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Pardew: Debuchy link not true, Evans could leave

West Bromwich Albion are not interested in signing Mathieu Debuchy from Arsenal, according to Alan Pardew.

It was reported a couple of weeks back that Arsenal might use the France international as a makeweight in a deal to sign defender Jonny Evans in January. While the Baggies are open to selling the Northern Ireland centre-back – Manchester City have also been linked – it’s been made clear that no official offer has yet been received.

Asked on Friday about the link with Debuchy, Pardew explained: “That is not a deal we would be interested in and it’s not a deal that’s been put to us.

“That’s just paper talk. Actually, that might be unfair. Someone has released that and it’s not true.”

In December, Debuchy again made public his desire to leave the Emirates. It remains to be seen what this latest rejection means for him. Game time in the Europa League aside, he’s once again been jettisoned by Wenger.

On Evans’ future, Pardew added: “Jonny is still at the football club and we haven’t had a bid put to us that is anywhere near acceptable. Therefore he still remains a West Brom player.

“We’ve had a couple of enquiries of what we would be looking for, and the answer has been, ‘We’re not going to tell you’. You make a bid and you’ll get some gauge.

“What I will confirm is what you already know, Jonny Evans is a target for other clubs, we might sell if the price is right, that’s that deal, everything else is pure speculation.”

Right now, Arsenal’s primary focus is on signing Pierre Emerick Aubameyang from Borussia Dortmund. Whether we’d still have funds left to sign Evans is up for debate. It’s possible, but such a deal could go to the wire. The transfer window closes on Wednesday.

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Cliff Bastin

My baseless blind hope is that the transfer team is just taking their time to arrange the photo of Aubemeyang, Jack and Ozil signing together on that long table with Wenger grinning between them.

Mein Bergkampf

We are more obsessed with swapping things than a 12 year old with a football sticker habit. It’s like every transfer is a FIFA transfer. Just waiting for Arsenal to complete Draxler signing from PSG with a successful 24M + Danny Welbeck bid.



Heavenly Chapecoense

You think PSG want Welbeck ?

Mayor McCheese

Well, I hear they’ve been blown away by his highlight reel. He can score with any part of his body.


Man, I wish welbeck was as good in real life as he is for me in FIFA! Him and Lacazette dominate on there!


The longer this all drags on for the less likely it seems that it will happen

Indian Gooner

Signing Evans and letting go of the chance of signing Aubameyang would typify a perfect Arsenal transfer window. (Not to mention the Alexis fuck up). TBH I don’t think we should be going in for Evans.
On the other hand it would be a blunder if we don’t end up signing Aubameyang this transfer window. His signing would make a major statement that we are a club still capable of signing a world class player and it could also go a long way in convincing Ozil to stay. Don’t you end up fucking this deal up Mr. Gazidis!


Yes, and this time no more plus £1 bullshit. Auba for £60m is reasonable, just pay what Dortmund wants for their best goalscorer. We made profit last summer in transfers, remember. Even Morata & Lukaku cost £70m.

Andy Mack

If there’s a clause with a sales trigger then +£1 is fine f it breaks the trigger.
It doesn’t sound like Aubas contract has one though, so the club wouldn’t make a +£1 offer.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Morata and Lukaku are younger and have resale value at the end of the contract.


I am no longer convinced they are serious. KROENKE OUT!

Heavenly Chapecoense

We will known who they buy next Wednesday 11 PM.


I’d rather Holding Chambers, than Johnny Evans x2


I think they are only selling 1 Jonny Evans.

A Different George

“There’s only one Jonny Evans:” song you probably never heard at Old Trafford.

A Different George

The Guardian reports that Man City will sign a 23-year old French centre half, Aymeric Laporte, from Athletic Bilbao for a mere £57 million. I’m sure Laporte is good, even though he plays for a relatively “small” club and has not yet been capped by France at the senior level. Mustafi must be worth £100 million or so.

KW gooner

The guys a tank go check

A Different George

I watched WBA defeat Liverpool in the FA Cup yesterday; Evans was awful. Absolutely gave Liverpool their first goal–the kind of mental mistake that no experienced professional should ever make. Followed by more conventional crap play–poor passes and clearances, letting his man go free on a corner, etc. Either his mind is elsewhere (Arsenal?) or he is much worse than I remember him at Man Utd–which was not very good in the first place.

me 2

I am surprised you people bought into it. It was all an intricate lie – a fabricated pile of bullshit from the start. Arsenal linked with a top class player from Dortmund, the spanner Gazidis and his gang of sycophants fly out to Dortmund to “negotiate” a deal, the deal drags on until the last day of the transfer window where it “collapses” Wenger and Arsenal have no intention of signing Aubameyang, or Malcom, or Moura or anyone else. Still – The American parasite must be delighted that he has £32 million in the bank from the Coquelin and Walcott… Read more »

Drogheda gunner

I think your right arsenal dont want him.they just want to look like they are for the fans.if all we do in this transfer window is sanchez,mykitaraen swap deal.there should be an all out revolt.



Easy tiger

Go back to grammer School dude, this is an arsenal site.

Maul Person


It’s not that hard, mate!


Paul Mersin buddy. It’s not that hard!

Mayor McCheese

You mean Pale Merson? The ghost of Merson House?


Starting at 5.30 next Saturday.


I think you need to double up on the tin foil for your little hat.

Drew Dewsall

What a load of utter baseless bollocks. You have absolutely no basis for this statement. Even Dortmund have said we are after him, you have no idea what the hold up is, Dortmund might be trying to get Giroud into the bargain and maybe he doesn’t want to go? Simply put I have no idea and nor do you.


His point is that the transfer should be done, and that the fans are being taken for a ride. Like usual the AFC hierarchy are rubbing their hands together in greed, and AW is making the team weaker. Can any fan argue with the second half of my last statement? I know I’m the minority here, but it amazes me that people still believe we’re going to sign anyone else in this window. History tells us we’ll probably sell again before we buy.


I totally agree with you. Arsenal fans have been taken for a ride for too long. The board needs to know that they have to spend money to achieve results. Don’t be deceived by the results of the team in the last two games. The euphoria of that may not last. Pay Dortmund what they want and for once, give the fans what they want. The board needs to know that the fans have a good weapon that they have not used so far and it’s the last option. Boycott games and bring the board and Wenger down on their… Read more »


True but we have form for this shit and the next few days will tell. KROENKE OUT ANYWAY

me 2

I don’t need to have an idea of what the hold up is. For the fans the question is has he or has he not signed for us yet. And considering that useless idiot was in Dortmund on MONDAY it is pretty fair to say that its not going to happen. With Arsenal its all smokescreens and bullshit – this is just a ruse to deflect from a total and complete lack of ambition by the club. Arsenal will sign no one. They will just release a press statement claiming they tried ever so hard to placate people like you… Read more »

A Different George

I don’t need to like Arsenal’s transfer record to think you have lost all sense of reality on this question.

Easy tiger

We’ll find out soon enough. I wouldnt pur my House on that we sign aubemiang that is for sure. Chourse we dont know. But this has happened so many times before, so it would be foolish to think anything else this time around. It was all just pr stuff to take attention away from Sanchez leaving for “free”.


well said


They have four more days but I am coming around to your way of thinking. KROENKE OUT ANYWAY

Easy tiger

Absolutely kroenke out. Him before Wenger anyday for me….


The two should depart now. They have the same style of deceiving fans.

Man Manny

In a related development, what exactly is Gazidis and co actually doing in Germany?
Sightseeing? How do others manage to get transfers over the line with minimum fuss? If this is a sneak peek – preview – of business post Wenger, then not much will change, I’m afraid.
With every passing day, I am getting less and less confident of Aubameyang becoming an Arsenal player by Thursday morning.
I hope Gazidis and co prove me wrong.

me 2

Giving strength to an intricate lie that is what he is doing there.
” I was there to negotiate a deal but (insert whoever you want here) decided to pull out”
In a week we will find out…

Easy tiger

Some people dont see it as we do. Dont worry about them… They’ll get it in two years, but then it ll be to late… It is such a shame…. Look at Sunderland. We have now an awerage side at best. And it is in decline, fast. The ownership of this club is killing us. We had bad days before at arsenal even when GG took money on transfers etc. But the board acted then, this board will never act on anything other than a profit.


For all we know (or rather don’t in this ‘digital era’), Ivan and co could probably be working reeaaaal hard behind the scenes unbeknownst to the snoopy manipulative press buggers. I know history suggests otherwise but change after-all is the only constant and I staunchly believe that Le Prof (atleast) is NOT the “leopard who’s too old to change spots”. And since he is STILL the “DICTATOR” at this FC after bloody 2 decades, I’d say that Ivan, that new Messilian chap and the contract fella are also likewise by extension? Anyway, I’ll end this ramble with a random musing… Read more »


Generally agree, but to be fair other teams struggle to get their signings done too. That shitty blue lot down the road can’t even sign Carrol or Crouch ffs.


If we really have to sign an experienced PL defender who has already been sold from a big 6 club, can’t we get Mamadou Sakho? Twice the player. Like okay Evans has been good for West Brom but they basically set up on the edge of their own box and keep the entire 11 as compact as possible. He has defensive full backs or wing backs and 2 defensive midfielders protecting him, with next to no space in behind. If Per went there it would extend his career by 5 years – look at Gareth McCauley for fuck sake! West… Read more »


Evans – only if its for 30 bob and yesterday’s newspaper.
Auba – yes please.
If not, 30m profit – I can only hope this is being put to the transfer war chest to be used to attract the new manager we desperately need in the summer.

Easy tiger

Listen i respekt your optimisme, i really do.


Signing Evans should be good (for 20M £), i’d give him a chance to prove himself.

Drew Dewsall

“We’re not going to tell you” What are they, six years old?


It’s the best tactic to use in negotiations. If they give a number say 30 mil, arsenal will now try to haggle for 25 mil or maybe say okay to 30, because they know that if they are quoted 30 then even city were quoted the same. If they don’t say anything, then arsenal have no idea how much city quote and might err on side of caution and quote higher than 30, maybe 35. It’s a very important tactic to use even if you are discussion your wages with your potential employer. (I used it myself, and was able… Read more »

A Different George

It’s called “not bargaining against yourself.”

Arsenal Fan

why do we want evans?


Experience I would think, Mert is retiring and Kos keeps getting injured.

He is a decent player, could do worse to be fair.

me 2

Doesn’t matter
Because we will not sign him…


It pains me to say it but Pardew comes across OK in this interview. Less like a weird dancing blue suited puppet.
An experienced centre back would help improve our squad for relatively little expense. Currently only Mustafi is in his peak playing years in that position.


what is the point of bringing those men in to take care of transfers if wenger is going to fuck things up all the time , we might aswell not of bothered , nothing changes at arsenal while wenger is there


Seems like we are targeting more experienced players this window (Mkhitaryan, AUbameyang, Evans) to take us over a transition period of 2-3 years, like when we signed Arteta and Mertesacker back in the days. It could work if we complement it with young promising players in the summer.


I just get the feeling that Wenger is moving on from the “next big things “, to “finished articles” (kinda) ,looking at the players we are after,they are all 28 plus.Sign a beastish DM and top CB, suddenly we look very good


We lack quality upfront too, can’t be relying on Welbeck and Iwobi as backups if we wan to make top4 / win something this season.


‘Sign 2 worldies and our squad will look great’. You could have said this anytime over the past 10 years. Baseless optimism is a mug’s game. I’ll join you hoping for a great DM and CB coming in over the summer to make us competitive once we actually get Aubameyang and once Ozil has renewed. Until then, the theory that Gazidis et al being photographed in Germany and bidding in the certainty that their low offers will be rejected purely to fool the fans looks very credible to me. I’d be delighted to be proven wrong, of course. I just… Read more »

Andy Mack

I think we’re now looking for both relatively ‘Finished articles’ and the ‘next big thing’, but both at the right price.


why dont we do another swap deal with Dortmund. auba for our Derby


Years ago, our scouts were at dortmund scouting for a midfielder, I thought it was for goetze, damn we bought Elsfield

This then, we are seemingly there for aubameyang, hope we dun end up with kagawa


Looks like Evans is a bit rubbish at defending and now has an injury. Surely we wouldn’t, would we?!


Nobody wants Debuchy for the price (salary)

Which is a risk bringing in older players on large pay packages but you have to if you were Arsenal…like Mhkitaryan.

Evans will be similar issue. An older aging asset whom seemingly some Arsenal fans are more than happy to have (the anyone will do approach)…then wear and tear issues, no availability, maybe a new Squillaci or Silvestre and we’re stuck with the asset which will have eventually cumulative impact on our spend down the line.


“Whether we’d still have funds left to sign Evans is up for debate” – REALLY? £150+ million sitting in the bank PLUS net income from this month’s transfers of £30 million. I DON’T THINK SO!

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