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Report: Akpom set to join Belgian side with really long name

According to reports in the Belgian press, Chuba Akpom is on the verge of signing on loan with Sint-Truidense Voetbalvereniging, ‘better’ known as STVV.

Sport Witness, quoting regional publication Het Belang van Limburg, claim Arsenal were negotiating with their continental counterparts on Sunday and that the 22-year-old could sign for the rest of the season in the coming days.

The move would be Akpom’s sixth loan deal in five years; he’s already spent time at Brentford, Coventry, Nottingham Forest, Hull City and Brighton.

While the youngster has a contract at the Emirates until the summer of 2019, it’s hard to see him working his way back up the pecking order at London Colney. Eddie Nketiah appears to be Wenger’s youth prospect of choice when it comes to attacking options and he’s a long way from usurping established players like Danny Welbeck, Alex Lacazette and, dare we say it, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

What Akpom really needs is regular game time and an opportunity to build on the potential he so regularly showed at youth level. Perhaps Arsenal’s loss will be Sint-Truidense Voetbalvereniging’s gain.

Hopefully, we pack him off with a Belgian dictionary!

Update – how naive we were/are.

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no point in a loan move. he’s not good enough to stay

Jimbo Jones

Cant help but agree. Akpom hasn’t really cut it and we should just cash in whether its 1m or 5m. So many wasted loans when the players a clearly not fancied, eg Joel Campbell, Perez…. might as well just move them on.

Bill mcbillerson

Rediculous, I’m no fan but a loan costs us nothing, and maybe playing regular and learning from new people will make him good enough. I’d loan 100 players and never sell a youth squad kid unless they played as bad as me!


It is likely to cost us most of his contracted wages for 18 months. There’s no way this Dutch team could afford anything like the money we pay even to Academy players. Our best hope is that he plays well and Championship team comes in for him on a permanent basis with fee.

Ray from Norfolk, Virginia

Flemish dictionary.
The team is usually referred to as Sint-Trond or Saint-Trond.


Yeah, there’s no such thing as a “Belgian” dictionary. And vootbalvereniging just means “FC”.


Then, I am guessing that ‘vootbalv’ is the Dutch for ‘football’, and ‘vereniging’ that for ‘association’?


Bingo 🙂
Voetbal = football
vereniging = association


Mike dean is a disgrace to the Voetbal Vereniging.


Hahaha, brilliant. There will never be enough languages to insult Mike Dean in. Madarchod.

Mayor McCheese

I believe archaeologists have discovered pejorative references to Mike Dean in Linear B.


When the human race eventually develops faster than light travel and ventures out into the galaxy, the first discovery on distant planets will be criticisms of Mike Dean.


I’m from Flanders and this is totally not the case. Everyone calls them STVV or even “de kanaries” (the canary birds) which refers to their yellow shirts. They also play on an artificial turf which is much hated by the other Belgian football sides.


All the Dutch I know are adamant there is no such thing as the “Flemish” language, only Dutch. Perhaps the Belgians are more likely to refer to the language this way as they prefer not to be seen speaking the language of their big cousins I don’t know. Probably can be grouped into the same discussion as calling The Netherlands “Holland” when truly this is only a region of the country and something used in the football / sport context.

That’s it from the Lowlands News desk, back to you for the sports and weather, Hendrik.

Lack of Perspective


Godfrey Twatsloch

Hendrik? What happened to Joost?

The Squillaci Code

Joost knows what he did! #timesup

Tasmanian Jesus

Well, I lived in Belgium for 3 years, even studied dutch there. I never heard any belgian refer to the language as flemish, they said its nederlands. Flemish is the term of someone from Flanders, not the language.

Cliff Bastin

This article is a nice bit of waffle.


Do you mean dutch waffle or french waffle?

Sarson vinegar’s frightening Sarnie

Pay attention, Flemish waffle

Chippys chip

Its yankee doodle dandy kroenke waffle


Might sound harsh but I don’t see a point in keeping him. Got better youth prospects and its not even like he has not been given a chance.
Good luck to him however


I could be wrong, but i would imagine he’s making more money, even at the level he signed for at Arsenal, than he would signing for a team that would sign him now. Thus, he’ll probably ride out the Arsenal contract and collect the cheque til his contract expires. I’d do that. Why not?

Lord Bendnter

Don’t worry blogs. A dictionary produced in Belgium becomes a Belgian dictionary, just as Cocaine produced in Cuba becomes Cuban Cocaine 🙂


Shocked to find there’s cocaine in Cuba. Shocked!


Lord Bendnter

Columbia is just a cover-up…

Mayor McCheese

True. Similarly, cocaine snorted by Chuba is Chuba’s Cocaine.


I’ve always liked Akpom, but he’s just another in a line of prospects who were brilliant at youth level, but just not good enough to make the jump. He hasn’t been able to hack it in the Championship, much less in our first team. Hope Belgian football suits him better.


Good luck Chuba. Hope you’ll find a permanent move after the loan. God bless!


K bye.




Anyone else feel really bad for players like Akpom? I know they’re very lucky to be making a living at football. It must be devastating after years of hoping and training to come to the realization that you’re just not good enough. Hopefully he goes on to have a great career abroad or lower down the pyramid. Good luck Chuba!


What to do with Akpom. He’s clearly a decent player but not quite top top level.

Then again Danny Welbeck has questions marks hanging over his head and we know Giroud will leave sooner or later.

Probably Wenger will assess Welbeck and Akpom end of season. If Akpom has a strong loan, he may be able to push Danny out. But Welbeck seems to have more promise at moment to replicate the more physical element of Giroud. The problem is Welbeck cannot hold the ball or control it as well as Giroud (nor Lacazette)


How is he a clearly decent player?

Elneny is mediocre?

Being negative towards certain players doesn’t make your analysis better.


tipical story of an Arsenal youngster


Akpom will never be good enough for Arsenal and he’s very full of himself, if his loan managers are to be believed. Just sell for whatever we can get, a loan is a waste of time.


Over for Akpom.


cant even pronounce em


German in the Far East ?

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