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Santi surprise as Cazorla trains at the Emirates this evening

There may well be a chance to see Santi Cazorla in an Arsenal shirt again as the Spaniard was seen training on the Emirates pitch this evening.

The little magician has been sidelined since October 2016, and the stories of his injury and the subsequent complications have been little short of horrific.

It was thought he was continuing his rehab in Spain, but he was spotted at the stadium, ahead of tonight’s Europa League semi-final with Atletico Madrid doing some running and ball work.

It means there’s an outside chance he could make a final appearance for the Gunners before his contract expires this summer.

His injury issues, and his age, make it hard to think he’ll be offered new terms – unless the new manager really fancies him – so we’ll keep fingers crossed there’s a chance to say a proper goodbye to him.

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Arse City Blues

Oh please can we see Santi playing for Wenger one more time..? I miss him so much. Up there with Bergkamp as all time favourites.


Be still my beating heart. ❤️


Best news in months. How long did Pirlo play for Juve? A man can dream…


Hope he starts tonight


Oooh Santi….

Tas Gunner

Enough with the sympathy contracts from arsenal…i love santi and its ciminal whats happened to him.but at 33,with the injuries he had,no way he’ll be able to match the rhythm of PL summer we will need to take care of our wage bill as well.shedding 90k from it will help a bit.maybe not let him leave altogether though? offer a future coaching role before he leaves that will come in play once he decides to retire.anyway lets destroy Atleti! #COYG

Arse City Blues

I would love to thumb that down a few more times..

Lucky number 7

I voted it down just for u!



John Noshi

Why you!? Give him a contract of 1-2 year on lesser wages and use him sparingly but his presence in the squad will be only good for the young players and yes, he can help Per as well.
We can only win in this situation.
And yes, though people have already said this, please stop being a cunt now.


Wish I could thumb you down a thousand times


He’s still only 33, not exactly an old man…

If he can prove his fitness keep him on.


Guess someone shares my sentiments…. Wouldn’t have wrote that If I’d bothered to read down

Arshavin's shadow

Wage bill? What the f is wrong with you? Some fellow fans I will never understand.

Jimbo Jones

Too much common sense mate.


OH MY GOD! The surprises just keep on coming. Really heart warming seeing him kick a ball!

I so want to see him make one final appearance!! I’ve missed him so much, my favourite player since that dutch guy. Would be such a shame to not see him in an Arsenal shirt again and for him to not get a chance to get the appreciation he deserves from the fans.

Nz Goonger

The Dutch guy – van Persie?


Thou shall not be named.


Not really fair to compare Saint Santi to Robin ‘inner child’ Van Persie.


If he gets back to full fitness hope the new manager takes a punt & offers him a deal – even pay as you play. Not many players with his skills!!

DB's first touch

fantastic news! Come on Santi, show us how football should be played once more! Really hope we all get a chance to watch him play for the Arsenal again, and give him the send off he deserves if he is indeed leaving the club at the end of the season.

Make Arsenal Great Again

I’m so happy for him. We would have won at least 6-8 more games with a fully healthy Santi this season


My bad for being one of those negative Nancies even in this truly ‘santsational’ news story but I really HAD TO down vote your comment man. (a testament to ‘opposite poles attract’?)

But it’s not for what you said. It’s for your name “Make Arsenal Great Again”.

Because, Arsenal WAS, IS and WILL ALWAYS be great yo. Trophies, players, and hell even managers may come and go but our beloved Arsenal’s greatness WILL ALWAYS be constant even IF it doesn’t increase every season. 😛


This makes me happy and sad

Arsen Arsenal

Contract or no contract, seeing him on the pitch again gladdens my heart. Oh Santi!


If he’s fit age is just a number, one more season for the little wizard would be great.




Outside chance? Hah. He will blast the winning free kick to the top corner to get us back into the champions league.


At least we have seen him play football at the Emirates again. I so so so so much miss this guy.


oh my my! couldn’t have been more happier than seeing this. wow
the next manager is already sacked by me if he doesn’t give him a chance. There, I have spoken.


incredible! this puts a big smile on your face, no?


Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay….. The most minutes an headline has got me grinning ?for.
Now back to read the article proper….
Bloody good fucking news

Little Bill

How many players are we going to buy for next season? If Jack leaves, surely there’s space for Santi on some sort of pay as you play type deal.


Ahahahha I started crying seeing this




If we’re up 4-0 in the Europa League final, give him a two minute run out and the armband.

Arshavin's shadow

Omg this makes me so happy! Go Santi! He deserves everything good in this world after what he’s been through!


Santi you make me feel like writing love songs. To you



I won’t bank on him next season but what a sight to see him kicking around.


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