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Nelson and Willock start: Nottingham Forest v Arsenal teams

It’s FA Cup third round action today as we face Nottingham Forest at the City Ground.

As expected, Arsene Wenger has made significant changes to his side today. Here are the official line-ups.

Nottingham Forest: Smith, Lichaj, Mancienne, Traore, Osborn, Cash, Clough, Breton, Dowell, Vaughan, Worral

Subs:Henderson, Mills, McKay, Bouchalakis, Walker, Cummings, Vellios

Arsenal: Ospina, Debuchy, Mertesacker, Holding, Nelson, Willock, Elneny, Maitland-Niles, Iwobi, Walcott, Welbeck

Subs: Macey, Chambers, Osei-Tutu, DaSilva, Jeff, Akpom, Nketiah

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Cornelius P. Snuffington III

I wonder if this will be a final Arsenal appearance for one or two in that starting XI.


Some of our players look like they could be championship level. I’m not talking about our man Traore either.


Here’s hoping…


AMN in midfield by the look of it, let’s hope.

Belfast Gooner

Nah, back 3 of holding, Merton and Debuchy with Nelson and AMN as wingbacks

Original Paul

I know Paul Merton is an Arsenal fan but didn’t expect him to get a game! 🙂

John Lukic

Haha! Why not, our defending has been a bit tongue-in-cheek recently.
Also quite surprised to see Des Walker still at Forest after all these years. Only makes the bench these days though! ;-P


Our defending is not even championship lower mid-table quality.


Movement off the ball has been rubbish.


Most exciting Arsenal midfield I’ve seen lately.


So is our defense.


Rob Holding is as bad as Chambers.

But never mind, just buy some young unknown ‘potential’ from Greece.

We need to spend the money on Mahrez…oh never mind we have Welbeck.


Sorry I can’t stop laughing at that…..


No Coq today?? conserved for Chelsea??
Would be so happy for him to score a goal….
Anyway, COYG!!


Didn’t he come me off with a knock the last match he played? Or am I mistaken?


We are in danger of a Coq up without Coquelin.

Elneny is terribly imposing.


Wenger correctly predicts a struggle but doesn’t take measures to prepare for it


You’d think the gaffer would have some sense to prioritise this match instead of the league cup.

non flying dutchman

oh yeah – 3rd round over Semi final makes total sense


Fairly happy with the lineup.. Welbeck and Iwobi in particular need the minutes to play there way out of this bad form they’ve been displaying recently.. We need them ready to come off the bench and make an impact if needed in future games, so a good performance today will hopefully give them both a much needed confidence boost


Welbeck is beginning to look very mediocre.


What an absolute joke. Been noting that all other teams, City united Chelsea scum have all played a lot of First team players and had others on bench. And they have all been playing champions league as well. Wenger will do something similar against Chelsea on Wednesday and they will smash us over two legs. Spurs at home to Wimbledon and they are starting Kane. We may well win today and then some on here will think it’s justified. Chambers looked good against West Ham in quarter final and many on here said he was the future ??

Lord Bendnter

I think you could do with an oxygen mask…


Losing two one st half time and could have been worse. Not laughing now hey. ?


Some of our players need the oxygen mask. Playing like a bunch of geriatrics.

Sheffield Gooner

Turns out you could be right. Let’s hope for a better second half…


WE could still win Sheffield but that was never my point

Sheffield Gooner

I get your point. Wenger takes unnecessary risks as if we still have the prem or champions league to play for. Crazy. This is the cup that saved his career in recent years. Also, it’s just embarrassing for us fans.

Lord Bendnter

Well well well, u called it


With only Iwobi as a creator, we will be short on chances created so Welbz and Theo better finish off any we manage to get.
The quality on bench means we can’t afford a poor start today. COYG


Judging by the first half, I’m not sure Welbz and Theo are even on the pitch.


We don’t need a Mahrez…we have Walcott.


Which illustrates the fact we need one more creative/technical player in the team.

With Ozil and Alexis out and no Giroud, we look very average.

So don’t buy Mahrez…let Liverpool spend their money. We will do Little Britain project.


Serious point after watching this, when Ozil and possibly Jack leave. Who the hell is going to create anything at our club?

Crash Fistfight

Lem…oh wait, never mind.


First 11 being weak is one thing but that bench needs a bit of experience in case things are not going are way, think wenger is underestimating nottingham or overstating the quality of a team that rarely plays together.

Either way COYG.

Gudang Bedil

Here’s hoping AMN not getting burnt out!


Not likely, Nelson the only outfield player that has put any effort in.


Rosicky, Cesc, Cazorla, Özil, Wilshere. How spoiled have we been by having had these guys available at some point during the last decade.

Jeff is the only creative attacking midfielder that’s near the class of the aforementioned, and he’s on the bench.

I hope they don’t sit deep, or we’ll have troubles opening them up!


Jeff?! Based on what exactly?




One thing is for certain Alex and Greg, no bugger else seems to be.


Horrible team selection, no experienced players on the bench, if we don’t win this one it’s down to the manager. Maitland-Niles the latest new toy to be overplayed. I hope this is enough, but it’s a bit of a gamble with no safety net.


Play him out of position too. Unless nelson is a fb today and then it’s his turn to be played it off position


What’s next….Holding for striker and Ospina as a Center back! Or will some knob suggest it is good to have players out of position for their development?


All eyes on Iwobi, AMN, and Riess Nelson to get the job done creatively, and Theo to put them in.

Nothing to worry about, we’ve got Eddie on the bench!


Arsenal’s first team is awful.
And their reserve team is even worse.
What chance do we have of anything?
Especially with the prehistoric fossil in charge…


Not even some first team players on the bench, risky gamble and now one goal behind.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

I’m afraid that I see this as a suicide squad as far as the FA Cup is concerned. I never thought to see the day that Wenger sent out a team designed to lose the 3rd Round of the FA Cup.

There’s nothing on the bench to step up the quality if we end up at, say, 2-1 down at half time and looking like we’re a bunch of kids still learning the game playing against a team of hardened adult professionals.

I am seriously depressed.


Out of touch.
No tactical skill
Washed up.
Passed his best.
Laughing stock.

All words that can so easily be applied to Arsene Wenger.
The senile, washed up dinosaur who gets paid eight million a year to put out kids in the only competition we had a chance of winning.

Wenger please – just FUCK OFF…

Crash Fistfight

*£10million a year


The average Arsenal age was OLDER than Forest.

We had some kids, but plenty of (second string) older players


Mental not to even bring some back up.


Given City is already champion, maybe it would have been better to bother winning the FA, even more when this cup’s saved his job twice lately. But I’m not the one in the game for 30 years, I don’t know if I can have a valid opinion, though I’m not paid to say silly things. Fortunately, we’re not playing the CL this year. Curious to see what Arsene Knows will do with the Europa, because, let’s be serious about that, top 4 won’t happen this year.


20+ minutes left and we are losing because we are shit. Maybe we should sign that Brereton fella.


He’s revolutionised our club and English as a whole, only the great Herbert Chapman eclipsed him as a visionary for our club and the greatest game on earth BUT he is single handedly dismantling everything he has achieved, in the process turning the club and us mught Gooners into a laughing stock.

If we lose, he should go, not at the end of the season, not at the end of his contract, now.

If he doesn’t, I plead for all of us glorious Gooners to NOT TURN UP until he has gone. Hopefully he’ll take that silent twat with him.


I just don’t enjoy watching Arsenal and haven’t for a while. I might go into hibernation until Wenger is gone


I know we are all hurting from this result friends, but we can all take some comfort from the fact that none of us are Rob Holding.

Crash Fistfight

Why? I’d love to get paid a ton of money to be shit at football.


What’s going on with our team, really shocking stuff.


We are shit


Two penalties. Surprise surprise.

We defend like clowns.


What a shit display.


It’s on the veterans and experienced players in this one… what were they thinking playing like it was a reserves scrimmage. If they had any fire they would’ve dragged the team through into the next round.

Amateur stuff.


This side can’t even beat a struggling lower mid-table championship side (never mind John Moss charity for the Clough foundation)

Its farcical.

We don’t need more technical players.

Michael Bolton Wanderers

I know Wenger is going to remind us that he’s never lost in the 3rd round before, and that he has over 20 year’s of experience. So really we have no right to be disappointed.


A new low.

Michael Bolton Wanderers

We should go all in for the caravan cup now. This is embarrassing


No FA cup this year.
In danger of falling out of top 4.
No title.

Don’t buy anyone, squad is alright.


Wenger seriously should just leave now. As holders of the cup, this is such a limp team selection and a limp display.

Sylvinho\'s suspicious passport

Arsenal atm is a laughing stock.
Shit sack

TR7 > CR7

Fuck off Moss.




Golden watch time for Wenger at the end of the season. He can take Sanchez with him and Sven can bring in Lemar. Who takes over as manager I don’t know. Someone better suited than what we have now.

And sign up Brereton!


Their youngsters made our seniors look hopeless. Poor selection but Iwobi, Holding Per, Theo, Danny, Elneny, Debuchy, gave nothing to the younger players. AMN still at left back and turned inside out because he’s RIGHT FOOTED.

BFG and Rob looked good against Costa, totally embarrassed against an 18 year old.

Chelsea midweek may be our last chance of Europe next year – but then, forget it, Man C will be waiting in the Final.


Mert is like an old Benz, he’s got a hydraulic suspension and everything but he’s rolled off the factory floor 40 years ago and runs on diesel. Respect for him calling his time and moving into coaching this year.

Still played better than Debuchy and Holding though.

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