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Bellerin: Ozil loves it at Arsenal

Hector Bellerin says that teammates knew that Mesut Ozil would commit himself to a new contract at the club because of how much he wants to win things at Arsenal.

The German put pen to paper on a new three and a half year deal last week, and the Spaniard says it was just confirmation of what they already knew about his future.

It was huge boost in a week which also saw us break the club’s transfer record for the kind of striker Ozil will really enjoy working with, as well as adding Henrikh Mkhitaryan to help with some of the creative burden.

Speaking about Ozil, Bellerin said, “Everyone in the training ground, everyone in the team knew he was going to stay.

“He is a guy that loves London, loves Arsenal and he always gets really angry when things don’t go well.

“So you know how much it means for him to win or lose for this club. So I think everyone in the club, the dressing room, was sure.

“It is as exciting as a new signing. To have a player with Mesut’s qualities and all he brings to the team to sign for a few more years, it is really exciting for Arsenal and for the fans.”

Having stuck five past Everton for the second time this season, Arsenal will look to do another double this weekend with the not inconsiderate matter of the North London derby at Wembley.

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occams hatchet

I, for one, love that Özil loves Arsenal.

Liam Pirosicastle

I, for one, like Roman numerals.

Random Witness

I, for one, hate the fact that I can only up vote this comment I times.

Jacks Contract

Thank you


thanks to Bellerin and Ozart


I think its not to be understated how important it was that Ozil signed another contract with us. Just knowing that he isn’t going to end up at United on a free is the best feeling in the world. I mean had we of lost both Sanchez and Ozil at the same time, I think it would’ve been really difficult to bounce back from that. I think it would’ve heaped catastrophic levels of pressure on the current regime which would’ve been beyond repair. But regardless, I think we can all sigh a deep sigh of relief. I am so delighted… Read more »

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Bellerin enjoying the new players PR Rep he finds himself. Ozil loves the club but he understandably loves his bank account as well. He waited almost two years to sign. It never took Henry more than one month to sign and it was around 70K or 80 k at the time.


A Roman walks into a bar, hold up two fingers and says “five beers please”


Wouldn’t he say six beers?


We’ve got Ozil…

Mein Bergkampf

Someone could’ve bloody told us. I spent the last half of the season wincing at the thought of Ozil in the hands of Jose and thinking how difficult it will be to hate him when he inevitably moves to one of our arch rivals.


Arsenal loves Ozil, too.

Norcal Gooner

Love that ozil loves the club.
Now we have got some great attacking options that actually care about the club , let’s find some proper defenders and the title will be ours next season.


Bro with Wenger in charge, we won’t win the league even with Messi

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

You have a point but it is not about Wenger as a person but the system he insists to play that neglects defence. Every single player under Guardiola at Barcelona says that contrary to what people think, he was demanding defensively. His system includes how to regain possession or how the opponent can’t get anywhere with the ball due to the positioning of his players.


You can see Guardiola is a great coach by how much his teams improve from year to year. Granted he has a lot of money to spend to bring in players, but look at how much better Otamandi looks, Sterling etc after spending a year with him.

Ainsley\'s Mum

Is there no escape from the brown nosing of Guardiola?

Alexit Micki Aubarsenal

Transfer window is done..please..


We’ve got proper defenders, just not proper coaching in how to defend.


Here is some stats of interest (the 5/1 drubbing was Allardyce’s 500th Premier League match in charge – only Harry Redknapp (238) has lost more games than him in the competition (196).)

Keep them coming Ozil and Co.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Remember Allardyce humiliated Wenger when his previous team beat Arsenal and he made comments about how Wenger got his tactics wrong ? Old Wenger proved to him he was still his master.


Sanchez thought he was more important than Ozil. I want see him flop at Man U. If we strengthen other areas of our squad I don’t see us not winning the title next season. Plus Wenger will be out of contract by the end of next season he would wanna leave on high. Looking at the remaining fixtures and the quality and confidence of the squad I don’t see how we won’t make the top 4. I hope Man U be the one to lose out on top 4


I simply want to see Manure flop …. along with whoever.


And the “wembley-loanee” spids as well

Merlin\'s Panini

I hope you’re not trying to be funny or clever by combining “Spurs” with “yids” and that this is just a typo.
I dislike Spurs as much as anyone but not because of religion. Not cool.


Am 100% with u on this one… I dont care if Sanchez or whats his name ever played for us.


Well they look pretty shit to me


I want to see Alexis succeed and Man United fail to illustrate what a greedy, selfish little git he is. I would also like to see Mourinho explode, literally, whilst standing in the centre circle at Old Trafford.


Somehow I get a feeling that ozils decision to stay is more to do with London than anything else. But who cares, we have him!

Jack WilXhaka


Mkhi Most

Best LANS ever! ??


yeah, and £350 grand a week aint bad either


Messi always expresses his deep love for Barcelona and often says he would play nowhere else. How much is he on?


we are talking about arsenal, not barcelona

Man Manny

The timing of his signing the new deal – a few days after the irritable one left – is not lost on me also.
The new lease of life within the team was evident after every goal, meanwhile I hear the other camp is beginning to feel the heat with the irritable one complaining when he’s bypassed.


And we love ozil at arsenal.


Amidst all the offensive positives, (and it is very positive), it’s hard for me to be anything other than realistic about the defence.
We seldom set up to defend and counter, and this team is more than capable of doing that. Instead it’s score as many as possible and run back like school boys when being attacked.
A little more solid/strategic defending and I think we could be title contenders next term.

David Hillier\'s luggage

Might only be a minor point, but I get the impression that Ozil loves and has embraced living in London too, something we really should push more when signing players.

All too often we seem to just sell the history of the club, attacking football or working with Wenger, theres no shame in us trying to attract players with the lure of London; no city in Europe can compete in terms of variety. Paris is probably the closest city in that respect, and a major reason as to why Neymar signed for PSG.

Asrar Ahmed

What if our club was in Amsterdam? Don’t underestimate the lure of weed and hoes


I think one of the biggest things that came out of the January window is not only that Ozil signed the extension, but that now it is not something hanging over the club that will be talked about until the end of the season “where will Ozil sign”. All distractions are mostly now out of the way with the window closed, the players sold, the players bought in and Ozil signing. Of course we’ll have the “Will Jack resign?” saga, but that won’t be anything like the will we lose Ozil talk that went on all Fall.


Nothing on here re the reports that ‘Jack’ is being linked with Liverpool on a free. That would be another blunder by the powers to be at Arsenal.

Lonely Loneliness

Here is to hope That Giroud Seduces all Women at Chelsea FC.


How could he not?
Not only is he the H’est HFB to ever walk the Earth, but .. look at what the women of that hive of villains are used to looking at!


so you all knew at the dressing room and no one gave the fans a clue.

Tas Gunner

Fa via refs won’t let us come out of NLD with 3 points no matter how blatant cheating is needed.Its Spurs..

Santi\'s tattoo transplant

I love Özil and I’m super happy that he has decided to stay, but I have just one thing that bugs me about him. Why does he always insist on saying this weird YaGunnersYa shit? There’s really a plethora of classic traditional slogans that you could use about our club and this one just sounds really bad and random.


It came spontaneously to him in elation at winning the FA cup and demonstrates his love for the club


I think retaining Ozil is as much a question of the options that were available to him. That said, he will allow us a lot of flexibility in current set up : ……………………………Auba………………………………. Iwobi……………………..Ozil…………………………..Mhki ………………Granit……………..Ramsey………………….. Kolasinac………………………………………………Bellerin …………………Koscielny………Mustafi…………………… ………………………….Cech………………………………… I expect we will be using this preferably with some structure and caution next to Granit (or for the matter Elneny) Ramsey (or Jack) has the most interpretive role requiring an understanding when to push forward to support the attack or when to drop deep in caution to cover Granit (and his flaws) That goes for Jack who IMO is probably a… Read more »

Lack of Perspective

Sorry but how could you drop the money man. He is easily our most consistent player


Got bite in our attack- MOLAR – Mhki, Ozil, Laca, Auba, Ramsey!


No it’s LMAO


Chelsea just got destroyed. Hope for us yet.

Everybody is stumbling at the moment.

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