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Arsenal brief press over potential Wenger replacements

After the Carabao Cup final defeat to Man City, the pressure on Arsene Wenger is growing, and this evening all the major newspapers have published stories about potential replacements for the Frenchman should he go this summer.

The Mirror, Telegraph and Mail have all gone with more or less the same list of names with Leonardo Jardim, Joachim Low and former Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers apparently on the club’s shortlist.

Whatever about the first two, the idea of Rodgers taking over is one which fills Arseblog News with dread, with his shark’s teeth and him basically being football’s David Brent and that.

The Telegraph also report that former skipper Mikel Arteta, currently with Pep Guardiola at Man City, is also being considered, and while we love that Lego-haired hunk, it’d be a bit of a risk given his lack of managerial experience.

What is clear is that when the club – and there is no other source for these names – start briefing the press in this way, it’s a sign that change is being seriously contemplated.

Maybe they’re reacting to the outcry over the final, or even the current run of form which has seen us lose 6 games so far in 2018, but there’s definitely something stirring.

You could question the board/chief executive’s methods when it comes to how this information is being put out there, but it looks as if we’re preparing for life without Arsene.

Honestly though, if they appoint Rodgers I’ll give it all up and go work in a bar somewhere, slinging drinks and remembering the good times. I’d rather give the job to Buck Rodgers and his crap robot friend than that wankpot.

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Brendan Rodgers… great joke… hahaha…. ahhhhhh…. ugh.


Might as well go for Alan Pardew too then.

Thomas Lambert

Or even Alan Partridge

Godfrey Twatsloch


confused squillaci

That’s liquid football!




Foot like a traction engine!

Twisted cuntloks

You can call me cynical but I look at this another way.
Why release this now through the entire mainstream media?

It wouldn’t surprise me if this is a deliberate press release to nullify the anger from the supporters before the next match.
Get everyone thinking and talking about a potential new manager coming in and make the club look proactive and that things are developing.

It could even have come from Wenger himself…

Mein Bergkampf

I may not be the biggest believer in Wenger’s intuition but even I think he would find it hard to sign off on a press leak that suggested a pillock like Rodgers could theoretically be the heir to his throne. Unless he chucked the name on last minute, declaring “YOLO!” in his playful French accent.


It’s ok, what’ll really happen is we’ll get either Stan’s son with his experience of FM2018 or Steve McLaren.


Or Rowan Atkinson


Or Tony Pulis ?

JoeyJoeJoe Shabadoo

Or Mila Kunis…i could do this all day,

ill get me coat


Ultimately this is where the competency of the board and ownership will be revealed. I think if we are genuinely looking to name Brendan Rodgers as Arsene Wengers successor, his appointment would see new levels of clownery and hilarity that haven’t yet been witnessed at Arsenal Football Club or in The Premier League. There’s an argument to be had that we are even leaking that guys name to the press, he’s a fucking joke who has just about found his level managing in the SPL. I would honestly rather see Sol Campbell given the job over Brendan which says a… Read more »


Although Rodgers would not be my first choice, or even a choice, he did come within one game of winning the PL with Liverpool, which is considerably better than anything Wenger’s managed over the last 14 years. He also did a brilliant job at Swansea.

At 45, he has a much better record than most young managers.


As Arsenal Football Club, we should be looking at someone better than a guy that did okay at Swansea…

A Different George

Apart from Rogers (obviously), the leaked names seem reasonable. Allegri and Enrique are unlikely to leave their current jobs; Simeone (in my opinion) is tactically unsuited to Arsenal, and Ancelotti would be fine as an interim solution, but not as a long-term manager.

Mein Bergkampf

Who’s Enrique working for?

Mein Bergkampf

Why are we waiting until summmer? Seriously? Let’s get moving. If someone’s available and has the required atributes let’s give them the rest of the season to have a tinker with the team and start to restore a bit of pride to a dwindling squad.

Even up to a year ago I would have said out of respect to Wenger, let him at least leave in the summer but when he persistently goes against what is right for this football club because he’s scared to retire and admit he failed, he shouldn’t get the golden farewell he will be expecting.

Bould\'s Eyeliner

His farewell will be bittersweet, no matter what, even if it is ‘golden’. No one is caring about his ‘farewell’, let alone him. What we want is success, and randomly bringing in an interim manager now is hardly going to breed it.


Low and Jardim if they are truly the front runners will not leave Germany before the end of the world cup or Monaco before the season is out. I’m simply ignoring Rodgers but ditto on that. The only who could realistically leave mid season is Arteta and I’m not sure we want to go with a totally untried manager.

Mein Bergkampf

Oh, ok. Well in that case let’s wait hey? And not do anything rash and reckless. Or…. Stick Bobby Pires in charge!

I know we are nearly there now but the end of the season still seems like a lifetime away. I don’t know what sort of Arsenal fan I’ll be after three more months of this…


patience my friend.. it’s only a few rounds till the end of the season & eventually the announcement of Anchelloti as the new Arsenal’s manager

As for the leaked’s just Wenger fucking around with the fans for the last time

David C

I guess Luis Enrique is going to Chelsea then since he’s not listed….

That’s who I was hoping for.


I disagree. I have been ‘Wenger Out’ for at least 3 years, however I cannot tolerate the notion of him being sacked during the season

Mein Bergkampf

Yeah, we wouldn’t want him to ruin his legacy would we? What about P? Is he Wenger out too Matt?


It would be utterly classless.
He still deserves our respect and gratitude , but he shoulding be coaching us next season. We should work hard on finding a solution that makes all parties look good. My choice is easily Jardim. Iactuall think Brenda does some decent work on the pitch.. but come on..

We have given our haters enough laughter.

Mein Bergkampf

Don’t make me sick. He’s a football manager, it’s a performance based job. If we have a replacement, he should go now. This sycophantic approach has allowed Wenger to do a lot more damage than is necessary over the past few seasons. I don’t care about Wenger, I really care about Arsenal Football Club. Classless. We are obsessed with seeming classy. We’re Arsenal and Arsenal don’t do this. We have too much class. We, my friend, are a joke. A meme, a gif, a constant source of hilarity for every other club in Europe. Sp*rs fans must literally be pissing… Read more »

Mein Bergkampf

6 games in 7 weeks this year. Sorry.


if you’re against Wenger some people will down-vote you for absolutely no reason… lol
I wonder what will those people do when Wenger finally retir… sorry get sacked.. i think they will try to find a new failure to defend so they can feel better about themselves… let”s hope that whomever failure they choose to defend is far far away from Arsenal


This isn’t chelsea, lad.
Firing mid season … yeah, that always works wonders for
a club.
I’m glad you’re not on the board. No offence.

Mein Bergkampf

None taken. I think it works as often as it doesn’t. And given we have nothing to play for, no top four, no FA cup and if anyone thinks we can win the Europa they are dreaming, it wouldn’t be the dumbest thing to attempt. But yeah, I’m being slightly overly reactionary. Basically I just think we don’t owe Wenger any more overly respectful platitudes so if the right person was available now let’s get him.


There is no one of any repute available on such short notice except for Luis Enrique. He is not managing any club and has had plenty of time to realise that Arsenal is one of the most attractive places for him to continue his career (with a similar club feeling to Barcelona and a Spanish DoF with Barca links). He had a really good couple of seasons at Barca. Only thing is he might go to Chelsea at the end of the season so maybe we should do all we can to snap him up now. Jardim would be a… Read more »

Stuck on repeat...

The Brendan Rodgers bit is just BS, & nothing more than a cunning ploy by the owner / Board to get fans to shut up & to stop making logical & reasonable protests about AW. Kind of like a “Fine we’ll listen to you & get Brendan Rogers in…Wait…What…You’ve gone silent? Guess we’ll keep the current guy then”. …I mean it has to be right? …Either that or they’re so out of ideas (having tried nothing) that they’re doing silent polls through the media. “Hmmm…what about this guy? Leak these names to the press”…”Nope, universally that’s viewed as a bad… Read more »


Brendan Rodgers. Hahahahaha. The last time I laughed so hard was when they said Chelsea and Conte are after Peter Crouch and Carroll to strengthen their squad.

Mein Bergkampf

I feel like there’s other places you could be going for your comedy… Watch a Stewart Lee standup or an old episode of Arrested Development or summit. Chelsea’s transfer woes and our recruitment policy could leave you a little barren in the humour department.

A Different George

Rogers will not get the job. But Man United, one of the biggest clubs in the world, appointed Moyes, who did not seem like a ridiculous choice at the time.


Though the ‘Deluded Brendan’ Twitter account is one of the best to follow, regular great posts. Expect something on there about Arsenal soon:

Too Drunk To Be Offside

For what it is worth, I think I will be a better choice than Brendan Rodgers. Lets be honest. I will be sending my CV to the club soon.


I don’t think they can fit TDTBO on one side of the warmup chest.


I thought Ron Manager always had good insight into tactics and football in general. Is he still around or retired already?


If brendan rodgers is on the list, why not put david moyes altogether….


Apologies in advance for this question, my knowledge of football professionals is largely restricted to Arsenal.
Why does everyone hate Rodgers? Hasn’t he produced some free flowing teams in his time?

Fireman Sam

I’m also a bit surprised at all the Rogers hate. I don’t think he’s that bad.

I suspect whoever comes in will be just interim and will bugger off after a couple of years.

Lord Bendnter

I had never even imagined the name Brendon Rodgers would turn up. Not even as a rumor

Mayor McCheese

I fully expect Sam Allardyce to announce tomorrow that he would consider the Arsenal job.

Also, Rodgers obviously fed his own name to the press, the self-portrait staring loonbag. Still, one should consider his unparalleled success in leagues in which his team is realistically the only competitor.

Yellow Ribbon

It is all about the lack of “Character” as a club that shocks me at the moment mate!


? “Not even as a rumour”! ?

Jokes aside, if the replacement is NOT one of Loew, Leonardo, Carlo and Simeone, I honestly think we should persist with Le Prof. Till the end of his contract atleast because I’m not sure if there’s anyone even potentially better.

And unlike Mr. James, Mr. Andrew and most others, I’d much rather NOT see my Gunners slump even further in order to become better. ?
Hell, if that’s the kind of change that’s needed, then – based on the past few years – isn’t that ALREADY happening with Arsene?! ?


I honestly believe any decent manager could get these players playing better than they are right now. They are all in a comfort zone and have no consequences for bad performances. Another manager who could bring in some form of discipline and just a modicome of organisation and tactical awareness could make us better, not great but better than we are.
sticking with wenger another season, giving him even more money and ruining morale even further should not be an option.
whoever puts a name up will get get doubters because its so subjective.


Sigh….alright. this makes perfect sense.

I started watching only post the invincible’s era (2004 – 05). So I can’t really personally relate to the Highbury Wenger era to the Emirates one. Ergo.


Why are folks putting so much stock in this rumor?
It might be an intentional leak from somewhere with possible legitimacy. And it might be total hogwash.

Arsenal going into the 2nd round knockout tie with AC Milan in the Europa cup – the only legit chance for CL football next year – and people think the club leaked this info?!?! Come on….
If you believe that, I’ll sell ya this nice bridge that goes from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Seriously, I know a guy ….


Imagine the scenes when the club announce Rodgers and Kroenke Jr does a press conference where he just sings “I beg your pardon, I never promised you Leo Jardim”, drops the mic and walks out.


That would be really Low, even by Kroenke standards.






Brendan Fucking Rodgers??? Might as well just shut the club down.


Leonardo Jardim 100%


Yes please

Mayor McCheese

Only if he first goes on to prove himself in the J-League after his Monaco stint.



Jungu Beans

You are on a roll Mayor.

(or is it a bun?)


had one good season in his life


he has to rebuild the whole team after the owner sold half his team , struggle at first(why they got eliminate from champions league) after they bought like a new team of players mostly young player ,now seat second in ligue 1 and look easily the second best team in france

many head coach would have walk out after the shitty trick the management done to him last summer , instead he stick around and rebuild

Jardim is by far the best coach in the french league ,and hopefully he take Fabinho (a DM) and Lemar wiith him


He knew what Monaco is about.There was no trick. Its no secret they are a selling club. No secret PSG should win every year with the amount they spend on the club in recent years going forward if they keep that up. Probably once in awhile they will have a Monaco where all the talent steps up at the same time and win the league like last season.

It just shows you how bad Ligue 1 is. Zlatan at his age scoring 40 goals lol

A Different George

I thought Zlatan scored quite a few in England as well.


I want up vote this one a million time.Clever man also with a degree in sport psychology.


Yes a good option.
Great name too


First two am cool with, but Rogers, just let Wenger stay


Fuck no! Ild take Rodgers if it meant aw leaving. At least he has ambition

Bould\'s Eyeliner

His ‘ambition’ wasn’t enough for a failing Liverpool team.


Clueless ambition is just a more expensive way of doing the same thing.


Is that some sort of a sick joke? Brendan fucking picture of himself on the wall Rodgers over Wenger? Are you seriously suggestion we ditch Wenger in favour of the most hilariously stupid man on the Planet? Nah man, I’d rather have Donald Duck.


Rodgers? Jesus Christ. No Sarri, Simeone, Ancelloti?

Mayor McCheese

Ancelotti seems possible, but Jesus Christ might be out of our reach.

Godfrey Twatsloch

God sent his only son to be butchered by the Romans but I doubt he’d drop him in the mess that is Arsenal at the moment.


God sent his beloved disciple Arsene Wenger as Sheep in the midst of Wolves, to be persecuted by the same fans whom he loved & served. He has been poured out like a burnt offering for the malaise of present day Arsenal and the time of his crucifixion is very near indeed.


And Pilate said, “fuck being the bad guy for the second time! That cunt Kroenke have my job. I’m off!”.




I doubt even Christ could sort out our defensive problems right now.

Mayor McCheese

Nonsense. He’s raised the dead before.

Godfrey Twatsloch

There’d be a lot of fish in the diet.


I cannot express in words how funny that last line was, I… Wow hahaha I didn’t expect that. Good read though!


Biddy-Biddy-Biddy…….this defense sucks, Buck.


How old do you have to be to get this reference? But for those of us old enough to remember, we’ll never forget.


Not that old!


Some massively underwhelming options. Although so was Wenger and it turned out great the first ten or so years.


Disagree except for Rodgers, Jardim is very good in my opinion. Sold big stars and still sitting second in the Ligue 1.


I think that all (most) of us can agree that it’s time for a new manager BUT I cannot help but feel very sad that the club are briefing the press like this. Not very Arsenal like, at least certainly not the one I grew up supporting.

Agree about the wankpot that is Rodgers. Given the strong German influence at the club, I’m thinking Loew would be strong favourite, maybe with Titi as his number 2? See how that all plays out after a Germany -Belgium WCF/SF…


I am trying to work out how we (Blogs) can for certain say the club is briefing the press? where is the proof? I’m confused.

Faisal Narrage

Isn’t it just likely there’s a higher up leak?
Always feels like blogs are quick to cast aspersions, particularly at Gazidis, with zero evidence.

Manu petits left boot

Yeah but you know…Gazidis…

Mayor McCheese

Until Blogs clarifies, I’d suggest that he’s making an inference based on the coincidence of several papers reporting the same topic with the same names.


I don’t think you can ever say with 100% certainty that the club is briefing the press as no one at the club is going to come out and say it – but it’s pretty close to certain that’s the source as the exact same names are being leaked to the same journalists the club likes to use as mouth pieces (Jeremy Wilson and John Cross). It’s highly unlikely to be a total coincidence that all 3 papers wrote stories at the exact same time and came up with the exact same list of candidates on their own.


Exaaaactly! How?! THIS comment seriously need to be UPVOTED to infinity.


not like the press don’t ever make things up, is it? A few weeks ago it was Ancelotti. Expect other names chosen at random. Rodgers would be a name chosen by Wenger to ensure he (AW) gets another season!


You’ve seen the way the board members behave at the agm right?


this is not proof though!


Hahahahahahahaha Brendan fucking Rodgers, at least we would put in BEAUTIFUL performances, sorry can’t stop laughing. Maybe Ted Rodgers and throw Brendan into Dusty bin.


I can see the Joachim Low gifs of him smelling his cock every time we ‘fowl’ up.


If we had Buck Rodgers’ robot, Twiki, at least the pressers might be a little more interesting.

Godfrey Twatsloch

How about the Moomins? Any of them with experience in PL football?

Faisal Narrage

Been crying out for Leonardo Jardim for a while now. He’s basically Original Wenger of 20 years ago, but today. – Builds his team and fast transitions and counter-attacking. – Uses a variety of tactics and set ups – Came through to Monaco with the mandate of working, coaching and developing young talent of the academy, which he did to spectacular fashion. – His Monaco team last season was compared to the Invincibles due to their playstyle. – Uses athletic and strong CBs and CMs (something that for whatever reason, Wenger moved away from, in a time when we need… Read more »


I think wenger move away because the game also change and became more technical and after barcelona dominating for 10 year with small and technical players wenger rought he could do it with aresneal also but his mistake was that he didnt have exceptional players like xavi inesta and messi and no money to buy world class, he came close to that playing style with shit players, and we were once considered 2nd after barcelona playing the beautiful game, and now city ist that team with the oil money and dominating with pep, if wenger had same recourse am sure… Read more »


Didn’t know anything about Jardim and this laid back persona of Carlo or an alternate reason to NOT get Joachim, so best comment of this story so far! ?

Dan D

Allegri for me. Good defensively while teams play attractive, offensive football too. Right age, experience at a big club. Winner.


Ohhhh wow Allegri too!* ?

Sooo top 3 – Leonardo (most suitable IMO), Diego (used to be my personal number 1) and now…Allegri too!

*Mind-voice: Think I should calm down now…..

Dan D

I’d go for Allegri. Good defensively while teams play attractive, attacking football too. Right age, experience at a big club. Winner.

Faisal Narrage

What about Allegri? What’s your thoughts, Dan?


Allegri is very good. But for me jardim seems a better fit for us


Maybe if Zidan gets the sack from Real he can come here.


Cool name Mate, yours Original Adam


I would have thought Ancelloti would be the best option by far, or perhaps Allegri, but knowing Arsenal it could well go to Rodgers.

Can’t belive I just wrote that last part.


Why not Roland blanc?!

Mayor McCheese

Why not Laurent Robert!

Yankee Gooner

I know he’s unproven, but Arteta wouldn’t bother me: solid professional who stabilized a rudderless arsenal not so long ago by learning a new position and locking it down until his legs went. Seems to indicate he has high football intelligence, appreciates the value of defense, and can preach the gospel of all-hands-on-the-pump because he’s done it. The worry is that he wouldn’t arrive with a big enough resume to credibly defy management, such as it is.


Depends on your risk tolerance. Could be great, has all the potential, but could also bust. Henry or Sanogo. Who knows? Probably too big a risk. With our luck we’ll bypass him and he’ll be the next SAF.

Reality check

Come on! Henry already had a world cup before he joined us, sanogo was nearly a postman..


True, my trope needs work, but mainly I was trying to say super duper great vs. total shit.

Reality check

I’d love to have lego-hair in a couple of years. A lot of people tend to forget his pedigree, he’s a La Masia youth product, knows the tiki taka. He has learned from the best, Wenger rates him very highly. Pep (best football manager atm) must see something in him that he made him retire from playing football so that he can make him his right hand man. Arteta will be a catch, the day he’s ready to manage.


Anyone other than Wenger is a great choice.. BUT seriously WTF do you see in Arteta, just because he sat beside pep he’s suddenly a master tactician.. why do you see arsenal as an experiments lab, didn’t you had enough with Wenger’s experiments (DM as Cb, WB as CM, ST as LW…etc).. seriously it’s time to aim high, (Simone,Leonardo or Ancheloti) or whomever at their level..

BUT since it’s Arsenal.. we will get either Henry or Arteta (for sentimental reasons & not football related) & continue be a laughing stock for other clubs..


Des Lynam

Biddy Biddy biddy I bet there will be a few names in the old envelopes at the end of the season…


Low and Jardim would be really exciting. Both have a history of developing top young talent which is where I imagine we are headed ultimately under Sven and Sanhelli.


Low really knows how to pick them.


I agree with several others here: Leonardo Jardim is the natural choice. He’s a very interesting manager who’s done great things at Monaco. It would be very interesting to see him at Arsenal.


Aye, if Brenda washes up at the Emirates no one would hold it against you if you took up bartending instead.

Except for Brenda, who has three envelopes, one which would surely have your name in it.



Mayor McCheese


Yankee Gooner

Thumbs up for the lol

Pizza parlour

How old is George Graham?

Merlin\'s Panini

about 70 I think.


Put GG in a wheelchair & let him coach the defense, can’t be worse than what’s happening at the Colney crèche at present.


Out of that lot….Joachim Loew. Every time.


After last game, I’d take his nose boogers


Zidane if he gets fired? Dyche?


I’m glad your not appointing the next manager.


did you see the players real have… no disrespect intended to Zidane but even a headless chicken can manage real at the moment


Only our board could mention Rodgers after that display yesterday. We’re already a laughing stock don’t make it worse you fucking bellends.
Thanks to all for the insight on Jardin…
Since when do our board release our intentions to the press? I thought we never did that cos were better than the rest. Get a fucking grip up there will you….looking at you Sir Chips.

Mayor McCheese

Jardim is the name that really stands out there. Love Arteta, but it comes too soon. Jardim puts together teams that are really hard to beat and a lot of fun to watch.


Maybe Nile Rodgers is available. Probably couldn’t coach for shit but we’d have one hell of a rockin’ team song.


My inner voice thought you wrote theme in an Irish accent.

Mike A Terian

My pick is Mustafi as player manager. He makes such good decisions on the field lets just entrust the whole thing to him



Godfrey Twatsloch

I want this guy. That feller Bertie he refers to sounds good. Bring him in as well.

Robbie Analog

Buck Rodgers In!


Not quite as simple as “Wenger Out” then. Who’d have thought.


at least the club will become healthier , it’s natural for clubs to change managers periodically even if they’re successful.. it’s unnatural and unhealthy for a club to keep the same manager for more than 2 decades even if he badly fails

so yes it’s simple as we thought even if we end up with rodgers (God forbid) at least we know no manager will be tolerated for failure as we did with Wenger…. in other words (water will keep flowing, no more clog)


“at least the club will become healthier….” That’s not really guaranteed, is it. Just like at maniou. and liverpool. and everton (i.e., manager changes followed by multiple seasons of shit). The list goes on. Wenger’s time is up, but lets all be honest. Its a gamble, no matter who it is. Plugging Diego Simione in – like this is FM or something … it probably won’t work that way or least straight away. Ironically, Ancelotti has a track record of taking over teams after failed management and moving them on. Chels. Real Madrid. B.M. (not bowel movement, that’s bayern munich.)… Read more »


Massimiliano Allegri would be a great choice I think, he would make Arsenal a stronger defensive unit.


We all like alegri but have you actually seen him playing diferent tactic than the 3 5 2 , after wenger trying with arsenal that tactic we become stale and more shit and i reall dont want to see it again i want guardiola tactit or klopp aggressiveness wining the ball back nad realas all the attacking players, with explosive wingers, not playing with only auba up top.


Hasn’t played that formation that much this season with Bonucci gone. Mostly been playing a 4-2-3-1 which he played in previous seasons in the champions league, but this season in serie a as well with Higuain up top and Dybala as the 10.




Because our game against Man City was rather entertaining wasn’t it?


they’ve given out a list of shit names on purpose so we think ‘nah, actually Wenger’s fine’

Stuck on repeat...

Tend to agree. The trusted olde devide & conquer routine…keep the “carefull what you wish for” brigade happy.


OOoo cynical….but possibly right


you fools!




Really? I kind of agree but what if we don’t win Europa and or miracle a top 4 finish? They wouldn’t would they? And I’m not one of those fans who wishes we fail so he goes. I’d much rather have a top 4 spot and/or Europa league trophy and Arsene for another year than the calamity that leads to his firing. But we’re on our way to that aren’t we? They wouldn’t.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Does anyone remember that Austrian coach that was touted by the press for a while, Hasenhuttel or something like that? Where’s he gone to?


Still at RBL


Still coaching RB Leipzig, but he’s been touted as a possible Bayern manager in the future, even spoke out about it, so I don’t think he’s realistic.
I’d prefer either Allegri or Jardim. Both very good managers imo. Allegri might even be somewhat available should Napoli go and win the Scudetto ahead of Juventus!


Surely the conclusion should be to take whoever beat that unreal Juve squad to a Scudetto with a team that honestly belongs 3rd or 4th – in this case, Sarri?


When Arsene goes it will be fun to see the owners and board finally take the full responsibility and criticism for the shit we are being served. Wenger is not the problem. Stan is.


Finally. A sensible comment.


And you made it two in a row…


The Football team not playing well is hardly Stan’s fault.


Even if what you said is the truth…then why is Wenger shielding those above him, why didn’t he quit and save his legacy at the club or is the money he gets is too much to leave The truth is he was given all the money he wanted & he bought all the players he needed (Mbappé wasn’t realistic target) yet he failed badly As for stan, he’s the fucking owner.. what can you do about the club from him lol..boycott the club (but the club is too popular for this to work), if he decide to change Arsenal… Read more »


*properties (not belongings) sorry

Kwame Ampadu Down

There are two separate problems. One is Stan. One is Arsene. They’re not mutually exclusive.


You guys are impossible. This is a manager who gave everything to the club and gets no respect from the board putting out leaks over the last two-three years. If they had guts they would man up and be open just out of respect for our manager. For those that say why he didn’t leave earlier, go look at his past comments. He knew the few years once building the stadium started were going to be difficult but assumed the purse strings would open up after that. They never did but the banks put even more pressure on Wenger to… Read more »