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Ramsey: We proved we’ve got plenty of characters

Aaron Ramsey says Arsenal’s 2-0 win against AC Milan represents a turning point for Arsene Wenger’s beleaguered squad as they defied the odds in the San Siro to secure a result that puts them firmly in control of their Europa League last-sixteen tie.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan opened his account for the Gunners on 15 minutes before the Welshman walked in a second in first half stoppage time. Milan turned the screw in the dying stages but the visitors held on for a famous and timely win.

Here’s what Rambo had to say after the game when he faced the BT Sport cameras…

On the result…

We started well, we got a couple of goals in the first half. We showed tonight that we have plenty of characters in this team. It’s never easy to come to the San Siro and play AC Milan, I know from past experience when we came here and list 4-0. We’re really pleased tonight that we came here and got a win.

On missing other chances to score…

Yeah, we played very well in the first half, we created many opportunities, moved the ball well. Second half we just wanted to protect it a bit more. We kept a clean sheet that is always important. All in all, it was a good night’s work.

On working hard off the ball…

We’ve been on a bad run. Sometimes, as hard as you try on the pitch it doesn’t seem to work. We’ve trained hard, we’ve tried to do the right things and we know what we’re capable of doing in the dressing room and we’ve showed that tonight.

On proving some doubters wrong…

A lot of people are always going to talk. It’s their job to talk. It’s just important for us to keep focused and try and improve, work hard during the week and we know what we’re capable of doing. We just need to try and produce that more consistently. It’s nice that we’ve managed to turn a little corner buy coming here and getting a good result.

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Let this dream prolong

Santi\'s Smile

Arsenal in the quarters of a European competition for the first time since 2008/09. Almost don’t care that it’s the Europa League. 5 more results like tonight, please.


Great performance from Rambo, praying that we can keep him!

Twisted cuntloks

where has the character been in the previous 4 matches?

Twisted cuntloks

In fact what about most of the season?

Barry Burns

Characters or Character?

granit(e) hard!

I’ll take whatever mate, if that is what it takes to get them performing like tonight.


Great job tonight! And hopefully our characters can prove themselves over the remainder of the season.


Characters not character in recent matches.

But if they keep doing this I’ll change my mind.


I’d rather not know what you’re capable of doing in the dressing room Mr Ramsey

Mayor McCheese

Who is the actor playing the character of Danny Welbeck? Perfect comic timing!


Gets my vote for trying to buy a foul against the ground.

Mayor McCheese

I cried!


Should have given the grass a yellow card for that at very least


That shot at the end was hilarious


Bit harsh. It was a clear foul by the ground on his shooting foot. Ref bottled it.

Jack4343 show Watford we’ve got a big ol’ set of cojones!


Don’t balls it up…again.


I’d love to see us carry this into Watford. I’m grinding my teeth just thinking about that cunt Deeney. I hope Kos or Mustafi elbow that fat piece of shit in the teeth


Good competitive today Mustafi. Stuck in.

Some vital blocks too from Koscielny.

More like it from Cbacks. BUT they were better supported today which is the diff.

Wenger even did some tactics throwing on Rob and instructing the team to shift right with Elneny etc.

voice of reason

possibly the most amusing comment I have seen on this blog


Have holding do a Costa marking job on him.


That’s the game I’ve been waiting for a very long long time! That’s when Rambo and lads can show their “Character”! The whole team of 11 Arsenal players, must give Cnut Deeney ([email protected] fan, btw) a bruised body aching on Monday morning.
That’s what Character is all about. Break his toes

granit(e) hard!

Great work tonight by the lads. If we can slaughter them the way we do these days when they are messing about, then its only fair to give credit when they do show some quality and put in the hard work. Shout out to Arsene too for standing on the touchline sometimes tonight and getting involved in the game dynamics. he must be sneaking in to read this blog. On a lighter note, is there ever a clumsier striker than Welbiz in the world of football?…….to his credit, he did work his socks off tonight, but, true to his hype,… Read more »

Mayor McCheese

Almost everything he did tonight made me laugh. But did you see that pass he made to Mkhitaryan (I think?) near the end of the first half? Oof! Curled it right through the Milan back line. Nice.


Bit fortuitous that pass but more like it.

Need more output from him in return leg. Could do more to harry and hunt the ball down, put pressure on their back 2 because they have mistakes in them.

granit(e) hard!

Yep, an absolute beauty……if only he can sort his scoring boots out eh?

Yankee Gooner

Put a poster of Mkhitaryan in the back of the net?


Granit was good tonight


I am beginning to think, it is Arsenal fans like you who give credit to mediocre wins who really lack the mentality. These credits seep into the players, they perform badly the next game and you ask for Wenger’s head. It was a mediocre performance, should have scored up to five goals. Arsene and his players must be told that in clear terms. Not give them credits. They may yet deserve the credit when they get consistent, not just a solitary win. Big up, Gooners.


Midweek team meeting without Wenger:

Kos: “Fuck the boss! Let’s do it for the fans!”

Other players: “Okay!”


Arsenal Fan TV muppets will praise the players…something about loving the club too much etc etc.


After the no show by the “fans” against city at the Emirates it was probably the other way around

Billy Bob

Enjoyed that, well done lads, more of the same please


Danny Welbeck ….you’re a hard working entertainer 😀 , but to be fair (FROM THE VIDEO ANGLE) it looked like you were clipped from behind as you took your shot .. or is that wishful thinking on my part? 😀


I didn’t think he worked that hard today. Could have expended more energy chipping away at their back line which looked nervous.

Poor finishing from Danny first half. He needs to give more.

Felt he could have been less pedestrian.

Still, he’s the only CF in this competition.:P


Well played Rambo.

Cool calm finish.

We did to Milan what they were suppose to do to us.

Two good goals from our midfield.

keep it coming.


Well done though lads!! Now please win this trophy & show the world what you can really do…. It will make all our lives easier at work 😀


Yes… I don’t just want to celebrate Spurts defeats by Juve alone.:D


Looks like Mhkitaryan got fed up with us and started to take shots.


Start Nketiah, either against Watford or in the home leg next week.


Fair enough


Well done mate.


Start resting players in the league and focus on europa. Might as well.


How good was Kos!

Brown American Gooner

It might be interesting to play Ramsey up as a striker in europa league. Much better finishing than our striker in this game


Excellent performance tonight, even though Milan was rubbish. Kos was outstanding, back to his former glory. Why Welbz clumsy twin brother played tonight I don’t know.
A couple of things to correct though, Jack must be able to defend the ball better, looses it to easily and the defenders need still to improve their man to man tactics in own box. Ospina do excellent and stupid stuff within same minute.

Stuck on repeat...

Dearest AW, players & AFC, Great game, well played & a fantastic result. It was brilliant to finally see some passion, drive, commitment, & dare I say game plan from the squad…But let me stress here, that THIS is most of all what we, the fans, have been calling out for. We get that we might not beat Man City, it is their season after all. We get that we can’t compete with them either on signings, etc, (ahem Owner & Board that bit is entirely up to you, & the only positive about your silence on everything is that… Read more »

Random Witness

Disappointed… By the fact that after scrolling through 45 comments, I could not find one comment about Ramsey saying that we “list” 4-0 last time around.


Please ger rid of chambers. Rather play amn until hector gets back


Its not the fans’ jobs to talk. And its not only the media whose been critical.

That aside, a nice performance, good result, more than welcome and lets hope it drives us on for the rest of the season.

Craig Hale

I never doubted the character and the quality of most of our players but that just makes it fucking more annoying when they are being shit


Ramsey is wrong, Arsenal did not show any character, they played the same, only that Milan did not turn up, and like Bonucci said, they were scared, I just don’t know why. Martin Keown is not a good football critic. What was so good about the performance? Mustafi made all the familiar errors, Milan just couldn’t punish us; Chambers receding into the 18 yard box against the opponent, being always in danger of giving out a penalty; Ozil loses possession and stands; Welbeck, disastrous. Watch the dying minutes, you’ll see this Arsenal has not gotten there mojo back. If we… Read more »

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