Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Sanchez sends farewell message to fans and club

Alexis Sanchez has sent a message of thanks to Arsenal fans and staff, and compared his decision to leave the club to that of Thierry Henry.

The club’s record signing left the Gunners for Barcelona in 2007, while Sanchez will now play for Manchester United after the swap deal with Henrikh Mkhitaryan went through on Monday evening.

The Chilean used his Instagram account to say his goodbyes, and you can read his message in full, as posted, below.

Gracias por todo Gunners ! I want to say thanks to the Technical Staff, to the medical team and all teammates with whom I shared many nice things for the club and especially those people who do not see themselves on the covers, but without them nothing would be possible, which are there to prepare food for us and take care of us day by day, those who keep our shoes clean and the grass in the best conditions. Many thanks to you for helping us to improve every day. Thank you very much ?.

There are people (former club players) who have spoken with no knowledge of what happens inside the club and cause damage. I must say I always gave 100%, until the last day, when I asked to the Mister to be in the team, because I wanted to be a contribution.
I remember today, a conversation I had with Henry, a historic Arsenal player, who changed club for the same reason and today is my turn.

Thanks for everything Gunners! All we achieved and the good moments that I gave to the club, I want to dedicate it to the fans, they are the most important. Thanks for every time you sing Alexis Sanchez Baby.

Sanchez leaves with 80 Arsenal goals to his name, including a rip-roaring strike in the 2015 FA Cup final.

Meanwhile, Arsene Wenger has welcomed his new signing to the club, saying that he’s swapped one world class talent for another. Let’s hope Mkhitaryan can rediscover some of the form he displayed at Dortmund where has absolutely devastating at times.

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May you have the same effect in their dressing room as you had in ours, cabron.


Only a matter of time before his dogs give him TB anyway

Mein Bergkampf

Yeah, so it was about the money really. For a while I got it, Citeh have the best manager in the world and are probably going to be one of the biggest clubs in the world for the next three or four years at least. In a way, you can’t begrudge a player wanting to be a part of what promises to be a special era for the club. But to chose an anti football manager and a club that will be playing second fiddle to Citeh for the remainder of Sanchez’s career is pathetic. For once I’m going to… Read more »


Was it about the money? Arsenal f*cked up the contract and didn’t sell him in the summer when it was clear that Sanchez wasn’t going to sign a renewal. It was trying to make a very bad situation somewhat palatable by getting this deal. And it was the best deal that Arsenal and Sanchez could get at this moment in time. Maybe Sanchez wanted to go somewhere else, but when there aren’t any potential buyers who put in acceptable offers, then he has to take what is acceptable to the club. That isn’t to say that he didn’t make out… Read more »

Mein Bergkampf

Totally agree that it was a real poor show that he didn’t go in the summer. But I’m questioning Sanchez’s motives here, not really addressing the clubs part in it. I’m frankly amazed that he’d chose a hands down worse club for an extra 100k a week. That’s not a winners behaviour, it’s a mercenary’s.


They are 2nd in the table and playing in the CL right now, so they are not worse. If you mean instead of City, it is really down to the offer again. If there wasn’t an offer that City put in that Arsenal deemed acceptable, then what can Sanchez do? He could wait until the summer. Taking my Arsenal hat off and Mourinho opinions off – look at it this way – Mourinho has won the CL and competes for titles (let’s ignore that he is a chequebook manager and a c*nt). Utd are still in the CL – Sanchez… Read more »

Mein Bergkampf

Never take your Arsenal hat off – look what happened to Alex Hleb.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

To boot he is using Henry’s name. When Henry left everybody said he became anxious waiting for the development of the young players. As of today, we have a performance problem, we do not have Djourou, Senderos, Bendtner, Justin Hoyte, young Gael Clichy, Owosu, young Theo, Eboué etc…

KW gooner

Thierry henry left one of the bedt Arsenal squads and became something normal hes never considered a legend in barcelona.. but i believe we couldve won the 2008 prem league without gallas as captwin


And if Rozza and Eduardo hadn’t got crocked!


How do Arsenal wants to tie him by not qualifying CL and not offering 350000 a week?


That ship sailed over a year ago. Either tie him down when he has 18 – 24 months on his deal or sell him. To sit around and hope that he will sign into his final year is just plain stupid.


They are in a way better spot to challenge than us.

We have strengthened them not necessarily done what is needed for us.

Bought a couple of blings one low on confidence, the other with potential attitude issues both 29yrs and on and with high wages.

I don’t think Alexis is wrong to leave us.


Exactly. As a big club you take ownership of the situation, preferably sell him abroad or extract the highest transfer fee possible in the domestic market. We did neither. And this crowing about Sanchez’ motives is the height of hypocrisy. Why did Arsenal knock down Highbury and build the Emirates? For the cash. If Alexis had gone to City some of you would still abuse him for taking the easy route to a title win. I’m sure Alexis would just laugh at some online idiot calling him a “jumped up egomaniac”. The man put up over 120+ goals and assists… Read more »


how much did Heisenberg make a month?


Arsenal did not want to sell to City because they did not bid high enough. And Alexis made up his mind to leave in January. He would get a bigger contract if he stayed put until the summer. Let’s face it, he’s not the hypocrite here, Arsenal is because we promised him a club hungry to win titles and instead he got a side struggling for top 4 and unwilling to invest enough in the team.


I thought the primary reason why Wenger didn’t sell Sanchez and Ozil in the summer is for us to get back to top 4 and to prove that we are no longer a selling club. Now he has realised that we may not make top 4 he’s being smart by bringing in a player of quality from United as swap deal. He’s also trying to bring in Aubameyang as well to improve the squad. I think Mikhitarian is to replace Ozil who may be leaving in the summer.

Easy tiger

It always is. He went to us because we paid more than Barca. And leaves because utd Pays more than us.


The more he says the more small minded and egotistical he seems.


Why is he small minded? He is just thanking the fans.

Small minded is still believing in player loyalty in this day and age.

We don’t match his ambition.


Having finished above the club he joins for errr is it the last four years?


Bayern and Citee pulled out because ridiculous high wages of one individual player might worsen the team morale. But I guess that doesn’t happen at ManU because underperforming players are earning ridiculous wages there.


They can afford it. We can’t.

And our branding is going down the toilet.

It looks like we are adding ‘quality with Aubameyang and Mhykitarian but if you look at us versus United with Pogba, De Gea, Alexis….I think you know why we are so far behind commercially and not catching up…never mind footballing terms.

David C

how long before Pogba asks for a raise? I’ve read that he already has. This will be a problem for ManUre. I loved Alexis when he was with us, but he’s not worth that money.

David C

notice that no Arsenal players posted any goodbyes or good luck on social media? that tells you something…


Can Sanchez compare himself to Henry?

Don Cazorleone




Thierry Henry



I don’t see Arsenal erecting a statue of his dogs outside the stadium, in a million years no.


Can’t even compare himself to Giroud Imo. Sanchez was our goal scoring Ox at best. Atleast Ox was a positive influence in the dressing room. Can’t wait to watch him under Mr. Park the bus when he comes deep at 0-0 to collect the ball and do a silly step over, ignore Pogba, do a quick turnaround with the ball like a poor man’s Cazorla and pretend to dribble like a super star only to make a pointless chip or a useless ground pass to Lukaku who would then lose the ball because he was too slow to react. It’ll… Read more »


We don’t even have the gumption to keep Giroud.

Instead we will rely on Welbeck, another United reject the same fans here got all excited about because of his pace.

Never learn.


Well said. I am in total agreement with this comment. What bugs me is the thought that “Did Theirry Henry advise him to move away from Arsenal?”

KW gooner


A Different George

I hope this is just anger, and not a reflection of your own “footballing intelligence.”

Thierry Bergkamp

Do you really need to ask?




Alexis can compare himself to a steaming turd if he wants. His own opinion of himself is his right.
The fans though, know he isnt on the same level as Henry.

Luke Brown

Thierry Henry is a football legend. Sanchez is a footnote and likely to remain so. THB, however, I don’t think that Sanchez was comparing himself to him in that sense.


Not in a million years.


Sarcasm is hard to put across online.


Did you change teams to go to barca alexis, oh wait you left barca to come to arsnal and you left arsenal to fo to a team that is 12 points behind the leaders and a team tha we finished 3 years in a row above them and a team that since 2013 didnt even a little chalanged for the title. In the end you rejected city for a insane big money a team that you would have won the league in your first 6 months. Bye bye yo did good for us but you will be repaced and soon… Read more »


The same team that, as much as I hate to say it has shown more ambition moving forward than Arsenal has for the last 4 years or so? The team that he’ll join that will likely challenge for the title next season? I fucking hate utd… all the more so because of the asshole at their helm, but let’s be fair here – utd and the one that shan’t be named are arming themselves to make a run for the title next season. I hope to hell that arsenal are doing the same right now, but forgive me for having… Read more »

Thierry Bergkamp





Perfectly put.

Mayor McCheese

A good translation, except for the unintended ‘t’ in ‘Mister’.



Mentally was prepared for it but it hurt when I saw him Man U shirt…


Me too! looking at the video playing Glory Glory united…. Fuck My blood boiled… But I’m positive because of Mkhitaryan I just want to see him play.

Mrs Maitland-Niles

Tbh I had a good chuckle at him playing that on the piano. Half expected some Phil Collins though.

KW gooner

Yeah it was a bit ridiculous


Haha, I felt nothing. I’m actually so pleased to have Mkhitaryan, if you would have told me about this outcome in the summer I’d have bit your hand off clean.

Thierry Bergkamp

I felt nothing, too. However, I do hope that Ozil doesn’t fuck off to them or Chelsea for free.

Philos Sophos

This, this, a thousand times this. Figures of £60m were being touted last summer – but who would have been happy with a) the prospect of starting the season without Sanchez and b) £60m coming into the coffers but not being spent on adequate reinforcements. Signing Lemar to replace our leading goalscorer would have been a big gamble. To step up from Ligue 1 to the Premier League can take time even for quality prospects (Martial), but Alexis’ replacement would have had to perform immediately. Despite his flaws, everyone here knows how many points Alexis brought to the team. We… Read more »


My mate said the same thing… that he’s devastated. I felt nothing when I saw him in that shirt. Maybe my heart is just too cold but fuck it, we move forward boys!

Got a quality player in exchange, positive things hopefully happening/happened in Dortmund. Cesc was the last player that broke my heart. THAT was devastating for me. The rest of them.. ehh

RVP gets an honourable mention for cuntyness but not sadness or hurt that he’d gone.. just the sheer “fuck you” of it all.


The fans and Sanchez don’t deserve a board this incompetent. Completely understand his transfer

Lets hope Mkhi is a case like Lukaku/De Bruyne and Salah.


That’s where most of my anger is directed right now, not at Alexis – at our board and owners that put us in this situation again and have said literally fuck all as we lose one of our two best players to a rival. And Arsene being the soldier he is has to be the mouthpiece and one man PR machine for the entire club. It’s really shocking from a club our size. Whatever happens going forward the club has to do a better job at explaining it’s decisions (or lack thereof) and taking some pressure off the manager who… Read more »


Very true. The board are a disgrace and allow the manager to take all the flak. Yes the manager sometimes deserves some shit but so do the board but they hide behind him. I can’t stand Gazidis, he’s a snake.
I think we’ll get Auba because Gazidis has been happy for the medias photographers to see him in Dortmund so when it does come off it looks like it’s all down to him.


To quote Withnail “You can shove it up your arse for nothing and Fuck off while you’re doing it”

Clock End 20

The police, Mrs Bletherhasset…


I just don’t care. That probably says it all. I’ve fallen out of love with the whole thing. When RvP left, I was gutted. Now, I’m just “meh, whatever”. We got a new player. Meh. Of course I hope he does brilliantly and we win everything and all.. but.. it all feels so familiar. Mkhi is a great player. So is Aubameyang (?). But we’re signing replacements. We’re always signing replacements. Our “world class” players leave, and our loyal fight-till-death players are ignored, loaned or traded. I hope you have fun, Sanchez, and I don’t blame you for going for… Read more »


Our ‘world class player’ was playing nowhere near world class level, nor had been since about the middle of last season (Cup Final excepted). We had him at his best and it was a fun ride. It was also time for him to go. Sell-by date had been exceeded.Welcome Mkhi. Let’s show that c*nt Moaninho the magnitude of his error.


Well, he started last season visibly knackered, we couldn’t rest him at all because the squad was so light so he ended up starting 36 league games (the most of any player) and even in what you describe as a bad season still managed 24 and 10. Everyone loves Ozil right now because he’s in great form but by comparison he put up 8 goals and 9 assists in 32 starts. Just seems pointless to bash either of those two when our main problem was we needed another couple players who could put up those numbers while being “nowhere near… Read more »


You know, the final pass doesn’t always have to be Ozil’s. Hence the numbers. Sure he’s great with assists but as a playmaker he creates good plays and moves well to exploit spaces. He may put a telling attacking pass but the receiving player may lay it off for another to score. That’s the thing I love about Ozil. And the same reason why I disliked Sanchez. Sure he scores, but he disrupts our attack play massively. Unless he scores, otherwise it really grinds my gears to see us fluff counters after counters. And lately he can’t seem to ever… Read more »


Never questioned Ozil’s talent. You’re right, when he’s on form he does all those good things. I’m talking about last season when he was out of form and allowing big games to pass him by. Some of the people who are praising him today wanted him gone back then. I don’t buy this line about Alexis disrupting our attack at all. Everything that happens on the pitch happens because Wenger lets it. In his most successful period for Chile Alexis played high up and had a midfield behind him that orchestrated swift, incisive attacks. Even Germany played Ozil high up… Read more »


Sad to see him go, but I believe it’s for the best at this point. I’m not going to pretend to wish him the best, because I don’t; in fact, I hope he adds his name to the long list of players who regret leaving Arsenal. That and Mourinho is almost as big of a piece of shit as Mike Dean is, almost…


I’d love to see this list.

I’ve seen one where just about every major player to leave us in the last ten years has gone on to win titles and Champions Leagues, they seemed to be coping.

Dr Zearse

Vieira, Petit, Hleb, Anelka, Petit, Overmars, to name just a few – none reached anywhere near the same heights after leaving.

Fabregas, while doing well at Chelsea, really underachieved at Barca. RVP had one good season at United before his career nosedived. And Henry had one good season with Barca, although he won the treble that year, which nobody would begrudge him.

Now, let’s see your list


Brutal honesty FTW!


I still love him, it’s not his fault we have a has been clown as a manager. So many great goals and moments, and he – at least earlier on before he became understandably disillusioned – gave his all for the shirt.


Then FO to Manchester and continue loving him.


Nah some of you have actually lost your damn minds. Don’t start abusing other Arsenal fans over this. That’s not okay.


Agree, if finally last summer we’d have rid of the old conman & got a decent coach/manager, I’m sure Alexis would have stayed. But the powers to be!!!! did not. All this wringing of hands & grinding of teeth just papers over the real issue. King Canute and his ever shrinking empire.


Brilliant player, so many great moments, could have gone down in history as a club great, but…FUCK HIM.

I hope his time in Manchester, The Arsehole of England, is utterly utterly shit.

Adios, arsehole.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Shame it’s come to this. Fantastic player. It’s a shame the do gooder PR machine on here have tried (& continue to try) to portray him as the main problem in our squad. Utter nonsense.


Despite Coquelin coming out to deny it, but what does he know?

Nic Bell

No Alexis you are not an invincible and world cup winner moving to the biggest club in the world to try win the champions league, the last medal left for you to win.




I’m sad but philosophical about Alexis Sanchez leaving Arsenal. We’d all take another job if we more than doubled our pay for doing the same job. If it was about stylish football he’d have stayed at Arsenal or moved to Man City but he’s chosen to join Manchester’s second best team and the least attacking manager and least attractive footballing side in the top 6. So let’s not pretend it’s about anything other than money! Thanks for the memories but we move on; onwards & upwards!








That’s my boy!

Jean Ralphio

He gave it all and would have honoured his contract. I think this one deserves applause and not boos.


no, he didnt, or we wouldnt be discussing


Ozil writing his goodbyes too.
…now THAT is gonna hurt.


Definitely don’t want to lose Ozil. As a playmaker, he is unparalleled. We have seen how much it hurts the team when he isn’t in the lineup. We become a boring, plodding team.


I fcking have to work for a decade to earn money he could earn in a week if he signed for City but that wasn’t enough. When does the greed end? He could choose between Pep and Mourinho. PL title won months ago for the Blues and he could play alongside KDB and Aguero etc. I’m sorry, whole shit was about money and you Alexis created yourself alot of angry fans, not just Arsenal’s but City’s too.


He could’ve gone to City, played the minimum ten games and picked up a Premier League winner’s medal.


Thanks Alexis, it was fun for a while.

I hope it all goes to shit in Manchester, but not because I’m bitter or don’t like you as a player, or as a person, or as a dog-owner (OK what the fuck was that all about, I never got that) but because my hatred for Mourinho outweighs just about everything else in the known universe.


Great player when committed but he hasn’t been for the past 9 months and he has undoubtedly been a distracting influence in the dressing room and on the pitch. We had some superb stuff from him but he won’t be remembered as an Arsenal Great and I still don’t understand why he would dream of going to play for Maureen !

Sadly, it still hurt to see him in that shirt though!


At least the same bitter comments are consistent over the years. It’s the player right? Money right? That’s all it is and absolutely nothing else’s, won’t hear a word of it! Blah fuckin blah. Let’s boo him at the stadium but cheer the very chap who every single one of these players has made the same comments about, Alexis somewhat more subtle than RVP but the same message. But that just doesn’t fit the fabricated narrative does it? Greedy, two faced troublemakers the lot of ‘em! Brace yourselves for Mikha and Auba as wing backs, and don’t you dare tell… Read more »


Have a day off mate…..


Let me switch to the opposite point of view and then I can post as much as I like right?


Great idea!


I had to upvote this.


Trying my best not to be bitter and let’s face it, this club (board, manager, players et al) isn’t good enough to challenge for the biggest prizes. I dont begrudge Sanchez the move. But this goodbye message has really made my eyes roll. Look, no one wants to be hated for trying to better themselves but this was unnecessary and just kinda cringey


Did he really compare himself to Henry? ? I’d have thought Van Persie would be a better comparison. Shame really. Both could have gone down in Arsenal history.

Oh, well.


Henry was throwing tantrums and disruptive near his end at Arsenal too.

German Diesel

Arsenal to finish above ManU this season.


Good heaven’s don’t the Manure PR people write like a six year old…


Rings hollow, very hollow.

Man Manny

Thanks for the memories. No hard feelings. I wish you well at Man U except:
1. Don’t win the epl or cl with them.
2. Don’t ever play well against Arsenal.


Na, I just wish they get relegated.

German Diesel

Mkhitaryan to score the winner in the Europa League final.


Thanks for the memories Alexis, now may you injure your hamstring and collect your sizable paycheck from the stands for the rest of your season. Micki is an upgrade on Theo and Aubameyang would be an upgrade on Sanchez as far as an out and out forward goes. If we get that over the line it will have been a good window. I hope we don’t lose Giroud though, as he’s a great option too. Hopefully we’ll add the goals and the fear factor we’ve been missing this season.


He’s joining a team managed by Mourinho about 18 months to 2 years into his tenure.
That’s roughly the point at which wheels start wobbling & threatening to come flying off in all directions, rumours of rows, bullying & players being ignored and side-lined start leaking out
There’s a reason why a coach, who wins trophies early in his reign at every club he manages, never lasts more than 3 years in the same job.
Be interesting to see just how well two such shrinking violet characters get on in the short/medium term, doubt there’ll be a long term.

Ian Middlemist

Just glad the whole ‘when will he go circus’ is finally over. Hopefully Miki can hit the floor running and find the form he left at Dortmund. Might even help get the Aubameyang deal over the line. Sanchez is a great player and regardless of people’s thoughts on the hierarchy of the club, no player is bigger than The Arsenal. Get Ozil and Wilshire to sign up as well as Ramsey (don’t want to see this start again next season). Who knows, with a DM signing (possibly someone for AMN to shadow and learn from) as well as a few… Read more »


Who knows indeed! with a proper go ahead coach, anything’s possible!


Moaninho says Alexis is one of the best players in the world. Alexis though didn´t make it on top 30 list of Ballon d’Or in the last two years. Aubameyang, however did, on both lists

Little Mozart

It bothered me when Henry left, buy for Alexis to refer to that as if he has contributed half of what Titi did is a clear demonstration of his own ego and nothing more.

Now I’m really annoyed.


Why are some fans bitter?

He played great for us. There were times that you want to scream at him to pass the ball but more then not there were times you would cheer him on.

I wish him good luck at ManU but hope the team sucks and Mou has another breakdown with his team this season or the next because we all know it will happen lol

Bould\'s Eyeliner

I could tell you why we’re so bitter about this, but it’s easier if you just look at our transfer business history and season reviews for the past ten years, ever since our Faberge eggs were sold to Barca, because he didn’t believe in our ability to win, and he heard his ‘DNA’ reach out to him like a Michael Crichton film. We sold someone to our historically greatest rivals, letting a manager whom we have passionately hated cinch a title with a striker that we raised for ten years. Most of us who felt a vein pop during that… Read more »


Biggest club in the world, Seriously, just screw off mate. Dick.


Bye sanchez let’s move on I’m excited for the rest of the season, fuck sanchez we’re arsenal f. C no one is bigger than thay


I got no ill will for the man. Loved watching Alexis in an Arsenal kit and it really really sucks that he left. But that’s modern football. Let’s not act like he’s different from any other big player that wants to make as much money as he can and win as much as he can until his short career ends – or that Arsenal is different from other big clubs that lose top quality players for all sorts of reasons. Go on Alexis, make that money, chase trophies – its just a shame it has to be for those fuckwads… Read more »


It’s going to be sickening seeing him celebrate his first goal and no doubt the Portuguese weasel will run to him for a hug.

Totally agree with everything you’ve said here.


Yeah great comment. Will be sick in my mouth every time I see him play but best way to get over that is for Arsenal to sort our own house out and start beating the crap out of these Manchester clubs.


I can’t be the only one that wants Walcott to do well at Everton but wants Sanchez to fail miserably at Man Utd!!


And fuck you too, Sanchez!


Don’t want any bad happens to Alexis, just hope the whole United teams performs miserably and our new guys plays brilliantly. My wet dream is that we secure CL next year and they drop to 5th in the last game. Won’t happen of course, but dreams are cheap…


Not happy about him leaving, but the truth is Arsene consistently leaves these players with no other choice. Footballers have short careers. From the days of Vieira when he was being courted by Real Madrid we’d hear our star players talk about strengthening. I remember when Ljunberg left in 2006 he said he left because the team wasn’t strengthening. inconsistent players like Walcott who are given millions of chances to prove their worth is why star players leave. By all means play kids with potential, but they need to be surrounded by consistent, hardworking pros. Not just 2-3 major trophy… Read more »


Michael Thomas, legend of Anfield ’89, said the same thing recently about how the club has not progressed enough in the last few years, especially in defence.


Not sure about ex players commenting. We’ve had top players leave us when we were good. Overmars, Petit, Vieira, Ca$hley. Vieira was one of the best players we’ve ever had, but for years he kept us thinking he would leave every summer. David Dein said they eventually got tired off it. Footballers are young guys, they talk a lot about who’s earning what and lives in what house. They also have agents constantly in their ears. If Arsenal were challenging for all the top trophies Sanchez’s agent would be saying he should be earning more than anybody else in world… Read more »


I agree money plays a big factor but trophies do too.

If Arsenal do actually win more major trophies then they would be making even more money to pay even higher wages.



Thank you for the first couple of seasons.. as you were top notch… but this season you were complete shite… So here’s wishing that both your legs fall off while you slip trip over your belovered dogs and you impale your self with one of then in your rusty ring piece you traitorous git….

Big up the arsenal


Fair play to all these people saying they’re not bitter.

I bloody am. Really bitter. Hope it goes really wrong, you fall out with everyone and United are really shit with you there.

And miki returns to form he had in last season with Dortmund.

And do not compare yourself to Henry. Arrogant git.

Frank the Gooner

Him and that portuguese cocksucker at the same club… its going to be an episode of Home and Away. Brilliant.


No sonata? He went for the money? Of course he did. Why not? The writing was on the wall when he saw how clownish our defense has been. He only ever gives 110% on the pitch and he knows he won’t be enough to lift the club on his own the way we are going nor can the club match his ambition. Some people here want to console themselves but frankly, United have the pragmatism to fill the weak spots and go for the challenge as they did when they nicked RVP off of us. Remember the game when some… Read more »


When van pussy went i found it very difficult to understand and it hurt, i cursed him big time and hoped he would fall apart like he had done many times for us but the nasty skunk had the last word and got his trophy. This time round we’ve had time to get used to sanchez leaving. I really couldn’t give a shit why he left I just know the club is better off with out him. He became a one man show and it wasn’t nice to watch.


The boy who dreamed of Man U and was shipped off to Turkey after a one season stand. I think he got what he bargained for.


heard feyenood still love him, who really want a cunt


I don’t understand the ire against Alexis. If it makes some feel better to guise our inadequecies. BOTH RVP and Alexis only ever gave us 110% neither felt we confident for good reason we were going to build up around them sufficiently quickly to mount a proper title challenge or CL. And they are right. RVP (the arse that he was) went on to win the title. Alexis has since seen all his endeavor go to nought as we have slipped out of CL spot and this season look off the mark even in getting back in. Why won’t he… Read more »


I think you forget that for many many seasons RVP was injured and the club stood by him. When he came back he played well for that season then told us he was off. Thats why we hated him

David Hillier\'s luggage

I’m sorry but that farewell message was horrible. I’d rather have the PR guff to be honest. The accompanying egotistical video where the camera following him around post charity shield (clearly he planned to use this before his movie to City broke down), the criticism of former players and the comparing himself to Henry make him seem like a selfish twat with a ridiculously high opinion of himself. Even in that tagged on ‘thank you’ to the fans, he talks about the “moments that I gave to the club”. If you really wanted to thank the fans, applauding when they… Read more »

Mrs Maitland-Niles

I think it says a lot he actually threw Henry under the bus in his farewell statement…


Oddly I don’t have the same feeling of dissapointment when other good players left I didn’t really associate with him like I did with some of the great players in the past wont miss him at all especially if aubemyang arrives

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