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Wenger: I’ve played Russian roulette every day for 35 years, now I’ll have no gun

Not for the first time, Arsene Wenger has likened football management to Russian roulette, and says that he’s not sure how he’s going to cope when his Arsenal tenure comes to an end and he longer has the gun of the game in his hand.

The Frenchman’s future has dominated the conversations since his announcement last Friday that he would be stepping down, even if he did have to clarify some comments yesterday about the timing of the announcement.

What he’s going to do afterwards is unclear, even to Wenger himself, but there’s no doubt this is only going to be a departure, not a retirement.

“I’ve had no break for 35 years,” said the Arsenal manager yesterday.

“You can look around, and that doesn’t exist. I don’t know now how addicted I am. I am like a guy who plays Russian roulette every week and suddenly has no gun. I will see how much I miss that gun.

“You live always in extreme situations. When I started at 33, I thought I would never survive in this job, but you learn to dominate your emotions. You are never sure if you do the right thing.

“It will be surreal when I don’t work. At the moment I work.”

What happens next at Arsenal is a bigger question, and the 68 year old is hopeful that the club will make progress and compete for the Premier League again.

“I wish that all goes well,” he said. “You do not give 22 years of your life for something, go away and want things to collapse.

“Maybe when you have a big ego at 40, you think the world cannot live without you. At my age you understand the world continues and you wish that it continues better.

“I am convinced with two or three additions this team has the quality to fight for the championship. You will not be short of candidates.

“Green outside, nice trees, good grass. Fantastic. No pollution. Until the press conference starts!”

And as for who might be his successor, the Frenchman again insisted he would have no input into that, but suggested someone with a link to the club would be the ideal candidate.

Both Patrick Vieira and Mikel Arteta have been mentioned, and it’s now up to the board to make that call.

“They need to make the right decision, even if you have to be bold,” he said. “Is it former people who worked here? That is even better.

“But there are many players who had qualities. I don’t influence that choice, but I will stand behind the decision.”


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He’s been very lucky if he’s played Russian roulette and not topped himself in 35 years.

Or more likely, it’s a poor analogy and he has been a great manager that survived due to his intelligence and skill.

Ya gooner

Maybe the gun had no bullet


Strange Russian roulette game to be playing then!

Yes, it’s a poor analogy.


The gun had the handbrake on


A better fact to remember Wenger by – St Totteringham’s day only started in 2002 due to his record.


Something else to be thankful to him for.

A Different George

The gun had a little bit the handbrake on.


It’s an addiction/withdrawal analogy regarding the adrenaline rush of playing RR, not luck.


I’m sure the fear of dying is far bigger than losing a football match or getting the sack.

Especially just after you’ve had a season that you haven’t lost a PL match.

Arse City Blues


Twisted cuntloks

“You can look around, and that doesn’t exist. I don’t know now how addicted I am. I am like a guy who plays Russian roulette every week and suddenly has no gun. I will see how much I miss that gun.

I think that gun well and truly went off last week


“Green outside, nice trees, good grass. Fantastic. No pollution. Until the press conference starts!”

In fourteen words, the perfect summation of why I’ll miss him. His wonderful mind.


Seriously, I know he’s not been at his best tactically and what not in the last year, but he really is a brilliant character. I watched wenger’s pre match presser as well as Simeone’s. No comparison, Wenger was so charismatic and lit the room up with his energy while Simeone was an absolute cunt, even when he was being complemented. Wenger really is one of a kind and I’m sure every real arsenal fan will look back at wenger’s time nd really appreciate what he’s done for our club and what an amazing person he is. Really is one of… Read more »


Emmanuel Eboue please.

Charles Charlie Charles

Eboue as assistant to Arshavin. The press conferences would be amazing.


Park Chu-young as kit man, while Ryo Miyaichi can take training.

Runcorn Gooner

TGSTEL and Arshavin. Dynamite


Eboue ll loose the club to his new and go love bankrupt ??

Arse City Blues

Eboue & Gallas = Mental Strength

Grammar Nasty

I can’t believe we’re even looking beyond Lord Bendtner.


Jose Antonio Reyes

John Bull

As Guardiola said , he made the Premier League what it is and football and the Premier League need him …. It is quite likely that he will work but not in the PL …. Time for some other team to benefit from his experience and wisdom … many Arsenal fans have become Arsenal fans because of Wenger’s transformation of the club and because of the football he coached the team to play and will wish that he continues to go on to even greater things . And hopefully those who are happy at his departure will not begrudge his… Read more »


The fact there are thumbs down just shows how toxic some do our supporters are. What exactly was wrong with that comment from John Bull


the keyword wenger? it does seem that a bunch of people with little skills are dedicated to thumb down stuff.


There are assholes/arseholes wherever you go.

In the words of the fabulous American TV show Justified:

If you wake up in the morning and you meet an asshole, you met an asshole. If you go all day without meeting an asshole, you’re the asshole.

Doesn’t really apply in this context, but it’s funny.

John Bull

Appreciate your comment Martin — What the negativist thumbs down here indicate to me is that there appear to be among the visitors and voters on this site some Arsenal “fans” who have some unreasonable personal bias against Wenger and do not want him to succeed – what that is based on is a bit disturbing . .. Many of those who support Arsenal – those in the 30 and above age group now -, became fans of the club would have been attracted to the club over the last 22 years precisely because of what Wenger achieved with the… Read more »


Haha, the Deer Hunter pic made me laugh.

Ivan Gazideez-Nuts

Didi mao! DIDI MAO!


It’s 40 years old this year! Feel like the reference is a bit too niche for this generation, but I laughed as well.


Oh my God, that scene…

Together with the firecrackers scene in Boogie Nights, maybe the most tense I can think of.

Aprapos of nothing, the church from the Wedding in the Deer Hunter is less than 5 miles from where I sit in beautiful Cleveland, OH (Note: Cleveland isn’t that beautiful).


Watching the pre match training video you can see how much he loves being out there coaching. Have to hope that i can still kick the ball about when i reach his age..


We’ve been “two or three additions away from challenging” for the past ten years. Let’s hope the next manager makes those additions.


He said the same thing on the pitch at Wembley in 2014 when many people thought he was leaving in a blaze of glory.


its not 100% his fault we havent added the 2/3 players we need.
statDNA say xhaka and mustafi were going to be world beaters.

and thus my fear of a terminator like apocalyptic future has been quelled.

Faisal Narrage

Don’t blame statDNA; they found the best type of players for the type Wenger wanted (that much is clear in Mustafi, who’s like Verm/Kos/Gallas all before sDNA. And before Xhaka Wenger was already talking about wanting a deeplying playmaker who can make log passes).

It’s lazy to just blame analytics.


The gun went off and rightly so.

George Onyango

Mr Gazidis and the Board,please announce the new Manager tomorrow. I am personally fed up with Wenger’s stories! Wenger is not the first manager to be fired and he is not the last! What he does with his life is his business!


ahem….Fuck off..please.


I think you need to @ gazidis and the board otherwise they don’t get your notification! But I’m 100% sure they read the comments on Arseblog news and other similar (inferior) sites and respond to all fans like yourself!


True dat.


I’m fed up with people who lack any amount of respect.


C’mon, man. He got sacked. As he should have.

Let him enjoy the remainder.


The poll needs to have a non of the above option…. Let them cut their teeth elsewhere. Arteta to replace Sam alladyce would be a start.



A Different George

I imagine there are many Everton supporters who agree with you.


Look, it is a little bit a mental thing…


“Maybe when you have a big ego at 40, you think the world cannot live without you. At my age you understand the world continues and you wish that it continues better.”


I think Wenger has stumbled on the problem too late. he has been like Christopher Walken in Deerhunter. Recklessly spinning the wheel week in week out just focussing on not dying. Perhaps lately wishing the end would come and take the revolver out of his hand. If he had done what Pep and Luis Enrique did and took a year out – maybe in 2007 or 2008 he may have recovered his perspective. he’s not a fat sam or a pardew. he doesn’t clock out at 5 and spend his free time trying to make money endorsing modern slavery or… Read more »


No, I beg to differ. Ferguson wasn’t similar as he had his horses…


It was roses, roses, all the way, With myrtle mixed in my path like mad: The house-roofs seemed to heave and sway, The church-spires flamed, such flags they had, A year ago on this very day. II The air broke into a mist with bells, The old walls rocked with the crowds and cries. Had I said, ‘Good folks, mere noise repels – But give me your sun from yonder skies!’ They had answered, ‘And afterward, what else?’ III Alack, it was I who leaped at the sun, To give it my loving friends to keep! Nought man could do… Read more »


If he moves to the MLS getting a new gun will be no problem.


Unfortunately this is true


Love the man


What is this nonsense about Viera or Arteta taking over. Magnificent players, yes. Both also very likely have futures in management. But in my view we need someone experienced. What about Rafa Benitez with Arteta in the backroom as well? Benitez is known for improving players. He’s a master tactician and has done miracles with the barcodes.

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