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Reports: Arsenal trying to sign Aubameyang

Various reports this evening suggest that Arsenal are trying to sign Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Borussia Dortmund.

The Gabonese international was left out of their 0-0 draw with Wolfsburg today, because of apparent disciplinary issues, and with the Gunners looking to replace Alexis Sanchez and possibly Theo Walcott, his name is doing the rounds as a potential recruit.

Some might say that it’s designed to take the focus off the team after a dismal 2-1 defeat to Bournemouth, however the stories are not coming from the Arsenal press pack and thus briefed by the press office, but journalists based on the continent.

Arsene Wenger would not be drawn on his transfer plans after the game, but did say Sanchez’s future would be decided in the next 48 hours with Man City or Man Utd his choice of destination.

The club are also believed to have held talks today with Bordeaux forward, Malcom, having had permission from the Ligue 1 side to discuss a move to North London.

Aubameyang, who will turn 29 in June but until that point remains 28, has been a consistent scorer in the Bundesliga, nevertheless, in the current circumstances it feels a bit panicky.

We’ll give this one a 6 for now, because if Arsenal aren’t planning on doing something about the state of this team and its lack of goals, we might as well pack up and go home.

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Wenger out


ApP Out

Stewart Pearson

Winger out


At least our invincible record is safe for another year

Koola Toni

Also of being invisible in the title race since

Mayor McCheese

Aubameyang, who will turn 29 in June but until that point remains 28


This is making my head spin. Is it really true that you’re 28 until the time you turn 29? That makes me…

Yup, still in my mid-40s. Bollocks.


Yup. PLus he is older now. We should have got him earlier but we have Lacazette. We should not be adding 29yr olds but less 20 yr olds too. The correct age if we want capability now (which we should) is 24yrs and up but no more than 28yrs. Its peak age. NO waiting on potential or band aid older option ala Squillaci Silvestre Evans nonsense. What are you waiting for Wenger? Your 68 with one season left on contract. There is so much potential in squad already. Let your successor worry about it. Spend and grab the trophies now.… Read more »


Interesting one. But since we seem incapable of creating chances for Lacazette, adding a player in same position seems odd. But Wenger has form for signing players in a position no one expects.


Like someone that goes shopping for milk and gets distracted by what’s on offer and comes back with six bottles of perrier.


Like someone who goes shopping for milk and comes back with cardboard boxes


Eight Ace you mean!!

Easy tiger

Sadly so. Worked once with Henry.


And Arshavin. For a bit.

Faisal Narrage

Almost 20 years ago.


I don’t know lacazette, aubameyang and ozil could be quite a tasty attack.

2 strikers with Ozil behind. Might work.

I won’t be getting my hopes up on this one though


These guys can usually play wide as well to be fair


The only reason we don’t play ozil in the hole behind 2 strikers is because of sanchez wallcott and welbeck. With 2 of them gone we can go to a front 2 with lacazette working with a strike partner


Why can’t Sanchez and Laca both play in front of Ozil now?

Bould\'s Eyeliner

likely because you transferring to a back three from a front two is messy

Bould\'s Eyeliner

delete you* weird typo


Key to that is we don’t lose Ozil.

Thierry Bergkamp

Why do peope think top players would wanna join this sinking ship? Arsenal are no longer a big club on the pitch, just a club with a big name.


You never know mate, IF it happens they might strike up a Cole/Yorke type partnership.
Fergie says that that partnership was never planned it just clicked, so you never know. IF it happens of course


We need a centre back so expect him to play there

Mrs Maitland-Niles

Maybe aubameyang would play wide more like Walcott?


I don’t want anyone to “play wide like Walcott” thank you.

Mayor McCheese

Why in the world would Aubameyang join Arsenal?

Mayor McCheese

No, serious question! Why?


I dunno…errrr…big salary, chance to play in the PL, top training facilities, list goes on. Why wouldn’t he? Things might not be going well on the pitch but we are not exactly scunthorpe are we? Ps don’t worry, even if he wants to join we won’t sign him.

Teryima Adi

Because we are the Arsenal.


We’re a better option than China… Though if he’s even considered China at his age it says hell of a lot about him


He’s unhappy at Dortmund. And money, and it’s Arsenal, and Wenger. That still means something to some folks outside our fandom.


Can’t believe he’s 29 already

Mayor McCheese

He’s 28. Apparently, he’ll stay that way until he turns 29.


Oh no. Don’t start this again.


Reeaaaalyyyy don’t think so!
Smokescreen for a new Welbeck contract.

SB Still


dr Strange

No he’s trouble and Wenger will never be able to handle him. Save the money for the next manager.

Mrs Maitland-Niles

Oh yeah, Wenger has never been able to handle players with disciplinary issues. I accept he’s not the manager he was but what is this revisionist bullshit to knock him at every opportunity?


Unbelievable. The story is we’re trying to sign one of the big names in world football and everybody wants to knock the manager. If the story had been we’re trying to buy a centre half everybody would say ‘typical Wenger lose a forward so he tries to buy a defender. He’s lost the plot’. I read somewhere that Wilshere hadn’t improved in years under Arsene’s management but there was no mention that Jacks been hampered by horrible injuries or that Jack himself praises the manager. If we are going to knock him lets be polite about it. He may have… Read more »


I like your comments and defense of AW. But the problem is we’ve all seen it and heard it for so long now there’s just no patience left. Surely, even in your heart of hearts you accept things won’t get materially better until someone else comes in?


Mate, honestly I’m not saying that his time isn’t up. I dont know. All I’m saying is that if people think he should go it doesn’t have to be done offensively. Like I said he’s got his faults but being over the top rude to us fans isn’t one of them. We’ve had the same problems for many years now and season after season we all know whats going to happen. He’s the manager so he has to take the brunt of the blame but how comes the board never get mentioned. They’re sat there getting paid huge amounts as… Read more »


You are absolutely right #GazidisOut


Absolutely right the board is the main problem I think not AW. They are lucky to have a committed fellow who wont just get fed up and say he is leaving for am sure he is going to get another club.

Teryima Adi

Wenger is also culpable.

Gooner4life Foz

Bang on the money mate. Get rid of that sad sack of an owner of ours and get someone in that A) wants to spend the money, B) gives a shit about our club and C) takes some of the blame off of our manager and back him properly in the transfer market! Wenger does have his faults but at the end of the day it’s the players that have to perform on the pitch and if they can’t even get a result from playing Bournemouth then they may as well pack their shit and leave our club because it’s… Read more »

Mrs Maitland-Niles

I agree someone new needs to come in but Wenger could go full Clough and get us relegated and I still wouldn’t feel right abusing him and disregarding his previous achievements

Teryima Adi

You hit the nail on the head, Bro.


People have had enough of the manager and know regardless of who we sign we will still face the same shortcomings.

Take your blinkered, Wenger loving spectacles off and see what is happening to the club we love.

Nasri’s elusive chin

Ha but this is the point… why is everyone blaming the manager? Every other fan base would correctly identify the real problem and protest against the owners and the board. Not us… always Arsene’s fault. He’ll be responsible for volcanic eruptions and famine next.


But surely the Board are powerless, the only person who can really do anything is Kroenke and as long as Wenger has his confidence and earns him money, he stays…


The thing is though, he’s not earning money like he was two years ago. Dropped out of the Champions League, lost money on the Sanchez and Ozil contracts, no trophies last season, not to mention nasty banners at the Emirates saying Kronke out. Arsene is starting to cost him money and is becoming an embarrassment.


Though Arsenal try to be a secretive club, so much shit has gone wrong over the last few years that I can’t help thinking Wenger is bearing the brunt for more than we will ever know. Maybe it will all come out one day

Bould\'s Eyeliner

Honestly, I think this is just silly in the opposite direction–the board is definitely at fault for some of our current situation, but so is Wenger. And so are the players. And so are everyone affiliated with this club. The level of responsibility between Kroenke, the board, and Wenger is equally the same if we’re going to broadly paint the ‘direction of the club’ as the overall objective. Definitely the board should’ve handled the Emirates stadium nonsense better. We could’ve had freed ourselves of financial burdens that we struggled with for years–while West Ham literally gets tax dollars to do… Read more »


No it’s not … the man who picks the team and tactics is at fault. Only thing they have done wrong is not let him go.


That’s a pretty big one thing, wouldn’t you say?


I cant defend a man that has taken us to the brink of destruction


A bit over the top, don’t you think? We’re not Leeds United.


That depends on your definition of rude. Superintending over a team that is retrogressing by the minute and having the courage to say you’ll stay on and supervise the team to rot is rude to me.


We’ve needed a another striker for years even with OG. Now in 2 transfer windows in a row we are going to have 2 pretty good ones. Years too late on these type of moves. Should have been done years ago.


Great player, but not what we need right now; not that I believe it anyway.

Obviously we need a replacement for Sanchez, but what does it matter scoring more goals if we’re titanically shite at the back?

I love Arsenal, but these are rough times. A total overhaul from top to bottom is needed, but January isn’t the time, unfortunately.




Liverpool have an enthusiastic manager with fresh, innovative ideas; something we do not have anymore in afraid.

They’ve also acknowledged their leaky defence and spent £75m on a CB! Not saying that is the solution, but atleast they’re actively tying to solve the problem.

Can’t stop the boat from sinking by drinking the water…

Dan Hunter

All that salt… You need more water… A vicious cycle


Fair point Carter


We can barely score goals anymore LOL

Mrs Maitland-Niles

I think some of our defensive issues stem from the fact we’re so poor up front. Teams aren’t scared of us anymore so they just have a go at us and don’t worry so much about our attackers, especially when Ozil doesn’t play.

Burn Baby Burn

“Aubameyang, who will turn 29 in June but until that point remains 28,”


Crash Fistfight

That was my highlight of the piece too.


I’m off then.

Koola Toni

Off the bench?


I know, I know the same old problems won’t go away. But this is fantasy football stuff and would honestly get me very excited. Two up top with Lacazette? That’s what it’s all about.

Mein Bergkampf

How in gods name do you stay so chipper and optimistic? We could put 1986 Maradonna upfront with 1998 Bergkamp and we’d still get f’ed in the a.


1998 Bergkamp created the world so I doubt a Europa league title would cause much concern

Faisal Narrage

Don’t want.
This team badly needs a vision. What’s the point of another striker? What happens to Lacca? Pushed to the wings? Will we just try and use him as Giroud as well? What is the plan to this squad? Who bloody knows.

But I don’t want a player who’s never scored a single goal outside the box, has disciplinary issues, doesn’t do much else outside of scoring, and is 28.


He’s a reliable goal scorer for counter attacking teams but against teams who park the bus, so 90% of the Prem, I have my doubts. Would rather have a tricky winger or someone with a good shot on him.
And as someone else said before, there is no vision, no plan for this team..


Sorry Faisal, didn’t realize it was you who just mentioned it. My mistake. It’s been a bad day.


Always give credit to folks who own up to mistakes 🙂

Faisal Narrage

I guess we’re more confused than an Arsenal defensive set up.

Why Not

Wouldnt mind

3 carbon rods


352 makes sense, Lacazette isn’t enjoying lone striker role right now


3 years too late for Aubameyang, no?


We should have signed him years ago from Saint Etienne. Would love him at Arsenal but this is Arsenal, so I’m pretty sure it’s total bullshit.


Would he really wanna join us ? better get your handcuffs out bloggs we might have to kidnap him after today’s performance


he almost went to some random Chinese club last year, so I guess money could be a big factor


What difference does it make if Wenger is still in charge. Underprepared teams and insipid performances will continue …..

Paulo Cuntchops

What idiot down voted that comment? Do you want to see Arsenal’s decline continue??


Forgive them Paulo , for they do not know what they have done.


Besides we needed him on the right when sanchez was on the left improve the friggen squad not keep replacing people


Another player who will improve in an Arsenal shirt

President Eckener

Dripping with so much sarcasm it needs a Wet Floor sign and a mop.


Why would he ever want to come to Arsenal?

Mrs Maitland-Niles

If we are I hope it’s Malcom AND aubameyang and not either/or (which I bet it will be)


Both would be good. In fact both would be awesome

Kentish Gooner

I bet it’s neither #optimism


Does this mean the famous Arsenal transfer war chest is going to be flung open?


There is a high kicking meerkat in Blackburn that did not find this article funny. Everyone knows that the day you turn 28, climate change makes you feel like you are 29.

Boring Arsenal

New players are not the answer. We’ve tried that.


Seriously. Pep is making walker look good. Today being an exception


Why would he join us, we can’t offer the best wages, most competitive team, we can’t even offer CL football?

He must have realissues of anyone else isn’t interested in such a great goal scorer.

What’s the problem?


More wages than Dortmund will be paying, a route out from a team he is falling out with, I can see why he would join


Trying not to believe the rumours but let’s face unless this club really are as delusional as they seem, if we well and truly did get aubameyang and Malcom and Mkhitaryan, that would be a good start to turning a crisis around!


It’s going to take someone of the Aubameyang / Draxler category player to sate the departures of Alexis, Ox and Walcott in six months.


Haha. Walcott, yeah the pitch forks will really come out when Theo is sold..


Three players who can play the right flank. Three players who reasonably account for 40+ goals a season.


The Ox & Walcott? Really? We’ve got kids coming through who will be better than Walcott


Heard that before


Wenger trying to pull one last hail mary.


If it works I’ll cheer nonetheless though

Mark Anderson

We can only but hope it’s true…even if it is, we’ll find a way to balls it up!

el Nino


Cultured determination

The key here is to drop xhaka. We need a DM in order to offer ozil n jack frre reign on creating chances for 2 strikers. Teams who play 2 or 3 CBs will find it more difficult to handle 2 mobile strikers.


We should cut our losses on Xhaka and just sell the guy, reinvest the money into somebody else. But true Arsenal style we will pay the guy until the very end of his contract despite how useless he is.


Agree. That guy is not good enough to play central midfield for us. I get the initial plan which was the fact that he can switch play brilliantly with his range of passing. But defensively he’s not there

Crash Fistfight

There was no initial plan. Arsene Wenger thought he was a box-to-box midfielder when he was asked about it near the start of last season. On what basis was he even purchased – YouTube videos?


Sad thing is u doubt we would get 20mil for him .. hes a bum with nothing to offer apart from switching the ball


Who would take him?




This is stupid. Why would anyone good want to play for Arsenal now? We’re on the way down. If Wenger were managing Manchester City, they’d be at least 15 points worse off. Priorities: new manager, then he rebuilds team. Don’t bring in expensive talent that Wenger will waste.


Yeah, lets not buy anyone for possibly the next 18 months.


I think with Walcott leaving Aubameyang is a real possibility. I always thought Wenger was reluctant to get Aubameyang because of Walcott but clubs like Liverpool and City are showing why pace and dribbling is important for a good attack.
I think Malcom and Aubameyang is a real possibility. I just hope we don’t sell Alexis on an only cash deal to United. I don’t mind him joining City but if we are selling to United we have to nick a player from them.


I’d take Martial to be fair.


And De Gea after cech nutted us today. Hope the Dortmund connection works. Alexis can not go to manure tho. He.ll miss the league cup final v bristol. Invincibles seems lifetime ago. Still good to soothe the wounds. praying that aw gets french national job and goes after wcup.


This was the big rumour a week or two ago, so if it’s about again then I’m tempted to believe it. He’s the highest-quality replacement I’ve heard rumoured thus far, so hopefully this one happens.


We’ve had Alexis and Özil together, supposedly in their prime, for the last three-and-a-half years and still been largely shit as a team, so what does it really matter who we sign or don’t sign as long as Wenger remains in charge?


Even if we sign Mahrez, Draxler, Malcom and Aubamayang it won’t be enough.

Wenger needs to go, he’s made us a laughing stock


My God. Whether the manager goes or not. Surely, as fans, if we bought Mahrez, Draxler, Malcolm and Aubameyang we should be jumping up and down and having parties

Kentish Gooner

Can I have some of what’s you’re smoking?


Haha, not saying we will Kentish, just saying if we did lol


Delusional .. never happening and if we did.
We would still struggle with that dinosaur in charge.

Mesut & Tie

Years of poor signings to cover the cracks and now that’s what we’re just about left with. Now panic buying (being linked to) anyone who is remotely interested to try and keep ourselves afloat, or at least keep the fuming fans at bay. It’s a depressing mess. I’m looking forward to this season being over.


he plays the same game as lacazette. which, so far, hasn’t worked out all that well considering we don’t play to his strengths. anyone else think this is a “big-but-not-quite-world-class-to-attempt-to-appease-the-fans-until-the-end-of-the-season” signing?


If it actually happened (Aubameyang) it would probably be the best we could realistically do right now as a replacement for Sanchez in the squad. The timing of this “leak” makes me think it is as real as our attempts to sign Mbappe just before the season ticket renewal deadline last summer.


so which (central) striker moves out of the center to replace sanchez? doesn’t make a ton of sense to me


Panic is what we do 🙂 Plans? What plans?

Kentish Gooner

Why would he want to join a team on a downwards spiral that’s losing their best player?

This transfer would have made more sense two seasons ago. Plus, like Arsene’s going to shell out £70m odd to sign him ?


We sell our best on? We can’t get top players? Whats that say…… . !!!!! Mid table shit! If AS goes to utd this is end of us as they shit aswell


Its for Left Back, silly.


We can’t replace an indiscipline and wrecker of team spirit ( SANCHEZ) with a player of the same ilk.

Berkhamps left testicle

We could sign Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar. Wenger would destroy them all playing them out of position.


Wenger will play him on the wing, then
Sub him for Giroud on 70mins


I still think Ozil is far more important to our team than Alexis. His play making is sorely missing on the pitch. We really need to keep him.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Don’t forget you’ve got Iwobi, mate !


Go for Malcolm and Draxler instead.

Dave Hyland

“Aubameyang, who will turn 29 in June but until that point remains 28” Best line in an article ever!


Uh oh, there’s a transfer window open? Awesome, look at all those players we could have failed to sign due to our very strong brand of negotiating, which we’re now failing to sign cause we’ve lost any semblance of footballing grace. Oh well.

I don’t really care who we sign anymore, I’d just like to enjoy watching Arsenal again.


Forget Aubameyang. We need someone who can play wide.

Wrong player. Unless we want to rely on Welbeck to replicate Sanchez.


Pulisic the right player from Dortmund.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Mike Dean is a cunt!

Man Manny

Not excited about this. Our shambolic defending will make every attacking move irrelevant.

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