Sunday, August 14, 2022

Report: Bellerin on Juventus radar

According to the Guardian, Hector Bellerin is considering his future at Arsenal and Juventus are interested in signing him this summer.

The Spain international signed his current deal at the Emirates in November 2016 and is contracted until 2022 but that hasn’t warded off suitors making approaches in the last year.

Towards the end of last season the right-back’s former club, Barcelona, used the Catalan press to whip up speculation about a return to the Nou Camp. At the time, Arsenal dismissed talk of a move out of hand.

It’s now suggested that Juventus approached the 22-year-old in January in the hope of laying the groundwork for a move at the end of this season.

As things stand, it’s little more than tittle-tattle, however, it’s hardly surprising that stories of discontent are making their way into the newspapers given how poorly the team are playing.

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45million for Bellerin sounds a bit low. Anyways.. obviously we should not lose him the team is hardly the problem. Though if they show a bit more heart, the manager might just look a tiny bit better.


The talent is clear as day. But it’s just another example of gross mismanagement. He hasn’t had real competition for his place in two and a half seasons. Add in a fat new contract and its absolutely no surprise he’s not improved.


Let’s also add he hasn’t hardly had a rest match all fucking season. He’s probably well off his full potential energy.


Bellerín can FUCK OFF. I’m sick of hearing about his discontent. He’s been shit for the last year and a half, and clearly looks like it’s a matter of time till he leaves us. I’d cash in this summer rather than wait till he has 6 months left.


I think it’s a clear indication that Bellerin is a decent player when you’ve got Juventus and Barcelona looking to poach him. I know fans are disappointed with his nose dive in form this year, but you can’t really put that down to anything else than Arsene Wengers management of the player. I’d be surprised if he’s still here in the summer, huge sections of the fan base hate him, I’ve lost count of how many videos I’ve seen from that Arsenal Fan TV lot absolutely hammering him. We are fucking shit as well. And there doesn’t seem to be… Read more »

Dave M

I’m more disappointed about his entitled attitude than anything else. IMO the attitude and mentally weak squad and management are by far our biggest issues. No one wants to step up

Jimbo Jones

Adios Hector


Or you could day please fcuk fcuk off hector


Technically not good enough. Sell him or keep him as back up.


Cummon seriously are you joking? If anything his technical ability is a strength, it wasn’t long ago he was famed the best young rb in the world. Compare him to kyle walker for instance, how many goals from outside the box did he score before 23? Bellerin just needs competition, guidance and instruction.. all things completely lacking in the team at the moment.

Canon Fodder

To be honest, the way he and the rest of the defence are playing at the moment, I do not really care which defenders are snapped up by other teams. For all Hector’s potential, he has not really improved the technical side of his game over the past two seasons.


His final ball is still terrible and he tends to always get to his man, cut insidr and pass backwards it’s infuriating. Having said that when he first came through he was doing well so it could be down to coaching? Either way he should concentrate less on fashion week and more on football lol.


Completely agree, but I would love to see him being coached properly and in a new system as I think he still has a lot to offer at 22.

It’s infuriating to watch him cut back all the time but this is what he’s being instructed to do and/or the attacking players are not being instructed to load the box, so what’s the point?

It was hilarious to watch him practice crossing in the warm up and then after 90 mins I could count on one hand the number of times he actually crossed it!


I think the real problem was you could count on one hand the number of opportunities he had on the ball in the attacking end.

Gonzo gunner

His final ball isn’t the problem. No one makes a run or is even present in the box 70% of the time he has the ball in a dangerous position. I was at the Östersunds game and Danny Welbeck’s best contributions were all defensive after the 70th minute. If your striker can’t even do the basics what hope does a fullback have of getting a good ball in?


They’re both problems. Welbeck has been very poor but that hardly absolves Hector.

His final ball is absolutely a problem. Another problem is that he switches off on tracking runners at times, gives the ball away cheaply in bad positions, and doesn’t work hard enough to close down wingers before they cross it. Other than that, he’s doing great.


He’s always isolated on the right. We saw what he can do when he had a partner there to overlap with.


exactly. that is one of the main difference between arsenal and other teams who also play with lot of possession. arsenal keeps possession for the sake of it but look at city , all of their attacking players keeps making runs in to the box. thats why they have as many as 5 or 6 players scoring more than 10 goals


Or more on fashion & less on football

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

He can go ! He kind of admitted he won’t go to world cup with Spain in that interview in which lot of people here thought he was so bright. I expect a player to say: I will do everything by the end of the season to be included. Also saying he is grown enough to do fashion in addition to football while the football side is going downward isn’t bright.

Gonzo gunner

His interest in fashion isn’t killing his career. The lack of concise coaching at Arsenal is the problem. Playing fifa all day is hardly any better than what he does. This only seems to be a problem for British fans.


Could it because there is NO real competition for him in that position?

Jean Ralphio

While I like Hector, he isn’t commanding enough and we can certainly do better than him. Take 50 mil for him and I’m sure you can get a quality right back.



Robins Boost

Massive surgery required at the end of this season. From the manager all the way to the players and coaching staff. Players to consider based on age/ performance: cech, kos, mustafi, xhaka, welbz, iwobi.
Should bellerin be part of the departures?
Thumbs up for no thumbs down for yes pls.


Yes he should be the number one on the list. He has been shocking!


He has been shocking (annoyed when folks around here don’t acknowledge that). But he also has the talent to be a great player, just needs to be properly coached, challenged, etc.


Surely thumbs up for yes and thumbs down for no? If it ain’t broke, don’t try fix it!

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Lauren was far better his entire career. Ca$hley on the left side was far better even Eboué during his first two years.


The worst bit is he’ll probably be sold for a lower fee than we signed Chambers for.


I say £12mil. About the same that we got for the last young promising player they wanted.


He is only 22, he will get better. Great speed, great touch.

We should be keeping him.


Woeful defender. One trick pony….


So bad and one trick.pony juventus want him
He hasnt progress because of the coaching.look even someone like sterling look good with great coaching
He is talented but wenger cannot developped and get the best of player anymore

Igor Stepanovs

Juventus also want Emre Can


Yeah that’s why he is being chased by Juventus and Barcelona. Can’t wait for the “where’s the loyalty?” shit come season end.


With another manager, I’m sure he’ll rediscover his brilliance. As with the rest of the squad.


He was never brilliant


No, not yet, but he was very good and looked incredibly promising. But it’s been over a year now since he was consistently putting in performances like that. He needs better handling from the management. And competition for his place.


Be careful what you wish for …- let us look at facts – . losing vs Man City …. name the teams which have not lost when City played at full strength , final of the Carabao and 3 Fa cups in 4 years , name the teams which have done that . In the last 16 of a route to CL , name another English team which has the same chance ….,how many teams can say now they are guaranteed to be in the top 6 ? Which other PL manager – current or past -has given you 21… Read more »


Oh fuck off, this is so bloody repetitive. It’s not one season, it’s since 2012 if you’ve actually been watching. Just because other teams are crap doesn’t mean we should be, we need a new manager in the summer and our players need a new manager in the summer. Nobody is scapegoating Arsene Wenger, he is no longer capable of doing his job properly and he won’t go so he will have to deal with the consequences.


Good, get rid of him, his attitude about himself isn’t backed up by his effort on the pitch


That’s an utter crime to say. He’s never not put in a shift, and he never gets a fucking rest.

Wreh\'s FA Cup dream

Can’t blame him with the amount of unwarranted hate he receives from Arsenal fans. Especially now that he dared to upset a few Twitter/YouTube celebrities.

I’ll be sad to see him go, he has bags of potential. He’ll probably thrive when we have a new system under a new manager and it’s not like we can sign an entirely new team in the summer and hope everyone gels.


The worst right back in Arsenal history! He just sod off if there is truth in this rumour. That this guy played for le masia academy beggars believe.

Mesut O\'Neill

You obviously never saw Oleg Luzhny play


He’s excellent. And so fashion. Bemused by the flack he’s getting here.

Any shortcomings in his performances are the team’s, not his personally. Barca and Juve are interested in him for a reason.


Come on, he’s not excellent. Not any more. What are you watching?

He needs different coaching or his career is going to keep stagnating.


He is a player that complained that Sanchez always wanted to win. Bye


There is kind of an arrogant air about him tbh. I don’t know certain members of the team seem to think they’re the big man they need a good kick up the arse.


Again with this shite misinterpretation. Hector said quite clearly that it is good that Sanchez always wants to win. He said THE WAY SANCHEZ GOES ABOUT IT is a bit much. In other words, Sanchez was an insufferable dick at times. And now he’s no savior to that lot either.


Thank you!

David Hillier\'s luggage

Bellerin’s probably our biggest player assets right now (Ozil & Aubameyang’s transfer value will only decrease, big money signings Xhaka & Mustafi’s won’t fetch more than what we paid), I’d be shocked if we sold him this summer given our lack of options and his long contract. The club will still get £45m+ in 2019 even if he has a mediocre season next term. Also, in the current market he’s worth nearer £60m


I love Bellerin. And of course it’s fair to say the team are playing ridiculously poorly. But Hector has hardly shone, especially defensively. The boy needs some competition!


And some coaching. And some rest now and again.

Parlour\'s Pay Packet

Am I the only one looking at the comments here and thinking the current from of the whole team is clouding people’s judgments regarding individual players? If we put Hector on the market, Barcelona, Juventus, Man City would all come calling. That’s a clear sign of his existing quality and his huge potential. We would be mad to let him go in my opinion. Any new manager coming in would be delighted to have him.


Yup. He needs some rest, some quality around him, a defensive training that works, and some quality management.


I couldn’t careless who stays and goes at this point…


I only play a lawyer on TV, but doesn’t the inference of Juve approaching our player (not the Club) tampering?

Sadly, unless some Europa momentum comes out of nowhere, we can only expect more vultures to fly over the Emirates until the summer window closes.


He’d be a fool to stick around here anyway

Made Arsenal Great Again

He has not developed his defensive game. I’ll be glad to see any one on this team go. Nobody on this team is worth holding on to


His defensive play has been poor for a while now constantly cought out of position. His attacking play has become stale and predictable. This was a player who only a few seasons ago was the next best thing, so what has happened to him and is it linked to the general slump the whole team is in, have we got to a point where any player would look crap playing in this set up. It’s hard to believe that all these players are really as bad as we’re seeing, no one looks any good or stands out.


The Guardian article is weird to say the least. It doesn’t pass the smell test. Its speculation about and conjecture concerning Sanllehi’s intentions are suspect: can’t tell if he leaked it to the press or if someone inside the club is hanging him out to dry. What are the intentions of this piece? To put further pressure on Wenger? To further turn more ‘fans’ against Bellerin? Surely, the player has nothing to do with this? His agent maybe? Where it all fell apart for me was the claim that Chamberlain has “blossomed”! Hahaha!


I say sell him, its evident that he dosent want to play for arsenal anymore

Winterburn Wanderers

He will be a huge loss. The team is already so short on width, pace, athleticism. Along with Aubameyang, Lacazette, Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Ramsey* when fit and Monreal* assuming he doesn’t join the list of players who have broken down from carrying this broken team, he’s on that short list of actual elite players. Aged 22 he plays every minute of every game even against flipping Östersunds because there’s no back up for him and the fans have the temerity to dig him out over his hair, his clothes. He deserves so much better. Go look at Gabriel’s social media now,… Read more »

Tony grayson

We’d be stupid to let him go…if he learns how to cross, he becomes a top 5 right back imo. He’s still so young and is bound to have bad seasons when you expect so much.


Will be a massive loss.

Brown American Gooner

With a good manager, he will be world class RB


Indeed. Iwobi too. Arguably we are also carrying far too many of the same profile of players at Cback in Chambers, Holding and now Mavropanos. Not sure what the thinking was there. Chambers in particular was bright and promising as Rback at Soton but has detiarorated being shuffled in development through a number of less defined positions from DM to Cback. Why we have 3 young players mainly warming the bench and not gaining benefit from school of hard knocks at other clubs now is anybody’s guess. Why bother spending on Mavropanos and then bench him? What does he learn… Read more »


Let’s all keep in mind, he’s trying to hold down the right side basically solo. He’s either got Ramsey or Mkhi on the right (sort of) with him, or Ozil who drifts center and left. Add to that he is the only right back which to me does not mean lacking competition, it means lacking rest when needed. He’s got CB’s next to him that are either A: slowing with a dodgy achilles, B: not positionally disciplined and get caught out over committing (Mustafi) or C: Chambers. You can easily see when he’s got the ball and trying to work… Read more »

Gonzo gunner

One of the best in the world but constantly abused and at 22 aswell. If we can’t sort ourselves out he deserves to go. God knows we can’t offer him the trophies his talent deserves. I would be gutted because I’ve followed him since day one but it just seems inevitable that he will go. Why would he stay when people decide to castigate him for his personal life and whatever else he does off of the pitch?


As much as people like to criticise certain players, they should really take a step back and have a bit of perspective. Monreal (who gets away with it since he has scored a couple of goals recently) was equally culpable in recent games being caught too far up field. This is a systemic issue. We have a lack of pace/creativity out wide now. We wasted our January window needlessly reinforcing with a United reject (forced upon us) that frankly is similar to Ozil and Ramsey. Mhkitaryan is a pass and play player who funnels toward the middle and lacks pace… Read more »


Like I said, there are 8 clubs who can buy in front of us. Bayern, Barca, Real, PSG, City, Chelsea, United can all out spend us (if not transfer fees in salary) Juve we may be on par with but they have better allure bc they are featured in CL but also are champions or close to in Italy. Then you have the secondary teams like the Spurts and Liverpuddle which are now becoming more attractive destinations than us particularly with our managerial issue forthcoming. If we don’t spend wisely in the summer and instead repeat the January monkey business,… Read more »


That’s a great picture above. Keep him.


Sell him, he hasnt got any dribbling ability to get to the byline.


So much for building a team.


BELLER IN! With a proper coach he’ll be class

Ed Mallett

Abandon ship.

Puff puff

I don’t really get all this responses to this news. Remove all bias from your eyes and forget all that he’s young bs and you’ll see bellerin is a strong contender for our worst player for the past two seasons… Can’t beat a man, can’t cross, gets slaughtered defensively by literally 80% of every winger he’s up against. Being real getting 20 mill for him is a steal. Its time to cut our losses with these crap players like him, mustafi, xhaka and go back to the drawing board


This is a depressing place I can’t be bothered with it any more


I fully expect to see many more stories like this. I’d rather them stay and fight but I can’t be surprised to see them want to flee, especially considering their lack of intestinal fortitude they have continually showed us this year.


All that being said, I rate him and hope he stays to give a new manager a chance. He’s young enough to be a but patient. The older guys I understand their lack of patience as their career clock is running out.

Igor Stepanovs

I don’t know whether I actually care tbh. Our defence is so woeful that providing a new manager came in he could bin the entire back 4 and I’d be fine with it.


Hector, please go! And the rest of your limp-dicked, chocking muthafucking teammates with you. Thank you.

Andy Mack

He should be on every top teams radar and has been for well over a year now.
So yet another newspaper BS story…


I heard Toni and Guy were interested in him. 🙂

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