Saturday, May 25, 2024

Video: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang ‘Welcome to Arsenal’

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang officially joined Arsenal this morning, making him our new club record signing.

Here’s a video from @Arsenal_Editor with a little taste of what we can expect from him.

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Will this solve problems? Don’t think so, but keep fingers crossed and welcome Mister!


Sweet PEA.


Your sweet PEA will be calling us crap like he did his sixth place Dortmund in no time.

But don’t worry, we have just the manager to pander to him.

Cliff Bastin

Now to just completely change our play style.


Doubt it.

We don’t have the midfield to support that change. Or the defense.


so we replaced Sanchez with mkhitryan and aubameyang. that seems sound to me.

all issues not withstanding, Im really pleased with this.


You replaced Giroud, Walcott, Alexis and Coquelin with Aubameyang.

You are soon to replace Ozil with Mhkitaryan.

Look so good now?


Ozil re-signed, so suck on that.




also id have preferred beethoven sympathy 3 as the soundtrack.


He looks so happy on every picture. Must be in his nature…


I mean most pictures were of him scoring a goal =P

Lord Bendnter

Brilliant signing!

Lord Bendnter

praise where it’s due


You only praise when the dues are delivered.

Otherwise remember when Welbeck was signed, he was supposed to be pacy what we need, when Lacazette was signed, he was world class, pacy.

If you are world class, you create your own assists

neither Lacazette nor Aubameyang are like Alexis or Henry who can instigate things , act as a catalyst, move opponents around. BOth wait for service to come to them like Van Niisteroy.

Fine for Van Niisteroy to score plenty of goals when he had service buyt our midfield (and creative wide areas) are a problem not solved.


Not really.

We had to lose Giroud and this fellow is cup tied for europa.

Plus we strengthened United and Chelsea.

And we reinforce a position with a similar player we already have who was up till recently receiving similar pronouncements or “world class”, Brilliant Signing” “pacy” but apparently lacked service and could not hold the ball up like Giroud and scored less than Mischi Bachuayi.

Asrar Ahmed

You obviously have not watched Lacazette. The guy is having to change his game because he was making run after run but has stopped doing so because Bellerin loves to get the ball, look at the space in front of him and turn around and pass it back to Koscielny.


I’m sure I watched a video like this on Lacazette about 6 months ago. Don’t ruin another one Arsene.



Too many here just like shiny new toys without thinking deeper into their implications.

But that’s Arsenal fans for you.

They will get dissappointed again and start ranting on Arsenal Fan TV wondering how it could have all gone so horribly wrong…again.

Always Arsenal

Not off to Wembley then I take it ?


It’s a fantastic player and I hope he change thng at arsenal fc

Indian Gooner

This should be considered just as a start and we should strengthen even further in the summer. Not like the summer where we signed just Petr Cech after signing Sanchez the previous year.

Rwandan gooner

The problem with Arsenal is that we take so long negotiating players and by the time we announce a signing, the excitement levels have gone down. This is the nature of the human race. But welcome Auba; what an acquisition


Welcome Aubameyang. But we could also sign Batman, Superman and Banana man,,, if we play like we have been defensively this season nothings going to change.
We are a club in limbo right now,,,
There’s a big french elephant in the room.


Yes Yes Yes
Finally we get a world class striker, who has speed, guile and high workrate. One that is willing to make runs and get into tap ins. Our other strikers wait for balls to be played to their feet, or , runs like a mule.

Can’t wait to see him in team with Ozil and Mikitharian.

Best of all, if we managed to sell Giroud, the club hardly spent any money and made huge salary savings this winter window!


Yes, welcome PEA. Sad to see Oliver go, especially to Chelsea, but we’ve had the best years out of him. Great news also that Özil has signed, if it’s true.
On the other hand, after last night’s display, I can’t resist saying to Wenger (in the spirit of Bill Clinton), “It’s the defence, stupid.” If nothing is done about that, all the strikers in the world won’t help. Jonny Evans may not be world class, as Keown correctly said, but he’s an improvement on what we’ve got.

Gooners & Roses

Great job for breaking the tradition, when it comes to Arsenal transfer. So this must not be Wenger’s call then?

Pleased to see him joined us, but rather skeptical as well since his main strength is counter attacking football. Our formation also needs to have a bit of a tweak no?

Like others, this is rather bittersweet indeed since Giroud has to go. Love the man, but ultimately, Auba is the type of striker fans clamored for since, well Henry, and Wenger most favourite.

So, we are running out of reasons for future losses lads!


So shallow


Auba please just stick with Dabbing and other harmless celebrations. Cut out the flips.
Signed Concerned Arsenal Fan.


Don’t get your hopes up. Same type of player as “world class” pacy Lacazette. You need to feed him the ball. But we have a midfield now lacking creative wid eplayers and more molded to go through the middle, thread the ball (or attempt to at least) through the eye of the needle stuff. If we don’t have Iwobi or Jack (and neither are as good as Alexis or Santi in instigating/taking on opponents), we are left with a mediocre ensemble of Elneny, Granit and Ramsey…all of whom cannot turn with the ball to save the titanic which means more… Read more »

Always Arsenal

Don’t ever go into management will you !

Asrar Ahmed

Hmmm………………Ozil is soon to go after at least 3 years


is he any good in goal?
cuz thats what we need

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