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Wenger provides latest team update ahead of Crystal Palace

Arsenal face Crystal Palace at home looking to bounce back© and learn lessons™ from the 2-1 defeat to Bournemouth last weekend.

Since that game, there’s less depth in the squad with the departure of Theo Walcott to Everton, and as yet Arsenal haven’t brought anybody in during the transfer window aside from the young Greek defender, Konstantinos Mavropanos, who played for the U23s this week.

However, there is the hope that we’ll welcome back some players from injury and Arsene Wenger provided the latest team news update at his press conference this morning.

“We have some uncertainty over Maitland-Niles who was sick yesterday with flu,” he said.

“We should have Koscielny and Monreal back available for Saturday. Maybe Ozil back, as well, he should be back, so that’s the good.

“Olivier Giroud is one week away.”

With Sead Kolasinac in the squad for the trip to Bournemouth we assume he’ll be available, and it looks as if we’ll have a bit more experience and depth for a game from which we desperately need three points.

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Come on goo Youners!


It’s the Armenian youth team that Mkhitaryan used to play for

Damo Dinkum

Sums up our season really


Bodes well.

Michael Bolton Wanderers

We better win this one. I’ll be watching it alongside my spu*s supporting father and manure supporting brother. If we lose it’ll be horrible


you guys ever get into some verbal disagreements?

Reality check

Like, what do we think of tott***…



V is for Vic Akers

That’s a xmas dinner I don’t want to be part of.


Urg feel for you mate. Think I just threw up a little.


How did this happen?


Please get it together again.

el Nino

Ideal 😉


Our home form hasn’t been bad this season. None the less this is probably the most brittle Wenger team I can remember seeing. With all the uncertainty over player transfers going on in the background I have absolutely no idea what to expect from this game.

Average Joe

Wenger in press conference:

– J: “Malcom?”
– W: “I don’t think we are close to doing that.”
– J: “You don’t think that will happen in January?”
– W: “I don’t think so.”

Just the other day I said this exact outcome in comments and got bunch of thumbs down… All I did was state the obvious from official statements, and yet you all freaked the fuck out…. Auba will probably be the same story an we will end up with reluctant Mkhitaryan with no CBs or good forwards.


Thing is, you can completely ignore anything Arsene says on transfers. He has always just said random shit regardless if what’s happening, because why not? Media asks but he doesn’t have to be truthful about something that will weaken Arsenals position. Just wait and see, then criticise or praise the actual actions, not the words.

Average Joe

Sure thing, just one problem here. My original comment was not based on Wengers comments but other people in football world including the president of Bordeaux who was adamant that this transfer was not going to happen at all… Wengers statement here just confirms that. Through more than 25 years of me supporting Arsenal I’ve learned that when Wenger says “No” it actually means no, when he says he doesn’t want to talk about it, there is something to speculate there.


Do you get butt hurt over thumbs down? are you that sensitive.

How many transfers actually happen especially in jan? how close was it? you have no idea what the discussions are just what rumors you read and let your imagination run with it.


Have we found a top, top player who can provide quality over what we already have? I know it’s nearly impossible.


We got Welbeck (from Man Utd) and Miki coming in too. So no worries. urghhgh


Lump on palace, may as well make a few quid out of it.


The players have to show some responsibility here, ‘show some cojones’. Win big. There really is no other option.


”How’s the team looking, Arsene?”

“Pretty shit.” Wenger replies. He then gets up and proceeds to exit the vicinity.


Injured players coming back from injury? What a pleasant surprise!! Now we don’t need to sign anyone!!!


Typo in last paragraph, Mr Bloggs.


Ignore me. I read it incorrectly.


Did we miss out on the mirrors article part about Mkhitaryan sanchez? That looks to be a done deal. I’m surprised.


Anything less than 3 points is a disaster.


Time to win a game. Fingers crossed they turn up and want it more than palace. coyg


It will be hard to want it more than them without our inspirational captain Theo


Let’s get a much needed win, growing up in South London close to palace I have a soft spot for them, having said that I want us to win by 3 goals or more!


Didn’t we desperately needed three points against Bournemouth?


Typical Wenger! Say what you want but we have weakened our squad which in fact was already weak anyway! So those two at the back will not add to anything to our defensive issues. It goes way deeper than that.

If Sanchez is available play him you are still paying his wages!


Thank goodness we have Kos and Monreal back, they have been sorely missed. Wonder what kind of reception Sanchez will get if the deal isn’t done by then and Wenger plays him.


Another match I probably won’t watch as I can’t be bothered to endure more lazy, uninspired performances. This season, more than any in the last fifteen, has been a chore. A serious shakeup is needed at all levels of the club. I look forward to us drawing this game on our way to a sixth place finish. Whee.

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