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Transfer latest: Aubameyang, Mkhitaryan, Sanchez, Malcom, Walcott

It looks like it’s shaping up to be a busy week when it comes to transfers for Arsenal. There’s talk of players coming and going, so rather than do a load of individual stories, here’s the latest update on each case.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

The Guardian report that Arsenal are confident of signing the 28 year old from Borussia Dortmund after talks between the two clubs took place today.

The come against the backdrop of disciplinary issues with their general manager, Michael Zorc, saying, “What is going on now is not to be tolerated by the club

“It cannot go on like this. I don’t know what is going through his mind. I don’t recognise him anymore. There is trouble in the team and that is not good.”

He would be a high profile name to bring in as a replacement for Sanchez, a boost for fans and the squad alike as they lose one of their main stars, regardless of how disruptive he reportedly was.

A fee of around €60m has been mentioned, but Arsenal would surely look to do business below that, and possibly use Olivier Giroud in the deal as he almost joined the German side in the summer.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan & Alexis Sanchez

“I would lie if I said it was a pure tactical decision”, said Jose Mourinho, explaining why he left the Armenian out of his squad for United’s game against Stoke tonight.

He’s believed to have been offered to Arsenal as part of a deal that would see Alexis Sanchez move to Old Trafford.

The Chilean, meanwhile, has been offered a lot of money and the number 7 shirt, but some reports suggest Mkhitaryan could throw a spanner in the works because of his reluctance to join the Gunners. He currently earns £200,000 a week with United and is unlikely to want a pay cut.

Man City are apparently still interested in Sanchez, and hopefully if he goes to Manchester that’s where he ends and we find out Wenger has been stringing Mourinho along like some kind of transfer catfish and the United manager’s head bursts open with rage.

Update: Manchester correspondents saying City have pulled out, but Chelsea are now making a move. That would also make Mourinho’s head burst.


The Bordeaux forward has had talks with Arsenal, and today the French club softened their stance on him.

Arsenal may have to pay up to €50m for obtain the services of the 20 year old Brazilian, but he’s a player highly rated by new Head of Recruitment, Sven Mislintat, who had identified him as a possible signing for his former club, Borussia Dortmund.

A deal could go through in the next few days.

Theo Walcott

The 28 year old’s substitute appearance against Bournemouth is likely to be his last for the club, with Everton said to be in pole position to sign him. Sam Allardyce confirmed his interest last week and £20m would be enough for Arsenal to sell.

There is also interest from Southampton, and the England international could still be tempted by a move back to his old club. It would be a far less intense relocation for him and his family.

However, the smart money right now is on him moving to Merseyside.

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what we need is more strikers. yes!!


Lacazette gets no service and ends up coming deeper to compensate. Until we have more people (like an Özil on a good day) capable of playing those precision incision passes, I fear that any new strikers will continue to be mesmorized by those awe-inspiring side ways passes we do…


Yes!! Imagine a front three with Laca on the right, Aubameyang on the left and Malcom in the Middle! Where is my damn coat?


That will never happen. Wenger will only buy one of these players. When has he EVER bought exactly what we need to cover for injuries and spoil the club a little. I’ve seen this too many times. I wish we’d get one of them and a sick midfielder tho.


Please don’t suggest we buy a sick midfielder – AW might take your advice literally!


Don’t need strikers. It will unbalance the team. We need wide players who can create particularly with BOTH Walcott and Alexis gone. Stupid to buy a striker in fact. You can only play one at a time. Lacazette needs time. If another comes in, it will affect him. Aubameyang is best up top. Getting rid of Giroud is idocy at this point. We have to have a weapon to knock down the door. Also both Lacazette and Aubameyang thrive in more open environment where we tend to face packed defenses. One of the reaons Lacazettte has found it more difficult.… Read more »


Malcolm 40m for a 20yr old who needs to adapt.

May as well get Mahrez for maybe 10m more, a player proven in league who is entering prime years at 26yrs.

Don’t understand the thinking.


poor tactics , lack of defensive organizatio poor planning resulting in yet another poor season.

wengers verdict, throw even more money in the transfer window. we are pissing in the wind here folks.

part of me even feels , wengers know his own inability to motivate the team ans is trying to hide it by gimmicks like this


Think he is already working on the next year as he noticed Arsenal won’t get into the top4 with such a team. So there’s always next year and he already prepares for it. And maybe seeing the investment Özil stays.
The real question her is whether he is able to do sg with the porous defence and the non-functioning midfield. Is he able to buy a DM finally or shall we try Xhaka in another season???


All these transfers are not by Wenger. He wouldn’t do them cos he’s comfortable with the players he has. There’s a change in management hence what is happening.

Granit(e) hard!

Cant say I agree with you pal. Its a win win situ for fans in my opinion….. why?….well, one solution is to get rid of the manager, but we know Arsene is going nowhere, he wont be sacked, and according to him, he dosen’t ‘walk away’ from a contract, so we are left with the fact that we’ve had the same problems for years without money being thrown at it… we have the same problems, but money is being thrown at it….whats there to complain about?…..cant get any worse, and might even work!


We do need a player like mkhitaryan though. Am I right in saying that IF we signed him and Aboameyang that only one could play Europa league seeing as though both played champions league? I recall something like this happened a while ago to another team and they could only register 1 player of the 2 who had played in the champions league when they dropped down to Europa?


Are mikhitariyan n malcom strikers?? Think for alittle dont critisize all the time

Wenger\'s Medulla Oblongata

Come on Sven! Work your magic!


In Sven we trust!


Will this help push ozil to sign? Without him it doesn’t matter who we buy to replace Sanchez IMO

Mein Bergkampf

Give a shit about Man United vs Man City vs Chelsea. Sell to the one offering the most dollar. Whichever he goes to, it’s going to be embarrassing. Let’s at least mask our red faces with a few extra mil in the bank…

jack jack jack

Don’t give a fuck, United would be awful


Considering the numbers being brandished about the buyer will also be left red faced. Paying £35m to sign a player 6 months before they become free is absolutely mad, even if he is a top talent. This bidding war between all these clubs has definitely put us in a much stronger position than I was expecting just a week ago.


Plus crazy salary signing bonus for player and manager. City quote states their expences now would exceed those in the summer. Notice our price cut. The difference is not lost. Someone is greedy.

David C

City just pulled out, apparently Chelski interested, but my bet is he’s going to Utd….would be typically lame from our beloved club yet not surprising. This is all according to BBC.


Who gives a shit where he goes..he has been crap for the last year pretty much. Sign a good replacement with this unexpected and fortuitois windfall and move on


On a free he would go to City, so in a way the 6 months is redundant as this is Utd’s only chance to sign him.


You mean a few extra mil in Kroenke’s bank!


I know we are inevitably going to lose our best player here, but imagine potentially getting Malcolm, Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan in to our team in the next two weeks. That would be mental


I dont believe it till I see it. Malcolm and Mkhitaryan could even be believable. Auba I just struggle seeing happen


This might not be a very popular opinion but im really not a big fan of aubamayang. Ignoring the fact I also don’t believe it’s likely to happen, and that given our current tactical failings recruitment is somewhat pointless, he’s never really won me over. He’s so erratic, rather like- dare I say it- welbeck in style. I know he’s got a good scoring record but I just can’t imagine him being a world beater over here- and clearly his attitude is lacking. That said I also labelled Kane a one season wonder..

Theo Walcott\'s Potential

How is he Welbeck-like in style? Welbeck’s worst attribute is his finishing and it’s Aubameyang’s best. And he has better ball control than Welbeck, not that it’s particularly difficult.

But I agree, I won’t believe it until I see him in an Arsenal shirt.


Finishing is certainly not his best attribute


He’s a world class welbeck. Ala welbeck form for england


How in the world can you call a player “rather like Welbeck” and “has a good goalscoring record”.
You know what would be a perfect center forward? Danny Welbeck if he scored regularly. If this is your definition of Aubameyang then he sounds fantastic.


Auba is top top super quality. I watch a lot of Dortmund..he is the real deal. Definitely more Henry than Welbeck. Would be a fantastic signing. He is actually better than Alexis IMO


Wish we could nab Pulisic at the same time. Dream lol

Mayor McCheese

It would, but meanwhile our central midfield doesn’t have a single player able to protect the back three/four. I’m all for strengthening our attack, particularly if we lose Sanchez, but until we fix our defensive set-up, no amount of firepower will get us out of this rut.



Mayor McCheese

Who has a lot of potential. He’d be a great back-up to a DM who has the experience and leadership to help him progress.


We need a new left back then..

Mayor McCheese

I assume that when Monreal is fit again, he could alternate with Kolasinac.

SB Still

I’ve made my peace with Sanchez leaving to ManU even with those 3 coming in.

Those 3, may also make Ozil to stay.

In the summer get a good DM and CB, move Wenger upto the board, bring in a good manager, we’ll be back where we belong – fighting with top clubs around the world.

I’m in bed but sure I’m dreaming before I’m sleeping!


Arsenal will be mid-Table with Wenger upstairs


We’re already mid table with him as a manager


Can we sell Welbeck as well? How about Xhaka? El-neny? Any takers? Didn’t think so.

Even with all of this activity, we’re still way short across the back line, and we need a proper DM, and cover for a proper DM, whom we sold to Valencia.

Plus, AW is still the manager, which means we’re in for more abject failure. Great planning AW. Bang up job.


Couldn’t agree with you more, even buying all 3 of them (which would never happen, cause you know, Wenger) won’t solve our deep rooted problems in midfield and defence. I mean, I have nothing against AMN, but counting on him as a DM is a freaking joke. Anyway, a proper DM wouldn’t be signed in our wildest dreams since Arsene doesn’t seem to ‘believe’ in that position.


Wenger is not the one in charge of these transfers, he doesn’t want Auba and Malcolm or Miki


That is hilarious.

twisted cuntloks

What a shambles in the middle of the season…


Good point; Arsenal’s defense has been abysmal and here we are looking at buying attackers. Tho, Arsenal isn’t really scoring enough either. So, every little bit helps, eh. And The Mhktarian (sp??) I don’t see as legit the way jack is playing. Unless they can fit in together. Then we’re looking at: Ozil, Ramsey, Wilshere, Mhk. Who plays? Kos and Monreal due back Jan. 20. So the kids (Chambers and Holding) go back to the bench and the defense should be a little better. Still need a better midfield. And Xhaka … yikes. Just don’t see the team being good… Read more »

Mike Riley\'s Honest Twin

Thing is, as blogs said earlier, our bigger failing has been not scoring. In years gone by, we have conceded silly goals but also scored more (usually and one could argue many years!).

I am all up for boosting the attack. As for who will play? That’s exactly the problem Arsenal Football Club need – let each one prove their worth.

I maintain best bit of business will be to sign up Mesut and Jack…let’s do this.

Jimbo Jones

I think if Mhk joins it is as a ready replacement for Ozil leaving in the summer.

If all this actually happens does it mean Wenger is staying? Or is it Sven starting to take control of recruitment ready for a new structure with whatever coach. Hope it’s the latter

We need attackers and defenders so I’ll have them but we’ve got to sort out GK DM and defence urgently

Greg in Seattle

We don’t need to sell them. We just need to not rely on them. If our squad were made up of Elnenys and Xhakas and Holdings because our first 15-16 were stronger, then our depth would an asset and you’d never see that FA Cup lineup.

But yeah, the manager is the problem. He’d really better consider giving Jack a rest. He’s playing with fire there.


I am sure you’ll see them leave in the next 2 Windows. At least Welbeck and Elneny. Should we sell Elneny, Welbeck and Xhaka right now? Definitely not without replacements otherwise we’ll be too short of players.
I don’t see why people are so down on this. We should have done this earlier and sure this is not all that is needed, but this was needed. We need better attackers.

Terry Webster

Why so many dislike your spot on


Everything stinks of desperation

Easy tiger

Than you know Wenger is stil in charge. Nothing will ever change…


It does but better that than doing absolutely nothing


Good news I suppose. I wonder how much influence AW has over these signings? I mean he won’t be there in a year’s time at most. A cm and defender wouldn’t go a miss


interestingly everyone of these players was a sven minseltat signing or someone he wanted for Dortmund (Malcom). wonder how much influence wenger has over the signings currently


Mislintat really has his work cut out for him!! If he manages to turn the squad around he’ll become a club legend.

Mike Riley\'s Honest Twin

There’s space for some more statues…do your magic Sven.


If all this stuff is to be believed he is doing his best. These players all seem connected to him one way or another.



Jimbo Jones

Yep. That’s what I wanted to say!


I like Sanchez but he is truly not worth all these bids…

Theo Walcott\'s Potential

You won’t like him once you see him in United’s number 7 shirt…




I like Sanchez too, but when we bought him I asked a friend who lives in Barcelona why they were selling him, what was wrong with him, etc. and he shrugged and said “because he loses the ball too much,” and he was basically right.

Anyway, so long Alexis. It was fun. I never really gave a shit about your dogs though.


“Losing the ball” crap is still being promulgated by Wengaboyz, I see.. Its fun to see what levels people are going to just to deflect blame from Wenger.

Granit(e) hard!

No, its not, he does loses the ball a lot……you can go back over the years and watch him play for Barcelona and Arsenal….his saving grace though is his work rate and that moment of magic that can win you matches. That’s what makes him “world class”.


James Robson is reporting 30M + the Mik. That’s arguably more than then 60M we were offered by Citeh in the summer. With Chelsea in, might go a bit higher.


who the hell is James Robson, and how does he know anything about any of this?


He’s the guy whose information this arseblog newspost is based around..


He knows a man who knows a man.


Seriously about that bid? If true, that sounds like “We can’t let MCFC stockpile more talent” thinking by MUFC and Chelsea. I mean, if they thought they could tempt him in the summer, they wouldn’t bother at those prices, right?

I worry about paying Mkhitaryan 200/week, though. That sounds like a mistake that will impact extending the contracts of other players for years to come.


We’re offerinv Özil 275k.

Mike Riley\'s Honest Twin

Atom – have you decided to stay in London for the Chelsea talks whilst Humber up in Manchester?


Well played


He creates the most chances in Europe. I think he’s probably worth that.


We should have not worried about wages and offered Sanchez 200k 18months ago and we wouldn’t be in this mess, but we waited and penny pinched and once again we find ourselves here, firefighting another contract fuck up.


I think we offered more than that 18 months ago actually


That would be fucking unreal for a guy who has mentally left the building already

Jean Ralphio

Fingers crossed we get all three. I will sell my kidney if we add some much-needed firepower which will be a huge moral boost to all at the club

Yankee Gooner

If you sell 4 or 5 kidneys, we could pay Mkt’s wages for a week. I’ve heard.


This being Arsenal, we could see all the outs go through and fail with those ins, end up taking danny Ings on loan on deadline day.


“We said signings not sign Ings”



Granit(e) hard!



Best comment on the trend


Believe ’em when we see ’em.

Mayor McCheese

You gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em.


John Cross thinks the Mkhitaryan deal will happen, which would be making the best of a bad situation. It would surely mean Ozil’s off, though, wouldn’t it?

Aubemeyang’s interesting. Damaged goods now, but that’s the only way Arsenal are likely to get such a goal machine.

I’d be very sorry to see Giroud leave but it would probably be better for his national hopes if he did and playing for Dortmund would be a great opportunity.


Damaged goods? When we were linked with Suarez the whole world was moaning about him biting Ivanovich.

When he signed for Barca, after biting another person, the whole world was singing praises about MSN


Oh, I’d be delighted to get him and I’m sure there’s a lot more to the story than we know but I’d have expected him to move before now if clubs weren’t a little cautious.


But there’s just a smidge of difference in the media’s attitude toward Barca v toward the Arsenal.


Not sure why it would mean Ozil’s off tbh – Mkh is a creative right sided player, a position which we’ve been lacking in for years. If anything surely he will be Walcott’s replacement?


I think both have said they prefer to play as a number 10. But you’re right – Mourinho’s been criticised for using him on the right (I think Klopp was, too) and so I thought his best season under Tuchel was mainly on the left and in the centre but it looks as if it was all over the width of the pitch. It would be great if he and Mesut could find a way to play together both to their strengths.


Mhykitarian is more a replacement for Walcott.

But we would have traded Alexis out. We need a left sided player.

Relying on Welbeck plan C and young Reiss just won’t do.

Rather pay 45m for Mahrez and get a proper player on the left too.

Don’t bother trading with United, often we get their rejects like Silvestre. Band aid solutions. There’s a reason why they are selling.


He can play on the left when Mesut is available and cover for him in the number 10 role when he isn’t


I think the Mikh deal makes the most sense. He’s out of favor which makes him ‘signable’ for current shitless state Arsenal, he’s a ready made Sanchez (god forbid Ozil) replacement plus already got valuable EPL experience. Simply cannot see Aubameyang happening although an Arsenal fan can dream… Malcolm is going to be talked about until deadline day when classic Wenger pulls the string because he’s unwilling to pay the extra 5 mil euros Bordeaux’s is asking for. It’s depressing that Thomas Lemar has not been mentioned (even in the gossip papers) despite being earmarked as Alexis replacement barely 5… Read more »


There was a higher cash fee in the summer. Unless Lemar value has gone down I wouldn’t want him unless we have unlimited funds lol Biggest mistake this past summer was only going after Lemar and not anyone else. Plus AW still being in charge of the transfer business.


This team needs more magnificent beards. Not fewer! What is this!? Don’t sell Giroud, he’s a monster in the right games, for when we need a target man. And he seems somewhat content to not be the first in line. He’s never been trouble, despite taking lots and lots of abuse. Don’t let Ollie go! 🙁

Lord Bendnter

I can quite guarantee we will end up selling Walcott and Sanchez, and buying Malcolm for 40million.
You know what that means right? Another transfer window of monetary profit…


thats a profit I can live with getting talented skill players in return. Although I would love to get a more players maybe someone like Drax if he would even consider it at this point.


I wish they come out clean and say that’s the business model now. Money out money in – balanced.

Just feels like we’re building another stadium somewhere.


I am OK with all of these moves; I don’t care where Sanchez goes. Although, Mkhitaryan seems like a poor man’s Ozil, or a rich man’s Benayoun, if you will. I don’t see that Arsenal needs him. We are seeing on the field the Alexis that Barca parted with, and the sooner we do the same, the better off the team will be. Of course, without Ozil we see how the squad is bereft of quality in attack. More is needed there, so bring on PEA and Malcom.


People are down on Mkhitaryan because of his underwhelming time in England, but this is what Jose does: alienate and destroy the confidence of creative players. He’s top quality, if a little temperamental, and he’d have a lot to prove coming to us. Let’s get all three (we could even let Malcom go back to Bordeaux on loan until the end of the season, if that gets that deal over the line), and that’d most definitely be making the best of a very bad situation. We’d arguably be finishing January with considerably more offensive firepower than we started it with… Read more »


To be fair, I haven’t seen any of Mkhitaryan at Manchester and only a little of him at Dortmund. So I am willing to believe he’s a good player poorly treated by Mourinho. If Arsenal brings him in, I’ll root for him to succeed and hope he justifies his wages with performances.

Here’s to making the best of a bad lot.


Really good point.
A few names come to mind that Merdinho didn’t want but are quality players: Kevin DeBruyne, Willian, Moses (minus the diving…ha!), Matic, Juan Mata … there are surely others. Oh, and he sold Di Maria and Ozil from Real madrid.


Salah was effectively chucked on the trash heap by him. He has no patience / is unable to develop young players. The complete antithesis to Wenger.


Yep, the classless cunt he is.


Pretty sure he liked Matic, he bought him at United!


This is a bit mental


Where is the money coming from?!!! Wait till Stan hears about this!!! There’ll be trouble!!

Hlebs dancing feet



Did Reiss Nelson sign a contract extension?


Hoping to see all of these go through. It’s been kind of quiet on any Ozil talk….is there a possibility of him staying? Or figuring he’s riding the contract out?


I think he wants to stay but is waiting to see what we do.


Arsenal busy in January? Things really must be dire!


Trolley dash bulk buy.


Just remember to use voucher code :STRIKERJAN at checkout!

Brown American Gooner

Wouldn’t be a bad window if we replace Sanchez with Auba, Walcott with Malcom and get a proper CB


We already got 1 cb, we won’t be buying another unless we sell/loan out 1 of Chambers or holding.
What we really need is a rwb and a dm


Aubameyang has disciplinary issues???? ……..just what we need


Hmm. So Out: 1 game changing tricksy attacking winger with goals tally and attitude, 1 speedy wide attacker ‘consistent in patches’ and out of favor, and potentially one devastatingly handsome french bloke who happens to score at a high rate off the bench. In: 1 speedy counter-attacking player with goals tally (in germany) and attitude, 1 tricksy creative attacking winger, and possibly 1 attacking mid. It’s time on two of the outs, but not so sure of the equation on the ins. we’re not good on the defend > counter attack, thus part of Theo’s problems, and quite frankly, unless… Read more »


Jack’s best position is deeper than Ozil’s, and as for the others, it’s pretty obvious (just look at Sunday!) that our subtlety and creativity and composure in attack drops dramatically with Ozil out of the team. Bringing in Mikki would help address those issues (plus, he’s comfortable playing from the wings). My bigger concern is how bringing in PEM would effect Lacazette, who, lest we forget, we just signed for a record fee in the summer on a long contract, and who’s shown he’s got quality but is clearly struggling for confidence in a struggling side at the moment. Would… Read more »


I hadn’t imagined him playing off the wing, but Wenger’s done that with AM’s for a long time now so probably should have. Was thinking given his impatience on the ManU bench, playing 2nd to Ozil wouldn’t suit him much here. Who knows, Wenger might also be thinking use Auba as a wide attacker too – unless he’s actually considering 2 strikers.

But I fear other than Malcom it’s just ‘hey, these guys we liked are available!’


yeah, except that they’re all players Misinlat knows from Dortmund, so that might mean it all makes a bit more sense.


Lets get Marco too lol I would love to see him at Arsenal. High Risk High Reward


What formation are we thinking about here. If both of those players come plus Malcom that would be great to watch. Potentially we will be seeing alot of 4-3 games? lol I can’t believe we would stick with the 343 with those players coming in. We would be going all in with the 4231 again. Striker-Laca/Auba LWRW-Ramsey-assuming Wilshere has DM locked down with Xhaka/Auba or Laca/Mhki/Malcom rotation AM-Ozil Why can’t we get a CB??? Even if AW hates using a Defensive player as a DM why not a new CB. Use Mustafi was makeweight with the Dutch player at Lazio… Read more »

Average Joe

What about Evans? Or some other CB preferably, because he’s pretty average… Any news on that?


Kudos to oil city if they do pull out of the Sanchez deal, with him allegedly asking for 350 large a week, and with his agent asking stupid money to do the deal. Let him go to the poor team in Manchester and add to their debt mountain.

Easy tiger

Everyone should see this and remember what we used to be.


It would be great if these signings are being made by Sven, along with Ivan. Arsene seems to not know how to build a squad, but is good at making use of what is at hand. He really is perfect for a coaching job. His reluctance in the transfer market to push through moves for certain players and his propensity to sign players based on his idea of what they should be and developing them as such, rather than the role that they are good at, all highlights that he needs help. Right now Wilshere is waiting for a break… Read more »

Mike Riley\'s Honest Twin

This is a very insightful comment and I think very true.


Fantastic analysis. I agree that Wenger can still get the best out of a squad but he doesn’t seem to know anymore how the market works. I mean we bought Welbeck on the deadline day because Arteta and BFG pushed Wenger to sign him. Wenger became too reactive in the market since Dein left. He needs people like Sven and Sanllehi. Perhaps, Gazidis didn’t want to challenge Wenger’s authority when he first came to the club but my god he has changed since ‘the catalyst for change’ comments. At least things are not dead with this club like that summer… Read more »


When Wenger first came in he inherited a pretty solid defense and brought attacking players in that complimented that. Then as soon as the old guard left the club (Adams, Keown et al), he kept bringing in attacker after attacker and seemed to be lackluster defensively. I’m almost sure that’s why we haven’t won anything in so long.


Stockholm Syndrome

Sean Juba

Wenger out


Exaaaactly! He has a vision of what needs to be done with a select group of players but his genuine human connect with each player (thus his inability to ‘wield the axe’ like a SAF or a Moaninho) renders his own vision incomplete and in disarray. Think this can be seen in our own team’s identity itself for the past few years, yeah? So yeah, my faith in Le Prof hasn’t diminished either. In fact, I’d say that my respect for him as a person (forget just as a manager) has actually increased exponentially. Especially when he said, “The real… Read more »


Truthfully – Mkhitaryan makes too much money, Aubameyang has become the 2nd coming of Mario Balotelli in the last year at Dortmund and 50m for a 20 year old kid doing good, but not great, in Ligue Un is kinda silly. Sell Sanchez to Chelsea because that’s a team going sideways and they’re going to have a new manager next year, maybe Villas-Boas will come back. Sell Walcott to Big Sam, who gives a crap. Take the 50m from Sanchez and Walcott, sprinkle it with another 20-30m and find a decent midfielder to anchor the team.


Aubameyang has 13 goals in 16 matches in the league this year. 4 in 6 in the champions league.
If this is how he plays when not happy then I’d say he is a great buy.


I agree that if the 200K is the salary I can’t see that happening here. If it does then shame on AW for tryign to be cheap the past 2 summers with players on the club and transfer targets.

Next Mario? Are you serious. how is Auba even close to what Mario became?


Arsenal is still in a good spot …with time left on the season and a changing of the squad, we should be back firing on al 11 cylinders?


Could you please, please not sink to the normal level of modern journalism and report every whimsical rumour?
I’m not saying these are, I’m saying I choose to believe you have inside information on all of them being real.


Would be insane if we pull all four deals off but if I had to bet, I would put my money on Walcott and Sanchez leaving (and let’s not forget Ox in last summer), replaced by Malcom, and that’s it.


sadly, the realist/pessimist in me agrees with you.


If all the 3 rumors are true then this is what i believe will happen. 1. Lacazette cannot start all matches. I believe Aubameyang and Lacazette will be a fantastic ST pair. I think Aubameyang will play as LM who drifts into ST while Lacazette will drop deep to play 1-2’s with Ozil, Wilshere and co in some situations. 2. If we get Mkhitaryan he can play anywhere in the 3 in 4-2-3-1 3. Ozil will get to play No.10 4. Malcom will come in as a super sub. 5. Giroud will be the alternative at CF. I think it’ll… Read more »


Kola was free but he probably got a nice sign on fee along with a huge salary. I love OG but why would we keep him and not try to sell him if we get Auba? There would be no reason to keep him and let him rot on the bench and I’m sure he wouldn’t be happy with that situation given how he isn’t happy about the current situation. I don’t think 343 would be a good formation to keep if we get Auba, Mhki and Malcom. We would probably go to the 4231. Where would Ramsey fit? On… Read more »


I wonder why Arseblog doesn’t have a double thumbs up toggle. I’d given you just that.
I hope this analysis translates to having these lads in our team. I’m sure we’ll be gunning for top 4, Carling cup and a UEFA trophy. I know we wouldn’t not be able to field both PEA and Armenian’s god of football because of UEFA’s restrictions, my take get PEA on the list, Malcolm would do well to add firepower to complement our other forwards.
We’re good to go. Just to borrow someone’s line on this thread, ” I’m already dreaming before sleeping”.


We’re all adults here. Let’s call a spade a spade. Mikhi doesn’t want to join Arsenal because they lack fight and fade away in big games.

….come to think it he will fit right in.

I take it back then.


This Alexis saga is just adding to the already FUBAR season the club is having.
Its a friggen joke.


I understand the problems in midfield and defence need fixing but if, and it’s a big if, they can get both Auba and Malcolm to sign then it would definitely help the team. I would take a single Aubameyang over Walcott, Welbeck and Giroud combined.

Faisal Narrage

Just looks like panic buying to me tbh, particularly Augbem. This is endemic of arsenal the past few years; buy whoever is available and figure out how to fit them in later.

Augbem and Lacca, how will that work? Lacca in the wings? Are we back to playing players out of position again? Meanwhile, the core of our issues, an imbalanced and dysfunctional midfield goes unfixed.

I have a dream….where one day I will see a starting 11 where everyone on the field is playing in their preferred position. A balanced team, with even a proper DM.


Maybe SK is opening up the bank vaults. Maybe he wants 2 at every position to be world class or near world class lol

Why couldn’t Auba work upfront with Laca in a 2 striker role and have Ozil behind feeding them passes? in the 343. Now the 4231 is a different story.


Get Mikhitaryan and send him to Dortmund to seal Aubameyang deal?


So, expect a couple more weeks of thumb twiddling before we sign one 17-year-old attacking midfielder from French Ligue 2 at 11.59pm on January 31st and then send him on loan to Eintracht Frankfurt at 11.59pm and 30 seconds.


Honest question, if we got Aubameyang, would we move lacazette out left and play him as the winger with Aubameyang up top? Or would we change formation again and play both as strikers?


With this trio coming in we actually could win the Euro League


Disciplinary issues and taking Giroud as part trade. Sounds like quite a gamble. For as much as we need replacements, not sure I like the sound of that.


No DM or centre halves linked of course, that would be too logical. Completely unforgivable letting Ozil and Sanchez run down their contracts. It’s heart breaking seeing the demise of our club.

You’re a delusional fuckwit if you still believe Wenger is the right man for our Club.

Couldn’t care less who is offended by this.


So potentially three attacking players in the pipeline and that, the gamble with Aubaumeyingyang aside, is good. But, what about our shit defence? Where are the monster sentinels we so sorely need?


I was desperate for us to sign Mhkitaryan before he went to Man U. A very Wengerball player. He’s been treated badly by Mourinho, just as some other creative inside forwards have been in the past. There’s presumably still quality there that would flourish in our free-spirited system.


Yes. If we lost Sanchez but got Mhkitaryan and aubameyang I would be fairly content


This is like the time George Graham bought John Hartson and Glen Helder.
Dead man walking….it stinks.


How can you leave out Chris kiwomya?!???


We are fast becoming a team of B quality players if these rumours are true. Aubameyang coming in is still unbalanced for us. We will lack a left sided player. Welbeck is hardly a solution. Malcolm is a risk at 20yrs and compared to Mahrez, is practically the same price. Mhykitarian is a weak player again in a position we don’t really need reinforcing. All doesn’t make any sense. Should have grabbed 25m from City. Otherwise we need to grab whatever is on offer from United, Chelsea or Liverpool but these clubs are more direct rivals for a top 4… Read more »


My worry about Aubameyang is he is another one like Lacazette who needs a bit of space to thrive. Both tend to play on the counter for Dortmund and Lyon respectively. OTOH at least Aubameyang ticks some boxes if somewhat expensive at 60m 1) At 28yrs not as young as Draxler but at least at his peak and the experience we need. 2) Speed is never not an asset. 3) Seems to be able to peel off to either flank. 4) Like Lacazette at least risk is minimised with a good goal scoring track record. BUT would prefer a younger… Read more »


Swapping Giroud for Aubameyang is also a risky proposition.

We are talking one of the more consistent players who also adds a different dimension to our attack.

And Aubameyang much like the hihgly rated Lacazette may take time to settle, may not suit the more congested space we have to often operate in.

Giroud provides us a unique capability to knock the door down when all else fails.

Thinking again very muddled on ths one.

At least we have Welbeck and his ‘pace’.