Cazorla on his injury, Madrid exit & Arsenal’s future


Santi Cazorla says he’s being patient about his recovery from injury, admitting he still has a long way to go before he’s back on the pitch.

The Spaniard initially underwent surgery on his ankle in October 2016 and has had setback after setback ever since. An infection in his foot was so bad that even after skin graft operations it looked like he might never play again.

Thankfully, as evidenced by a recent training session in front of fans at the Emirates, he’s on the mend and in a positive frame of mind. Of course, his contract at Arsenal ends this summer and it remains to be seen whether the club are willing to offer him an extension.

After watching Atletico Madrid end Arsenal’s Europa League campaign, Santi reflected on the situation.

“Personally, I feel very frustrated, because of my injury, I could not help the manager and the team,” he said.

“I could not enjoy watching, but I tried to support my team-mates off the pitch in anyway.

“I am on my way [back] and I am positive. I still have a long time to go and I have to be patient.

“I’m trying to do more things on the pitch day by day, but I don’t want to make plans for the future and I hope to be back as soon as possible.”

Unsurprisingly, the squad have taken defeat in the Spanish capital badly.

“Everybody was very disappointed,” added Santi.

“It was not an easy moment for us. It is very sad. We wanted to reach the final, for so many reasons, to save the season, for the manager, for the club and for the fans and, to be so close to the final, it is very hard.”

As Arsenal continue their search for a new manager, Cazorla thinks there’s reason for optimism, despite the current uncertainty.

“I think the club is planning to makes changes in so many areas, and planning exciting changes for the future.

“I don’t know who will come, but is for sure the manager is not going to carry on.

“We have not been told who is going to be the new coach, we can only speculate about the new Arsenal project. Now, we have to finish the season in the best form possible and to say goodbye to the boss in the best possible way.”

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Ya gooner

Ooooh Santi Cazoooorlaaa


A severely injured unfit cazorla would probably put in a better performance than some people in the team at the moment


Yes.. and so would giroud,sagna,diaby,bendtner,my dad and his father and so on…

Dick is the law


Tas Gunner

Class Lmao


I love the way he speaks as though his future is still at Arsenal. Even if he’s not 100% the player he was, he’s still a special talent and a good character to have around the club – I’d like to hope a way can be found to extend his contract a little.

Laughing Stock

I fucking love Santi

Tas Gunner

If the club does decide not to renew your contract,sincerely hope they at least bring you back as coach in a couple years time.oh and get santi jr in the academy Arsenal if u haven’t already.that kid will prolly surpass his old man.


stoke taking their rugby to the gotta love it. butland might be worth a punt.

Lord Bendnter

I’d take Buttland!
And Idrissa Gueye!

And Sarri for coach!
And a new Defensive and GK coaching staff!

And for God’s sake, some proper CB!

Mayor McCheese

It’s almost like Buttland and the Arse are made for each other.


On the plus side – Stoke just got relegated.. 9 years later that it should have, but still..

David C

I would say that Santi is my favourite Arsenal player after Henry. While Henry was physically gifted with his handsome French looks and blistering speed, Santi had to make it with a different skill set. I dubbed Santi “Mighty Mouse” to my mates years ago because of his insane dribbling skills. I remember even Wenger wasn’t quite sure what was his best foot when he signed him. When he made that deep lying midfield role his own, we were tough to beat. I really hope we see him in an Arsenal kit again! Also, his smile is infectious and I’m… Read more »


Arsene’s last home match, Santi’s coming back strong, the weathers beautiful here and Stoke have just been relegated. What a weekend!

89 was fine

Wenger leaving and Stoke going down is some sort of karma that’s brought a smile to all arsenal fans.

89 was fine

I do mean it’s karma that as wenger leaves us the biggest bunch of wankers in the league are down and out.

Andy Mack

What? Spuddies and MaureenO are down and out?


I want Santi to coach the 9-13 year olds! Imagine the technical skill set and football intelligence he can establish in youth at that early stage! Also, adorbs!! He will be like those loveable primary school teachers that students remember and write to late in their lives.

Relegated Rugby Team

Pliz admin, am requesting for an article on Stoke going down. It is one of the most beautiful moments of this otherwise, torrid season.

Relegated Rugby Team

Great news about Santi. Its a pity injuries denied us the opportunity to see him in action this season


You’ve got Santi who is delighted just to be on the training ground, you’ve got Koscielny who is devastated that he will miss the World Cup, and then there is Ozil who won’t show up for training because he is sad about a result. I’m one of Ozil’s biggest supporters but at some point you gotta draw a line.


Have you considered that people are different and therefore react differently to things?


Here’s what I think. Santi and Kos have been great servants of this club but their time is up. It’s not their fault and I say it with the utmost respect and admiration. Time catches up with everyone and the cruel reality with top level football is that even young men are past their prime by 30. It’s just how it is. I may be proven wrong as both of them magically bounce back from their injuries but even then they have no hope of more than another a season or two. At best. I know they’ll do well whatever… Read more »


Certainly one of Wenger’s top 5 signings.

And guess what, he did it with Dick Law.


The game when he got injured against Ludogorets was completely Wenger’s fault..\There was no need to start him in that game than he refused to take him off even though we were 4-0 up and had a newly signed Xhaxa on the bench.
That injury and its knock on effect sealed our’s and Wenger’s fate.


What a player! I remember I literally screamed when he scored the free kick against Hull city inspiring the team to end the drought. He is our little magician