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Arsenal to sell Alexis if price is right, will target Malcom

Arsenal are ready to sell Alexis Sanchez this month if they receive a satisfactory bid from Man City, and have identified Bordeaux forward Malcom as their first choice replacement.

City have already bid £20m but the Gunners are holding out for more, and the two clubs are in talks without having yet agreed a fee.

The other issue is replacing him and his goals, and the 20 year old Brazilian appears to be the man they want. So far this season he’s scored 7 times and provided 5 assists in 21 appearances for the Ligue 1 side.

The news comes via the BBC’s David Ornstein who Tweeted the information this evening.

Interestingly, there’s no mention whatsoever of a Man United bid, reported earlier by the Guardian, probably because the likelihood of Sanchez going there is so slim as to be not worth bothering with.

With Francis Coquelin having moved to Valencia, and Theo Walcott another potential departure, it looks as if this is going be a busy month in terms of transfers.

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Transfer surplus incoming lol

Dial square

I’m a bit underwhelmed, maybe because his name is Malcom, if he was Zico I’d probably be dancing in the streets

Big Cheese

Malcom looks more then serviceable. He turned down Shit so that makes him good in my book.


Does anyone actually know much about this fella Malcom? Is he all rough potential or could he contribute a lot immediately. And is he very similar in style to Alexis or more like someone else?

For Gods Sake

According to Lee Evans he does the trolleys at a supermarket.

Mein Bergkampf

So are we exclusively buying lefties now? Hell of a shot on him, he could well be the new Xhaka…


He is a god in football manager. If that helps


They probably based their decision on that. New secret weapon.


At aw’s development rate he’ll start well, regress then say he Will say he can’t play in the position he’s spent his career playing


He has rough potential with the ability to contribute immediately; with a similar style to Alexis, although left footed like someone else.

For Gods Sake

Guessing there are 2 people that have never seen Lee Evans stand up DVD’s where he refers to Malcom


With all due respect Lee evans has a mouth like runny shite and material to match.

Big Cheese

He shoots with his right foot.

Mein Bergkampf

That’s true. That doesn’t make him not left footed though buddy, even if RVP could never master the art.

Big Cheese

He’s young but is talented. He’s quick on his feet, can cross well and would be a more like for like replacement then say, Lemar would be for Alexis. There’s a twelve minute highlight reel floating around and he looks pretty good to me.

Mein Bergkampf

You still taking about Lee Evans?


Yeah I’ve seen the highlight reel but that only gets one so far.


Lee Evans’ highlight reel?


All I know is that he is in the middle

Dial square

Mind you, to be fair Zico’s probably lost a yard or two of pace now…

Mein Bergkampf

With the Ancelotti news and now this, I’m starting to feel a little better about life! Out with the old, in with the new…

Merlin\'s Panini

Not really enthused by Ancelotti. He would do very well with a really great squad but this is not what he’ll be coming in to. We could do a lot worse but I can’t see us doing much more when he is competing with the other superstar managers around him. I would prefer Conte if he were to leave Chelsea at the end of the season or otherwise a manager that plays great football to watch. Ancelotti would be ok, I wouldn’t be up in arms, but I can’t see that he would take us much further.

Mein Bergkampf

Anyone who’s lukewarm about Carlo needs to rewatch both legs of the 10-2. Defensively solid, devastating going forward.


That basically describes Bayern since forever.

I think the skepticism is that his pattern is to step in to an already great team and keep it steady as she goes. Not an empire builder.

Granted, depending on where everything is when the change happens he might be more appropriate, but a lot of people are really eager for this change and in true Arsenal fashion will expect the moon and the stars.

Mein Bergkampf

I think you’ll find AC were in turmoil when he took over in late 2001, hadn’t won a single trophy for 3 seasons and were languishing low down Serie A. Since then he’s managed the greats of Europe (and Chelsea) but you can hardly blame him for that, if anything it shows what a respected coach he is. With that logic Pep can have no credit bestowed upon himself for his “inherited” triumphs.


When he went to Madrid they hadn’t won the Champions League for 12 years before Ancelotti won them the Decima in 2014.

Bould\'s Eyeliner

I think Pep is extremely good at devising a system that assumes his players are superior to those of the other team. So I do believe he plays a large role in maintaining consistency, but not much else. He’s like a the cherry on a great milkshake. The ingredients are there, but the garnish brings it together. That being said, it really depends on your view of our current roster whether such a manager is worthwhile to bring to our club. Interesting debate that reveals more about our perception of our own team, than really any possibility of the managerial… Read more »


We had a good manager in 2001 too.

Mein Bergkampf

And for the record I don’t expect or demand the moon and the stars. But is it too much to ask for a little solid ground beneath our feet?


He “steps in” to great teams because he paid his dues. Played the game to a high level, won European Cups with the great Milan side of the 80s, repped Italy in World Cups, started coaching with smaller teams like Reggiana and Parma and earned his chance to manage the bigger sides. Everyone had given up on Pirlo before he repositioned him as a deep-lying midfielder and revitalised his career. He’s won titles in each of the five major leagues. And people think he might be okay as an “interim” appointment until someone younger and better comes along. There will… Read more »


I respect what he has done in his career but, there is always a but lol, He just seems like a likable version of Mou? Why hasn’t he been able to stay at a place longer after leaving Milan?


The problem is that if you look at the entirety of our second string, it’s looking pretty shocking as it is. Can we shift that much deadwood and recoup the money to replace it with better quality? I don’t know.

For example, as much as I don’t like him, £20 mil for Walcott – who do you buy that is an upgrade for that price?

Worrying times when i’d rather keep Walcott.


Hard to tell what players potential is while the club is in limbo. Everyone knows that Arsene is leaving, but not exactly when and there is no incentive to play for their futures. I think 12 years is enough to see Walcott is a good goalscorer, but generally unreliable over time.

Big Cheese

Malcom said the reason he wants to join Arsenal is because of Wenger.

A Different George

No matter how Arsenal supporters feel, this is in fact a very common sentiment among players in Europe.


So true. The fact that we were even under consideration for Mbappe as things are at the club right now speaks volumes about this.

But the inevitable must do as it does. It’s now up to Ivan and the ownership to provide a replacement for that kind of charismatic draw. *shivers*


It was a common sentiment about a decade ago. What the facts and our recent transfer record tell us is, regardless of how we feel, that’s no longer the case.

Bould\'s Eyeliner

False. The market has expanded significantly, as have the possible destinations a player can go. To say that it’s the fault of Wenger that we don’t dominate the current transfer scene shows a severe lack of objectivity in viewing the market. Arsenal made a few key signings from overseas, when no one else had even considered that market–this is not even remotely the case anymore, and it’s silly to think that one club of average resources is going to continue to demand the attention of all the players in Europe. Get real–no manager in the world is so dominating a… Read more »


Then we have to question his decision making…. ?

Easy tiger

Me too. I think this is first Kroenke step towards a 12 th place finish, as that gathers more or less the same amount og money.

Faisal Narrage

Not every player in the squad will be bought.
Theo has no started a single PL game and hasn’t been good in the cup games. Those extra minutes could be allocated to Nelson as a squaddie, just as Niles gets Coq’s spot (eww).

I’d rather sell Theo for £20m, at that 20 to £40m, then get a Sanchez replacement plus make space for Nelson.

We buy starting 11s, and we give squad spots to talented youths.


Maybe just bring in Malcom and keep Sanchez until the end of the season? Not going to happen I know but our best chance of qualifying for CL is with Sanchez and the money that CL would bring in would offset the fee for Sanchez if it turns out to be only 20mil


I tend to agree. Is 20m really worth it? Arsenals chances of making CL next season are severely improved with Alexis in the squad. The money from making CL would more then make up for the 20m now or the 0m when he leaves on a free. Of course, failure to win Europa then screws the club bad and they lose out 20m but I am sure thats chicken feed for the club really. Keep Alexis til end of the season, let him walk away on a free. 20m isnt that big a deal these days. Let him try and… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

Sanchez had his best season last year and yet we still finished 5th.

Something tells me Wenger and the board had an agreement. Depending on where the club was and the likelihood of top 4 by Jan would decide if we sell or keep.

I’m guessing we haven’t hit the target expecting, so are now preparing for the future (and life after Wenger)


Imagine where we would of finished if he didnt have his best season. Scary to think about.


Yes 5th but won the Fa cup.. Beating nearly every team above on the way. The Europa is more than in reach this season. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Keep him.

Bould\'s Eyeliner

It’s also as much out of reach as it is–knockout competitions are no joke, and any sort of thing may happen. The Europa league has unimpressed so far, but that’s to be expected from group stages. Let’s save our judgment for when the knockout rounds begin.

Bould\'s Eyeliner

It’s a huge possibility that Sanchez’s best year would coincide with our worst–his individuality did bail us out of a lot of situations, but it also lent itself to an uninspired team ready to relegate responsibility to one man, especially as he constantly demanded it. I think he disbalances our forward play too much, and Wenger is choosing to make room for him, so that Ozil will re-sign and continue in an Arsenal shirt.


Forget CL next season. Not a chance with AW in charge.


Yeah, when has AW ever qualified for the CL!


Only have to mention the word “history” to blow your argument over


Aus, I get your position, but the gamble of both Alexis and Ozil leaving on frees, Unsurety with Kos’ fitness, Mertesacker already needing replacement, and needing a few other positions already (RWB and LWB backup, RW) with us still out of the top 4 is far too much of a shambles to risk.

And then there’s the real possibility if we shut this down, so does he. He’s already given us some fairly tepid performances until the run up to the January window. I honestly don’t trust that situation.


Just buy Malcom

Merlin\'s Panini

Never heard of him. Would have thought he plays in the middle though…

A Different George

I was anxiously waiting for someone to say this. Was afraid I might have to do it myself.


Whoosh! Whaash!


Sell Sanchez, it is stupid not too. Just make sure there are some actual goal scorers coming in. Sell Walcott, sell Welbeck, play Giroud -at least he scores goals. If bought both Malcolm and Lamar or Mahrez I would be well pleased. I know, it’s pure fantasy.


The sale of Alexis, although I want him to stay, looks like it’s inevitable now given the mood music. I don’t know a thing about Malcom – I hope someone at the club does.

Big Cheese

Sven Mislintat wanted Dortmund to sign him last season because of his potential. He’s a talented player.


If that’s true then it makes me feel better.


What Arsenal has to do now is build this team around Ozil, his staying is now crucial. Secure that midfield base and rear guard and let Ozil flourish. With a striker like Lacazette, we just might be ok and we can take our time to add other talents. I’m not sure about Malcom but if that’s who we get then I shall get behind him.

Faisal Narrage

We can’t actually force Ozil to stay neither. And he’s even less likely to stay if he sees Sanchez off to City to win the league.

Bould\'s Eyeliner

Actually I think he’s more likely to stay, now that he can have all of the pitch to himself, without the random movements of Sanchez disagreeing with him. It’s been clear that their partnership, while professionally viable, has failed to build any sort of 1+1=3 chemistry. I think Wenger envisioned a Bergkamp-Henry sort of forward axis, and it hasn’t come to pass. Lacazette and his style of play seems to fit Ozil better–if they can choose to not pass to Alexis, it may settle our forward inconsistency as well.

Thierry Bergkamp

Mesut can only do so much when surrounded by shit. With quality around him, he is the fucking man. Either have a complete clearout and bring in top top quality, or else it makes no sense in him staying.

occams hatchet

We’ll need goals…


I presume Malcom plays in the middle?


yes! No… Maybe?








I don’t know

Don Cazorleone

I don’t know..

Can you repeat the question?


You’re not the boss of me.


He is a ring winger. A left footed zaha with a serious shot in him.

Bould\'s Eyeliner

“Should I get sapphire, or a diamond! Fuckit, she’ll like whatever, let’s wing it!”

Lord Bendnter

Oh how I’d love to get Willian from Chelsea


its just one stupid cock up after another with arsenal, either you want to sell him or you dont


Ohhhh! You’re HARD!


Is Francis Jeffers doing anything these days??

SB Still

He seems to be ideal upgrade on Walcott! As an Sanchez replacement it puts too much pressure on him. For £20-30M, why sell Sanchez. Sell Walcott and get Malcom. We have credible replacement on the right wing to come off the bench, score some, make some, push us up the table, along with Sanchez, Ozil, Lacazett. End of the season Sanchez goes free, we get Champions league (either finishing within the top 4 or maybe winning Europa league), which is £60M, consider that the price we got for keeping Sanchez and Ozil. If we are talking a more ready made… Read more »

Don Cazorleone

Yeah, we’re not getting in the Champions league anytime soon, with or without Sanchez.
We’re in a steady decline.


There’s no real basis for that argument

The Boardmen

But they want to make money! 20+20=40


the problem to that is…
1. someone should want walnut…
2. and should want to pay for him too..

SB Still

Everton and Southampton are interested according to the papers and they’ll pay £20M at least, which is not different from the amount that is mentioned for Sanchez. Also, in terms of salary it’s not very different what we pay for both.


Malcolm operates on the left and right wing but seeing how we play leftbacks at centerback and Dm’s as leftback I wouldnt be at all surprised if we play Malcom in the middle.

Brendan Rodgers\' Self Portrait

Wait, you mean it’s spelled Malcom? I’ve been searching Malcolm on twitter for days!




Remembered the other top striker bought from Bordeaux? Is he still playing?


I know people are divided but for me I would sell him. As much as we want CL football and to win something this year I don’t want him here anymore because he wants out. It’s a question of pride. If he isn’t on board and with the cause then just go. Without trying to sound bitter, I’d rather win fuck all and finish 17th supporting players who are invested in us than have people who aren’t interested. As much as he is a fantastic player, it’s clear that it has got to the point that he is upsetting morale… Read more »

Arteta\'s Bush

Get Fekir.


What I read from the above article, and this is nothing against it (but we all know how arsenal operate in the transfer market)… “sanchez to be sold and then January will end with no replacement signed because arsenal again not proactive in the transfer market.” If the player is wanted, make a bid now and get him, then concentrate on moving players out of the club. Otherwise, it looks like the club are interested in making a quick buck, not improving the side. I know how kroenke runs stuff, we all do, but he’s all about the bottom line,… Read more »


Not sure about this

Bould\'s Eyeliner

The madness of the transfer season, and the accompanying ‘fanfare’, is entirely predicated on the fact that business is best done quietly. The subtlety of sir walrus of Everton to gallivant information like a blunt weapon is a masquerade of the lowest degree. Unfortunately, to an even more frustrating degree, Arsene Wenger has begun to celebrate opposite day with alarming frequency, and I believe that there is a lot of complexity to how Wenger’s day-to-day operations are being adjusted at the moment, causing some weird, guided words buzzing as a public protest here and there. Something about Wenger has become… Read more »


I would like to see Malcom in the Middle of an attacking trio of Lacazette and Welbeck


Nah. wrong approach. Like Pavon potentially great for a much lower price. But we are losing a top asset. Which leaves just Ozil. I would think it wise to add a talent that is already made. Mahrez, Draxler that sort. Yes more expensive but shirt sales. Aside from footballing ability and (in Draxler’s case) an eye on future CF requirements, they sell shirts. I think we are still behind in this important key aspect which carries weight these days. Our revenue from commercial sales is still behind our rivals. With Alexis and potentially Ozil leaving, do we think malcom or… Read more »

David Hillier\'s luggage

The problem with the shirt sales argument is we don’t really make money from shirt sales, Puma do. The club only makes money form shirts in respect to their retail operations (incidentally run with Puma), i.e. the club shops and online store, which are run like any other high street retailer (although run worse) where they buy stock and sell at a margin. The club doesn’t see a penny of any shirts sold outside of North London. For players to make the club money from a commercial stand point, we need to have a team developing better commercial deals at… Read more »


25-30m, take it.

He isn’t getting younger at 29yrs, he has also been careless with the ball at times for us never mind better attributes.

We can replace him.

But I’d prefer a player already ready to go. No young potential who may carry risk on adapting to PL.


Anyone think we’re writing off this season, clearing the decks and filling coffers for summer and new manager?


We shouldn’t write off this season. If we don’t win Europa league to qualify for CL, it’s going to be a downward spiral.
We need to keep Sanchez, and win Europa. Otherwise how are we going to attract world class talent in the summer?


Malcom? Not happy if this happens. We need s seasoned forward


Doesn’t make sense, we have 35m from Ox and 12m from Coq. So thats 57m. Why aren’t we buying him straight off the bat. Wouldn’t affect any potential sale of Sanchez or Walcott.

We got a new head scout but we still taking an age to get incoming transfers done.


Looking at videos he seems to have moments of quality and demonstrates comfort in going left or right (unlike Sanchez), can cross or pass with either foot, has a good shot and has a good acceleration whilst being balanced (unlike walcott). And most importantly he has good combinations with those around him.

And for the fans, it looks like he is willing to take responsibility to make something happen in attack.

Looks good to me.


YouTube compilations! The bests way to judge a player’s abilities.

Dark Hei

How else would you judge? Go see the boy live?


I don’t care how much talent this lad might have, if we bring him in for Sanchez we will do well to finish 7th this season


Would sell Utd in swap deal for henrik miykitarrian

And but Malcolm


and buy Malcom

Tasmanian Jesus

Busy month for transfers out at least…


The last Malcolm we bought was a bit good. I saw him hit a screamer into the top corner at the lane on boxing day 1976. He was right on the touchline. I was about 6 feet away from him. Hopefully this Malcolm will be as good.


please arsene dont sell him

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