Saturday, February 4, 2023

Wilshere criticises Carabao Cup final refereeing decisions

Jack Wilshere has admitted that Man City were the best team at Wembley on Sunday, but hit out at some of the decisions made by referee Craig Pawson.

The midfielder believes that the first and second goals had elements of foul play to them, and sent out a message on his Instagram account to share his disapproval.

“Hard to put into words my emotions about yesterday,” he said.

“City are a good team and deserved to win. A lot of people have had their say on us and we have to accept criticism when we lose.

“That being said I can’t accept some of the decisions that went against us yesterday.

“Whatever you say about the first goal, it is a foul. The second goal is offside.

“There should have been a second yellow in the first half. Yes this happens in football but it is still hard to accept.

“And people will say we are looking for excuses but these are facts. Anyway we need to respond, starting on Thursday.

“Thanks to all the Gooners for your support and trust me we feel the same but we need to stick together.”

It was a tough day at Wembley, but it wasn’t refereeing decisions that cost us the game. Sadly it was the gulf in quality between the two sides.

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The only one who looked like he really cared, in fairness to Jack.


Because he started a fight?

Jay Salhi

Give him some credit. He also took a dive trying to get an opposing player sent off and got booked for mocking the ref. For the coup de grace, he whined about the officiating post-match. Real leadership talent there.

Jimbo Jones

Good ol’ English ‘pashun’!


Regardless…we don’t have a functioning midfield. Granit is clearly not switched on enough to be shielding. Mustafi may have been at fault but so were Chambers and Koscielny. The system we play because of the options left to us further up field dictate the fullbacks push further forward to generate the width and pace. This leaves gaps behind which our Cbacks tried to cover at detriment to isolating Mustafi in a one on one. Regarless of Mustafi’s error, we should have had players closer on hand as back up. This is basic even at school level. Wenger’s coaching staff has… Read more »


We have a striker that we can’t seemingly pass to.

Ozil yesterday was a joke. 350k a week for that. De bruyne will resign with city for less and he’s 5 times the player


The team was crap yesterday. Ozil is going to get scrutinized because of his new contract but he can’t do everything out there. He needs help. He is part of the front 3 that got no service from the MF. Ramsey and Wilshere looked like that changed positions during the first half but neither one really helped connect the back to the front. How bad his illness was during the week? Ramsey played like he wasn’t ready but just gave it a try and if that was the case shame on AW. Forget Xhaka, He should never be playing against… Read more »


Agree with the basic sentiment there. I just don’t think he’s worth it when he has performances like that.

Consistency at his best and he’s absolutely worth it. Light weight in big games and he’s not.


When he stands out as poor and all the rest are lifting trees you’d have a point. They were ALL bloody terrible though so no point singling out one player who incidentally did set up Aubameyang early doors and put a great ball through for Kolasinac only for poor control to let him down.


There is a point to it when the wage structure is as slanted as it is.


De Bruyne had an off day too Greg. Guess you missed that though.


Still streets ahead of ozil deano. He also got one of ozils assist to the assist


De Bruyne has Gundogan and Sané. Özil has Xhaka and Iwobi.

A Different George

One of the oddest features of the first half was that neither Ozil nor De Bruyne played any role at all.

Don Cazorleone

Wasn’t a foul though was it

Always Arsenal

Yes, actually it was. A foul isn’t decided by how hard or soft it is. He made no attempt to play the ball, he just played the man who clearly would have cleared it if he hadn’t. An almost identical but slightly firmer nudge on Sane on the edge of the box was a foul somehow. It wasn’t great defending and he should’ve been goal side but he was still fouled.


He just stood still, he is not obliged to move out of the way. Shocking defending.

A Different George

I am not interested in defending Mustafi, but to say that Ageuro “just stood still” is absurd. Watch it again.

Dave M

It can easily be argued he has position and is using his body to hold that position and control the position of the ball. Same as running in front of someone trying to get to the byline and blocking them off so the ball goes out. Not a foul.


Sadly, this sounds as delusional as Wenger’s post-match comments. The cause of defeat was the gap in quality and commitment. End of.

SB Still

I thought Wenger gives out such messages for the public but in the locker room he would given a hair-dryer. However it looks like what he said in public is what he said to the players as well.

Worse still the players also seem to think the same!


Bloody fourth official. it was his fault

Glad aw referenced monreals disgraceful dive


Whats hilarious is i was ranting about how Aguero was offside from the goal kick and felt like the only one in the world to see it.


Not alone


According to the football law, there is no offside on goal kick. That was changed a couple of years ago. Craig Bellamy mentioned that as well at half time.
Mind you, it was still a nudge and a deliberate foul.


Mustafi should have known that and not have a striker with the skills of Aguero behind him on a goalie kick especially with the other 2 CB playing wider. If he was going to stop and complain to the ref than he should have fell to the ground and tried to sell it. You are right it was a foul but to just throw your arms up and stop playing.


You got to ask, why weren’t Koscielny or Chambers able to come across to cover for Mustafi as he was making his way back? All the blame pinned on Mustafi, when the others around him lack the in-game intelligence to simply move across a few metres.

Faisal Narrage

But was interested a nudge?
Aguero was standing there looking at Mustafi is he blindingly peddled backwards towards him. What was he to do? He was in a legitimate position. Is he to get out of Mustafi’s way? Why should he? Not his fault Mustafi has no idea where he was and would’ve walked over the red if he was there.

In boxing, it’s called a bar. He didn’t actually push him, but put a bar with his forearm to stop him from just running into him like an idiot.

It was 100% Mustafi’s fault.

Stuck on repeat...

I don’t believe in this locker room hair dryer BS. In the London Derby & the last 2 games, our first half performance has been poor with the warning signs apparent that the team has yet again failed to show up. Cue half time & team talk… Followed promptly by an even more inept second half…even from kick off. AW either says nothimg or fails to connect. As we don’t see him standing on the sidelines lambasting players for not listening to something that might have just been said – I have presume that he’s said nothing. It’s like he… Read more »

Jimbo Jones

By defensive coach, you mean Steve Bould?


I seriously am starting to believe this is becoming a slightly persecutory and grandiose delusion with Arsene. Month after month the situation appears to be worse than previously thought. Arsenal will rise again, make no mistake. But how this saga is going to end is a really mystery. Hopefully he goes at the end of the season. If we have to fall on our faces for that to happen then so be it, better than season after season of this. Loathe as I am to say it.

santori Forget the Jack rant. Interesting debate above between journalist Matthew Syed, Liam Rosenoir and Mark Schwarzer comparing managers in action on Sunday. Syed talks about how players actually have 85% influence on the game which means managers can still influence the outcome of the remaining 15%. How one can get the players to motivate themselves is key particularly if we lack influential figures as in other incarnations before. Another key point was the comparison to Fergie and how he was willing to adapt despite being (like Wenger) dictator at the club and being there for the longest time (Carlos… Read more »


Sure, changes could have been made at half time. By then we were one nil down courtesy of an individual bonehead mistake that was not a foul!


It was a foul.


Watched the first goal a few times and cant really see much wrong. Aguero stands his ground and Mustafi simply backs into him and then gets nudged off. It happens all the time in football. Just sounds like an excuse.

Donald\'s Trump

But is it less drivel then you spout?

Big Dave

He’s caught the Wenger bug…. Blame everyone else but the players. It wasn’t a foul on Mustafi, it wasn’t offside…. We were fucking shit and looked like we couldn’t give a shit.


My thoughts as well, Big Dave. There is a circle of supporters that think Wilshere should be the next Captain Jack. It may be the unpopular opinion, but I honestly disagree.

Could you see a Tony Adams or Patrick Vieira making these kind of remarks? Dedicating a half of a sentence to our poor play and five or six to excuses just makes for a ‘woe is me’ atmosphere. We need our next captain to kick our arses in gear, not make excuses.

Also, the fights are a bit childish at times (although admittedly needed in other times).


Did you even follow Arsenal when Tony Adams or Patrick Vieira played?

Jimbo Jones

I agree AG. The captain Jack love in has been dumb. He’s so mediocre, produces little output, easily bypassed, but just because he shows some emotion we think he’s a leader

Kwame Ampadu Down

The best captain we’ve had since Vieira was Van Persie…..cue outrage !


Jack slows up our attacking play. Always dribbling into dead ends, then falls over claiming he was fouled (sometimes he is); never passes quickly though. He tries hard, but I just don’t think he’s as good as he thinks he is. Him asking for and getting the no 10 shirt is a bit of a joke. Ozil also gets less of the ball and is pushed wider when Jack is in the no 10 position. (MO was also awful on Sunday, but I mean generally speaking).


Staggering statement, only thing wrong with the first goal was the terrible defending. Second goal, yes he was offside, did he contribute to the goal? No, Ospina was going in another direction.

After that performance, a wiser action would be to keep quiet and lay low till the next match. City have pretty much pissed the league. With a bit of luck they might turn up and toss it off on Thursday. Can start making silly statements after that, get a better reception then.


Not to mention our huge easy chance was offside and wouldn’t have counted anyway

But when you need to grasp at straws grasp and grasp away. Make the people look left not at the huge steaming pile of shit on the right

Faisal Narrage

What are they smoking over at the Training Ground?


valium bongs


Not only in quality, but specially desire and intensity. There was absolutely NO intensity to the gunner’s game. Shit pressing, careless passing and overall lack of concentration.


I’m a big fan Jack but no




Hoosier Gooner

To rub salt in the wound, I went with my girlfriend to the Noel Gallagher concert Sunday night. He had a City flag draped over one of the amps, and on a couple occasions had some banter with a few Arsenal supporters closer to the stage. At one point he mocked an Arsenal-supporting guy on his stage crew by having the trombone player do a wah-wahhhh sound. The most shit thing about it all was that it was a really good show. I wanted to hate it.


Yeah, but Noel Gallagher though.


Wilshere, was the only one who looked as if he was playing. I cannot remember him losing position to any City player. Watch the match again, in tight spaces, he was a hand full to City players. He was brought down many times, looks like he is getting healthy.

Faisal Narrage

“I cannot remember him losing position to any City player.”

Nice try, but we know it’s you.



He was a handful doing what exactly? Jack will be played becasue his contract is up for renewal and he’s a managers pet so will get time in the middle of the pitch while Mesut is shunted wide and Mo (who is a better team player and would have settled things down) doesn’t get to play at all. All he did was run down blind alleys, into trouble and land on his arse. He’s very average and if he wants to leave I won’t miss him or his stupid pashun.

Mike A Terian

Best teams in the world have a culture of no excuses. Find a way to win despite the calls going in your favor or not. We need to stop playing the victim and toughen the F*** up (Still love you Jack – sign another contract – never leave us)

Andy Mack

‘The best teams in the world’ like Bayern, Barca and RM tend to get a lot of calls going for them. In their domestic leagues other clubs laugh that we only had ‘Fergy time’ issues whereas they consider those teams to play by a different set of rules from the officials…


He bleeds Arsenal. Up for it on Sunday because he hasn’t won things with us. It is nice that he is biased for us but he is wrong. Both goals were fine and we were outclassed in almost every department. City have the oil wealth which many states contribute to by tax money for energy reserves. Instead of being g redistributed, much of it is invested in transforming City, among other things, by buying the bestanager in the world and giving him the resources to get the best players. We, on the other hand, have a real estate tycoon apparently… Read more »


Fuck you jack. U were falling the entire game. Dont moan for shit. City out played us and you are part of the problem. Go join theo at everton. We need to refresh out entire midfield and defence

Kwame Ampadu Down

Sorry Jack but correct decision from the officials on both City’s first & second goals.


Try harder on the pitch instead of off it, jack.

Andy Mack

It doesn’t help anything, but he’s right.
As he said, we didn’t deserve to win this game, but there’s no doubt that the refereeing was poor.
We had a similar thing with $iteh in the PL where they deserved to win but needed the ref to make it happen with some very wrong decisions.
We have all seen hundreds of games where the best team didn’t get the win (sometimes a draw, sometimes a loss) but (in recent years especially) when we could have done the same, the ref usually makes sure we don’t….

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