Monday, July 15, 2024

Dortmund will sell Aubameyang, but put the ball firmly in Arsenal’s court

Borussia Dortmund have said that the transfer of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to Arsenal is still possible, but that unless Arsenal meet their demands, they’ll keep the player until the summer and leave the Gunners empty handed this month.

The club did have a delegation in Germany but they have since returned to London after attempts to broker a deal with the Bundesliga outfit failed.

In a statement released today, Dortmund Sporting Director Michael Zorc said, “We are prepared to implement a transfer under certain parameters – but only if these parameters are fully met.

“Arsenal has started several attempts so far, we have rejected all so far.

“Either our demands are fulfilled, then there can be a transfer, or else they will not be fulfilled and Auba will play in Dortmund until the summer.

“This has been discussed and accepted by the Aubameyang family.”

At the time of writing, the 28 year old is playing for Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga against Freiburg, so it’s clear they’re going to use him.

This is not a bluff on their part, it’s about getting what they want for their leading scorer, and now it’s up to Arsenal to decide if they want to do what it takes to get this deal done.

For some extra reading, check out today’s main blog:

Fan focus on transfers is natural when a team clearly needs to be strengthened

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Mr November

If Arsenal don’t get this transfer over the line then it’s indefensible.


Why not defensible? Ding dong, Net Spend, Ding dong.

Mein Bergkampf

Don’t worry guys, I’ve set up a crowd funding site to get this one over the line. Please give generously!

Original Paul


Chippys chip

Brilliant. Deserves infinate thumbs up.


“the funds are not always available, even if they appear in our bank account”

fuckin’ excellent Mein Bergkampf


Yes. The money they are looking for is not outrageous in this market.


ha, ha, tell that to wenger


Wenger’s clearly not the problem. People thinking things will change with a new manager are fooling themselves.


Squiggle is correct, sorry if it doesn’t fit with the wenger hating agenda. Read the recent comment by Arshavins’ agent I think where he says that Arsenal and specifically Gazidis were lowballing zenit and the window was closer and closer to getting SLAMMED shut. The agent recalls that Wenger was saying just pay the fee I need this guy but gazidis wouldn’t. The agent in the end coughed up the 1.5 or whatever it was just so infuriated and frustrated was he at our relentless fainting, he then added that sum to the bill to make it up to £15M… Read more »


Bingo. As elluded to by Blogs this is Gazidis running this one.
But dont let truth get in way of people who just blame everything at Arsenal on Wenger.


wenger clearly IS THE PROBLEM and the sooner he goes the better


Ronaldo is the problem and cause of everything bad.




“The money they are looking for is not outrageous in this market.”

We can’t be sure that it’s only about the money. Their “demands” could involve one of our players, as well as money.


Why do we have to get this over the line or its indefensible?

We already have 3 strikers.

We need creative wide players.

IF this doesn’t work out because its too expensive there are better options for us IMO.

Mahrez is only 50m, he scores and assists probably a better baance we need at the moment.

We can always deal with the succession to GIroud in the summer.

Right now it will be useful to have his capability instead of replicate what Lacazette gives (or disrupt the progression of Lacazette by limiting his time further/playing him out wide)


I think many people have it the wrong way round.

The money is not ridiculous but it is Dortmund that should be desperate to get the deal done not Arsenal.

Granted we need to get some deals done, we have options at the price they are quoting.

Dortmund on the other hand are facing an issue holding on to a player disaffected, underwhelming and affecting their dressing room spirit.

We can always spend the money on other targets like Mahrez.

Ball is actually in Dortmund’s court.

Mayor McCheese

The net expenditure trophy is ours once again!

Indian Gooner

Time to stop penny pinching and mean business for once!


Not happening. Surprise surprise


Gazides met with Zorc yesterday and offered 58 million – 12 big ones short of their valuation. Turns out Zorc has agreed on the condition that Gazides immediately sacks the man sitting on his left (Mislintat). Now it’s all hinging on Mislintat’s sack – apparently they can’t stand the sight of him there in Dortmund.

cultured determination

looking at the numbers this season i believe it’s kronke who doesnt want to take out the $. the bid we put in for lemar on transfer dateline day 31 Aug was the exact amount of profit + the amount we’d have sold Alexis to Mancs for. i believe this time selling Theo and Coq means we’ve put in exactly the remaining $ from August + the amount from Jan, and it’s not enough, and we cant do anything bout it.


You are probably right, cd. But realistically, the failure to resign Sanchez and Özil in 2016/2017, leaves a bill of 150-200 millions in order to replace them with corresponding quality and avoid further slide down the rankings. This money is not possible to scrape together by selling some of our second and third class players.

I think Wenger is at least partly to blame. Sanchez simply lost confidence in him. Özil would probably be looking for the exit too, if his style wasn’t so difficult to accommodate in conventional tactics.


So basically we are stuck to the same business model as the one we had to use while paying off the emirates stadium. Wonderful…


I hope that they are negotiating hard because they have the world class defensive midfielder or centre back that we have been calling for also lined up, and need to split their funds to get 2 players.
But then I remember it is Arsenal, and I know its just the board being stubborn.

Heavenly Chapecoense

I wouldn’t blame recruitment for the defence. I blame the system played by Wenger that makes us vulnerable. On paper, we have one French and one German internationals in the middle. In addition, we have three or four promising young defenders in Chambers, Holding, Bielik and now Mavropanos.


Midfield. It cannot control the game sufficiently or balance attack from defense and we then put a vulnerable defense under undue pressure. Also none of the midfielders Jack, Elneny or Granit, ever have their head on a swivel and track runners into our box. Ditto AMN and Bellerin. Its as much systemic issue which needs to be /can be resolved to some extent internally. I suspect the Mhkitaryan addition has an eye casted on deeper role much like Arteta and Santi whom Wenger re-roled with good success before. Experience counts. BUT its an IF of course that the player will… Read more »


Like our actual defense.


And we will get the usual “we were never really close to signing him” comments too!


It’s all BS really isn’t it … ‘close’, ‘not close’ …


I foresee pitchforks and burning torches outside the stadium at midnight on Wednesday!!

SB Still

Oh crap!

Clearly we need to strengthen the squad. Either Wenger is forced to say it or really believes that we have a strong squad it doesn’t matter because quite clearly our league position last year and where we are this season, very clearly we are falling behind.

Santi\'s Thigh Grab

No PEA, no Ozil. Arsenal will have demonstrated their ambition which is a 6th place team more intent on making money than winning trophies. How far we have fallen and we haven’t hit the bottom. Kroenke will only sell when we no longer make money. Think Leeds, that’s how far we have to drop before he will sell. Miserable fucking cunt.


The way we do business is just bloody embarrassing. We’re supposed to be one of the biggest clubs in the world and our contract negotiators carry on like they’re buying stock for Poundland. When a properly big club comes for a player they put down a realistic offer plus a “we want to get this done without any destabilising faffing around” payment and the deal gets done. But we send in Ivan who think ks the best way is to start negotiations by insulting them with an offer that’s just pathetic. It might occasionally save a few quid, but usually… Read more »


I really hope this deal can be wrapped up as soon as possible. We are going to need all the help we can in scoring goals and finishing in the top four.

On the plus, it doesn’t look like Giroud leaving is being considered so that’s good!

Mayor McCheese

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Danny Welbeck is an Arsenal player. But there was talk of Giroud leaving? Ridiculo.


Same here mate

Teryima Adi

Nobody wants Welbeck, Bro.

Mayor McCheese

That’s true. And yet he gets game time with us. Ugh.


Am I the only one who thinks Aubameyang is a done deal? Just that I fear we’ll sell Giroud to Chelsea for 40 million to balance the books.

Easy tiger

Yes you are.


The news i’m getting is that Auba is done. It was done before Bournemouth. Just don’t know what’s going to happen with Giroud. Personally i want him to stay for rest of the season. Who knows his value might shoot up after the WC. It will be bad to sell him now both on the sporting front as well as with the business side of things. If Mkhi plays CM i.e in Santi’s role i can still see Giroud getting game time. I can see Ramsey and Mkhi making way for players who will go to the WC. WC players… Read more »


What the fuck have our ‘negotiating team’ been doing for the past week?

Wouldn’t surprise me if another team just comes in and pays what he’s worth.


Arsenals inability to do simple things never ceased to amaze me. We are so bsd at many things that everything screams change . Only after a big change behind the scenes ….starting wiyh the manager will we have any chance at getting back at the level we used to be .


This is, to be fair, nothing to do with wenger. Hes not on the negotiating team.

Teryima Adi

Wenger schooled them on the art of money pinching. Lol


Do you really believe that despite not being in the actual delegation sent to germany that wenger has no say or did not inform ivan et al of what he believes to be an acceptable transfer fee for aubameyang, bloody hell get real he is as much a part as any arsenal staff involved!

Gutbukket Deffrolla

I think what people are beginning to say is on the right track. Wenger doesn’t control the money. He tells the Club who he wants. Kroenke decides how much he can afford. If the deal is more than Kroenke wants to spend then it doesn’t get done. Kroenke sees the size of our squad and is happy if we fail to get the deal across the line because we obviously have plenty of players. Kroenke probably agreed to the hiring of a tough new negotiating team with the express intention of having them do their best to talk deals down… Read more »

The Limp Bar

The proof of the pudding is in the eating.. sure, we have been shite at getting transfers closed out in recent years, but we have a new team doing this stuff now. It’s not realistic to expect us to go in and pay the asking price with no negotiation whatsoever, otherwise we’ll get taken for a ride every time – we still need to get the best deal we can. We can’t do what Chelsea, Man City and Man U do and just pay massive amounts without any repercussions.. Let’s wait for the outcome and give these guys a chance… Read more »

Frustrated gooner

YES , but surely that will also lead to clubs not wanting to do business with us because we mess them about

Andy Mack

Most big business is about negotiating. No one pays asking price for a new jumbo jet or cruise liner because there isn’t really a set price (just a target sales price), plus the payment scheme (how much is paid when) is an important part of the deal along with other terms.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

There are more jumbo jets for sale around the world than there are top footballers. It’s not shopping in a supermarket. It’s an auction and top dollar gets the item. Kroenke thinks he can shop for bargains in Sotheby’s.


Its not an auction if no one else is bidding

Andy Mack

GD, you may well be correct, but without knowing what actual price AND terms BvB want, this is all guesswork.
Even if someone else is interested and will pay the full price on a payment schedule of 20% per year, someone else paying 5% less but 50% on completions and 2 further annual instalments of 25% each would be a better option for BvB.
Maybe one day we’ll find out what they’re picking over, but there’s far too many variations to know anything for certain at the moment.


Unfortunately we don’t have the key piece of our negotiations team from Barca yet, so we’re still stuck with Ivan and Wenger muddling through for this window. That’s why the story hasn’t changed yet. Hopefully our new negotiator will be afforded the space to correct some of the dilly-dallying.


How can you blame Wenger when he is not involved with this tranfer this is all on Ivan

Teryima Adi

The hand of Esau but the voice of Jacob(Wenger)


Are you insane? Our manager for the last 21yrs who has a say in every aspect of the running of football club. You actually believe he has no input in this. Get real.


I will be as frustrated and disappointed as anyone if this falls through. But it surprises me that no one is attributing any criticism at Dortmund. I would certainly never dream of going straight in with the asking price for a house, or a car etc. and nor should the seller expect you to. By all accounts, Arsenal have moved a number of times on their original offer and are pretty close to Dortmund’s asking price. But Dortmund are standing there, arms folded, saying “nope, not selling” every time and feeding the press and generally acting like dicks. They seem… Read more »

Danger Mouse

They own the player. They set the price. They’re under no obligation to sell. So pay the fucking price or fuck off.


Yep, well if that’s their approach, I think that would confirm my point.


to be fair in the current market their price seems quite reasonable

Andy Mack

Anonymarse, If the current market price ‘rumour’ is true, yes. But it’s a rumour so we don’t know if that’s correct or not.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

One item for sale. One seller. Many buyers. It’s a seller’s market.


Again, rather supports my point; this isn’t a 1st grade economics class. A bit ironic, given the stick Wenger gets for his M.Econ…


No messing around with Dortmund. Remember, they let Lewandowski go for free.


They did with Lewandowski what wenger claimed he would do with Sanchez. Mourinho and United actually saved our bacon with the swap deal really when you think about it.

Teryima Adi

BVB has got balls while we obviously do not.


Because letting lewandovski go to bayern for nothing was better than getting 40 million for him?

Teryima Adi

They were having a great time in five star hotels at our expense, Bro.

Easy tiger

Striptease would be my guess.


Only a few days left in the window. I sadly dont see this one happening. Id love to be proved wrong.

David C

I hope you’re wrong! I mean, how much could they be asking for? 70 million? Just pay the bloody money and move on. Arsenal have made a profit for at least the last 2 transfer windows, right?


I hope i am wrong as well. However, this is the arsenal we are talking about.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

No, this is the Kroenke purse we are talking about.

Michael Bolton Wanderers

Probably made profit in 18 of the last
20 transfer windows. Feels like that’s the case at least

Andy Mack

We had to try to make a profit in half those years to cover stadium costs.
have a look at this for a clearer idea of our outlay

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Now we have to make a profit to keep our owner in 3 million quid’s worth of beer each year.

Andy Mack

£3m per year in a business like this one is an easy ‘do’.
Yanited have been servicing the Glaziers debt which is far more per year (which doesn’t make either one correct!).


I’m still convinced the whole Aubameyang story was just a smoke screen to appease fans and soften the blow of $anchez joining manure. We would only have signed him if Dortmund had been prepared to take a low offer and they aren’t and why should they? Still hope I’m wrong…

Mayor McCheese

So, what you’re saying is that Arsenal’s secret plan all along was to appease the fans by shitting the bed with the transfer of a player that we all got super excited about?

What a great plan!

Paulo Cuntchops

I can think quite a few examples of players we “tried” to bring in. Half hearted, low bids that we’re never going to be accepted. Higuain, Lamar, Suarez etc. Why would it be surprising for that to happen again with Aubameyang?

Andy Mack

We didn’t put in a ‘low bid’ for Suarez.
We put in a bid of £1 more than the required price.
Suarez could have made the deal work but clearly didn’t want to do it.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

When Suarez was smiling at us he was also winking at Barcelona. He played us.


I agree, as ridiculous as it sounds I believe that our board in cohorts with wenger would actually stoop that low ( a mock transfer delegation, they were probably really there watching dortmund u17s to see uf we can pick up our normal cheap one for the future signings – you know one of the ones who never actually ever really play for us and end up at a crappy mid table dutch or spanish side on loan) pull the wool over our (the supporters) eyes. Let’s face it wenger and the board have been spewing absolute bullshit to us… Read more »


That’s not what ‘cohorts’ means

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Flashman71 is in cahoots with The League For Increasing The Frequency Of Wrong Word Use.


Cahoots I think he meant


Clear that the penny-pinching hasn’t been a Wenger illness all this time.

Maybe we move Gazidis on in the summer and see whether Wenger and Sanllehi can repeat Wenger and Dein.

After all, Gazidis has been the only consistent specialist in failure in the past decade.


#Gazidis out


Can we be sure Wenger isn’t involved? It so feels like the handbrake thing all over again.

Glory hunter

Either way it doesn’t look good on Ivan, he doesn’t need Arsene’s permission to pay the extra £5M – £10M. FFS


He doesn’t. In fact, he could probably just give up part of his big fat bonus to get this one over the line

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Would you give up some of your wages to get a weekly report over the line on time?


Can’t imagine Wenger would say no to having Aubameyang at the club.

This to me is the sheer ineptitude of Gazidis andthe negotiating team.

If it’s a case of 5-10m just bloody pay it. Can only improve the team, and help us finish as high as possible.

That in itself will more than pay the extra needed.


Agree – the difference is less than the money we’ve saved on Sanchez wage bill for a year. Add in Theo and Coq salary saving too and we should have no worries.

Perhaps all transfers should be done on ebay.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

So Aubameyang wants to play for us for nothing?




If i had to get rid of just one it would be then soulless and shameless Gazidis – but he won’t go. Both would be best of all

Gutbukket Deffrolla

You’d still have Kroenke, you silly prat. Nothing would improve.

Billy Bob

Yeah kroenke definitely needs to be got shot of and I think there are a number of American sports clubs that would agree!!! I suspect the £3million Stan ponse off us is spent on body guards to protect his miserable self!!!

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Why do you think Kroenke hired Gazidis? Gazidis is doing exactly what Kroenke wants. Why on earth would he want to fire him?


Just pay them the money and go and get a proper cdm whilst you’re at it. As much hope as I have for mikhitaryan if we weren’t to bring in any more 1st team players this window will have been a massive failure. We obviously need strengthening and to have lost Sanchez Walcott and coquelain and only gained miki would definitely be the opposite of that.

Original Paul

…and Ox don’t forget.


Point taken, but that was summer and we brought in Lacazette.

Original Paul

Blimey it seems like three weeks ago!


Right after the liverpool game at the start of the season…remember?

Original Paul

Fair one, but Lacazette in for Ox?? Hardly a replacement?


And kolansinac

Original Paul

” Sanitation” “and the roads are safe to walk at night”.. 🙂


And Mavropanos this month, who fits the bill of a young player who could have a profitable sell-on value


Miki is not the player we needed. Another central midfielder who is short on confidence as well. Brilliant.


Let him pull on the shirt first please. FFS

Teryima Adi

Our club is not serious.

Original Paul

After making this attempt so public, Arsenal will be a laughing stock if we don’t get him.


Unfortunately I think we’ll continue to be a laughing stock


Yep they backed themselves into a corner with this one


Its almost like Dortmund are benefiting from taking firm positions on what they are going to do with players in a transfer window or a season and sticking to them. I can only imagine Ivan trying to explain to them how that is amateur hour operating.


Could someone explain to our moostarchyohed, syrup bedecked owner that a transfer window is not just an opportunity to transfer more funds into the accounts of Kronic Sports Enterprises.

Andy Mack

It’s funny that transfer to KSA is never mentioned in the published company accounts. But luckily you know the truth…


Exactly. Couldn’t be more impressed with Dortmund’s handling of their situation, such a contrast from how we’ve handled literally every single similar situation we had, particularly the Fabregas saga that left me scarred for life.


It’s not like they’re even demanding an exorbitant fee. From the numbers being reported, he sounds like a bargain if anything. He’s a world class striker in an insane market.

We just seem to continually fuck these things up, from Higuain to Suarez, Lemar and now this guy.


Exaxtly . It seems they are asking somewhere around 60-70 million for a striker who was top scorer in bundesliga , the same league with lewadowsky. His Age aside this is a bargain . I mean are we the same club who bid 90 million and a world record fee for relatively young mbappe and lemar??. This guy is in the peak of his career . If we have any kind of ambition we ought our that money in the table and get this guy


The age is exactly the difference from Arsenal’s point of view. Mbappe and Lamar are younger and therefore would have return value from sales – and yes, potentially profit – for a club that tends to think that way. 70 m for Auba is 70 m gone. In 3 years his return value will be minimal by comparison. Financially it’s a big big difference for sustaining funds, something the club has been crowing for quite a long time now. I think they should do it though and look at it as short term fix, 18 mos – 2 years and… Read more »


60-70m for a top striker is what 30-40m used to be, only a few years ago. Even if he’s only good for us for 1.5 to 3 years, having a 25+ goal striker (potentially two, if Lacazette steps up) with tons of pace (something we’re lacking a bit right now in our forward line) could be huge, and would definitely be worth the money.


Higuain was always my big regret. He would have been sensational at Arsenal.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

….until we pissed him off. Which we managed to do during our “bargaining”.

Aubemayang would be sensational for us next season and wants to be, but if we continue to penny (8 million quid) pinch for 3 more days we’ll lose him forever.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Seems we do this a lot. Lemar and Griezmann being two other examples.


I don’t think Lemar wanted to come and who can really blame him.


I swear to everything Arsenal stress me out so much when it comes to transfers. I never once got my hopes up about us getting Aubameyamg yet I’m still disappointed despite knowing exactly how this would go down. Just Get the job done FFS!!!

Original Paul

So we have four squad players out (Coq Walcott Alexis Ox) and one first team candidate in.
How can they do this to us??
It’s madness!


Honestly Aubameyang is a real striker, but also a real diva with an ego even bigger than Sanchez… Personally, i don’t wish another guy to disturb the cabin.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Stop disturbing our cabin.


For once, Wenger isn’t to blame here. No leaked stories about him changing his mind multiple times please. Gazidis this is solely on your head. But hey, at least will have even more money on the balance sheet after another transfer surplus .

me 2

So much for the “team” who were meant to make transfers more effective.
Nothing has changed at all.
Four more days but I get the feeling that four months is not enough for these people to earn their money and do their job.
Still, on the positive side if they fail to sign him it will be another reason to make this the last season in charge for that despot dictator…

The Doff

What has Trump to do with this?

me 2

Trump is a real dictator to put his own people that he represents first. Its a pity that our gutless government couldn’t do the same..
Arsene Wenger puts teams like Man Utd first – by giving them our best players…
Can never get it right can he?

Lack of Perspective


Gutbukket Deffrolla



Sometimes it boils down to a clean cut bidding war. Poker faces under hat shades. This deal will probably go through. Arsenal is under heavier pressure than Dortmund and he will be in London on deadline day.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Arsenal may be under pressure from Kroenke not to exceed what he has budgeted. If so Wenger sees another target disappear forever and will still take the blame for it.

Always Arsenal

Maybe wait till after the final to chuck him out though eh ! FFS !


Was watching the dortmund game and their midfield (or the lack of) reminded me of a certain team that plays in red and white. One thing is for sure. If the three stooges negotiating over there manage to get their act together, we would be adding yet another attacker who’s soon going to look lost and frustrated up front everytime our midfield fails to provide anything but beautiful sideways passing

Billy Bob

Seriously!!!! Just pay the required money or get a massive white flag out with the words “money grabbing mediocrity welcome here”


So what are the demands exactly? How much money and do they expect Giroud to go the other way? That’s kind of important to know if the demands are reasonable.


Yeah you are right. The might want £60 million plus Giroud, which would be a stretch.


Which would be NO CHANCE!


I’d do it. Giroud is very useful, but he hasn’t even played that often up to this point in the season, he’s clearly not seen as a regular starter any more, he’s in his thirties, and he’s probably off in the summer in search of regular football anyway.




We haggle over 5million yet fuck around with wasting money on wages for redundant players and bring in players like perez who wenger obviously never wanted. Just like all the other Higuain etc


Same old story to be honest. We won’t get him


This is to add to Wenger’s CV, we almost got the player, we were very close…. Well… You will hear it in one press conference one day… The lists of players he almost got keep growing…

Gutbukket Deffrolla

…and still none of the people who blame him personally will understand why he missed many of his targets.


OK. Pay up. A year ago, even in the summer I would have rated him at 80million pounds. So, in MHO, this is a good deal. Not a lot of elite players want to play for us at the moment so we can’t waste this opportunity over 10million (if that is indeed the sticking point).


He is 29 this summer. In six years, he’ll be worth zero (I should know, I’m 61). So if your valuation one year ago was correct, he should be worth 70 now, with linear depreciation:)


Right. 60million is a good deal. And hopefully 4 years from now he’ll have helped us to a few major trophies. It’s a football club and a business, not just a business.


Success on the pitch equates to success off the pitch. Even from a business point of view it makes sense to own a successful football club rather than one that isn’t. We might not be able to sell him on for a big fee, but if he can help bring success to Arsenal it’s worth a lot financially to the owners.


You wonder if Wengers comments at the beginning of this saga has had an impact. Talking about the player publicly before anything was finalized and then Dortmund take offense. Now they are holding perhaps more firmly due to those comments. That an unfair theory?


Dear Ivan, pay dortmund the money you useless sack of shit. Many thanks, p.


We all know this is going to fail – and then Wenger will tell us we didn’t need him. This club is literally becoming a laughing stock. First, the Sanchez saga, now this.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

If you’re worried about this Club becoming a laughing stock might I suggest that supporting any football team as a social and/or fashion accessory is a dumb pastime. Sanchez was nowhere near the “First”. Stick around a few more years and you may just grow out of this need to use Arsenal like 40-somethings use their brand new Ferrari.


Why do some Arsenal fans get so hysterical? All of a sudden a faction of our fan base are transfer and squad management experts. Coquelin is making room for Ainsley, Walcott will make room for Nelson, if we get Aubameyang Welbeck’s days are numbered and so on.
History will show that Arsene doesn’t do such a bad job with insane market conditions, a disinterested owner and a useless CEO.

Original Paul

Jozzer, and who is filling in for Ox? and who for Santi? and are we really ready to play two youngsters in the first team now? and so on…as you say.

JJs Bender

Jack and Iwobi.


Should we just keep buying players every window and stockpile? Fans have been calling for a clearout for years and slating the Ox Theo and Coquelin- as soon as we get rid they’re considered essential. Regarding Santi I have know clue a story to how we replace him and like all of us I wish we could finally replace Gilberto.


But the point of a clear out is to make room (both in terms of the squad and in terms of wages) for players of greater quality.

We are sitting in 6th, having finished out of the CL places for the first time in forever last year. We just lost one of our two best players. Clearly we need to invest to improve the squad. It’s not hard to understand.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Arsenal have had a squad for over 130 years. The squad always evolves, and every good player we ever had moved on at some stage. You try to keep your best players, you try to keep your players fit and keen while you have them, you try to bring in the best players you can when openings appear or in advance if you can find a good prospect. Sometimes you get a good deal, sometimes you get a lemon. That is how you run a football club. None of this is new and Wenger didn’t invent the aging process that… Read more »