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Aubameyang starts: Arsenal v Everton teams

Arsenal take on Everton at the Emirates this evening in real need of a win to help bounce back from Tuesday’s 3-1 defeat to Swansea.

Arsene Wenger has two new signings at his disposal and Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang both start.

Here are the official line-ups.

Arsenal: Cech, Bellerin, Koscielny, Mustafi, Monreal, Xhaka, Ramsey, Iwobi, Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Aubameyang

Subs: Ospina, Chambers, Kolasinac, Maitland-Niles, Wilshere, Elneny, Lacazette

Everton: To follow


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Excited to see Auba and Mik start. But that midfield doesnt look especially tight. This could go wildly right or wildly wrong. COYG.


Laca never got the service he needed. Now when we have the players to give him what he wants, he isn’t in the team anyone. Feeling bad for him. Hope he will be back banging in goals!

Excited to see Auba though!

Dave M

I hope we get to see them both together. I think Laca can be a real player on the wing and step into the Alexis Role

Dave M

So exlain why he couldn’t play on the wing? He has excellent control and technical ability. His acceleration is excellent. He seems to have a similar top speed to Alexis, fast but nothing outlandish. His passing and creativity is there and he could easily cut in and shoot because he has excellent shooting range…crossing I can’t really comment too much because he hasn’t been asked to, but that also doesn’t mean he can’t

Mayor McCheese

Sorry to say this, and hopefully I’m proven wrong today, but Iwobi shouldn’t be starting ahead of Lacazette or even Wilshere. He was wasteful in possession at Swansea, and generally screws up the fluency of our attack.


Cech and Xhaka start even though they’ve fucked up all season and that useless piece of shit Iwobi. Fucking hell i cannot wait for Wenger to fuck off


You’re one angry dude.


With good reason


Get away from football for a while, it’ll reduce your anger.

Tas Gunner

Hate for iwobi seems a bit excessive.not even 21,second full season,doing decent after the early season blip.cut him some slack.xhaka and cech infuriating,aye.


I’m mad at the lineup too but let’s not call Iwobi that. He’s a young player who’s gotten further in his footballing career than you ever did.

Mayor McCheese

Yes, he’s done well, but he should be a substitute player or given a rest for a bit after some poor performances. Same with Xhaka.


Iwobi should not be starting ahead of Wilshere. Fact.
Xhaka needs a game or too out of the side. Lacazette should be on the field too.

Scott P

Not sure why you bother if this is your brand of ‘support’ before the game even kicks off.


I just said what everybody else has. Only with a bit of a potty mouth 🙂

Olivije Žirod

Toxic Arsenal fans needs to realize that they don’t speak for the whole base like they think so. Personally I like Iwobi because I am able to see what he adds into the team. The same with Cech. If you still think it was only his fault for the 2nd goal against Swansea then I am sorry that you don’t know how to watch football. You were probably one of those who needed more than 4 years that could see that Ozil is not underperforming and is our most precious player.


Please. Tell me what he has contributed to the team this season more so than Lacazette. Or even Xhaka. Perhaps you would like to tell me what he’s done for the team that warrants a place in the squad over Elneny or Wilshere. I think Iwobi is fucking terrible. And so is Xhaka. I apologise if I offended your opinion on a player


Oh and PS: I think Ozil is our best player by a mile. And I’ve always thought that because; and this might come as a shock, he actually contributed to the team!

Puff puff

What… what exactly does iwobi add?? Unbelievably wayward shots? Poor decision making and finishing… Please don’t come with this he’s young bollox cause there are so many young players who play so much better than him and btw he’s like 22 so that’s too old to play like a typical inexperienced young man

Kwame Ampadu Down

Agreed. Those Arsenal fans who tell anyone who wants Arsene to leave to fuck off & support the Totts, so toxic.?


Iwobi isnt a useless piece of shit haha. Thats very aggressive. Would prefer wilshere but hey ho, lets see what happens. Xhaka should be dropped though. Amn should be given a go.


Iwobi is as good as anyone when it comes to ball retention. Like it or not Wenger is loyal to his players even if they are going through a rough patch. I hope Iwobi, Xhaka and Cech do well. COYG.

Mayor McCheese

Harshly said, but I agree that Iwobi and Xhaka should not be starting.


I see only one piece of shit here. And it’s not in arsenals squad if you need a hint.


I may not think the vehemence is needed but basically agree with you on Cech, Xhaka and especially Iwobi. Just can’t figure out what AW is thinking.


A little ott. I agree Xhaka should be dropped. Both Elneny and Wilshere have impressed in recent weeks.
Iwobi on the other hand is a young lad maybe worth persisting with. Tallentire seems to be there, needs a little more confidence and improved decision-making. Game time will give him that.
Cech for Ospina?


Hmm this should be interesting


Strong line-up, but what does Iwobi need to do to be dropped? Lacazette should without a doubt be starting.


How the hell does Ramsey get in instead of jack. It’s a fucking joke. He was shite against Swansea


the whole team was shite vs swansea especially cech mustafi and kos


This comment now feels funny doesn’t it.


He’s scored 2, and it’s only half time still.


Iwobi and xhaka? I’m not sure they are poor players as under this manager it’s hard to tell. So I refuse to slag our players off because of the non system we play, but these 2 are playing poor and need a rest.
The fact that they are both starting just shows things won’t change under arsene and we will continue to make the same mistakes over and over again.

Greg in Seattle

I guess all that Wilsheneny goodness didn’t impress the boss. Hard to fathom.


Jack and Mo should be starting – Iwobi & Ramsey teachers pets undroppable.


Wilshire could prob use a rest to be fair

Greg in Seattle

I was concerned about Wilshere-overuse during that run of 90’s with midweek games, but believe he’s had 10 days off now.

Concerned all the transfer goodwill will evaporate after a soft counterattack goal, heads dropped, Xhaka and Ramsey staring at each other wondering why the other didn’t track back.


If he wasn’t in my FPL team I might agree with you! 🙂
(Moving back to my original name as the other namesakes seem to have gone).

Donald\'s Trump

How do we know which one you are?


I don’t know and less care thinking about it. Off to get a life…


Jack is just coming back from illness. Looks like the boss is going 4-2-3-1. Elneny may not be favored in that formation, with Wenger basically eschewing a DM role. Also obviously only room for one striker.

Kwame Ampadu Down

It doesn’t matter a damn what formation you choose if you don’t have a DM your team is unbalanced. Arsene’s inability to see this is shocking…or at least it used to be, now we just have to accept it as the norm.


No disagreement here. I’m just calling what I see.

Sir Dimbleby IV

I get the feeling that Iwobi would have to start murdering his team-mates to lose his spot in the starting XI……


That would actually free up more room for him


His passing has been off, but oddly enough if you look at the team sheet other than Ozil he’s probably got the best technical ability to hold on to the ball and dribble of the whole lineup. You’ve got to have a couple of those on the pitch.

Mayor McCheese

Iwobi does hold onto the ball. Until he passes it to the opposition. Not a fan of his, and would prefer his integration into first-team football was gradual rather than ‘undroppable’, as Wenger seems to consider him.


So pumped we’re giving home debuts to Auba and Miki. Let’s score a bag of goals, defend well and WIN!


Fuck that’s attacking. Where is the cover? Gutted that wilsheres not starting, and gutted I’m not there, but can’t wait to see aubamayang

Kanu\'s Big Toe

No Wilshere, and no Lacazette. Hmm, would rather have Ramsey on the bench and bring him on if we need a goal. Lacazette for Iwobi, in my opinion.


Insane that he won’t drop Xhaka and Iwobi in favor of Jack and Maitland-Niles/Elneny.


No Wilshire?? How is Ramsey keeping him out???


Illness. Jack is just coming back from a bug.


yes i think oterwise would have started as ramsey has just come back form injury he is not in form to drop jack.
Jack had real illness and auba was dormrund ill to let him go.


Hahaha, FFs people. Wenger said clearly in the team news on Thursday that Jack was coming back from illness, hoped he’d be ready, but would have to get a late check.


Absolutely Frank. We could win today and Ramsey may score and many (including Wenger) will feel vindicated. The midfield has looked so much better without Ramsey in it.

Dave M

Ummm you mean our killer midfield over the last two months? Yeah So impressive without Ramsey


can’t understand for the life of me why we aren’t starting elneny/wilshere and why xhaka hasn’t been dropped yet. nevertheless, good luck auba for your debut!

Scott P

I feel like we could have done without Iwobi given the rest of that attacking lineup and put in another, more defensive midfielder. And the less said about Xhaka the better. But very excited to see the new boys start! Should have more than enough to overcome Everton. COYG!!

Dave M

Wenger has killed Xhaka. He was never a DM and he has tried and failed at making him one. Still think he is a good player, he just doesn’t know what he is doing as a DM and Wenger has killed all his natural instincts of play including having us play direct and him feed quick balls out of the back.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Same as Arteta really. Maybe if he had better hair & arseblogger relentlessly talked up his contribution then Xhaka would be more popular too?

Man Manny

The start of a new era on the pitch. All the best to the gunners.


What does Elneny have to do to play in this team! Anyway good to see Mik And Auba starting with Iwobi.

my name is bob

Surely lacazette can do a better job than Iwobi, even if they are playing on the left?
(although maybe I’m wrong, I’m not an expert)

Kwame Ampadu Down

On form, Jack has to be first name in midfield & then pick the others. Mental that he’s not starting.


Dont know why but the balance looks a bit off to me. COYG!


so thats a 4.0.6 formation?


Heh. Or maybe a 4-0-5-1

WengerOut (Former \"Media Hates Arsenal\")

Iwobi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he should be dropped.

Indian Gooner

Totally stoked to see both Auba and Mkhi starting together. Woohoo.
But what’s that with Iwobi starting every game? And Elneny for me surely deserved a start ahead of Xhaka on current form.
That defence and that midfield worry me a lot. Hope Auba steals the show.


Wide open at the back. Eek. 5-3 Arsenal final score.


Iwobi and Xhaka fucking hell.


Wenger is the worst manager after Mourinho.

my name is bob

Maybe you should take a step back and look at the bigger picture…

(takes coat and quickly walks out)


I would have preferred Jack over Ramsey and Elneny over Xhaka, but still a good team. Let’s hope we get a much needed win.


Oh dear seams like another unbalanced midfield set up.can only think jack is not fully recovered. Hopefully we’ll get our noses in front quickly or this could be another side to side going nowhere game. Anyway Let’s see the new boys shine coyg.

Billy Bob

Take xhaka out of that line-up and replace him with Elneny!! Would have liked to have seen Lacazette in that team too!!!


Xhaka and Ramsey again… “deep lying playmakers” one is just passing backwards or to opposition, the other one thinks he is a striker.. unbelievable


I can understand iwobi starting cuz of technical ability, but xhaka ???

Lord Bendnter

I can’t see Xhaka playing there alongside Ramsey. Xhaka is very error prone lately and Ramsey loves to go really really reeeaaaalllllyyy far up front. Worried about Everton penetrating our midfield…

Dave M

Sadly I don’t think our current problems stem from our lack of quality, but from the bizarre formations and tactics Wenger is running out there by making sure he pigeon-holes his favourites into the team. Wenger is simply washed up as a manager. Whatever adjustments to formation that he makes do not change our play at all because it’s so focussed on possession over using the direct counter attacking abilities of the team we have. He simply cannot handle his team not having a pass completion of over 80% and try to play in the perfect goal and teams are… Read more »

Donald\'s Trump

I’ve got a feeling we are gonna get Theo’d


Looking forward to the game today–more than usual. It almost feels like a new start.


Cheers to this. I’ve decided to ignore the tables for now and just enjoy watching this new lineup and see where some actual changes take us.

I’m going to try anyway.


I’m far from Iwobi’s biggest critic, but his inclusion here makes no sense to me. Surely Mkhitaryan, Ozil and Aubameyang is more than enough fire power going forward? Why the need for another creator at the expense of an extra body in midfield where we’re most vulnerable? Was looking forward to some real wengerball with Jack linking up with the front three


Iwobi over Laca is criminal.

Big Red Machine

Would like Xhaka on the bench…but maybe his long passing suits Auba’s style… a long ball over the top

Dial square

Can’t really see Everton playing a high line away from home though

Alexit Micki Aubarsenal

After all that happened in the past transfer window, it left us only with 2 main strikers which need to be rotated due to cup tie issue so Lacazette be dropped is not surprising. Unless a young striker to be promoted while waiting for Welbeck return. However, after a whole lot discussion of how poor Xhaka in midfield defensively, I don’t understand why Wenger chose Iwobi instead of Elneny since he needed to drop Wilshere so much. Elneny & Xhaka can stabilise the midfield which was proven during pre season while Ramsey, Ozil, Micki, and Auba go forward.


what a surprise no wilshere


Xhaka starting again (especially ahead of Jack) just sums up this club. The manager is not accountable to anyone and nor are the players. What the fuck has Xhaka done to deserve his starting place, week in, week out? How many goals has he cost us?


It’s always scary seeing Xhaka in the team sheet.


Xhaka again… I like him but a bit of a liablity at this stage.


I feel for Kolasinac, though monreal has been playing alright. I can see Lacazette coming on the final 20 minutes. COYG


Wow, Iwobi in over Lacazette and Wilshere. At least Wenger has some options off of the bench.


Crazy old man.


Strange mid field, jack must be still ill not to be starting. And would of loved to Niles in for Granit as the kid derserves a chance and has so much to offer more then Xhaka who has the concentration span of a gold fish…

But still looking forward to this one with the new signings and curious to see how Walcott does against us.

Come you gunners let’s have it.


Why is Iwobi still in the team?
Can you imagine him starting at teams of Man City’s caliber?


AW is driving me nuts. Why not Lacazette in place of Iwobi. Iwobi can’t score a goal if there were no goalie in net.


Why no Wilshere either? Would have like to see Wilshere and Elneny in midfield.

me 2

Looking forward to seeing the new signings today.
The defence however is a shambles – but that will be addressed once Wenger is replaced…

Merlin\'s Panini

How does Xhaka continue to keep his place?
It looks like we’re set up to attack a lot. I think we’ll concede but still win.

Canuck Gunner

3-0 up already. Mhki gets an assist within 10 minutes on his first start. And 2 for Ramsey. Really love the attacking talent. Keep focus on defensive duties and this os making out to be a fantastic game.

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