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Wenger responds to Allardyce’s Walcott claims

Earlier today, Sam Allardyce confirmed his interest in signing Theo Walcott from Arsenal in a permanent deal.

The Everton manager is keen to boost his forward line and sees the 28 year old as someone who can kickstart his career at Goodison Park.

“I think you are all aware of our interest in Theo,” he said.

“If that is possible to get over the line, I would be delighted but obviously there is negotiations that are happening at the moment.

“It is permanent we are hoping to negotiate. I don’t think there is any chance of a loan.”

Arsene Wenger was asked about it at his press conference today, and while not giving much away he broadly hinted he’d be open to allowing Walcott to leave.

He refused to say he’d give him assurances over playing time, and said he wouldn’t stand in the way of his chances of going to World Cup in Russia next summer.

“You cannot just do it, it’s not honest,” he replied when asked about assuring Walcott he’d get first team opportunities.

“We will see, I have a good relationship with Theo and I don’t want him to be frustrated or lose an opportunity to go to the World Cup because Theo went to the World Cup in Germany in 2006 and we are now in 2018 and since he has not been for different reasons, so that is a sensitive subject.

“I cannot tell you much more. Sam Allardyce has made that statement but Theo Walcott is here.”

Everton are ready to bid £20m, money which could help fund the fee for Bordeaux forward Malcom, the club’s main target if Alexis Sanchez leaves the club this month.

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Buy Malcolm anyway. It’s time to reload. We waited too long as it is. Fucking AFC and our shit planning.


malcolm looks good. exactly the kind of players we should have been buying all those years. we missed the boat on countless young players with loads of potential like him just because we were trying to save trivial amount of money. before him dembelle was tearing french league apart and we didint go for him, doesnt mean that he is the next dembelle or even that he will fill the void left by sanchez. sanchez is a world class player and no player like him would want to come arsenal in near future . so instead we should go for… Read more »


Before Sanchez came to arsenal, it was also believed that no world class player will come to arsenal. By the way, sanchez became a better player in arsenal. Remember that one Mr Pedro was benching him in Barca?


I don’t know why people always say “Sanchez couldn’t cut it at Barca”. Yes they did sell him, but for a stretch there he was regularly starting down the right side for them and had some amazing moments for them. I think he maybe at the time didn’t quite have intelligence and understanding to play with them, but he was by no means a Barca failure.


What BS is that about Dembele? Dembele was a nobody just another young french player that could have gone either way. Club like Dortmund could go after him without problems because thats their philosophy. While at Arsenal we would mock this signing.

This isn’t the same as signing someone like Malcolm. Signing Malcolm last year would have been like signing Dembele.


Precisely. We are overdue a signing in that wide forward position. Only Sanchez can do a job there if we’re honest. We’d still be screwed if only Malcom arrives and both Sanchez and Walcott leaves. Which I think will exactly be the realistic outcome. Fucks sake. There’s plenty good wingers out there, get at least 2 in and we’d definitely see a difference.


Zaha looks a useful player too. A combination of Malcom on one wing and Zaha on the other would be a lot for opposition defenses to deal with. Should compensate for the loss of Sanchez goals and assists.


I haven’t had a birthday or Xmas present for almost two decades, please god let Theo leave permanently

KW gooner


Mayor McCheese

This…may explain why you haven’t received in presents for two decades.


Sell him.

Stop being coy.

20m is a great price (more if you can from fat Sam).

But replace with Mahrez not Malcolm. He’s PL blooded and at 26yrs experienced/coming into his peak years.

Stop being pennywise pound foolish.

There’s no wiggle room left, we are slipping away from 4th now with no FA cup.

Technical skills and creativity but also guaranteed experience in PL. Minimise the risk.


How about both to let them know their place is never secure.


Yeah he’s proven but we know what were going to get. A inconsistent player who isn’t ever going to be the same player he was during the championship year. His ceiling has maxed out.

Malcolm ceiling is worth his price.


Good outcome for everybody if he goes for £20m this month. Hope he gets the send-off and recognition he deserves, although he didn’t fulfil his potential still managed over a 100 goals for the club, and i’ll always consider him a legend for the two fingered salute on the stretcher against the scum.


Keep Theo!


Nope! Time to go Theo and, just like JAL said, with the fanfare he deserves.


what for…


Could have considered a statue for that two fingered salute alone.


He was very effective last season, until we switched formation, and then he didn’t get back in the team. Such a strange player. Have we ever had a player who averaged fewer passes per game?


he was not very effective. He scored some goals but was not effective. There is more to playing then scoring goals. Which of course is a great attribute but he doesn’t do anythign else good enough. Everything needs to be perfect for him to succeed.


Whilst Malcolm may well be a good player. It’s clear out first choice is Lemar. We thought he was worth £90m so why not put another offer in? He’s more experienced and more likely to be able to contribute right away


He’s going to the mugsmashers


If we can get him yes. Not so sure we can though. If you were him and had clubs queuing up, would you choose a club with a downward trajectory with no end in sight? Probably not. Plus he may not feel too keen on us after last summer’s dithering debacle.


I may be imagining but I thought I read an interview that suggested he wasn’t to happy with the way his potential summer move was handled; general indecision and a last minute rush. Left him in limbo and pissed him off. Might have burnt our bridges there, irrespective of who else is in for him.


Just like we did with Griezmann.


I simply can’t and won’t understand Wenger. Why should we wait on Walcott and Sanchez when even the birds know that we need a quality winger/forward – however. Even if Walcott stays he is not producing. Even if Sanchez stays till the summer our need for forward doesn’t go away. If we don’t get someone on those position now in the summer we’ll be in a situation to bid even more – e.g Lemar. All this transfer periods of Arsenal are a total madness.


Agreed- we’ve been light on wide forward players since the season started (Welbeck injured, campbell and perez sent on loan, selling chamberlain). Selling Theo and losing sanchez means we’ll need a minimum 3 players up there. Where they come from is anyone’s guess (could be transfers, could be youth team promotion), but we have a huge rebuilding job to do between now and the end of the summer. With the world cup, though, that truncates the transfer market considerably. Seems like paying a little over the odds and getting the player you want in January could be beneficial. However, we’ll… Read more »


I agree about our lack of wide forwards (even if we sign Malcom, and even if he slots in easily anf starts producing straight away).

I wonder if Arsene’s willing to let Theo go (without signing a replacement) because he’s planning on playing Wilshere or Ramsey wide, once Aaron comes back fit? That’s never really convinced me as a long term thing…

Arsene doesn’t know

I don’t understand why we need to sell before we buy, even with Sanchez and Walcott here we are woefully low on genuine quality. Fine you can have Malcolm for Sanchez (no I have no idea who he is or how good he is) and Walcott can go as well, but surely you need a replacement for him too, someone like Mahrez? Not to mention we have let Coquelin go and are relying on Ramsey and Wilshere to stay fit with no further central midfield additions, someone who’s considerably better than Elneny (who could also go so I’ve heard). What… Read more »


Why? Because kroenke loves money, and a transfer market profit is like a trophy to him.


We don’t have enough money to buy anyone without selling someone. We have the self sustaining model. There isn’t credit card he is allowed to use. Thanks Stan


I love how our thinking is Malcom or Sanchez. Get Malcom in if it’s possible and keep Sanchez if City will only pay 20 million. If we qualify for CL then that covers the fee City would have paid and it’s still a net gain.


Exactly! The fact we are only talking about replacements, and not strengthening the team,8/ so frustrating.


No money to buy Malcolm. i think we have something like 30M with Coq fee.


Enough with the bs already. Wenger was happy to give Walcott free rein at 17. Why not cut him free and give Nelson a go? No pressure, lets see what he can do. It’s not as if Walcott is pulling up any trees

Dublin Gunner

Malcolm in the middle. ….. hmmmmm !


Yeah but his name is Malcom.


There is clearly no master plan. Aw just making it up as he goes along

Mayor McCheese

“I cannot tell you much more. The Fat Walrus has made that statement but Theo Walcott is here.”



It ain’t over until the fat walrus sings.


My only hope is that Wenger is not being trusted anymore with new signings a t that we are purposefully waiting until summer when Wenger is gone.

KW gooner

When all is set and done… he will be missed.. gave me some food memories this fella… not the least in 2008 in liverpool chwmpions league even though we lost that gsme to refereeing a nd a dive but that run and surge of extacy in the final minutes was a winner for me! Good luck lad


Sell sell sell. I think Walcott should move on. He needs a fresh challenge. He has seen his career Wengered. He is at the stage that he should be playing every week if not Arsenal he can help clubs like Everton. If he does well he might be on the English plane to Russia

Ivan Parasite

Wengered is something not appropriate. Cant blame Wenger if the player himself is not good enough

Ivan Parasite

Take the 20m from Walcott sale & give to Sanchez as signing fee. Thats a lot of money.

Ooooh Santi Cazooooorla

Thing is, £20mill for someone that’s scored over 108 goals (65 in the prem) for Arsenal sounds cheap really. He’s 28, English and can play in a couple of different positions. I know £20mill is alright but in today’s climate where Sigurdson is classed at £50mill, why would Theo be only £20mill?


He can just about play one position, quite badly ?


Theo has goals. One idiot-savant footballer. We need to replace his goals. If the player that does can play as well, then we will finally have done something we should have done six years ago.

Nelson Vivas

Walcott Out Sánchez Out
Malcom In Fekir In

I’d be happy with that…


It’s not about players coming in and out. It will make no difference. It’s all about moving on from Arsene. We had 2 of the best players in the world (Ozil and Sanchez) in their prime and it didn’t elevate our game. Wenger could buy Messi and Ronaldo and we’d still end up in the same place.

Sir Solar

Theo need games. At his age he needs to play down enough, not just train. If he had games even when he wasn’t playing well, he would have stood out well enough by now and we wouldn’t need lacazette. But hei we all know who is in charge at Arsenal. Good luck in advance Theo.


A win for everybody. Sam will have Everton playing in a way more suited to Theo’s strengths. (Giroud would suit them too but I don’t want him to go)


I’ll drive him over myself for 20 million.

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