Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Dortmund confirm official Arsenal bid for Aubameyang

Borussia Dortmund have confirmed that Arsenal have made an official bid for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

The Gunners have been strongly linked with the Gabon forward throughout the week but until now no offer had been made.

That’s changed today, with Arsenal lodging a €50m bid for the striker, with the German side believed to be holding out for something closer to €60m.

It now remains to be seen if the Gunners can go higher and make this happen.

Youthful attacking options on the bench today against Crystal Palace illustrate just how badly we could use some quality added to the team, so let’s hope there’s no delay and they can get this one done asap.

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Hooray for the bid. Please get him. He and Mkhitaryan would be great.


Seems like they were before


I think Mkhitarian would he a great signing to add creativity and drive to our midfield/wingplay but where does Aubameyang fit in and where does that leave lacazette?


Lacazette, Ozil, Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan seems like quite an interesting prospect. Two really lethal finishers and two really creative players.

The players are all good enough, they should be able to find a way to work together.

SB Still

Looks like you can add Wilshere to that list subject to fitness

KW gooner

Wilshere plus ramsey santi cazorla if he comes back like before… we ve got a solid spine noe.worry about defen


Probably play him on the wing, played there for a season while Lewandowski was up front during his final season at Dortmund.


I agree. He can be be an upgrade over walcot on the right wing. Mkithriyancab play on the left wing just like sanchez did lacazette can still play as our striker. Lacazette to me is better suited to playing the striker role since he isnbetter at coming infield and holding up the ball. With his pace auba is better suited to running behind the defence. If auba to be our striker then we need to have a quality midfiled that keep supplying the chances for auba to finsh . But even with quality players we have i dont trust wenger… Read more »

Damo Dinkum

Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t he really struggle that season, and only hit his stride when he was moved central?

twisted cuntloks

We need goals but we also need to stop leaking goals like we continue to have done year after year.
Will Aub make a significant difference to our league position? Not without a manager that believes in defending…

Where’s Giroud today ,injured?


Giroud is a week away from first team action…


He still injured I think it’s due back in the next three days

I got nothing to say

Why r we not getting Ryad Mahrez instead… ymore of a straight replacement for Alexis…in form, younger and and less expensive with proven record…Aubameyang is good but it will take him time to adjust plus no resale value, how much can he add right away?


Do it.


God dammit. It’s happened. I believe this rumour now. I resisted for so long. Please get it done!


I would be amazed if Chelsea doesn’t join the party, given the donkey in the shape of Morata they have up front.


They’re after Dzeko.


Lol, they must be out of their minds.


They’re also after Carroll and Crouch apparently.


Think it’s a practical joke from Conte before he leaves?


Apparently Conte has nothing to do with signings. His comments in press conferences would appear to point to that. Every time someone asks if Chelsea are in for someone he says he doesn’t know. It’s also why he might leave, because he doesn’t have much say in who they sign…


I haven’t ordered my blue shirt yet this year…

Yorkshire gunner

Wengers putting the band back together


Be a right party

Mesut & Tie

This is the best comment I’ve ever read on here.


This will make me very happy. He is one of the guys I would always mention first when potential strikers were being discussed. Hopefully we will be going back to 4-4-2 something Wenger understands and every player knows and loves.

KW gooner

And fuckin fan

Man Manny

Arsenal finally putting their money where their mouth is!
Aubameyang + Mhkitaryan > Alexis.
Happy days


Why would anyone give this a thumbs down where getting rid of Alexis who is not fit to wear the Arsenal shirt he’s only wants money now them two players coming in for him I say it’s very good business now we just need a defender and a decent holding midfielder


Been checking my phone every now and then for the past one week or so like am crazy. Just get it done and let us all find our peace.

Plus 1


KW gooner

At 3 am here haha


Really hope we don’t piss about and get this over the line quickly….before Chelsea come sniffin about


They really need to get this done quickly before Real Madrid stick their nose in. In other words, no fucking cheap bids. If Dortmund want 60 mil just pay it, no fannying about.

Green Sahara

It’s about time


I’m guessing we were waiting for the other deal to get over the line, presumably it is somewhere near


£40m and £1?

Andy Mack

Is there a £40m buy out clause then?


Real quality player. Hope we can Get this deal done today??

Teryima Adi

Good to know.


Really hope we get this through. Amazed no one else is in for him, hope this isn’t just Dortmund trying to get other potential bidders to move for him


What the fuck is wrong with our club? There should be shitloads of money but still we seem to be constantly underbidding and creating extended time consuming processes… what the fuck Ivan. Get out. Get out now! And fuck you Kroenke.

If you want a fucking house you pay the fucking asking price. It’s not harder than that. Especially if you have the fucking money. I’m so fed up with this bullshit they provide. They have just released 400 000 from their wage bill and around 32 million in transfer fees.

Donald\'s Trump

I hope you don’t run a business.


You bid low and then you meet somewhere in the middle, unless you have more money than sense

Andy Mack

Bobby, I guess you don’t own a property, because it’s extremely rare to pay the full asking price…

Group captain mandrake

Sort of depends where you live. Around me, houses routinely go for $50,000-$100,000 more than asking price. With the likes of Madrid, Man City, Chelsea, etc. out there, it would be wiser to overpay a bit. Club makes more in the long run with a good team anyway.

me 2

I do not understand why the negativity towards this post.
The evidence over the years shows there is truth to what he is saying.
I understand the haggling though but if we are not careful someone will come in with a bigger bid and we will miss out.
If that does happen then it is surely curtains for the manager.


As others have pointed out, it’s standard all around to ask higher, bidder to bid lower, make an agreement.

Hopefully the past mistake we’ve shaken off is not making insultingly low offers. Maybe we’re close here, no derisive responses yet.


Ummm… just a reminder that Kroenke is building a massive house x10 the cost of the Emirates back in the states. Do we not remember how long that tied up potential transfer monies for? Is our memory that short term?


Oh, if this is really going to happen, it’s going to be done at the last day or two of the window… Classic Wenger

Big Dave

Isn’t this the bit where someone else comes in with a rival bid and we do nothing to fight for him? Sorry for the negativity but we’ve seen it a numerous amount of times before.

dr Strange

I like the comment of the no comment comment in the comment 🙂


You are strange, doc.

dr Strange



So they say what they want to make the deal happen. Arsenal go in £10m less. It’s not like we’re in a strong position, flush with cash and sold 2 strikers in the last week. We are a transfer cautionary tale.

me 2

Its haggling.
It what all teams who are not PSG or Man City do.
Once someone else comes in it will collapse like it always does..


Which is why , in this case in particular, that maybe, juuuuuuust maybe, we should pay what they’re asking and get it done?

me 2

Chelsea or someone who can offer CL football will come in.
And we will be back to square one.
It is so pitifully obvious…

JJs Bender

Well he can’t play for them in it this year and we’re just as likely as them this year.. so what’s your point?

me 2

Ten days to the transfer deadline.
I hope they get him.
If any club needs a lift its Arsenal.

Wild bill

Sometimes I wonder if we lowball on purpose to encourage other clubs to come in and take the player so we can keep all of our money…


Hard not to be cynical. Mhkitaryan is the real deal that is happening..This smells like the 90mil Lemar bid were we know it won’t happen but it looks like we tried.


Did someone forget the £1?

Big Cheese

We need to push this Auba deal through as quickly as possible. Give them the 60m euros and be done with it before another club comes in and ruins everything.


Get it done Monsier.


Looks like its on. Still prefer for balance Mahrez at similar price but better Aubameyang I suppose than an untested Malcolm for again close to same ball park. I think this is ‘jumping the gun’ a bit by Wenger. He is striking on opportunity bc Giroud will likely depart in the summer. BUT it also entails risk for the rest of this season bc we may likely lose Giroud’s direct action abilities earlier than needed. To some extent Welbeck should be able to replicate some of the more physical bang the door ability but he has so far been a… Read more »


This is what I hate about Wenger and this Arsenal. Every time we want a player we get them instantly. When Pires left to villa real we immediately bought rosicky. When Van Persie was off we immediately bought Giroud. When we want someone we suddenly make a deal happen. And now when Alexis is off we immediately are gonna get Aubameyang. It just proves we track good players and can go for who we want. Why then, year after year, do we want to have “nearly enough” players and don’t push the boat out a bit like other teams and… Read more »


Gourcuff anyone?


At least now when Ozil is missing, Mkhit can step in and fill in a job description.

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