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Wenger: On-pitch partnerships are essential

Bergkamp and Wright, Bergkamp and Anelka, Bergkamp and Henry, Pires and Henry – essential combinations that helped fire Arsenal to major silverware at Highbury.

It’s difficult to say whether new boys Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang can live up to such vaunted partnerships, but judging by their respective Emirates bows there’s reason to be excited all the same.

Mkhitaryan’s hat-trick of assists coupled with Aubameyang’s debut strike made for very enjoyable viewing as the Gunners ran out 5-1 winners against Everton on a day when Aaron Ramsey’s goals stole the headlines.

While the overall performance had the boss in cheery mood, it was the prospect of Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang re-igniting the on-pitch relationship that proved so effective during three seasons at Dortmund that really had him chirping.

“They [partnerships] are essential,” Wenger told “Because football is one who gives the ball to one who finishes. If you have only one of the two, then you never score. So to create these types of partnerships is essential.

“The assists from Mkhitaryan were great today and Ramsey having a hat-trick is absolutely exceptional and good for him, for his confidence. He looked more composed and calmer in his finishing and that’s great.

“It was the game like we want to play it. Fluent, pacy, technical quality, agile movement, very mobile and good finishing. Overall, I believe we all enjoyed it. Unfortunately, it didn’t last for 90 minutes but I think it is still a convincing, terrific performance.”

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Alexit Micki Aubarsenal

Terrific performance for a preliminary test. Real test awaits in next week’s NLD.



We tend to play different in those

Mein Bergkampf

Am I reading too much into this or is there a little dig at Sanchez here? Wenger suggesting that although Sanchez individually was brilliant, as a team player he left a little to be desired and failed to forge partnerships with other team members. I hope so. But that’s mainly because I’m a small, petty man.

Yellow Ribbon

To be honest even in spite of our many poor performances this season.. we have been decent against every top 6 opponent this season. I am all pumped for the NLD.


We don’t forget to defend in those games, usually


I think it has something to do with us having less possession, it seems to up our defensive focus and we perform better ironically for a setup that’s built to control it. Our defenders seem to get complacent or caught out of position when we have 80% of the ball.


Liverpool, Manure, and Chelsea at home we were shocking defensively

Jimbo Jones



Except for the Anfield game, of course


we conceded 7 in 2 games…..

Robins Boost

Yup we’ll beat them in thr NLD if the ref decides it’s going to be a football match. If its going to be swimming then we might not win, cos our players dont dive

Billy Bob

I like it, Wenger saying it is a shame the quality didn’t last the whole match – some say he accepts mediocrity, but this says he is a purist!!!


Very early days yet but looks promising. I haven’t been this excited about our team in years.


Not bashing Ramsey for a tool set he lacks but when Everton got their act together in the second half you could tell the difference between him and Jack. Jack could absorb the pressure and playmake. We ALSO REALLY need to improve our counter attacking. Anyone notice that when Ozil/mkhi get or starts a counter it almost always leads to creating a good chance so the rest of the team needs to improve on that. Hitting the right pass. Finally, our defenders can’t hit long accurate balls into space. Frustrating. I can see mkhitaryan is a very good wavelength with… Read more »


Bergkamp… Looks like a blueprint for Arsenal trophies. Give Özil the no 10 and let’s do it


I’m hugely disappointed the club haven’t retired the number 10 jersey.

There’s only ONE Dennis Bergkamp.


I understand why all the focus is on the new boys, and rightly so, they’ve been hugely impressive. I’ve been especially impressed by Mkhitaryan’s work rate – he really looks like he’s a man with a point to prove after languishing under the rule of the Portuguese Cunt. However I really think they are going to bring out the best in Ozil. For me his consistency of performance has been something new this season. I really see him now imposing his personality on matches and running games the way he should. With Mik in there as well teams can no… Read more »


I think that’s the biggest plus now, Mhki seems like he can bear as much responsibility as Ozil which took away a lot of pressure from Ozil, Iwobi, Ramsey and Xhaka. I think this has been the biggest problem, if Ozil gets marked out, the team is toothless. Xhaka and Ramsey can’t manufacture chances. Feels like Mhki+Xhaka=Santi or near abouts.. just thinking about Santi makes me sad. What a magician!

Also Auba looks explosive af!! He moves about as fast as Ozil thinks!


I had a dream last night that Santi Cazorla played in the NLD, then I woke up and cried because it felt so real

Jack WilXhaka

I really enjoyed it. Mikhi 7 and Auba 14 reminded me of Pires 7 and Henry 14. Now please hand the #10 to Özil in the summer and bring back the memories of the dynamic trio of the early 00s next season!

Wendy Agnew

Do you really want to take the number 10 off Jack?


No, but he should give it to ozil and take 6 and move Kos to 5. Jack can play a 10, but if he’s 10, then who’s in the middle? Ramsey is good when we dominate play, but Wilshere can absorb pressure and buy the others around him time to find space. Someone said it above too.


On the plus side, these two know each other so well. We will reap benefit from their telepathy. The way Mhkitaryan plays, I think he will also have strong benefit for other players like Granit, Iwobi and indeed Ozil not to mention Jack and Ramsey. Very very good start for both particularly the Armenian with the assists hattrick. That said, they will have to be careful with fitness and endurance. Mhikitaryan covered plenty of ground but understandably hasn’t played much recently and the team in general went flat in the second. We need to be able to continue the energy… Read more »


Team didn’t go flat in the second half. Big fat Sam put an extra midfielder in there and Everton started bossing the middle of Park. Unfortunately xhaka was on his own.


Some awful decisions today with those penalties awarded sp*rs hope we have a decent ref next weekend.

The partnerships all over the field looked great yesterday.


Both correct

More concerned about pool wanting jack to replace caan


Harry Kane’s dive was disguised, looks like he’s learned it from Rooney.


Not going to happen


Wendy Agnew

Jack is 100 per cent loyal and I’m sure he and his wife won’t want to live in Liverpool ffs!!!


Best result for us I think

SB Still

Off-topic: Phew, a draw between Pool and Spuds. To get into the top 4 we need both of them and Chelsea to drop points (also, ManU, anytime they drop points it’s a feel good factor and funny with Mourinho’s as their manager). As Spuds are only 5th, it doesn’t help in them loosing this game. With the draw, it’s a 2 points game (1 each) so both of them have dropped points – 2 each, as compared to us. If there were some red cards, it would have been better. Now, it’s upto us to kick the best Spuds team… Read more »


The new players will certainly have their ups and downs fitting into the squad for the next few months, but one thing that was so noticeable yesterday was how it was a much more unified team. I think everyone is energized by the new players coming in and the fact that changes were finally made with players being sold and high quality players being brought in.

SB Still

I wanted to see Mkhi in action and how he fitted in before passing judgement. It’s still only 1 full game and the word from Bould that Mkhi is flying in training but it’s hugely promising.

At the end of the season, if (hopefully) Mkhi has made a difference – it’s double the returns because of benefits to us, as well as pointing a finger at Mourinho.


Wenger is making a combination of his first two teams. Please note I am not saying they are as good as the legends of the past, just that they will be used in a similar manner within the squad…… Aubamayang = Henry Mikhitarian = Pires Ozil = Bergkamp Lacazette = Ian Wright Ramsey = Vieira Xhaka = Edu Welbeck = Wiltord Wilshire = Petite Kocsielny = Adams Iwobi = Ljunberg Mustafi = Keown Elneny = Grimandi Holding = Toure Bellerin = Lauren Monreal = Winterburn Kolasinac = Sylvinho Chambers = Cygan In summer we need to buy a Seaman/Lehman, a… Read more »

my name is bob

Each legend from the invincibles is better than the players from our current squad that you used as a comparison (although Monreal might be better than winterburn, but winterburn wasn’t an invincible so I guess he doesn’t count).
I guess this goes to show just how good the Invincibles were….

Gooner Town

Not just better… Significantly better
But there is a long way to go for this squad and I’m hoping some of them do go on to become legends for us


I dont think its fair to compare players from different eras or teams. Circumstances at the time were completely different, the EPL has never been so competitive now and the game has changed so much.

Fun Leonard

I love Kos but unfortunately he is not like Tony Adams. I feel we haven’t really had a leader in defence since Sol Campbell. If we can find a commanding leader type CB for Kos to play alongside and a true midfield destroyer to sit in front we will be a very formidable side!


Any value in the argument the first 4 or 5 games with the new boys will give Arsenal a major advantage as it would be more difficult for the opposition to know what to expect?? Could eb the difference in this weekends NLD.
On a side note, that goal by Wanyama was a belter. No harm in admiring a beauty even if it was from a 5pud2 player.

In Arse We Trust

There needs to be chemistry in the shower, always… to have some fun on the b…pitch


Anyone else noticed that in almost all of our celebrations, the players seemed more together, forming a huddle. With due respect to everything Alexis did for us, I feel the stories of dressing room bust-up was actually true. In that regards, good bye and good riddance Alexis. We are the Arsenal and we are one !! Now lets kick some sp*ds’ ass and show them North London is Red!! COYG!!


Who’s this “Alexis” you speak of? I don’t recall a player of that name


It has been a while since we had a strong partnership in our team. Henry/Pires was the last. Cesc/vanp or walcott/vanp were kind of partnerships but Auba/Mkhi do remind seem tongave the same understanding and Henry/Pires did.

On Ramseys first goal- the way Auba played it to Mkhi and then ran into the box was pure understanding of where Mkhi would be we he passed it to him and where he would play it.

Early days yes but I an very excited to see these two link up more and more.


More of this weekend please

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