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Wenger plays down possibility of Malcom deal in January

Having sold Theo Walcott to Everton this week, and having confirmed that an Alexis Sanchez/Henrikh Mkhitaryan swap deal is likely to happen, Arsenal are in need of some additions to the squad.

Over the last week the club have been strongly linked with a move for Bordeaux forward Malcom, with some reports suggestion the players agents and representatives held positive talks in London over the possibility of a move.

The noises from the other side of the channel have been less encouraging however, with the French club making it very clear this would be a difficult deal to do during this transfer window.

That appeared to be backed up by Arsene Wenger this morning who sounded far from optimistic that he’d be able to add the 20 year old Brazilian to his squad.

Asked if a deal was close, he replied, “No, I don’t think we are close doing that.”

And if it will happen in January, “I don’t think so, no.”

Whether it’s to do with Bordeaux being unwilling to sell a player they recently gave a new contract to, or Arsenal not meeting the asking price remains to be seen. It could be both, in fairness, and it might suit all parties more to do a deal in the summer – something which is being reported in certain quarters.

However, it does seem as if Mkhitaryan will be an addition, and Wenger was more positive on the possibility of signing Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang, so let’s see what they can add to this team – assuming we get the deals done.

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Mr November

We’re going to lose this fella, I can feel it. Just buy him and loan him back if we’ve got Mkhitaryan now. Bordeaux are in a relegation fight so they won’t want to lose him but if he carries on the way he is then his price will go up and other clubs will come in for him and as we all know, Arsenal don’t battle rival clubs in bidding wars, they just roll over and let them have them.


Seriously Arsenal. Pay the money and let him stay there. Bordeaux didn’t say “we’re not selling”, they said the deal would be hard.

Also young Brazilians have huge resale value now with the wealth of the Chinese league so it’s not as risky as it seems.

sad eyes

of course we are, not like we havent seen this before, Arsenal eyeing young potentially fantastic player…. Arsenal stalling over money…. young potentially fantastic player moves to (insert any team you like) 😐

Eric Blair

Perhaps with Mkhi and PEA coming in Wenger sees this move as a little too expensive for a player with his profile. If the other two do come in, and we spend another 40m on Malcom, this might impact what we can do in the summer financially where we’ll need to spend a lot again. Plus, if we’re serious about giving youth a chance in Nelson and Nketiah then we have to give them a meaningful place in the squad.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Frankly don’t much about this Bordeaux guy. If we sign P-E A and get Mikhtaryan that would be a better deal than punting on some guy in relegation scarp in France.

Arsenal need a defender really badly. Signing a CB should be priority as well. That being said knowing Wenger Mikhtaryan in a swap deal is all the club will get.

The rest of the stuff, about P-E A esp. is just PR bromides from the club.


Six years ago Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was involved in relegation scraps with St. Etienne.

It’s 2018 and some of you still think you can talk shit about the French league. Behave.

Hairy Bottle

Looking forward to some signings before Chelski next week. Any signings…..any will do.


It’s over, we ain’t signing this guy. I’ll gladly eat humble pie if I’m wrong but let’s not waste our time hoping. If he was a cheap youngster like the Greek defender that we signed then I would be optimistic but this guy, no chance.

Always Arsenal

Actually, the cheap youngster looked pretty good the other night! Our transfer team has changed, might be good to see how they go !


Welcome Malcom then!


Not yet. Malcolm back for you in the Summer

Reality check

i see what you did there


Meh… shame. I think he would be a very good signing. But if it means that Nelson will get more chance, I am fine with that.
I still think signing a creative midfielder and defensive midfielder should be priority, team desperately need some stability and creativity.


I really want us to sign Malcom in the middle of the season so I can make a Malcolm in the Middle joke about it. Cruel are ye, o ye gods!


This is good news if only because it stops people from making this already incredibly tired joke.


sign Mahrez to replace Walcott


Especially that Mahrez really wants to come to Arsenal. He has quality as well.


I really do think Mkhi and Auba will do as attacking players for now. I would say spend that 40 million instead and buy a quality CDM. That central midfield is in shambles right now. What is use of just scoring when you can’t help yourself from conceding the same amount or even more?!

Man Manny

My concern is not that we are shambles in the middle, my greater worry is that Arsene does not seem to share that view!

Fireman Sam

Arsene can only see one side of the pitch – attack.

Whoops we made some mistakes in defence and got punished again, almost every game ..defence has been a liability for so long now.

Mrs Maitland-Niles

Why can’t we buy him and loan him back or do what Liverpool did with Keita? He will be so much more in the summer and other clubs sniffing out too


Totally. Mugsmashers looking like they could be a real force next year with him coming in and vanDyke deal done. Just need to find themselves one decent goal keeper.

Hendicks Kaonga

typical Wenger style,selling so much players but failing to replace,,,,he is used to fail season in season out,,,rubbish


I think we should buy Jean-Michel Séri. He is an absolute beast in midfield.


It is always exciting to expect new addition will strengthen the team. Alas not the reality. Other things need to change in the team.


We signed Lacazette – so why do we need Aubameyang ? We do need Malcom as he would replace – or try to replace – Sanchez/Walcott.

As Ian Wright says, there’s no planning here at all. And Mikataryan ????

As with so much else, Wenger just makes it up as he goes along.

Stuck on repeat...

Completely agree – no real signs of a plan. Sure, some nice signs of potential attacking threat, but the mid & defence still look way too weak


The sooner he is sacked the better.


“As Ian Wright says”? Who cares what he says about planning? Ian Wright is an idiot.Most of his predictions are off. If he was in charge at Arsenal we would be relegated. I should also mention that he’s an idiot. The question is why wiuld you take his comment as the gospel?


Because in this instance, he’s right.

Fireman Sam



Hoping that Miki could over perform Sanchez


No chance in out scoring him unfortunately. Miki should contribute to team performance more though


Ok. Say we get both Mkhi and Auba. I’d say it’s time to do a D.Silva with Özil, playing a bit deeper and getting some creativity in midfield. A team for the rest of the season could be (433):

This team should play 4-3-3, Wenger obviously can’t get the three in the back to work defensively.

Eric Blair

Agree with this, Ramsey as alternative to Wilshere, Iwobi to Özil, Giroud, Nelson, Nketiah as backups to the front three. Biggest question mark is Maitland-Niles, absolutely no idea how he’d cope in that position. Summer would demand a defensive midfielder and a centre back, a fucking good one. Mert is retiring, Mustafi will surely be off, Kos has injury problems, Holding/Chambers are not ready, not sure of they ever will be either.


if he costs anymore than £50mil, I’d say just leave it. We can’t put a 20 year old kid under pressure to come here and turn our club around.

Meanwhile, Mahrez has now got 14 goals & assists in 22 premier league appearances. He’s premier league proven, has champion mentality and still only 26. Why are no clubs placing a £50/60/70(max)mil bid in for him?




Would rather have Malcom than united rejects who want stupid money any day. Taking mkhi and selling them sanchez does jose two favors, and the only favor that jerk deserves is a kick to the gro9n.


All this talk of attacking players, as great as it is, is driving me mental. Sorry but we neeeeeed a central defensive midfielder, not xhaka, who is excellent at some things but he is a woeful cdm. Its not his position, he is a deep playmaker, we need a player in there who isnt just ran past, who doesnt make silly mistakes so regularly, who has a better centre of gravity and who can actually tackle and close down effectively basically. Names….I dunno, but its not aubameyang or mkhitaryan. Good players, certainly usable, but not season savers though, they wont… Read more »

Lingards\' Milly Rock

No Theo…No Malcom…That’s that sh*t I don’t like!

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