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Dortmund hit out at Wenger as Aubameyang is left out of their squad

Borussia Dortmund’s sporting director, Michael Zorc, has hit out at Arsene Wenger after he adjudged the Frenchman’s latest comments about Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to be stoking a transfer link with Arsenal.

Wenger was twice asked about the Gabon international during his pre-Crystal Palace press conference. Initially, he played down a link with the striker (“I have nothing to add to that”) before tackling a question about whether the player’s character would fit at Arsenal.

While more forthcoming on this angle, he didn’t actually reference the player, instead saying: “Character can be a very positive note and a very negative note. I believe overall, you look at the achievement of the player over his career and usually when the career has been very positive, the character has been used in a positive way. ”

It would appear that Zorc has been served a slightly twisted version of Wenger’s comments because his retort seems somewhat over the top.

In a stance that fits with a policy of playing hardball over the transfer of their star player, he said: “We think it’s disrespectful to talk like this about other players. There is no contact with Arsenal.

“We assume that Mr Wenger has enough to do with the performance of his own players.”

Interestingly, Aubameyang has been left out of Dortmund’s squad for their game this weekend.

Explaining the absence, Zorc said: “Aubameyang trains in Dortmund. We have the impression his mind is occupied with other things so it begs the question whether he can help us in Berlin (on Friday).”

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my name is bob

Of course talking about another team’s player’s is disrespectful, however considering how many times other teams have done it to us, I think we can all forgive Wenger for making that mistake once in a while.

High gunner

but what did Wenger say wrong? Nothing disrespectful about it in my opinion 😀


I think he just said he’d fit in the team well.


Correct. As Arseblog elluded too in the story, its likely the information has been misinterpreted at Dortmunds end. So Arsene has done nothing wrong here at all.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Usually Wenger doesn’t do this. But this time he needed to say something to avoid Arsenal fans declaring a civil war.


Exactly. Fault him for his “managerial style”, “tactical nous”, “specialist in failure” and what not but Arsene Wenger is truly a top top…….TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP human being. A pity he doesn’t get enough credit for all his positive traits as compared to his negative ones from the… Read more »


What mistake? Sounds as if he was very displomatic

Jay Song

I hope he comes and I think he will. Sign him & Sign Ozil & Wilshere to new contracts, things are not doom and gloom at least!! Please sign decent CM to compete with Xhaka then we will be happy! Hopefully then we can win Carabao Cup and Europa League. Let’s focus on cups now that we got slim chance of making the top4!!

Twisted cuntloks

Ozil will be off…

Twisted cuntloks

Well I won’t believe a single word of ‘Ozil close to signing’ until I see it officially…


Sanchez was close to signing as well..


With City perhaps. Arsene never said Alexis was close to signing an extension.


Yep. He has always towed the line of ‘We are doing our best to keep him’. Which usually means the club have made an offer, but the player doesnt like it.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

But he did say he was confident he would sign.

Twisted cuntloks

Logically, in the more likely scenario that we may not get that 4th place this year, I’d be surprised if Ozil will be happy to wait 1.5-2 more years without champions league football…just sayin!


Is Ozil not part of the team?

Wee man

Bit of a wee dig there from the Dortmund man. Clearly trying to eke out a few million more Euro from the Gunners!


Sanchez was left out of your squad last Sunday for the same reason, and here we are almost a week later and nothing has happened.


Di Marzio is now reporting that personal terms have been agreed (I know others have done so but he’s one of the most reliable. He’s been on top of the Alexis/Mkhitaryan rumours.)

Maybe this is why there’s a rumour that Ozil’s staying.


Di Marzio? Reliable? You have got to be kidding me
He’s probably worse than Balague!

Donald\'s Trump

They just spout loads of crap and sometimes one of them is accidentally true and voila, they are now ‘sources’.


Even a stopped clock is right twice a day


Balague is usually pretty good though.


I dont see anything wrong with what Wenger said.

Zorc’s reaction is clearly a bit over the top, which means something is definitely brewing!


Zorc is probably just mad that Aubameyang’s stance on this has left BVB with no bargaining power.


Also, the Mislintat-Tuchel conflict led to Mislintat leaving the team only for Tuchel to be fired while Mislintat tempts former and possibly present BVB players to Arsenal.
AW said nothing wrong.


He has a long term contract not less than 6 months, he won’t be going on the cheap.


Even if we do sign Auba (and I hope we do if for no other reason than adding a new dimension to our attack) I’d still much rather sign a CM/CDM. Wish we were in for Seri


Yeah, and a new CB too. Kinda hope now that Kolasinac is back, Wenger gives AMN a shot at CM, with Xhaka being benched. We definitely need a new CDM in the summer, I’d love for us to go for N’Zonzi. It’s gonna be a busy summer.


Very true – I’m very much looking forward to seeing AMN get a run in midfield. What about Dahoud at BVB too?


He can’t even get into the squad at BVB and you want him here at a bigger stage? regarding Dahoud


And now that city is allegedly in for Sure that means no chance for us.
Why we are not looking for one, I don’t know.
Carvalho from sporting would be another one on my list, has been for a long time…
Also Mislintat must know about Zakaria from Mönchengladbach. He is immense for his age!!


William had Jorge Mendes as his agent which complicated things (back when he was linked with us). Now he’s in Pere Guardiolas stall, so don’t see any other Prem club getting him, except for Citeh.


I hope i’m wrong but i have a feeling this Aubameyang rumor is given a little life by Arsene to try and ease Arsenal fans from the outrage caused by the Sanchez sell to United. I’ll believe when it happens.


No outrage from me, I can’t wait to see the back of him. If we get a good player and £10m for him I’d be very happy.

Das boi

Are we completely out of the running for seri? If so thats a bit disappointing since we havent been linked with another midfielder since him, that i know of at least.


This. It is something that is getting me worried. Midfield is an area that we have got to improve. Not the same old mistakes again.. Please!


Seri is not DM and never was a DM he is box to box. we need true dm as we have ramsey wilshere xhaka.

Das boi

I know hes not a DM but we just sold Coq and with Elneny and Xhaka under preforming some solid backup and competition seems an order. Also hes just the last midfielder we were linked with i never said we didnt also need a DM


How about Fabinho? Amazing that nobody is talking about him, this guy apparently has no significant weakness, just runs the midfield with aerial prowess, tacking and long balls… Is it because Monaco would never entertain the thought of selling him?


Seri’s not the answer. He can’t tackle.


Next step – need some Arsenal players to talk up Aubameyang’s Arsenal DNA…

lovely arse

Calm down, Zorc.

Das Neck


Paulo Cuntchops

That’s a bit racist.


No it’s not!

Paulo Cuntchops

I’m black and if someone called me “black betty” I’d knock them out 100%. He’s not going to want to come here if fans are racist. Shame on you.


It’s a joke about the phonetics of a song that it seems you’ve never heard. Dude’s not calling abaumeyang Black Betty. Chill with the racist shit.

Paulo Cuntchops

So it’s a song but would it have sprung to mind if Aubameyang wasn’t black? Bet he wouldn’t even have been linked to the song if he was white. I long for the day ignorant people can see beyond colour.


It’s actually the “blame a lam” bit of the song that he’s making a play of words on with “Aubameyang” so it’s not racist because he would still use it even if the song was called something completely different.


The colour of his skin didn’t even enter my mind while chuckling at that tune now throughly embedded in my brain. It scans beautifully. Perhaps it is you Sir who needs to see beyond colour and stop calling racism where there is none.
That being said given public sensitivities its probably not one to be singing from the stands just yet.
Would his full name to the same tune be acceptable? Still works in my head.


Yes it would!

I also long for the day people can see beyond colour. Start with yourself.


I’m black but not with Paolo on this. It’s like that H & M advertising hoodies with little boy. This happened on a bus I was going to work… Driver: Money/Ticket Sir? Passenger: is it cuz I is black? Most of us are very nice decent human beings, but on rare occasions some of us walk around with a chip on the back and very very quick to play the racist- card. If I disagree with someone, it’s not because of his culture, colour of the skin or religion… I disagree with his opinion. Doesn’t make me a more intelligent… Read more »


You are trolling aren’t you. If not, then I pity you.


You must be fairly harmless

Rectum Spectrum

just over-sensitive to make the connection. Oh the word ‘black’ is racist!

“Some sources claim the song is derived from an 18th-century marching cadence about a flint-lock musket with a black painted stock; the “bam-ba-lam” lyric referring to the sound of the gunfire.”

incredibly apt as a song for an arsenal striker…


What so the word black is racist?

Paulo Cuntchops

No place for racism in life (let alone football) any more. Check it out people:


Oh fuck me.

Paulo Cuntchops

Casual racism seems perfectly acceptable on this site. Expected more of fellow gooners. Sad times.


Take your accusations else ware. Shame on you.


Considering all us racists who support Arsenal I think he should move on to the more tolerant club, Chelsea.

Paulo Cuntchops

What, so because Arsenal fans aren’t AS racist as some other club’s fans I’m supposed to be happy and accept that?! Get real man.


The mere suggestion that people are racist for not agreing with your monstrous misinterprepation of a future player’s name applied to a popular song makes you a cook. Do you always pull the racist card so quickly? You must be fun at parties.

Paulo Cuntchops

I’m the life and soul. I just avoid ignorant people from the dark ages.


You said dark. That’s racist!


Removing swear words from your username would be appropriate if you’re going to be over sensitive


Wrongly accusing people of racism is a crime in its own right. You need to get your story straight before you make broad accusations, otherwise you’re downplaying genuine acts of racism. “Cry wolf”


Casual racism? Get over yourself!


Seeing as your chosen name here could be rightfully construed as sexist you should be careful with the fingerpointing, Mr Cuntchops.


Glass houses ‘Twats’loch lol


I’m not the one claiming a moral high ground.

Paulo Cuntchops

A homage to Paulo Wanchope – my favourite player as I’m part Costa Rican. We all have stupid names (many with vulgar connotations Mr TWATsloch) so don’t use that to try to deflect the attention from actual racism.


The other ‘part’ must be ‘over sensitive hatstand’


Like I said, I’m not the one claiming the moral high ground so you can stick your accusations up your twatsloch!


Sorry @Paulo your attempts at deflecting our attention from the obvious fact stated above , it’s a song reference you didn’t know; are tending towards the childish. The reference to you was clarified. Even the part where it rhymed with Aubameyang’s surname presented before you,lest you opt not to inform yourself vby actually listening to the song. And trust me the tune and song would’ve been the same if he was a half Italian – Half Indian Gianluca Singh Aubameyang. Further dragging of this ridiculous accusation only highlights your ignorance, either that or your desperate attempt at saving your blushes;… Read more »

Paulo Cuntchops



Das Neck wins comments.


Well it sure seems one thing is pretty clear: that the song is probably not the best choice based on the fact it can be unintentionally insulting or interpreted in an unfavorable way. And might run the risk of the lesser intelligent misusing it intentionally, which would be unacceptable.

Rhythm and rhyme it’s a good fit, but the other lyrical content not so ideal.

David Hillier\'s luggage

Woah Pierre-Emerick, Au-bam-a-yang?

Eastside- gooner

FFS arsenal GET IT DONE!


There is no solace for being “respectful” in football or the business of football. I certainly feel for him and we’ve seen this happen with our own club, but hey…We need good footballers. You have one. Take our cash and be on your way.


“Journalists Shit-Stirring Cunts Shock.”


Have to defend Arsene here, in the interview earlier he refused to discuss the move & only said that a player of that quality would obviously fit in.

Most posturing to get the fee up I imagine.

Not really sure Managers at press conferences can win here. They are moaned at for answering in a political non commital way & when they do say something interesting it’s jumped on.


“There is no contact with Arsenal.”

So for all the talk we’ve not even approached Dortmund with an offer….


Why are you so surprised? This is Arsenal, and we are shit in the transfer market.

Rectum Spectrum

From the link to the actual quotes: “Asked if the player would fit in at London Colney, he added: “Yes, because character can be a very positive note and a very negative note.”” so he does end up referencing him directly, re: fitting in at Arsenal. A small slip that definitely doesn’t warrant the rather personal attack from Zorc – who sounds like a character from a 1980’s fantasy adventure starring David Bowie. The petulant outburst of a man who knows he’s about to lose a prize asset, 15 points from the top in 4th place, probably against his wishes?… Read more »


If offered the choice of impeaching trump or wenger , at this moment my vote goes for the latter


According to Wenger, only Alexis Mhykitarian deal on the cards. Not sure why Dortmund are complaining the gaffer hasn’t mentioned much about Aubameyang at all. I think he is superfluous to our needs if you ask me. We are potentially selling 2 wide players (of which one is a creative hub) but we seem to be only contemplating replacing with one ManU reject who isn’t entirely a wide player either. We don’t need another striker, we need service to our existing signing from France and we will get Giroud back. He brings a different weapon to break down packed defenses… Read more »


I think you’ve made your position clear on certain players

Mahrez-next coming, Elneny-useless, Auba-not needed, Coq-excellent backup, Laca-not good enough, Drax-move him to STriker, AMN-should be converted to RB for now because playing him at his natural position would be detrimental to his development see Chambers, OG isn’t plan B


It’s as good as done. The Horse has spoken


“We think its disrespectful to talk like this about other players,” says Zorc, but he forgot “unless its Bayern Munich.”


The other issue is the risk at taking on two 28/29yr olds.

They are going to be paid substantial amounts. If one of them doesn’t materialise (more than likely) we are saddled with an aging player for likely the 4-5 year deal on a high wage.

It will prohibit again bringing new transformative players as we yet again fall back on relying on academy products and band aids from market.

Papering over cracks.


To be honest, if we can use Aubameyang and Mihitayan to replace Sanchez, then try somehow to keep Ozil, it may not be too bad.

Sell Xhaka and get a proper midfielder would also be grand.


Özil surely gone too. Very sad but may explain the Miikhi move….

Hope to god I’m wrong but would be flabbergasted if we hold on to Ozil. Why would he stay?


Dortmund have been bleeding more great players than Arsenal have over the years – I think we can understand their irritation


“We assume that Mr Wenger has enough to do with the performance of his own players.”
That’s quite the burn….Maybe in reaction to Aubameyangs impending move…Been extremely reluctant to believe it could happen but when people start getting this emotional, there has to be some truth.


Just a thought…

Bellerin Mustafi Kos Saed
Ramsey Xhaka Wilshere
Auba Laca

Subs: Mhktarian, Niles, Iwobi, Welbeck, Giroud… Laters Alexis Sadchez

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