Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Wenger: World class Mkhitaryan a complete player

Arsene Wenger insists that Arsenal have swapped one world class player for another after the player exchange between the Gunners and Manchester United saw Henrikh Mkhitaryan arrive in London and Alexis Sanchez depart up north.

It’s been a complicated process to get the deal done, for various reasons, but the Arsenal manager sounded happy to have signed a player he tried to bring to the club previously and one he’s been an admirer of since his Borussia Dortmund days.

Speaking to the official website after the transfer was officially announced, Wenger said, “We’re replacing a very good player with a very good player, a world-class player with a world-class player.

“Mkhitaryan can play on the wing or in midfield, so I believe he can play very well in many positions.

“That can help us as well because he can play together with Ozil as well as playmaker, so overall it’s a good move

He’s a very complete player. He creates chances, he defends well, he can absorb distances and he’s very committed as well. I must say he’s a player who has all the attributes.”

And with words that may been by some as a little dig at the departing Chilean, he continued, “I’m very excited to get a player in who will be committed and focused.

“It is vital as well to have players who have experience, because we have a very good bunch of young players but we know that it’s not sufficient in the Premier League today to put them all in together.

“You also need a good weight of experience in your team and he will contribute to that.”

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The Squillaci Code

Welcome aboard. Please don’t be shite


Words to live by. Beautiful.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Well I get that Mkhitaryan is a great player, which baffles me even more that why TF did Wenger sign Ross from F.R.I.E.N.D.S instead?

Wenger has lost it. #WengerOut


I think you’re too drunk again m8, time to call it a night because it’s you who’s lost the plot. Mkhitaryan is world class, just played for a shit manager that doesn’t know how to get the best out of attacking players. I hope he joins De Bruyne and Salah in making this clown look like a fool (Not that he needs anyone’s help in that). Alexis has been great for us, model professional that always gave his all for the club, think of where we’d be without him last season. I wish him all the best of good health… Read more »


I just hope he’ll be there for us and we’ll be there for him too….


WTF are you on about ‘too drunk’? or are you simply ‘too drunk’?

twisted cuntloks

Ex-Arsenal striker Ian Wright: “The way Sanchez is playing [this season], I can’t see how it is going to hurt Arsenal.”

Let’s see what happens on April 28th…

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Just a play on the fact that he looks like David Schwimmer. However just 17 ppl got that joke it seems. The rest of you remove that stick from up your ass and lighten up.

twisted cuntloks

“I’m very happy that we could finish this deal,” said Mkhitaryan. “It’s a dream come true because I’ve always dreamed of playing for Arsenal. Now I’m here, I’ll do my best for this club to create history.”

So why did you move to Manchester when we were last in for you 2 years ago ? Lol


Twisted – he went to Utd because we pulled out of the deal.


Mhykitarian today is not the Mhykitarian then.

We will need to adjust to him as much as he will need to rediscover confidence.

Not easy with how erratic we tend to be.


So if he get confidence back will he be the same Mhki from 2 years ago?

twisted cuntloks

Why did we do that? A world class player at 26m?


he was going to be sanchez’ replacement afaik, but we kept sanchez instead

Twisted cuntloks

So 2 years ago we were considering Mik as Sanchez’s replacement? I don’t think so, Sanchez was only 18 months in to his contract and going great…


Mino Raiola.


Same reason we don’t sign anyone monseiur wenger always undervalue players of other clubs. Hope we get aug has we have gone their with a reported 44m when they are asking for £50m+


OH Mikhi you’re so fine, you’re so fine, hey Mikhi !

Runcorn Gooner

He has Arteta Lego Hair as well.


I am struggling to get excited over Mkhitaryan unless we get Aubameyang over the line as well. Is anyone else the same? Or is it just me?


I hope this guy’s not as washed up as I think he is…


I bet your wife said those exact words on your wedding night.



Up the Arsenal

Damn, son.


Woah guys there’s children here

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

TheFightingMongooses nickname is an indication he can’t be lacking in that department.


Is it bad that I truly hope he re-finds his form so he can help us, yes, but also so he continues the trend of making Mourinho look like a below par manager who can’t properly judge talent (see: De Bruyne, Salah, Lukaku, etc.)

You have so much to work hard for, Mkhi!


All right thinking humans hope for things that make Mourinho sad and/or angry.


I agree so much with this that I’m not sure which element of it is more important to me….playing well for arsenal or playing well to spite mourinho…


Thank God this saga is over


Amen to that

Mayor McCheese

I liked this bit:

“He’s a very complete player. He creates chances, he defends well, he can absorb distances and he has a fetching scorpion kick as well, which is important for us.”


*Looks at Lacazette*


Something in there about putting a foot up Mourinho’s arse wouldn’t hurt.


Looking forward to seeing him in the team, very positive about the signing. Think Maureen showed his limitations as a manager by not getting the best out of him.


It’s hillarious calling Mourinho ‘Limited’ when AW manages our team 😀


Not the biggest Wenger fan of late but in this context Maureen is definitely effing useless. He could’ve had a Chelsea team with Salah, De Bruyne, Hazard, Lukaku, Matic (without having to rebuy). Now let that sink in you bloody idiot.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Mata let his quality affected by that otherwise he was top top top player when he let him go.


Can I click thumbs up on this comment a few hundred times? We, as in humans, and especially we as Premier League football fans seem to only see in black and white. Just like Arsene has had to do many many things wrong for me to start believing its time for things to change at Arsenal, Mourinho will have to do many many many many many many many things right for me to start believing that he is capable of doing anything good. He’s a rot on humanity and a rot on sportsmanship who knows more about how to STOP… Read more »


_/\_ Kudos dcgooner for a truly sensational rant!

granit(e) hard!

Amen my friend!….I ‘ve been thinking the same thing but just couldn’t find the words to put it so eloquently as you did…….”Id watch Arsenal win nothing for another 10 years if I could watch them in their purest form, ie, the first half at Palace or that midfield of Fabregas, Hleb and Rosicky. Pure joy to watch”


Whatever you think of Wenger, Maureen definitely has problems dealing with players who have talent and skill – De Brunye & Salah being two examples – so like every manager he has his limitations.


Being a cunt can also be thought of as a limitation


😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


@Tusik … Alexis… is that you?


First, I’m not 12 so I’m not going to call people ‘Idiots’ just because I don’t agree with them. Second, so Mourinho had KDB, Salah and Lukaku. Salah and KDB were at no older than 21-22 and both came from pretty shitty leagues, when they didn’t perform as expected, they got the boot. It’s not that weird, that what happens in clubs who actually aspire to win – They don’t give endless credit to a player just for the chance, that maybe, someday, he’ll become a star, and there’s nothing wrong with it. So Lukaku left for Everton in 2014-15,… Read more »


‘I’d prefer seeing us winning the league once in a while rather than playing beautiful football – and we don’t even do that in the last seasons…’

Honestly, Id say if you’re thought process is as above, you may find yourself very very frustrated as an Arsenal fan for the next x number of years. Till there is some parity in the way clubs spend, Arsenal are going more the way of Dortmund than the way of Bayern.


Sadly, I’m well aware to the way the club is being run. Also, I’m well beyond frustration over the last 5-6 seasons, just waiting for the Boss to leave so we can start over.


“I’d prefer seeing us winning the league once in a while rather than playing beautiful football – and we don’t even do that in the last seasons…” — WHY are you a fan of Arsenal FC, Tusik? Is it because you live in the area of North London where Woolwich is the club that’s closest? Or some other reason?
I’m genuinely intrigued to know your answer because the Gunners haven’t really been a TOP TOP club (as can be seen from the tragicomedy title challenge(s) in the past few years) for quite a while now so please do enlighten me/us.


I see where you’re going with that – Yes, I fell in love with a much different arsenal two decades ago. No, it has nothing to do with being geographically close to North London, I was eight and I happened to catch the semi finals in the FA cup between us and United (the first game, not the rematch with that heartbreaking goal). Why do I owe you guys explanations? Non of my posts have ever been directed personally to the person I’m discussing with, do you guys really feel the need to act like assholes just becaus someone over… Read more »


Chill yo. I know it’s difficult/impossible to gauge a person’s tone or facetious attitude online so allow me to tell you that I didn’t intend my comments in any negative sense personally. ✌

Oh and yes, you don’t “owe us guys” any explanation still. But you did voice your own disgruntled opinion about our football club. So it was only fair that someone (in this case me) asked you the reasons behind it?


Firstly, de Bruyne was loaned out for a season to a not very shitty league (Bremen) and did very well, so Chelsea did miss a trick there. I was baffled when they sold him to Wolfsburg at the time. Secondly, I think it’s worth remembering sometimes that 95% of football fans support a team that will never win the league. Do they stop going to see their team because of that or mope about it every day? Winning titles is great, but watching/following football is about so much more than that. Thirdly, I agree with you that Mourinho is a… Read more »


Can you remind me of Mourinho’s limitations as a manager over the last 14 years compared to the manager you feel is well-prepared to get the best out of Mkhitaryan?

Don Cazorleone

‘Maureen is shit because he let De Bruyne go’

Say the same people that hammer Wenger for letting all our best players go.

my name is bob

Him and Aubameyang combining with Ozil and Lacazette makes me very excited….


How can they combine when they all play in the same positions?


It will take seeing Auba in an Arsenal shirt on the pitch for me to be convinced that our recruitment and seeing deals through have changed with the new backroom staff.
I still see the rumour and 50m Euro bid as sth to placate fans but not enough to persuade dortmund

But pessimistic but I learnt it the hard way. (Suarez, Higuain)


Higuain… What a monumental fuck up that was.


Yup, till we see Aubameyang on the official website. I remember that Valencia midfielder who had agreed to come and then didn’t, all those years ago. Suarez and Higuain was just media hype


Arsenal dawdled on adding the extra 2.5 million to sign Higuain for 27.5million till napoli showed up 3 weeks later with 32million and signed him up.

I said. Oh well there’s Suarez. He’s more rounded. Then I heard about the 40million + 1 pound.

I’m not sure i ever fully accepted it happened or got over it. Still confusing to this day


We take a lot of undeserved flack on the Suarez one. He had a release clause that got triggered above 40m pounds. We would literally throwing money away to pay more than 40m + 1. The issue and John Henry has publically admitted it is that Henry simply told Suarez he would not honor the clause and Suarez would have to take him to court if he wanted the move.


Look at it from another angle, lets say we were in for a big player, all but a done deal and then at the last minute he signs for another club who happens to be a rival. Happens to us a lot right? and we get rightly blasted for it… But didn’t that just happen to City? and not so much a fuss about how it went down. How ’embarrassing’ it is that a club with so much money got pipped by their bitter rival after they practially had Sancehz in their pocket. This Sanchez transfer given us an insight… Read more »

Don Cazorleone

The difference, my dear gunnertron, is that City don’t really need him. They haven’t been waiting 10 years for a player of that quality, and it doesn’t happen to them in every single transfer window.

It happens to us over and over again, usually for the sake of an extra few million, while the club is then expected to limp on season after season relying on cheaper versions like Marouane Chamakh, Gervinho, Santos, Welbeck etc to pull us through.

That’s why it’s not embarrassing for them, but it is for us.


I’m not even sure if these things ever did happen. I do hope that Wenger does come out with a tell-it-all book someday. I’m sure the chapter titled ‘Transfers’ will be a really big chapter! Almost-signed players, suarez, higuain….. bischoff, park, inamoto, lucas perez!


Mista was it?

Everything was done then he found out we were signing him as a right back.

Now who sold him the lie that we play players out of position?


Nope, Miguel Angel Angulou.


“makes me very excited….” ~~ my name is BOB = Teehee


Looking forward to seeing him in the team. I’ve not seen him much, so I’m curious to know where he fits in and who is sacrificed from the current XI.


I believe that – unless he is accommodated in the wings – he’ll compete for a spot with Jack and Ramsey.


he will take iwobi place on the RW at the moment and with Auba comming a am 100% sure we will go back to 4 at the back as now we will have the nececeey playera to keep possesion and beat players with the ball without losing it with wilshere, miki and ozil plus mimi has great close control he reminds me of cazorla a little bit on close control it is dificult to take the ball away from him dont forget cazorla also played on the wings when he signed for us and with age moved in center which… Read more »


I’d like to see him in the middle if I’m honest, and Wenger may be able to get the best out of him in midfield. He’s similar to Cazorla in the way he keep the ball, who also by the way featured more as a playmaking winger for Spain before we signed him. I hope Wenger would mould Mikhi the same way, he’s already hinting as much with the interview above. Iwobi to continue on the left with a signing from either of Aubameyang or Malcom to occupy the right. (Would prefer Malcom due to being left footed). Haih, one… Read more »


He won’t have the natural pace and creativity out wide. It will be more tucked in in a diamond. Fundamentally we are still lacking a player of genuine class on the outside that can provide creativity and more importantly high technical level. Mahrez at 45-50m seemed a no brainer but we are committed to Mhykitarian bc we have no choice. It also means we have to commit a very sizeable chunk to his salary which in itself is a massive risk. If he should NOT perform, we will be stuck with him for 4 seasons and find it more difficult… Read more »


Will you drop Mahrez lol OMG I hope they don’t ever get him just so you can get your panties up in a wad lol

Why would Leicester sell him for 45-50 when they can wait till the summer and sell him for 60-80


also mahrez isnt the answer, would he be a decent player for us? probably realistically though we now have no wide players in the senior squad, ok iwobi can play there though he is more suited to ozil spot. ok danny welbeck can play wide, but again he is more naturally central. I’m hoping this isn’t just a coincidence and wenger is planning on playing a narrower game with wingbacks providing width. If we bought in a winger he would only replace one of the above on the team sheet and it would stop their progress. wait for the summer… Read more »


I think he’ll start on the right wing. Where all Arsenal box-to-box midfielders start. That’s where there is the most need for him, and he has a lot of experience on the right wing. Having someone creative who can control the ball over there will add a ton of balance to the gameplay. We’re too left-sided right now. We’ve frequently been heavily left-sided, but it’s too far at the moment. Bellerin needs more help on the attacking end over there.


Completely agree on the left-sided thing. If you needed proof, you got it on Saturday when Monreal and Özil were back. Everything good seems to happen on that side. The right hand side of attack has been ineffective for ages (in no small part due to Walcott IMHO). I agree with Blogs giving Iwobi some slack because of his age, but he is not anywhere near the level required to offer a threat on the wing, and Bellerin really isn’t capable to do all the attacking play by himself.

Jean Ralphio

He’ll do well

Michael Bolton Wanderers

Hope he’s right about this, cause we need world class players.
Now I can dedicate the rest of my spare time hoping we get aubemyang


Mkhi_Targaryen 🙂


I, for one, am very glad we got Mhkitaryan. We have long been lacking a top quality player who can play down the right and for all the talk of goals this year, I feel that it has been the service that has been lacking. Yes, maybe we could have sold Sanchez for cash but I’d rather get a player in who can contribute straight away rather than see the money disappear into Stan’s pocket via KSE “consulting fees.” Let’s get this Aubameyang deal done and we’ll surely have one of the most formidable attacks in the league!


But if we actually get Auba, where do we go from there? Don’t wanna see Laca deployed on the wing.


I’d play Auba off the left channel with license to play high line, with Laca slightly withdrawn striker. Mkhi on the right, Ozil in the free attacking/ creative role with them.

——-Ozil ——-

but that’s just me.


Can’t see Laca and Auba playing together unless we go back to 2 strikers. What’s more likely, imho, is that Xhaka, Jack and Ramsey will all play, then Ozil, Mkhi and Auba.


He’s not really a winger, though, which is what I would’ve preferred. But it’s a decent swap.
I agree with the rest of your comment though.
And he is a very good player when given the confidence of the manager and some freedom.


I think he’s a good addition considering he cost less than 1 pound


Welcome aboard the Titanic! You should have no problem finding a seat, we have not brought many trophies on board lately.

Why do I enjoy bashing my own club?


I still don’t quite understand where everyone will play. I think a 4-4-2 is in order.

Auba – Laca

Ozil Xhaka Ramsey Mhiki

Nacho Kos Mustafi Hector


You have to rotate.. and id see Ozil in more of a Diamond
Auba – Laca(Giroud)
Wilsh – Mikhi
Nacho Kos Mustafi Hector


Ozil beind Lacazette and Auba, Mkhitaryan on the right of the three. Back 4 probably as you say. Other 2 spots in the 3 are hard to figure out.
I like rambo but maybe wanders too much. I liked Elneny the other day. So maybe him middle and either Xhaka or Jack on the left of the 3. Or maybe even Jack in the center. He’s not at the same level but maybe the closest thing we have to Santi in terms of ability to take and move the ball from tight spots.


Wilshere – Ozil – Xhaka

Ramsey/Mkhy/Wilshere interchangeable, Xhaka/Elneny until we find a WC central mid (yeah right). Iwobi stepping in on the wings occasionally.

I would go back to the 4-3-3 with a creative midfielder playing wide, worked much better than our recent formations have.

In any case, I’m sure we will all be unpleasantly surprised with Wengers’ formation.


Probably a 4-1-3-2 But in defense a 4-1-4-1 The front two pivot and one if license to drop into the midfield pack whilst the other stays up field to keep presence. It will make no sense otherwise if we are intent on signing Aubameyang : …………………Aubameyang……………….Lacazette………………………… …………………………………….Ozil…………………………………………….. ……………Jack………………………………………….Mhykitarian…………… …………………………………..Granit……………………………………………. Monreal……………………………………………………………………..Bellerin ……………………..Mustafi………………….Koscielny…………………………. ……………………………………Cech…………………………………………….. You do get the feeling though that Mhykitarian may also be able to function in lieu of Granit going higher up since the Aremnian has good experience to hold in the tranquista role much like Arteta and Santo before him. Other options would of course be Iwobi wide/left… Read more »


Where does Mhki have experience being a holding MF?

If you don’t want AMN to experience what Chambers went through then he should be in MF not FB because thats his position.


I agree, it was very interesting to see Xhaka further forward with some freedom. I think it suits him much better to have a workhorse type like Elneny behind him. This allows him to only concern himself with one thing – distributing the ball. I thought he did that well yesterday and he seemed to really be enjoying himself. Don’t know why it’s taken this long to figure out that Xhaka isn’t best as a screen for the back line. He’s best when allowed to sit in the hole and spray passes.


I liked the Xhaka / Jack / Elneny midfield 3. It only leaves room for 3 of your Ozil / Auba / Laca / Mkhi players, which over the course of a season is a good rotation problem to have, but makes it hard to get all 4 on. Elneny was the deep metronome, Jack the industrious box to box, as was Xhaka.

It’s really an option to tailor the lineup to the opposition. 4 more attacking players with 2 sitting behind them, or a more robust, yet still creative midfield 3.


No jack





Wilshere Özil


Nacho Kos Mustafi Bellerin

Fluid 4 in attack, with Auba pressing the back line


Guise it however you want, this was a player forced upon us. That’s not saying we still can’t make the best out of him but the fact is we had little control on proceedings. No Mhykitarian , no sanchez deal. The negotiating team boxed themsleves in and when City ducked out of it, we were left with our bollocks in the hands of United and the agent who stands to make 10m for this deal. Of course Alexis went for money but he also went for ambition. The players they have at United andtheir willingness to spend to fix problems… Read more »


OMG do you know your post look like spam lol


If Wenger thinks he defends well, he’s talking about the wrong Mkhitaryan. His complete disinterest in work hard or tracking back is the precise reason Man Utd have dumped him.


I assume he won’t be able to play against Chelsea this week? Will be interesting if we get Auba too what decision Wenger makes on the Europa league roster.


Auba can’t play in Europa so it’s one decision easier. Dortmund was knocked down to Europa from UCL.

Cape Town Gooner

But he hasn’t played a Europa League game yet, therefore there’s a chance he isn’t cup-tied. I’m not sure of the rules, but I suspect he is eligible for our squad.

dr Strange

Mkhi looks like Rosicky to me and I’m excited. A really good signing.

Petits Handbag

Enough of that, what are his dogs names??

Mayor McCheese

Molecule and Severn.




This is good, but we still need Auba, and three more. CB, DM, RB backup, and another winger would not hurt. Remember, we’re only replacing a player, not adding one. We sit outside the top four and miles from winning the league. Show REAL ambition, not just the usual top four target, and get more WC players. We deserve more from AFC. COYG and push for MORE than just a replacement signing.


I’m so happy we’ve gone for Mkhi and are going for Auba it’s a real statement of intent but am I the only one amazed that we aren’t going for any defensive solutions? We’ve leaked goals defensively recently and it really feels like we’re buying attacking players to appease fans on Sanchez departure. Aubemayang will be an incredible addition but does no one else think a world class or atleast very good CDM would really sort us out instead of another striker to compete with lacazzete?


Looks like Arseblog has more sway with the clubs’ upper echelons than previously realised. We’ve switched our coq to a Mkhi!


Hadn’t thought of this, brilliant!


Groverider, sire, you are a boon to our federation! ?


Mkhitaryan is our Santi replacement. Who we getting to replace Alexis?

Michael Bolton Wanderers

Aubemyang it seems


Can he play DM?


”Absorb distances” You have to love Wenger sometimes.


We need more cowbell


I hope he lives up to the hype. Now we have to offer Ozil as much money as Alexis is getting at United and build the next team around him.


Mkhi … It’s all up for grabs now


we have a saying in Poland which goes like this : ‘zamienił stryjek siekierkę na kijek’ which could be translated to ‘the uncle exchanged his axe to a stick’ …let’s hope the ‘stick’ will be accurate, flexible and durable !


One of the most win-win transfer swaps in the history of football?

Ian Wright -

We got shafted – No other way to put it!


Mkhitaryan > Alexis

Little Mozart

I am delighted we have Mkhi. Quality signing and a player with much more about him than Mourinho would have you believe.


lets see how long it takes that baldy twat shearer to call alexis world class now that hes no longer an arsenal player


Personally given how often Sanchez lost the ball, I believe the team will be much stronger without him. This is good business.


We’re taking the Mkhi!


just watched Miki’s first ‘interview’ … he doesn’t seem either too happy or enthusiastic … still remember that first one with Arshavin when he smiled all the way and promised goals to supporters asap


…all this focus on adding into our attacking line.

Has to be mentioned with Monreal and Koscielny back in, our defense was night and day better.

Experience counts. Mustafi put in some excellent clearances too.

Its the depth that’s partial problem and without that the system isn’t articulated enough for the less experienced players to cope.


What does absorb distances mean


He runs


Welcome to The Arsenal, Mkhi!


our Miki


I don’t know about you peeps but I’ve got a really REALLY good feeling about replacing an under-performing and disgruntled (Barca castaway albeit a great player….just not the greater/greatest ones we Gunners deserve) Alexis Sanchez with not JUST 1 world class player with MickeyHenry but (maybe) also with a seriously potent striker (albeit mercurial) like Auba daba doob. **smug smiley** Delusion/Mad optimism: In what is alleged to be Le Prof’s final season, I decree that the Arsenal will FINALLY be back among the elite next season with the Europa cup and/or Caraboa Cup being precursors THIS season ALONG WITH a… Read more »

Cultured determination

Great. Now he and olivier can exchange notes to perfect their scorpion kick.

Jack WilXhaka

. Laca
Auba Özil Micki
Rambo/Jack Xhaka/Elneny/AMN
Nacho Boss Mustafi Hector
. Cech


I hope when we play Manure he scores a goal by ping-ponging a thunderous shot first off Alexis’ face, then off Mourinho’s, then into the top corner. Don’t ask me how that works, but it’d be pretty great.

Lonely Lonliness

Yay I Guess …

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