes if we’d have got a penalty for what Hazard did. But this is the modern game and Bellerin will have to learn to be more cautious.

Its a great way to respond though, with the goal.

Let’s not talk about turning points or turning corners. We’ll be a pot of piss at times before the end of the season. Just hope we have more performances like that against Liverpool. Hopefully we can do over Chelsea in the Carabao.


* Just hope we have more performances like that than that against Liverpool *


Well done Hector, not sure how you kept your nerve during that interview next to that robbing c**t?!?


That interview was bizarre (putative fouler and diver together? never seen it), but it showed who has class and who’s a dirty Belgian.

Teryima Adi

The goal is an ICBM.


What are you guys on? really? It wasnt a penalty???? It was as slam dunk as you can get. Bellerin caught him. And yes Jack got lucky as had the ref seen he would have got the red card. Take off the red-tinted glasses. If those decisions went in our favour you wouldnt for a second argue with them. But we played really well going forward last night. And Jack is back!!!

Adenuga Ademolu

Bellerin has got to up his game. A goal is not enough to hand him thumbs up for the entire season. He’s getting complacent because competition for the jersey has reduced.

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