Thursday, June 20, 2024

Arsene Wenger confirms he’ll leave Arsenal this summer

Arsene Wenger, via the Arsenal website, has released the following statement:

“After careful consideration and following discussions with the club, I feel it is the right time for me to step down at the end of the season.

“I am grateful for having had the privilege to serve the club for so many memorable years.

“I managed the club with full commitment and integrity.

“I want to thank the staff, the players, the Directors and the fans who make this club so special.

“I urge our fans to stand behind the team to finish on a high.

“To all the Arsenal lovers take care of the values of the club.

“My love and support for ever.”

We’ll have more on this, once we’ve gathered our thoughts.

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No, I’m not crying..


Now bring home the fucking Europa League for him and send off in style


My thought on this is mad right now !! can’t believe he actually leaving 🙁
Whatever we all thought of him as a manager he truly is a gem of a man and will be known for many generations !! Truly a sad day for football ! Gone are the days of legend such as ‘Arsene’ !!

There only one arsene wenger !!




‘Tis Me

Well said. Loyal, dignified and always positive, he’s an incredibly tough act to follow. Goodbye Arsene and thank you.


Yes, it would be a fitting send-off. A European Trophy + Champions League next year would be the best outcome. Really seismic. New manager, player signings, player renewals (esp. in a World Cup Year) …it’s going to be hectic.


Any player that doesn’t turn up to play for the rest of the season doesn’t deserve to be here. Flatten Costa and Atletico, destroy Mourinho’s bus, and end with some self respect. Wenger has always, always had the best interests of the club at heart. He might be fallible but the guy is a king amongst men. About time the players he shielded for so long put themselves on the line (yes that’s a Wenger fault but contrast to Mourinho).


100% this. Even though most of us are ready for change, it’s important that we recognise and appreciate a departing legend. It’s been a shit season (and a shit few years), but you can’t doubt his commitment or attachment to the club. What he achieved for Arsenal is unparalleled and unprecedented, and I hope those players that have been going through the motions this season will see this as a call to arms to give this man the send off he deserves.


Thumbs up. Its been a shit season. If we lift the EL trophy, however, that’s just bollocks. It will be an historic season for the club. Its not been a shit few years. 3 FA cups in the last 4. Hardly “shit.” The football has been disappointing at times and at times its been brilliant. WTF is the matter with people these days…like you eat up all the spew, venom and bullshit that pundits like Henry vomit. (I’m sorry, he’s a dickhead now that he’s being paid to shit on the man that gave him his career – so he… Read more »


You’re chatting shit @homer
Both Wenger and Henry are Arsenal legends having achieved great feats for the club.
You need to respect both men’s achievements, …

Always arsenal

Yes yes yes !! Media and the mugs that bought it !


Absolutely, would be a great end to the adventure.

Interesting timing of announcement though, just before Athletico games. Maybe smart setting out his stall, didn’t want to announce straight after. If we lost it would feel much more like a firing than a mutual decision, certainly not his decision.



We have been lucky to have a legend like him at the helm. Whatever you think of him as a manager recently, he’s been an absolutely inspirational man. Thanks for all the memories, Arsene!


Actually think timing is a tactical masterstroke by Wenger. What better motivation could each and every player have going into the two biggest matches of the season, than to win this one for the Zipper. For every crass and spiteful comment Wenger has endured from pundits and press. AW’s taken the flak, now pay him back.


Call the sculptors.

David C

? Arsene Wenger at Arsenal:

??????????????? PL MOTM
??????? FA Cup
??????? Community Shield
??? Premier League Manager of the Year
??? Premier League
? World Manager of the Year
? Legend.


Me too, trying not to cry


Well, I am not ashamed to say I cried. Irrational but there you go. Arsenal legend.

DB10s Air Miles

I feel like my favourite pet just died.


Arsene, we love you, we really do. It was time but you will forever remain a legend. Now let’s get that Europa Cup and give you a befitting send off! COYG!!!


It’s so easy to think everything will be better without him.

I doubt it, he is a legend, we won’t get a more intelligent decent man and there is a danger we get a David Moyes situation.

Very sad to hear, I hope he gets a Europa League win and goes on a real high.


Yup, that’s the scariest bit for me. It has been ever since there was talk of him leaving. We need someone who can stand up to the pressure. Someone like an Ancelotti/Luis Enrique type person.


When Mourinho leaves a club he leaves them in a shitty condition with a need of squad rebuildling. But look at the state of club at which Arsene leave us – we have Auba, Laca, Ozil, Ramsey, Bellerin, Mkhi, Monreal, Kos, Cech, good young talents in Rob Holding, Iwobi, Maintland-Niles, Nketiah, Willock, Nelson. Thats why Arsene is a Legend!


we are in shit situation if you are honest and not being over sentimental.
Glad he’s going as we can now finally move on and rebuild. He deserves a decent send off and this will give him that but to say hes left the club in a great state is im sorry way off the mark.

Michael Bolton Wanderers

Consider where the club was before Wenger. Yes we were a big club, but we have taken leaps with Arsene Wenger. The stadium, the trophies. The share brand that is Arsenal have taken leaps even if it seemed we took a few steps the wrong way at the end.
Merci Arsene!


As the wiseman once said, “You have a bag of rubbish for a heart.” Educate yourself on the achievements he’s achieved. The man dedicated 22 years of 100% loyalty and goes down in history as the most successful manager in our club’s history. So you got what you wanted (for Wenger to leave) now pay him the respect the rightly deserves or fuck off if you’re too much of a prick to put your ego aside for 5 minutes.


Well said.


He will get the respect as I said it’s what he deserves but all this emotional “im in tears stuff is to much.
We have been going backwards for years I’m pleased like many that he’s going but also realise and appreciate what he’s given us over the successful years and will be the first to a acknowledge him. As for being a prick I have no ego just a sense of reality and realism.


I have more respect for guys like this who keep the hate and disrespect going even now that Wenger has announced that he’s going. No hypocrisy, no fake respect. Kudos!


Shame on you. How can you disrespect a man of such values, work ethic and commitment?


God you suck…

Sir Henry Norris's Brown Envelope

Another manager will do great/better things with this group of players.
Wenger was/is done, finished.

Al Dolan

No Mustafi! My sentiments exactly.


yeah, and that’s why we finish SIXTH in the league


Well I am

Runcorn Gooner

Cannot believe some of the vile comments on some of the forums about this announcement from so called football supporters (mainly so called fans of other clubs).

He was a legend and has left a massive legacy. I do hope it doesn’t become a case of “Be careful what you wish for”.

Thanks for all you have done AW.


I don’t like his recent performance and I think it is time for him to retire. But we should never forget what he has done for the club. I started to support Arsenal because what he had done in his first 2 seasons with the club. His contribution in transforming Arsenal to become world class club with world class stadium was immense. He will be remembered for a long time.

forest gooner

let’s hope to see him manage England!


A gentleman and a legend forever! They don’t make them like this anymore, an inspiration in a short lived world


We love you Arsene we do. Or Arsene we love you.


One Arsene Wenger, there’s only one Arsene Wenger!


We do!
“I managed the club with full commitment and integrity.”
Can’t be said for so many other managers around. Feels like a part of me just died.

andris priim

i hope you lot are happy now, i grew up with this legend… he’s been treated like crap in my opinion….

David Price's Disco Catsuit

Who are you describing as “you lot”?

I’ve been with the club since the last (half) season of Terry Neill. He’d reached the end of his ability to produce a winning team. So has Arsene Wenger now.

If you would like an example of an Arsenal manager being treated like crap, I can recommend some research into Don Howe, and the board’s approach to Terry Venables behind his back.

andris priim

im just saying that some fans have finally got there wish, i feel gutted, hope we win the Europa and he has a change of heart…oh the fireworks that would go off



Gutbukkit Deffrolla




Guys come on, not the time for arguments. Let’s just spend the rest of the season appreciating the most important person in the history of our club. Legend.


Well said..
Feel like I just lost my grandad


I agree


The right move for the club and the man. Thanks for everything Professeur.

Favourite Wenger moment?


got to be the prettiest wife at home comment, right?


I loved Wenger’s swag at the Fa Cup Final giving that team-talk before the start of extra-time against Manchester City. He was so amped!

And him making sure Guardiola ended his first season in England without a trophy was poetic because it underlined his philosophy that football is about more than just money.

The Old Git's Whistle Test

Watching Paddy run through on goal in his first match for The Arsenal. I knew then that “Arsène Who” was going to be good for us.


Standing in the Old Trafford crowd doing the Jesus pose.


Jesus pose indeed. With that one act, he exposed the Old Trafford scum and the FA/Ref (we don’t like this foreigner etc) cabal for what they were, all while revealing his unbowed defiance of all that bullshit.


“For the brave, nothing is too difficult!”

JJ's Bender

All of them

JJ's Bender

Particularly him holding the Comical Wenger T-shirt after going the season unbeaten.

non flying dutchman

the only person in UK football to have given Jose Mourinho a whack?

DB10s Air Miles

The mid boggles that nobody else has followed suit………


I remember an interview back in the days, where he was asked if he was going to meet with Ferguson in his office (as was custom before games at Old Trafford) – his reply? “I don’t drink whiskey”. Absolute class.


Still love that shot of him kissing Sagna on the forehead after the FA Cup win in 2014. An unguarded, tender and genuinely happy moment, which shows why he is a father-like figure to so many players.


oh, please


Oh please fuck off bitch


I loved him shoving that little cretin Moaninho on the touchline.
Wenger towering over that little shit. And Moaninho looked right at AW and didn’t do a thin, that little coward.

Don Cazorleone

Caviar and Sausages




“My love and support for ever.” :’-(


Wow. End of an era. He was and is a legend.

Despite the recent bad times, he will be remembered with fond memories.

I fear we will realise what we will be missing too late.

non flying dutchman

For me it has got to be despite the recent mixed times…. he still engineered the team to win three fa cups in four years, and now put together a very fun europa cup run that could still result in success


It’s the right thing for all parties, but I’m still really sad reading this.

Hope the boys can give him the send off he deserves and bring home a European cup.


A Yank in King Arsene's West Stand

Wow. Properly choked up about this, even though I’ve been hoping it’ll happen for ages!

It’s definitely time to go, but, fuck, it’s gonna be emotional. Thanks for everything, boss.


Sums up how I feel (and a lot of others by the looks of it!). It feels like when you both finally decide to call it quits on a failing relationship and you get the “so this is it” feeling.

Bravo Arsene, I can’t wait to hear the fans reaction to you in our next match, I know it will be a good’n


Been waiting for this for a few years now! But now it’s happened, feel a bit teary…


Holy cheese and crackers..!?

Toure motors

Thanks for everything AW! Legend of the club forever


Although many people will be happy with this, this is indeed a sad day for Arsenal Football Club. Thank you Arsene for everything you’ve done – you will always be remembered at Arsenal.


Thanks for the memories Arsene! Definitely got something in my eye :'(


We honestly don’t realise how lucky we’ve been!





Pure class.

Laughing Stock

What a beautiful day. Arsenal are BACK.


Back to the glory days of Bruce Rioch?

Laughing Stock

Paying ten mill a year? I doubt it very much. Embrace change my friend, show some ambitiin


Who said anything about change? My comment was a response to the stupid line “Arsenal are BACK.”.


why is it stupid???


Complete lack of class in your comments. Shame you never learnt anything from Arsene about dignity.

non-flying dutchman

way to read the room fella

Laughing Stock

What, being honest rather than being all cry baby about a selfish multi millionaire who has wasted all that time?


Go away…more like ‘stupid stock’

DB10s Air Miles

No, for being stupid.


As classy as Piers Morgan….that should tell you.


Arsenal have never been better than under Wenger. I hope Piers Morgan fucks you dry and John Terry becomes your brother in law.

Laughing Stock

I really don’t want to emulate your mum if I can help it fella


Go on pedro, HA!… good to have a laugh now



Laughing Stock


Dale Cooper

Wow, I’m glad he’s made this decision as I feel it’s the right one, but I didn’t predict how choked up it would make me


One Arsene Wenger. The Emirates need to be rocking for the rest of the season.

Guns Up

And I think it will be. Most of those who have been staying away are season ticket holders who have entered the same apathy stage as many of the rest of us. They know what AW has meant to Arsenal and will send him off properly. As for the players, God help them if they’re not ready to run through a fucking wall for him right now.

Chippys chip

Nail on head. Respect is due from all. No matter how thick the wall, playèrs and fans need to give their all. End of season we will have a ball. Thanks for the memories Arsene. Much respect.


Indeed big


I’ve wanted this happen because honestly it had to but it is so sad. We’ve got to win the Europa league to give this man the send off he deserves.

Arsene lover

Sad but it had to come to this

Clock-End Mike

Thanks, Arsène, for all the great memories. No other manager in my memory (50+ years of watching English football, 45 of those as a Gooner) has deserved such respect nor behaved consistently with such good grace. We will miss you, and wish you well.
More thoughts later. I’m too choked to say more now.


A magnificent man who has put his heart & soul into the club. This however, is the right call. This season has been poor & we’ve fallen behind our competitors.

Thank you for everything Arsene.


It shouldn’t be a shock but it still is and for all that’s happened I still respect and thank him for the service he gave to the club. Most of the fans today are Arsenal fans because of the teams and the ethos he built. I just hope he can go out on top and win the Europa.

Danny Young

Tears welling up in my eyes – I had the pleasure of witnessing this man transform this club from his first day to his last. The end of an era – some amazing, some not so good but what a legend. Erect the statue, Arsenal.

The Peter Simpsons

Dear Arsene,

As a fan of AFC for more than 50 years your contribution to my life will never be forgotten. Without doubt the highs have exceeded the lows by some distance however the time is right for you to move to the next stage in a wonderful career.

Dignity and decorum must now reign for the remainder of your days in charge. Thank you for everything.

andris priim

if we end up with Brendan Rodgers i’m going to take a leave of absence until he leaves….

DB10s Air Miles

I’ve been thinking the same thing.

Xhaka's left foot

I’m definitely crying.Legend will be missed in the premier league.


My thought on this is mad right now !! can’t believe he actually leaving 🙁
Whatever we all thought of him as a manager he truly is a gem of a man and will be known for many generations !! Truly a sad day for football ! Gone are the days of legend such as ‘Arsene’ !!

There only one arsene wenger !!


Sabarish Subramanian

The last time I cried like this was when I lost my mom in Apr 2014 and my dad in Dec 2014. He is up there with the people I love the most in my life. Thank you arsene. Thank you for making my life so much better.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Shame on you idiots for downvoting a heartfelt emotion.


Right! Now we can focus on giving him the send off he deserves.

A true legend of the game and the club. His legacy was becoming tainted, but the next month can be about praising all the things he has done for arsenal, English football and the Premier league.

The players will give it all for him. The fans will sing his name. We will bust our guts to win the europa league and send him off in style.

One arsene wenger.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

If there’s any tainting of the legacy it will come after he’s gone.

I can’t see any truly brilliant club managers out there who will be available in the summer as a fit replacement. Gazidis and Silent Stan are going to decide who replaces him. Do you really believe they have any idea what makes a good manager? We could end up with a total fucking lemon. Remember that Liverpool hired Brenda on his ability to speak corporate double-talk, not on his track record as a coach.


I’ll always love him. Please God, if you have a heart and a sense of beauty – which I know you do – let us win the Europa Cup, and give him the send off he deserves.

Julian Pursglove

And you said it was a slow news week blogs!

Mach to be you

Wow, we want change but this hit me really hard. I’m not crying, just a stick in my eye. You really had the club’s values in your heart and I thank you for being Arsenal’s manager through the highs and lows. Bon chance Mr. Arsene Wenger.


And the man, the legend, again does what the spineless board couldn’t do. i.e. love the club and do what is best for the club. There will be no other manager like him. Pure class

David Price's Disco Catsuit

This news has caused such reverberating shock that David Price had to refresh his browser several times in five minutes to make this pointless remark. Did the news page crash due to admin issues, or has Ty from AFTV decided to buggerise all Arsenal related fan websites in retaliation?


Top man but it’s what the club need..farewell Monsieur wenger

Theo Richards

Thank you Arsène, for all the negativity from fans over the last few years, it’s important to remember what he did for the football club, and the success he brought. It’s our duty as fans to show respect to him and his legacy and get behind him and the team from now until the end of the season. COYG


One way or another, a new era of Arsenal starts this Summer in theory


I’m at a loss for words now. Tears rolling down my cheek. It seems like we’ve forced the man to take this decision. Feels like capital punishment.
Can we please keep him around for the press conferences? Please..

Public Elneny

Relax, this decision will be good for him.

Years of staying duty bound at a club whose fans were gradually turning against him, and whose owners had no clue, was the real punishment


True. He’s been a class act till the last day. Always said he’ll leave a strong team behind for his successor. We probably won’t miss him because he’s worked so hard to not give us that feeling.

Would love to see him win a WC or Euros though.

Ashburton Grove

I hope everyone who has driven this great man from our club is happy with themselves. The media, former players and hypocritical fair weather fans who have abused, mocked and bullied this legend should be ashamed. The trolls have won the day and it’s disgusting what has been done to this great man. Thank you Arsene for the greatest days of my life. In Arsene I Trust.


It was always easy to blame everything wrong with Arsenal on him. Many pundits and bloggers have built their reputation on vilifying the man. Now we’ll see how creative they can be when discussing the team.

In a few years, many will choose to forget the bad times and most will refer to the “Wenger-style” of management and playing football.
Merci, le professeur.

Andy Mack

The big question now is, when will the ‘know-it all’ brigade start wishing he was still our manager… My guess is 1st loss next season.

Public Elneny

I’m sorry but, really doubt it. This is the correct decision whether or not the next manager is successful. I love the guy and really rate his overall post-stadium move performance up to about the 2014/15 season (?), when we had genuine tight financial constraints due to those terrible 10 year sponsorship deals. But he couldn’t seem to snap out of that austerity mindset, and in the meantime his old methods and philosophies were becoming less and less effective. By now it is obvious he has stayed couple of seasons too long. I’m just so glad that it’s been announced… Read more »

Always arsenal

Guess you missed the FA cups then !

Public Elneny

Not at all, but I’m glad they were enough to keep you happy at least

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Arsenal winning the oldest cup competition in the world 3 seasons in 4 years not good enough for you?

Not a football fan then, eh?


rubbish, if we lost the first game of the season it wont make any difference, and I wont be wishing he was still our manager, he was crap in the end, and I’m glad he has gone


Yes indeedy

Always arsenal

Sad but true !


He leaves the club with

And a bunch of really talented youngsters. Imagine if he had left a few years earlier. We wouldnt have been able to attract or keep any of these players.


rubbish, it doesn,t matter who our manager is, we had big players before wenger and we will have big players after wenger, so don’t give me any of that

Tony Hall

You must be real fun at parties …

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He’s the one that turns up with a pin when everybody else brings balloons.


Good by Mr Wenger…. Good by Mr Wilshire… Good by Mr Ramsey we love you all!!

DB10s Air Miles

Yep… I’ve been wondering how this will affect Ramsey signing a new contract.


it wont, if ramsey wants to go he will go, if he wants to stay he will stay

DB10s Air Miles

I completely agree, however, this may be something that helps him to reach that conclusion.


Its just so emotional ! Lets win the UEFA cup and will be an awesome send off gift. This guy deserves biggest statue in our stadium. Knew this day would come, when it finally strikes its hard. Arsene and his values was just perfect and would have been awesome if FFP was implemented but that just sailed long ago and values mean nothing now when money rules our favourite sport.

When we look back, thanks for all those lovely moments which brought us so much joy. Thanks Arsene. we love you man.

Winstons Myth

Well, I guess that we got what we wanted. Finally. Let’s just hope it is what we needed. I know that he has to go. Many knew for a long time, many, like me, have teetered on the edge of the fence for quite some time and many still don’t see it. All of that said, this is a fecking sad moment for me, for Arsenal, probably for most of us. I wish that he had turned it around. I wish that he had shown us “the other Arsene” one last time. There are players in that team that owe… Read more »

Average Joe

Been following this club since 1996. so for me it’s a very sad moment even though I’m not from UK. He has been there through all my teenage years and now almost into my 40s… Weird fucking feeling, I can tell you that. The man is like a divine human being for me. But, this is a change that is sorely needed for the club we love and I’m excited for the future! Thank you Arsene, for the years, for the joy, for the good and the bad, THANK YOU and have a long and happy road ahead of you!… Read more »


Was at his first home game against Coventry a thrilling 0-0 draw. Thanks for all the great memories Arsene and I hope you find some peace and enjoyment in life after Arsenal…


Feels weird; very sad. The right thing but still very sad. The last of a very different era of football.


Build the man a statue at the Emirates, now!

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