Thursday, July 18, 2024

Arsenal announce details of pre-season fixtures in Singapore

Arsenal have provided details of this summer’s pre-season trip to Singapore to play games as part of the ‘International Champions Cup’.

The Gunners will face upcoming Europa League semi-final opponents, Atletico Madrid, on Thursday, July 26th, and then PSG on Saturday, July 28th.

Both games kick off at 7.35pm local time and will be played at the National Stadium at the Singapore Sports Hub.

Interestingly though, a scenario exists where these games could be put at risk because of our poor league form.

UEFA have confirmed that the team that finishes seventh in the Premier League this season will be play in the Europa League. However, they will enter the competition at the second qualifying round stage, with games then scheduled to take place on July 26th.

So, if the Gunners continue to slide downwards and are overtaken by Burnley, the lucrative pre-season cash will be put at risk.

This would not be an issue if Arsenal won this season’s Europa League, as they would go into the Champions League, and it would be avoided if we finish seventh but Southampton win the FA Cup as the place would go to them.

The next few weeks will tell certainly tell us plenty about how our summer is going to shape up, both on and off the pitch.

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Petit's Handbag

Where’s the friendly in Dublin?? Really looking forward to a sunny day out with a few beers. With kids and mortgages I don’t get many excuses anymore!

Petit's Handbag

I really should of being clearer, I was supposed to say where is the announcement….which now sadly doesn’t look like coming.


One thing – Southampton will not win the FA Cup without a miracle happening. I know several supporters, all in tatters given their form and likely demotion.

I’d prefer us to go back to the Austrian pre-season training camp we used to do when we were successful rather than chase around the world pre-season, just for money.

dr Strange

We are more succesfull without the Austrian preseason if you look at the last 14 years.


In terms of money.


The outlined scenario is so very Arsenal that it is totally happening.


Wonder when the penny will drop for the clowns that run our club that better performances on the pitch will foster greater commercial revenue for those off it. Absolute wankers couldn’t care less if we finished 17th as long as the $$$ kept coming in.


No news about who will be in charge in the dugout by then?
And yes I don’t want to see Arsene Wenger or Bould in any capacity. To hell with this “honoring my contract BS”.


BUT its going to happen. If he pulls the rabbit out of the hat though. First he has to beat Athletico. On paper at the moment it doesn’t look likely but you never know with this team. I just feel he is his own worse enemy and constantly selling himself short because he makes far too much room for youth/internal development. We lack a genuine wizard of a player out wide at the moment and the team is so narrow and dependent on Bellerin for pace/threat. We do not have what City have with Sane and Sterling. We do not… Read more »


I’m not saying this of course because I’m Mustafi’s agent now when previously I was Flamini’s BUT a very good and thoughtful piece today Blogs on our dismal defending beyond just Mustafi. As I mentioned, the midfield issues did not go away when we switched in Coquelin and Elneny for the underrated (but aging) Flamini. Nor will our issues improve without Mustafi who is frankly one of our better options at the moment defensively. Many over amplify moments of fault (guilty as he is) and ignore the good bits he has been putting in stopping last ditch or tackling and… Read more »

Ya gooner

You get a 2:1 for this one.


Not. We lose we win. Arsene is not on the pitch. Even cech is letting him down . Chris Wood and Burnley will be a sixth pointer at the Emirates. We will win the Europa. All is good. NOT.

Make Arsenal Great Again

I don’t care where the preseason is as long as Jan Oblak, Manolas, and 3 others new signings (DM, CMD, and CB) are there with the rest of the arsenal squad.

Billy Bob

What a mess our season is!! Okay we have the European dream still alive but, when we have make or break moments in the season, it usually ends up being the latter – just think back to the invincibles, they got dumped out of the fa cup and cl pretty much at the same time when really they should have done the treble!!!


Ugh, about a month after I leave Singapore. The wait for my first Arsenal match not seen on a TV screen continues. Although considering our recent away form, I should probably wait till I’m in London.

Belfast Gooner

I actually think if we finish 7th and need to be part of the qualifiers and have to pull out of this tour, KSE will part with Wenger. Commercial revenue will go down the pan which will pi$$ them off more than finishing 5th or 6th again.
I can also see the players who didn’t make the world Cup such as PEA, Ramsey and Mkhitaryan playing in the Arsenal XI friendly against Borham Wood. That’s what happened after the last World Cup anyway.


Singapore again? Its a tiny place with (with all due respect) not too good a football ranking. And its seriously hot and humid…sauna conditions. Should seriously consider the US. Its a HUGE market waiting to be exploited with good facilities, and a growing interest in the sport despite the US teams inability to get to the World Cup. MLS is looking slightly more competitive (if only they got rid of this whole weird American eastern/western conference format and bring in proper two tier league with relegation) But the marketing potential is enormous in North America particularly with the Latin population… Read more »


In other news, Alonso has been charged with violent conduct. I say he got it coming. Didn’t he get off scot free against our Hector?


must of wanted it too much this time


Are we still on arsenal?

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