Friday, December 1, 2023

Arsenal charged by the FA after Leicester game

Arsenal have been charged by the FA for ‘failing to control their players’ during the 3-1 defeat to Leicester on Wednesday evening.

We assume the incident relates to the award of a penalty in the second half when Henrikh Mkhitaryan was adjudged to have fouled some bloke but it really looked a bit soft.

Arsenal’s players objected, Rob Holding said “You’re an embarrassment ref!”, and now we face some charges which will probably result in a fine or something but frankly, who cares at this point?

Meanwhile, Huddersfield boss David Wagner says the home side will pay tribute to Arsene Wenger ahead of the Arsenal manager’s final game in charge of the club after 22 years in the Premier League.

The Terriers are now safe from relegation, so it’s a no pressure day, something the German acknowledged ahead of Sunday’s encounter.

“I’m so happy that we are able to host him in his last Premier League game after 22 years, that we are able to host him in these circumstances, we really can give him all the honour and all the attention he deserves,” he said.

“This is possible after our last result on Wednesday and we as a football club will do it. We have the biggest respect for what he has done and we’re happy we play our last game against him.

“We, the players and the staff will give him a guard of honour and the club, for sure, has a present for him as well.”

The Arsenal Huddersfield connection goes back to the days of Herbert Chapman, so this is a really nice touch.

Fair play.

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Lovely, but for the love of Christ please win the game.


Seems about right .. Charge us for their incompetent ref.
Next time somebody needs job experience maybe don’t manage an Arsenal game.

Keith Poe

A 7-0 pasting would be a wonderful send off for Arsene


Is Mike Dean reffing this next game? Is he is I’d like to see a ball rebound, hit him right in the bollocks and for him to be carried off on a stretcher. That’s within the first five minutes and he’s replaced by a dream ref. We then go on to spank Huddersfield 22 – 0!


I’d like to just see Wenger give Dean the hardest of back hand slaps, the type that causes a stumble and fall similar to that witnessed when Paolo shoved Paul Alcock (god rest his soul). Do it straight after the sentiments offerered by Huddersfield, imagine, go out in a blaze of glory and provide one amazing final contribution to the world of football!

Herb Kazzaz

I can only assume that it’s because the abuse was unreasonably mild. The FA clearly recognize what a fucking Horlicks the ref made of that indecent, and are rightly disappointed that Rob didn’t go in for something more accurate like :

“You’re a cunt ref”
“You’re a incompetent, blind, retarded, cheating cunt ref”

Hopefully Rob’s learned his lesson.

Sànde Class

All that and beautifully ended with, “learned his lesson”. 😀 😀 😀 ?


I think the FA have literally lost the plot. Again showing they are “dishonest to their federation”.

Fair play to Wagner, not only did they help relegate the orks and Swansea, they seem a decent club, and if they beat us on Sunday I will hate them forever…..?


At least the FA are on the same page as the ref! He acts like a complete embarrassment, so they follow suit and act like an embarrassment too.

Meanwhile we as fans of any club are here dreaming that one day refs might be accountable for their shitness and it might lead to them raising their quality…..


As long as any fines aren’t deducted from our transfer budget.


Wagner Out!


I know it’s heavy going but I beg you to give Tristan and Isolde one more chance.

A Different George

Didn’t he write one about total football called “The Flying Dutchman?”


I believe so. Originally called The Diving Dutchman in honour of the playing style of van Nistelroy and Robben but changed after the whole country got the hump.

Michael Bolton Wanderers

Class from Huddersfield and their manager


If just a tad patronising… I just pray we win.


Anybody still wondering why they’ve put off video assistants?

It’ll sure lay bare the incompetence.


If its not incompetence it’s something else

A Different George

NO! VAR is literally another referee, a guy who stops the game for a minute or two or four but is just as likely to be Mike Dean as the guy on the pitch.


This really is a ‘greatest hits’ of shitty treatment before he goes.

Bring back David Hillier

You’re an embarrassment you FA chinless cunnies.


Maybe if the fa charged the bloody refs with incompetence the players wouldn’t have to do their job for them.

Danger Mouse

Wagner In.

Mkhi Most

Sounds like Wagner’s going to settle for a draw ?


Could he gift us his team management upon the final whistle too? Now that would be fast business, plus we won’t get someone closer to wengers name, so it’ll just be less traumatic, honestly though, I like Wagner

PJ, Gunner from Singapore!

Disgrace to the association!


Wagner sounds like a decent human being. He was Klopps’s assistant at Dortmund and they’ve remained good friends since.


Fucking refs……sick of them this year

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