Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Reports: Olivier Giroud set for £18m Chelsea move

The transfer merry-go-round continues this evening with reports that Chelsea are confident of signing the Arsenal striker for a fee believed to be around £18m.

The 31 year old’s departure means that the door is open for Michy Batshuayi to go to Borussia Dortmund to replace Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang who is in London right now undergoing a medical at the Arsenal training ground.

This will prove a bitter-sweet moment for many Arsenal fans who, quite rightly, hate everything about Chelsea and don’t want to see a rival for the top four strengthened.

However, if this was the only way to get the deal done then we were left with little choice. Of course, what we could have done was find an agreement with Dortmund 10 days ago when the delegation travelled to Germany, and given them more time to source a replacement.

We’re definitely tearing it all up during this transfer window. His sale will mean we’ll have sold a player with over 100 goals for the club, and moved on a third attacking talent after Alexis Sanchez and Theo Walcott.

Maybe there’ll be another twist in the story before it all goes down, but Giroud’s desire to stay in London means Arsenal are left with little choice if they want to sign Aubameyang.

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Not happy about this.


What the actual f**k!!!


I cannot believe the morons at the club are even considering this move. It’s time to grow some balls and say no when you’re clearly being ripped off. £18m for a consistent goal scorer in the Premier League is a joke and selling him to a direct rival is the height of stupidity. There will definitely be games for Giroud and frankly I don’t give a sh*t if it’s a world cup year or if his missus doesn’t want to leave London or even if his dog likes the local parks, he should be staying to play those games and… Read more »

Dave M

Dortmunds conduct? What you mean trying to get the most for an exceptionally talented player and making sure they had a replacement player before sanctioning the move? Come on man…wake up. This is just more typical Arsenal rubbish from a negotiation team that scrimps on everything and ends up costing us in the end. Pay the fee early and the matter is done and dusted, haggle over every penny and end up having to give up Giroud to a direct rival and at a ridiculously low fee for his worth. Gazidis and Kroenke up to their usual rubbish…oh but its… Read more »


I agree with much of this. We may come out of this window having lost Sanchez, Theo and Giroud. That’s not adding depth at all. Quality, possibly, time will tell. Not depth. That said, if Dortmund are unable to locate a striker it very much is our problem. Just like we should not be obligated to meet Chelsea’s demands they should not be obligated to meet ours. Also, if we would have met their €60 million asking price last week then they would have had longer to find a replacement, instead we have done what we always do it and… Read more »


Don’t blame Dortmund. They ain’t there to do us favours.


The price tag reads like a sick joke

SB Still

We are single handedly trying to deflate the market while both buying and selling players!


To make it worse Giroud’s game was never based on pace and so could easily do well into mid 30’s whereas Aubameyang relies on his movement and could deteriorate quicker.


Clearly, our goal of the top four isn’t a priority for AFC brass as we’re addressing some serious needs in the squads of our opposition this window. They’ve been on quite the goodwill mission of late. If you believe that we didn’t have a choice in all this in order to land Aubameyang, then you probably can’t comprehend how shameful it is send one of the greatest off-the-bench players in the history of the Premier League to one of our rivals. Utterly pathetic piece of team and brand management if Giroud goes to Chelsea for so little.

Mayor McCheese

I get the sentiment, but you need to look at what we’re getting in ‘exchange’ for this deal. We’re getting Aubameyang, they’re getting Giroud. Ideally, it would be a matter of both/and rather than either/or, but it is what it is, and I would suggest we’re a stronger team now…and our striking options are still better than Chelsea’s.


You need to look at what we are loosing mate. Aubamayeng and Lacazette are great when teams are open but can the hold off three defenders and head a goal in 20 seconds before the final whistle?? Well Giroud has done it time and time again. Don’t fool yourself by thinking we are getting the better deal . he strategy of those clubs like City, Manu and Chelsea has always been to weaken us in order to secure their position. Mourinho has started it with Ashley Cole and is still at it by getting Sanchez

Mayor McCheese

You need to look at what we’re gaining…

Your turn!

Too Drunk For Offside

Not exactly an ideal scenario, but if selling Giroud to Chelsea was what it took to get P-E A, then frankly there wasn’t much choice for the club on it.

I always was a fan of HFB and felt he was under appreciated.


I would have offered Chelsea Welbeck for free. Probably even threw in a box of chocolates too.


I would give Welbeck and 1 million dollar plus DVD of his awesome goals.

Mayor McCheese

Wait…you really think it’s ‘fooling oneself’ to think Aubameyang is a better option than Giroud? Seriously? There’s no debate. We’re getting a player in his prime. They’re getting a 31-year-old who wasn’t starting games for us. We now have Lacazette and Aubameyang as our striking options. They have Giroud and Morata. I know which pair I think is better. Can’t really understand why you think the opposite, but hey ho there you go. Some people just love to be angry!

(And I say this as someone who loves Giroud!)

Drogheda gunner

I agree with you to a point.but giroud is a great plan b.why didnt they send welbeck over to dortmund hed be an upgrade on batshuyi?

Reality check

Who holds the ball for Barca or Man City etc?? Every single team parks the bus when playing them. If you need a physical presence then Welbeck can hold the ball pretty well and is a very strong presence in the box. He’s younger and faster than Giroud, can run with the ball too, but lacks those little lay offs and may be not as good a goal scorer.


For a moment I thought you were describing Drogba.

Welbeck was a deadline day mistake nobody wanted. We signed him when Wenger was in Rome with the pope.
If he was that good clubs would be in for him.
We just have to love him because he’s ours but he’s no good.


Maybe? He’s a load of bollocks.

Mayor McCheese

Also, Damobot, just to affirm what you say, I do recognize that Giroud was fantastic off the bench. I liked how hard he worked for us on set pieces (he was exceptionally strong). I also recognize that he’s a fan favourite, that he seems like a genuine guy, and that he seems to really love the club. I’ll miss him.

But, putting sentiment aside, I have to say that Aubameyang makes us stronger.


Sentiment aside, the issue is not just losing Giroud which I can stomach but selling to Chelsea who desperately need a striker like him. I would able to stomach it if it cost them £30 million plus. I have first layed my eyes on Aubamayeng in the African cup nations 2010 in Gabon and I was impressed with him so I know we are getting a Suarez type of a player but we shouldn’t do a deal at any cost.


And he makes the fucking chavs stronger. If it happens. Not that it matters after tonight. Except for europa


Giroud is our only realistic alternative to Lacazette in the Europa League since Walcott is at Everton now… do we really want the hopes of the side resting on someone like Danny Welbeck? While I don’t doubt Danny’s commitment and attitude, its the application that leaves me worrying.


Giroud nicking a last minute equaliser was the result of not having the chops up front in the first place. Lacazette, Ozil and the two new boys should more than make up for that deficiency.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Last I looked we got Aubameyang from Dortmund, not Chelsea. From them we get chicken feed for one of the most solid PL strikers and one that is much loved by us fans.

Whoever sanctioned this is a cunt. Shooting is too good for them.

Mayor McCheese

But tell us what you really think of them! Yikes! I understand we got Aubameyang from Dortmund. This is why I put ‘exchange’ in scare quotes. However, since the deal depended on doing business with Chelsea (so that Dortmund could get Batshuayi, which meant Chelsea wanted Giroud, who didn’t want to leave London, but whom Dortmund wanted but would settle for Batshuayi, and sweet holy jeebus my head is spinning) it’s like we’re exchanging Giroud for Aubameyang. Note the use of simile! If someone said to me, ‘you can have Aubameyang at Arsenal, but only if you lose Giroud,’ I’d… Read more »

Godfrey Twatsloch

To me it looks like we’re helping Chelsea in their hour of need. A club that has turned us over on so many occasions, either by being better or outright cheating, and we actually HELP them!!!

Words fail me!

Godfrey Twatsloch

Not that it would have made it OK, but if we had at least strong armed those cunts out of some serious loot. 50 million and upwards or get fucked. At the very least let they over pay for the privilege. One of the richest clubs in the world owned by an agent of an oppressor dictator! This was our moment and we hand jobbed them for less than the owner spends on a haircut.

Fucking weak!


Of course there’s also the possibility we’ve avoided the situation where Aubameyang had gone to Chelsea…


Auba was supposed to be our Sanchez replacement, not our Giroud replacement. SMH….

Mayor McCheese

…and I think the other side of the coin here is that the club are giving Giroud what he wants (i.e., game time and staying in London). You could says that’s ‘pathetic’, but it makes little sense for us to say how much we love Giroud on the one hand and then on the other hurl insults at the club for respecting his wishes.


Anyone knows why is Giroud’s desire to stay in London so strong that it appears to gazump all other possibilities ?

Godfrey Twatsloch

What Arsenal man could ever like London so much they’d want anything to do with Chelsea? That’s some proper shameful shit right there. Desperate!


He obviously lacks your class…

Godfrey Twatsloch

Tell me then, oh arbiter of all things classy and witty, how anyone affiliated with Arsenal would think it’s OK to do Chelsea a favour when they are on their arse?

Dave M

Its called millions and millions of cold hard cash…

Godfrey Twatsloch

18 of them to be precise. For a striker of Giroud’s calibre and to one of our most bitter rivals who for once happen to be up the creek. The amount of times they’ve fucked us over, both on and off the pitch, and we give them our top striker for next to nothing.

It’s called weakness!


Scored off the field too. That’s great


Sure, and I applaud our club for treating (most of) our players with such respect and like human beings, but Giroud has had the chance to leave several times in the past and chosen to stay at Arsenal because he loves playing for the club. Thus, I deduce that if his wishes were truly respected, he’d be coming off the bench for Arsenal and not for Chelsea for the rest of this season. The way this transfer business has been presented in the media, we’ve not put the pressure on Dortmund or Chelsea to get their ducks in a row,… Read more »


For 18 million? Abramovic earns twice that when taking a shit.

And why not loan him to West Ham? A much more palatable solution. What came of that?


I really don’t want him to leave but I respect his reasons for doing so – and I respect the club for letting him go where he wants.

As with Cech, it’s seems like a club not making a loyal player choose between his career and his family’s happiness. I like that, even though it’s also a pain in the arse.

Drogheda gunner

Yeah but lets be honest cechs best days where well behind him.and to be honest it dosent bother me who goes in nets between ospina and cech.the two are average at best.we got peanuts for chez were getting peanuts for giroud.chelsea got 60 million for oscar?.who the fck is selling the players at this club?

Twisted cuntloks

Im not sure whether I’m more shocked he’s going to chelski or that chelski actually want him hiven his age etc

Mayor McCheese

Well, uh, given that they other options seem to have included the likes of Peter Crouch and Andy Carroll, I’d say Conte is weeping tears of relief right now.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Exactly! Chelsea must be desperate at the moment and we handed them them the best solution out of the three they had at their disposal.

We actually HELPED Chelsea!

Well done, Arsenal! Fucking well done!!!

Mayor McCheese

Maybe. Chelsea also helped us get Aubameyang by selling Batshuayi to Dortmund. It’s not ideal. No one’s arguing that. I just think maybe MAYBE we’re inflating Giroud a bit here, at the same time as getting unnecessarily angry at Arsenal for making the best of a difficult transfer situation, one that had to factor in Dortmund’s demands and Giroud’s preferences.

Godfrey Twatsloch

We now have two strikers that lack PL experience. One is adjusting and the other one hasn’t even started. Then we have Welbeck who, albeit has many qualities, can’t score for shit.

And then the insult of seeing one of our faithful and most effective players in a Chelsea top. For 18 million bullshit quid.

Not ideal is the understatement of the year.

Eric Blair

Stop with this insanely over-optimistic nonsense! What planet are you on? We’ve just fixed Chelsea’s problems, after giving Man Utd a helping hand, and also strengthened Dortmund by allowing them to force the issue over a replacement, a EL rival. We have picked up a temperamental striker whose main attribute is pace but will soon be 29. We have no idea how quickly he’s going to adapt, or if at all. No other big clubs were in for him, his wages were relatively low. We have lost a reliable back up striker, eligible for EL, loved by the fans (mostly).… Read more »

Godfrey Twatsloch

Fucking amen to that!

Mayor McCheese

What planet am I on? How dare you, sir! How DARE you!


If true, this is utter madness from Arsenal! I’m genuinely hoping it’s all media speculation, otherwise WHY IN THE WORLD would we weaken ourselves this way? We’ll be leaving ourselves with only 2 real strikers (don’t even think about mentioning Welbeck because everyone and his dog knows he’s no real striker at all). We need to keep Giroud or at worst, send him to Dortmund instead of strengthening a direct top 4 rival.


He didn’t want to go to Dortmund

Indian Gooner

We are probably the most generous football club like ever. Arsene Wenger and the board have been like..”Oi Jurgen you want the Ox?Take him. Oi Jose you want Alexis? Take him. Oi Conte you want Giroud? Take him.” Well who’s next Ozil? You fuckwits. You think Chelsea are fools? They have been behind Carrol and Crouch and now Giroud! You know what is common between these guys? They are extremely good in the air and they are getting one of the best headers in the mordern game cos of our idiotic management team ! Do you not sense there is… Read more »


The Ox was streaky at best, never found a lasting spark with us, and we got 40 for him. He’s played a couple good games for Liverpool but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we’ve seen that before. Alexis was leaving on a free, probably to go to City, and instead he’s gone to United and we’ve gotten a very good player in return. I hate to see him in a United jersey, but it could’ve been worse. Perhaps if we hadn’t dallied in Dortmund like Arseblog says we could’ve avoided sending Giroud to Chelsea, but on the whole we’re… Read more »


So you’re saying you would prefer we pull the plug and not get Aubameyang?

sixteen swans

We got really good deals for Walcott (£20M), the Ox (£35M), and Coquelin (£15M), given just how much they’ve positively contributed this season. As for Alexis, we’re kind of lucky we got anything given he would have fucked off in the summer for nothing. For him we get a Premiership-ready Mkhitaryan (£30M) AND an on-field relationship with Aubameyang. Remember two other things: 1. The significant reduction in our wages expenditure. 2. We’ve still got to sort out how we deal with Ramsey, Wilshere, Elneny, Xhaka and AMN. Which is a good thing. Giroud is a special case. He’s 31 and… Read more »


But we strengthened Chelsea. Fuck that!

And our two strikers lack the PL adjustment needed to step up.

This is bullshit!

SB Still

I hope it’s in Demba Be type repayment


Agree. Shot ourselves in the foot for dragging it so late.


Glad to get Auba but at what cost, man. Bitter sweet indeed.

This club is a joke in the transfer market. Everybody else gets prime prices for average players while we sell good players for next to nothing.

Well I hope Auba doesn’t take long to adjust but to me it’s like we’re tanking this season, gutting the team and getting something together for the next one.

Giroud has been a great servant to this club.



We should have just loaned him for 6 months. Giroud could have come back next season, stay with us longer and become an Arsenal legend. Such a shame we’re losing a bit of sexiness as well.

sad eyes

someone please explain that price tag????


In technical terms: they had us by the balls.


How so? I don’t see that myself. Chelsea are the ones lacking a striker, not us. They’re scraping the barrel with the likes of Crouch and Caroll while we’re the ones with three very fine strikers. In what way does that constitute us over a barrel?

And on another note, fucking pathetic performance tonight. Woeful!!!


Wenger – Would you two (Abramovic and Conte) like a hand job with that?

Abramovic – Yes please, that would be very nice!

Conte – Yeah alright. Go on then.

*Servants carry Giroud on a flower bed into the room as Arsene starts off with a sexy dance. Slow heavy metal music playing.

Asrar Ahmed

Hold on, unless the Giroud deal is BEFORE the Aubameyang and Batshuayi deal, could we not pull a Demba Ba and scupper it on the last minute – why not play dirty for once? Let Auba sign and then tell everyone to go and fuck themselves

Asrar Ahmed

For me this would make the most sense:


Bellerin Kosc Must Kola
Wilshere Ramsey
Mkhti Auba Ozil

Laca on the bench.

I’m wetting myself


why cant we pay dortmund extra 18mil and choose not to sell giroud?!

Eric Blair

Seriously, fuck this. Will they ever learn? We’ve just weakened ourselves for the EL and strengthened Dortmund. And we’ve strengthened Chelsea in the fight for top 4, for comparative peanuts.

What the absolute cunt bollocks of a decision is this. I’ve finally had it with Arsenal management.


I’m a bit fucking stronger than ‘not happy’.


BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Giroud! Very very underrated!


Could very well be our most underrated player of the Emirates-era. Took me a couple of seasons to really appreciate him, but have been one of our best players for quite some time now. Will be sorely missed…


He is light years ahead of Welbeck and I genuinely believe he is better than Lacazette.


Fuck chelsea


Fuck our board, fuck all the inept pricks at the club.

And double fuck our parasite owner.

Jack Tuffney

He’s a plant, and he moves like one. handsome fucker


Sideshow Bob?


i’d rather do a swap with him. He can play in DM and will be a good backup CM


I don’t trust this whole thing at all.

What if we give out OG, they get their man the PEA breaks down?

We surely can’t sell before we sign.


100% agree with you gooner……
oh wait…..
can’t we…..?????


Kudos for management to try a new approach in this transfer window. Public opinion swings aside (remember how everyone hated Giroud for the first few years?), it is hard to not be excited about the new look Arsenal attack.


It’s been obvious for a while that he really struggles against pressing teams and our set-up wasn’t playing to his strengths. But knowing Giroud is still beast in the air why are we sending him to a club with two full-backs who are pretty decent at crossing the ball for that pitiful sum of money?

Strengthening two rivals in the same window is really peak Arsenal.


Damn, I love this guy…


Weird transfer window…


Indeed..if you told me a year ago, we would lose Alexis, Giroud, Walcott, Coquelin all within a 2-3 week period, I would tell you go f**k yourself, this is Arsenal.

And here we are: F**k me, this is the new Arsenal


Everyone except Wenger is jumping the ship and mostly because of him . Motherfu**k just never leaves . He will bring this club down.


As conflicted as I am, you can’t have progress without sacrifice. One thing I do like is the strong initial impact Mislinstat has had at the club. To identify targets, bring them in regardless of the cost, rankles against the culture of indecisiveness at the club, which could have better implications in the long run…



We are already witnessing for a change with gazidis, sven, paul involed more and calling shots. If it was down to wenger he would never agree letting giroud to chelsea and woul ve happy the auba tranfer to collapsed. But as someone said if you want to move forward you need to sell your good players to sign the best players we all love giroud but he will be 32 and i am sure he would gone in the summer also. and am not seeing him being starter at chelsea he will play the same role as he was at… Read more »


That’s German efficiency for you. Bullish, decisive and effective.


German efficiency would’ve been getting BVB to accept the deal last week while Chelsea were still occupied with Carroll and Dortmund had time to get in someone other than Batshuyai (Giroud or someone else). We arrogantly thought we had BVB by the balls and took forever trying to drive a hard bargain, only for it to turn out that Chelsea had us by the balls. Arrogant f*ck up, and for once it can’t be blamed on Wenger. At this point, still think it’s worth it to get in Auba, mind.


I have many German friends and aiding an enemy on his knees is not a trait I’ve seen in either of them.


Har! In what sense is 2 “many”?

Viva la prof

I don’t like it


Don’t like this at all. Giroud in a Chelsea-shirt will hurt more than seeing Alexis play for Manchester United…

Gooner McGoonFace

By far, it will hurt worse.


It will. It really will. I hope people won’t be bitter – like Cech he has a young family he doesn’t want to uproot. That’s fair.


True. No hard feelings towards Olly – he served us well. But not sure this is a good start for our new transfer maestros. Perhaps this is the kind of ruthless deals we need to progress. But it just doesn’t feel right..

Mrs Maitland-Niles

100%. It’s easy to forget players have lives outside of football and that has to play a part. No doubt he gave his all for us over the years.

David Hillier\'s luggage

Are we selling Old to balance Auba’s wages? Why do we seem so desperate to flog him?


Stuck between a rock and a hard place I suppose. Can’t stand the thought of him wearing that dirty blue…


So we have sold a player to Liverpool, Man U, Everton, WBA and now Chelsea all in the same season. Must be some sort of a record of how many clubs we have sold to within the league in a season.

Richard Krivonozka

Perhaps, but mainly dead wood.


Just helping United, Pool, Chelski out with there top 4 ambitions and quest in Europe. We’re a 6th place club, a feeder club now -lol. How does the old Whinger look in the mirror these days.


Will hate seeing him in a Chelsea shirt but I’ll give him a hearty round of applause if he comes to play at the Emirates. A lot of respect to Giroud for grinding it out over some tough periods and he’s obviously fond of the club. If his ambition is to play at the World Cup, I do wonder if being Dortmund’s first choice striker would have been a better option for him. But we’re too quick to judge football players and it may well be family reasons behind his desire to stay in London and I have all the… Read more »


I’m sorry, but him leaving at all – let alone to Chelsea – has not made this transfer window a success. We’re certainly different, but we are not better. With Auba Europa tied, this is terribly short sighted in an attempt to win that competition, let alone challenge for fourth.

King Nacho

This might be weird. But it’s seems to me to be a long-sighted decision.

Das boi

Why are we getting ripped off again ffs


Unfortunate, i really wish could straight swap him for Luiz though for temporarily fix our defense. I hope Gazidiz and co can pull something tomorrow.


well if not luiz we can buy evans with the gorud money now.

Gooner McGoonFace

This one hurts. 🙁

Luke Brown

My my… I fear this is a decision we will come to regret very soon…


We should write him a fat cheque & make him go to Dortmund. Chelsea should not be an option for under £50m . Strengthening there top4 chances ! Why would we do that !


Surely an obligatory NOOOOOOOOOOO gif for this one blogs?

Little Mozart





For the shit we give players about leaving us…now we are just turning over players. To rivals like its nothing ! Still got alot to learn AFC


Fucking love Olivier, he’s a gooner and has has a place in all of our hearts, can’t really believe this.


Theo plus HFB plus Alexis equals 60 odd goals last season.

Aubamayang will need to hit the ground running and score a packet to replace that many goals. Would prefer to keep the HFB.


And as we know from Lacazette…that isn’t often the case.

But the purchases are now somewhat removed from Arsenen and in the hands of Mslintat who is promoting players he has had relations with in previous club.

Be careful for what you wish for.

Adams Jnr

I wish I could upvote this many times over.


Why little choice ? Couldn’t we send him on loan to Dortmund ?? As for his price tag for a proven goal scorer and Frances no 1 striker 18 mill is a joke in the current market, he’s worth at least 30 mill surely? ??


Its stupid. Mslintat has beenless than convincing. They are doing things at their convenience with no consideration for strategic interest. They are just negotiating on assets that they have had relation with Mhkitaryan and Aubameyang. They know it is easy enough to pull the wool over the eyes of the average supporters with a couple of ‘big ‘ signings with good “statistics.” Giroud would be better off not committing now and waiting till summer where he will get better offers in. BUT you feel they are putting pressure on him to force their preferred deal through. It would have been… Read more »

Original Paul

If you want to make an omelet you have to break a few eggs.


We’re making a mess then.


Yes but not if you broke the eggs over the dirt…

Richard Krivonozka

Is he really an upgrade for Chelsea? Much as I love what Giroud has done for the club, and appreciate his finishing ability but his lack of pace is a problem that won’t get any better and he’s just returning from a hamstring injury. It’s not at all unusual for hamstring’s to recur and take weeks to recover.

They might just be much worse off from this deal….


considering he’s just cover for Morata, 18m being pocket change for them, it’s very much worth the punt for them. Whereas we have no Plan B now.

Richard Krivonozka

Lacazette is our plan B. Welbeck our Plan C. Nketiah our plan D.


only City spend 50m on Plan Bs….


Massively underrated player and there goes our ‘plan B’. Seems so cheap too and we’re strengthening Chelsea with exactly the kind of player they need. They’ll play to his strengths too, unlike Arsenal. Really worried this will come back to bite us big time.


He’s 31..Sanchez 29, both passed their best. We had them (and Walcott *cough*) at their peak years. This is all good.
Too many sentimental Gooners on here…thanks Oli, but onwards and upwards we go!


Sentiments is what makes us fans in first place. Walcott wasnt contributing , sanchez we had to bank on him but Giroud , he has always comeback stronger and being world cup year he will comeback stronger. Giroud offers what no one else in the squad does , not sure aubameyang does too. Remember benayoun.

John Griffiths

Sad to see him go. Very under-rated by too many fans. However, he is 31 and has hardly featured this year. A squad with no ‘back to the goal target man’ is not a good thing.

Always Arsenal

Well the fans change who they like every 10 mins.


We should insist on Luiz…fuck it! We will have added a experienced curved spine in the window

Big Mad Andy

We seem to be really, really bad at getting good VFM for our players.


Took all the joy out of this transfer window. Not that it’s been a happy one so far, but now I can’t even take much joy in Aubameyang…

Bon voyage HFB!

master floda

What happened to Carroll to Chelsea? If we really have to sell Giroud, I would rather see him at west ham. But maybe a merry go round involving 4 clubs is too difficult so close to the deadline…


This is like ordering a £300 main course and finding pubes in it! Not good

Jean Ralphio

This is sad to see. Giroud was involved in some legendary goals and while getting Auba is better for us, we’re losing a player that, like Alexis, gave everything for us.

Abou Diabys cyborg knees

John Terry’s a cunt.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Chelsea is one massively all encompassing Syf riddled cunt!


Worst run club in Europe. Letting Giroud’s wife dictate the terms of our record transfer.


I have absolutely no problem with ripping up this squad and being ruthless with players that have been proven season after season to get us nowhere near the top prizes domestically and in Europe. No problem at all. He’ll go from our bench to the chavs bench because his missus wears the trousers and doesn’t want to leave London. I was personally bored to tits with the likes of Walcott and Gibbs and in all honesty I’ve always found Giroud a rather ridiculous preening ponce of a man. All this handsome bollocks was clearly read by him and went straight… Read more »


I hate the ‘his woman made him do it’ we get whenever a player doesn’t go where fans want.

Yankee Gooner

Exactly. As if it’s impossible that Giroud himself would make a decision in the best interests of his family.


That is pretty far from what I said. But the reason he’s not playing for Everton or Dortmund or back in France is at his wife’s behest I believe yes.


As I have been saying all window, we would have had it easier just getting Mahrez for 50m City are now purportedly interested. It would have been straight in and balanced out what we lost in creative force with Alexis with goal scoring ability. But part of the problem in ceding authority for Wenger to the new buying team is we have people now who do not seem to understand the balance of the squad never mind the larger strategic implications. They are just buying and selling what they can get at that is conveniently in front of them with… Read more »


You’d rather have Mahrez and 10 million left in Stans ranch vault rather than Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan a double act that have previously proved a pretty lethal combo. Ok not for me though sorry.
We couldn’t sell Sanchez to city. We tried but sanchez’ demands and his agents insistence on trying to make a name for himself scuppered that.
What asset did we not need to replace until the summer? Sanchez?
Sorry but that’s crazy.
Just because you have differing views on players doesn’t mean anyone’s havIng wool or any other sheep based product pulled over anything.


I think both of you should understand that both of you have different and valid opinions. But Arsenal’s problems are not at none of your points. I would say something else. Ok, nevermind who left, who came and things like that. We can take our players as an example for “investigating” our problems. If we agree, for example, that Ozil is a top player, then I think that many of us will agree that he doesn’t have enough quality around him to flourish. Who else? Bellerin is a good player, but doesn’t have wide right player to combine and interchange… Read more »


Mahrez is going for 200M I heard


This is horrible. I think the Blue of their shirt is really going to bring out his eyes.


Disgusting!!! If we end up 1 point behind Chelsea for 4th place because of this I will never forgive them. Utter shambles. Sanchez was understandable but Giroud??? Everton have bid £25 million plus for him so why did we not do the deal if Arsene was going to let him go. I don’t think we needed Aubamyeng that badly. Giroud is a Superstar and wanted him to finish his career at Arsenal. He always gave his all and is this the thanks that he deserves? No wonder Sanchez left.


His price would be higher selling in the summer but the buying team want this deal done because they are leveraging (for whatever motive) on their previous relations instead of actually doing work that is in long term beneficial to the squad

Or in this case, even in short term…since Aubameyang is cup tied. Giroud is not. Instead he goes to strengthen a rival for CL as well.

Hey, some fans are happy just for something new without thinking of consequences. And the cycle repeats itself…

Lord Bendnter

You know, I didn’t have a problem with Giroud leaving this window if we can get Obamayang.
But my issue is with the price. If indeed this 18m news is true, then it’s a pretty big embarrassment for us as a major club as well as for Giroud.
Are you telling me Giroud is worth a mere 18m in this market? What are ppl smoking??
You are telling me we will be selling Giroud for a cheaper price than Walcott??
And then that too to a major rival who we are competing with for a champions league spot??


Aubameyang is also cup tied for europa.

Aside from strengthening one of our remaining rivals for top 4 with 14 matches to go…you have no problem with that?

Lord Bendnter

Of course I have a HUGE problem with selling to Chelsea I thought teams with crappy attacks such as West Ham or Chelsea would take Giroud for say about 30 to 35million pounds Obviously, selling him to Chelsea is the dumbest shit ever. the biggest slap across the face, and absolutely shameful for a club of our size. But you’re telling me that we can only manage 18million pounds for a player of Giroud’s caliber from a cash rich club Chelshit that is desperate for a striker? If I were Roy Hodgson, I would be locking up Benteke in a… Read more »

Easy tiger

This club can never do a god damn thing right. It always a bitter sweet taste. Every time. Good luck giroud.

Mrs Maitland-Niles



It’s what you get wishing that Wenger cedes control to Mslintat and gang. In truth Wenger should have been kept in charge of transfers.Frankly its one of the things he is best at. What the (daft) board needed to do is to have control on Wenger and push him to spend more rather than leave so much wiggle space so early on to Mslintat. There is no consideration for overall strategic objective nor balance in the squad and they have been lazy picking off from their relationship with familiar clubs. Ordinarily this is not necessarily a bad thing but we… Read more »

Godfrey Twatsloch

Yes! YUCK!



Is it just me or do we get far below market value when we move players on?

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