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Records by Arsenal in 2017/18: By the Numbers

45 – Millions Pounds transfer record for Alexandre Lacazette
55 – Millions Pounds transfer record for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
40 – Millions Pounds sale fee for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
121 – With their double over Crystal Palace, Arsenal have won more Premier League London Derbies than any other club
14 – Cech has failed to save 14 consecutive Premier League penalties at Arsenal, this is the 2nd worst rate just behind Brad Friedel and Craig Gordon who have the record with 15
7 – Arsenal have lost 7 of their last 11 matches since selling Alexis Sanchez to Man U
15 – Arsenal have lost 15 times in all competitions this season, losing just 3 of those matches with Alexis Sanchez in the team
13 – Points Arsenal have taken from their first 15 away games, their worst record since 1989-90 when Beats International’s “Dub be good to me” knocked Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing compares 2 U” off the number one hit charts in the UK.
11 – Consecutive matches in the Premier League without a clean sheet, the worst run since 2002
1983 – First time Brighton and Hove Albion beat Arsenal since 1983
1988 – First time Watford did the double over Arsenal since 1988 (won both home and away)
1971 – First time Arsenal lost to 1.FC Koln since 1971
1 – First ever loss to AFC Bournemouth
2002 – Last time Arsenal lost four matches in a row (all competitions)
45 – Different Premier League clubs Arsene Wenger has beaten in his career (tops SAF)
17 – Goals for Olivier Giroud as a substitute for Arsenal tying Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s record
819 – Premier League games managed by Arsene Wenger over his career
3 – Goals conceded in the first half of a home game (Man City) for the first time since 1989 against Nottingham Forest
3 – Goals conceded and none scored is the worst home defeat in Arsenal’s Premier League history (joint with Coventry, Boro, and Chelsea 2x)
3 – Goals conceded in the League Cup final against Man City, Arsenal’s biggest ever defeat in a cup final
3 – Consecutive League Cup finals lost, record for most in a row by any team in England
3 – Consecutive League Cup finals lost, record for most in a row by any manager in England
21 – Consecutive years Wenger’s Arsenal got past the third round of the FA Cup (the loss to Nottingham Forest was Arsene’s first third round FA Cup loss)
6 – Consecutive home matches Arsenal have lost in the knockout rounds of European competitions
4 – Arsenal are only the second team to lead by four or more goals in a half in consecutive home matches in Premier League history (Man U 1997)
96 – Number of time Arsenal have beaten Everton in the League, that’s more than any one club has ever beaten any other club in English league football
1 – Arsenal granted West Brom their first point from a losing position this season (1-1, 31 Dec)
7 – Goals Arsenal conceded in two Premier League meetings against Liverpool their second worst record since conceding 10 to Man U in that season we said we would no longer be a big team if we sold both our star players (2011-12)
8 – Chances created by Ozil in a match, the joint most of any player in the League (de Bruyne)
1082 – Days between Debuchy’s last two goals for the Gunners
1660 – Days between Monreal’s first and second Premier League goals for Arsenal
14 – Joint most saves forced from a keeper since Opta started collecting stats on saves (de Gea, Arsenal 1-3 Man U)


Sources: BBC, Opta, Transfermarkt


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The situation is ideal.

Seriously, we all need some clarity. If he is not going to continue next season we should not get into the same fuck up as last year where he signed after the season was finished. Atleast if he comes out and says he is stepping down, the fans will be able to send him off properly like the first part of his legacy deserves.


He’s clearly lost the fans and the players. I don’t really see any scenario where he survives post this year – even if by some miracle we win the Europa league. Once the players are gone it’s over.

Carlos _ Santana

He’d definitely get the crowd behind him that’s for sure

Michael Bolton Wanderers

Hard to imagine him stepping down on his own unfortunately. Remember he’s the only one not watching the decline and fall of Arsene Wenger from the outside.

Donald\'s Trump

1 – Arsene Wenger


1 – Arsene Wenger


Watford? Getting a little ahead of yourself, aren’t you?

Runcorn Gooner

Would you bet against it?

some fat fella

too fucking long – the time Wenger have been here past his welcome
too fucking painful – the downfall of our club


Players don’t want to play for him. Not much else you can say, I’m gutted for the team and the manager. I didn’t want Wenger to go out like this, I guess he should of gone in the summer. Oh well, I have a feeling we will be a mid table team for a few seasons until we can re-build and re-group. I’m not sure that will happen with the current board though. Sad times


Should have gone* you’re welcome

Coq au Vin

Thanks for the numbers… What’s your point?


Thanks for the comment… What’s your point?

Michael Bolton Wanderers

I haven’t even read the article. I don’t want to see any more horrible stats, it’s Monday morning.


A stat to try to cheer you up:

10 – years since Sp*rs last won a trophy (league cup, 24 February 2008).

I’m readjusting my goals for this season. One of the main things I want from the end of the season is for Sp*rs not to win the FA cup, so they remain trophy-less in their much heralded best run in ages.


I thought their much heralded best run in ages was a couple of seasons ago. You know? When they were going to win the league only to produce a hilarious spurs-up against a ten man and already relegated Newcastle to finish third?

Is this best run in ages better then that best run in ages? Will the punchline be any funnier? Watch this space…


Interesting, especially the Sanchez impact, even though he was not at his best this season. Underline the need in modern fotball of high energy players( f.exSanchez,Sane,Salah, Hazard) who can move with the ball at high speed. OX at his best is also close. Our team with slow mowers and even slower passers are far behind here.


Yep. Sanchez for his faults understood the need to play wide and stretch the pitch before making quick switches that opened up space for other players. He was huge for us in European games too. Him leaving was a huge loss although many refuse to admit to it.

A Different George

I don’t think Oxlade-Chamberlain is quite in that category. I would also include Ageuro and De Bruyne–which means City has three. and goes a long way to explaining why they will win the league in March.


According to Wenger he can reverse the crisis and rot that is firmly entrenched in Arsenal.
Forgets the fact that he is the cause of it although in fairness the board have to shoulder a lot of the blame for keeping him on.
I hope that this summer will be a time of change because if he is allowed to stay on Arsenal will really struggle to recover..


“It’s difficult when you have just the trousers on,” the Frenchman said cryptically.
“It’s easy to take the trousers off as well, but when you are naked completely you have to try and find a shirt and get dressed properly again.
“You can’t put them more down.”
The man is completely off his rocker..

Jimbo Jones

I hoped that it was a phrase that didn’t translate well from French but you might well be right!

Any native French speakers here who help? Is it a saying or has he gone mad?


The fm is as arrogant as ever.In fact he shd have been sacked some years ago when Arsenal lost by big margins :6-3/6-0/5-1 and 8-2.
Any manager worth his money would have learnt the errors of his defending but no he has carried on come what may.
Let him go to Everton or earlier to Rm and other big clubs.
Believe me he wouldn’t have survived 3 years let alone 20 years if you are a serial loser.


We play Watford next weekend, mate. So they didn’t do the double already.


what we’re having right now is a mutiny in the Emirates , do the players still turn up for training after this and look at themselves as serious individuals?

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