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Dortmund want €70m for Aubameyang, will consider Giroud

Arsenal’s pursuit of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has dominated the headlines this week when it comes to incoming transfer news.

The departure of Theo Walcott yesterday to Everton is expected to be followed by Alexis Sanchez to Manchester United. Whether that deal involves Henrikh Mkhitaryan coming the other way remains to be see at this point.

The latest on Aubameyang, via kicker, is that Borussia Dortmund are unwilling to accept a fee below €70m (£61m) for the 28 year old who has scored 141 goals in 212 appearances for the Bundesliga side.

They are, however, willing to consider the possibility of Olivier Giroud being used as part of the deal as the French striker was open to a move there last summer, before deciding to stay at Arsenal.

Aubameyang has also been forgiven by manager Peter Stoger for his disciplinary transgression which saw him ‘forget’ to attend a team meeting last week. He’s now potentially available for their trip to Hertha Berlin on Friday night.

If €70m sounds like a lot of money to splash out, it should be put in the context of Arsenal’s transfer dealings since last summer which have seen the club generate a profit of almost £60m, while taking a large amount off the wage bill.

This departures this week of Theo Walcott and Francis Coquelin alone have shaved around £200,000 from the payroll, so there can be not crying poor mouth from the club.

Whether we’re prepared to meet that price remains to be seen, but that’s the state of play right now. Arsene Wenger will meet the press this morning and is sure to be asked for more detail about the various deals.

We’ll have all that news here throughout the day.

Thanks to @LGAmbrose for the info.

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Get him. Losing Alexis’s and Walcott’s goals (plus the Coq’s first ever goal) means we are in need of a great goalscorer. Would rather keep Giroud too though.


70 Million Euros? Not a chance we will pay that.

I wont be surprised if Chelsea come in and bag him whilst we’re figuring out a way to haggle them down.


Please don’t say that too loud.


Keep Giroud.


Maybe they’ll take Welbeck instead! ?


That would likely up the transfer fee.


imo welbeck is poor man’s auba !!!!

Donald\'s Trump

He’s a poor man’s Emile Heskey.


So you’re saying that Welbeck is a rich man’s messi then?


With the kind of money in football now it’s no surprise. Arsenal should pay up.


Looking at the way all these transfers are dragging.. I get a feeling that we are going to be struck with Alexis till the Summer and we are not going to get any of the deals over the line. Sucks to even think about it.

Easy tiger



We’re not getting anyone, are we? ?

Sorry for being so pessimistic, but it feels like Aubameyang tries to get a deal somewhere else, using us as a lever. And I trust Arsenal to do a complete Arsenal of the Malcolm deal as well as letting Sanchez go without getting Mhkitarian in return. ? (Probably with some excuse about not letting a Raiola player into the club…)


As long as Sanchez goes I don’t care. Team spirit will come back, Huge, nassive!


Right blud. I would love to see him in the team, you understan’. Wenga’ needs to get this done.
Aubabludmeyang is alota goals, you understan’


Funny – yawn

Tas Gunner

Why do i get the feeling after all this tippy-tappy will he won’t he,we’ll probably end up selling sanchez to city/chelsea as mkhi won’t come and end up recalling perez on deadline day thus marking the beginning of arsenal banter era reboot (version ’18)


So sad but true. Where’s kallstrom these days?


Ended his career around Christmas. So even that ship has sailed.


I honestly don’t understand why we haven’t recalled Lucas Perez. Nothing to do with Aubameyang’s deal, we obviously still need him. But with selling Theo yesterday, we barely even have 11 players to run out on the field on Saturday.

Plus Lucas Perez productivity last season was amazing from the right flank. We need a replacement for Theo and we’ve got one sitting in someone else’s team?

Nothing this club does anymore makes too much sense.

Petits Handbag

Probably forgot we have him


Probably realized he’s playing an awful season over there.


Mkhitaryans having an awful season over at Manchester too. Clearly still after him. Just doesn’t make sense.

Joel Campbell too I suppose is in the same boat. Literally anything right now would be better than what we have in reserve. No offence to Nelson, but we have Iwobi who is getting roasted at the moment. But how young is he? He should be playing the odd game still and learning off world class players.

Something that theo and co had the luxury of when apprentices.


Do they not realise were trying to make and hold the record of most profit by players sold?!?


Wenger is to cheap

Donald\'s Trump

He’s definitely not cheap mate. £8million a year.


If i look at prices you British supporters pay for tickets versus the shitty performances we get. I feel sorry for u guys because ypu done get value for your money


Lol nothing incorrect about the comment but that just seemed really random


Everything incorrect! It’s not compulsory to buy a ticket and ‘supporters ‘ over here can watch it on TV just as well as ‘supporters’ elsewhere!


Winning or even challenging for titles are no longer important to Arsenal… as long as the club turns a health profit every year.


We can’t lose giroud. He provides a different solution to our attacking problem. He’s a multifunctional striker; a center forward with a soft touch that can create plays for wingers cutting in or late runners into the box. He’s also good with finishing.


I think if Giroud had started regularly, and the team played to his strengths, we would be 6-9pts stronger in the table. Wenger is becoming like Ranieri, the tinkerer. Problem is that players like Walcott and Giroud need a team that sets up in a specific way, while Wenger hopes he can find the right combination of players that will just know what to do without being told.

Point is, it’s all Wengers fault.

Puff Puff

All this Giroud d##kriding is surprising. Years back when he was a regular we were all irked and annoyed by his slowness poor dribbling and sometimes wayward finishing.So now hes apparently the solution to our attacking woes smh


I didn’t bashed giroud at all. In fact when he first joined us and fluffed that finish by slicing it poorly, I defended him by stating that he got to miss because of his astute spatial and situational awareness to get into the right position. It’s something that’s not easy to train.

And anyway, our deficiencies are in midfield (Ozil is a forward in my books), our midfield slows down attacks and fails to provide any cover for our defense. So even with giroud, it wouldn’t make too much of a difference imo.


It’s not Girouds fault that some ‘fans’ don’t have the ability to recognise talent, ability, TEAMWORK and TEAM SPIRIT. Good job a lot of us and Wenger do!

None Shall Pass

We should give a 5 year contract to Welbeck now and make him the club start to build a team around him and his prime qualities (Wind kick,Workaholic,Scuffmeister) Maybe also find a sponsor named “Dat guy’s Dench!!” also,sack wenger and hire sherwood as we desperately need “takhtiks”.Heres to a dark and gloomy future! #Upthearse

Fireman Sam

Scuffmeister! Love it


Meh…70m is way too much for someone who is already 28 and might need time to settle in the PL. He, like Ousmane Dembele, went on strike to make a deal happen. Thats definetly something AW should consider. I watch Bundesliga reguarly and i know what Aubameyang is capable of, he is very good, no doubt about that. Plus i want my Ollie to stay. He got us so many crucial points and as i mentioned in the summer Giroud wants to play at the WC , thats why he is considering a move which is absolutely understandable but even… Read more »


Aubameyang coming in is the priority regardless who will be used to make weigh in the swap deal. Really hope HFB stays,and hope that sven mislintat can convince them to take someone else

bob davis

Do the right thing. Get him in or we’re going to finish mid-table, Arsene!


Don’t really care how it goes down. Upgrade the squad now. In the summer, upgrade the manager and keep upgrading the backroom staff and players. Then, following another economic downturn, upgrade on the owner. Following another fire of London, upgrade the stadium.


Thanks Theo


Get rid of Sanchez and get Aubamayeng and Mikytaryan as quick as possible!! I’m fed up with all this Sanchez drama, and I just want Arsenal to move on and get our head on straight for the future! Aubamayeng and Mikytaryan worked wonders together at Dortmond, and it would be incredible if they could use that partnership for us as well!!


And Özil? Laca?

Lord Bendnter

We could have gotten Mbappe last summer, if we weren’t just so…how should i put this….”sh*t”


Just imagine how many players we *could* have gotten this January. Uness they were too expensive. Or not the right quality. Or didn’t want to come. Or…

I imagine that’s going to be the excuses used around Feb 3rd.


working round the clock
internal solutions
don’t want to kill Welbeck
should never add more than 3 players
transfers must follow the “Goldilocks” rule
no value in the market

Lord Bendnter

and let’s not forget how:
“We have many quality options up front already: [insert all and any players who have played up front, regardless or playing position, quality, experience, or age]”
– and obviously, each player can be used as part of more than one excuse
For example,
AMN may be cited as an example of our plethora of options in both midfield as well as Left back positions.


Don’t forget that Nketiah’s career might take a nosedive if someone ten years older comes in…


At all costs, keep Giroud. He offers such a great alternative to our play and my only wish is more accurate crosses were made for him. When a team is sitting deep, he can be the difference between 0-0 and 1-0.

Turkey amry

Arsenal club management they are fools, they will continue talking, running around, making nosie without signing any new star, but they are good selling stars but not good in replacing. Fuck arsenal management with Wenger.

Oleg Luzhny

What did we expect? Allow our top players to run down their contracts means we would need to invest for the future. Thanks to Blogs for reminding us on the players we’ve sold this season – shipping these players on has effectively reduced the squad depth we had (look at the bench Vs Forest).


Give them the 70 and keep Giroud!


Malcolm ,mikhi,auba pls….Now!

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